How to Peel and Cut a Butternut Squash

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Butternut squash can be rather daunting to prep. They’re round, hard, thick, and dense. But with a few easy steps you can very quickly peel and chop your butternut squash without too much difficulty.

First you need to have a large sharp knife. After that, the most essential thing to keep in mind when it comes to cutting anything is to stabilize whatever it is you are attempting to cut.

This is nowhere else as critical as when cutting a butternut squash, a notoriously difficult task because of the thickness and density of that squash.

The most important thing to consider when following these steps, or anyone else’s steps for cutting winter squash is to keep whatever pieces you are working on as stable as possible.

The first cut from the bottom of the squash is to help keep the squash steady on the board as you gently work your knife down from the top to bottom.

How to Peel and Cut a Butternut Squash

  • Prep time: 10 minutes

Keep squash pieces as stable as possible while cutting. A rubber mallet can help, if you have one, to gently push the knife through difficult thick spots. Using a very sharp vegetable peeler, one with a carbon steel blade, will help with the peeling.

By the way, it helps to microwave a butternut squash (whole) for 30 seconds or so first, before peeling. This will help soften the peel just enough to make it a bit easier to peel.


  • One butternut squash, 1 1/2 to 3 pounds
  • A sharp, heavy, chef's knife


1 Slice off the ends: Using a heavy, sharpened chef's knife, cut off about 1/4-inch from the bottom of the squash in an even slice. Then cut off 1/4-inch from the stem end.

slice off bottom slice off top

2 Peel with a vegetable peeler: Holding the squash in one hand, use a sharp vegetable peeler in the other hand to peel off the outer layer of the squash. You can also secure the squash standing upright and peel it in downward strokes with the peeler.

peel butternut squash

3 Cut the squash in half: Stand the peeled squash upright on a cutting board. It shouldn't wobble, you want the squash to be stable. (If it is wobbly, make another cut at the bottom to even it out.) Make one long cut, down the middle from the top to bottom, with a heavy chef's knife.

cut in half

Some squashes can be pretty hard; to help with the cutting you can use a rubber mallet to gently tap on the ends of the knife to help push the knife down through the squash.

4 Scrape out the seeds: Use a metal spoon to scrape out the seeds and the stringy pulp from the squash cavity. (If you want, you can prepare the seeds like toasted pumpkin seeds.)

scoop out seeds butternut squash halves, scooped and clean

5 Cut squash halves into slices: Lay the squash halves, cut side down on the cutting board for stability. Working section at a time, cut the squash into slices, lengthwise, the desired width of your squash pieces. Some recipes call for 1/2-inch slices or cubes, some for 1-inch or greater.

cut in half again, this time midsection make vertical cuts

6 Stack and slice, then make crosswise cuts into cubes: If you are cubing the squash, lay the slices down (you can stack a few at a time) and make another set of lengthwise cuts. Then make crosswise cuts to make cubes.

cut off ends cut and prepped butternut squash

One 1 1/2 pound butternut squash will yield approximately 4 cups of 1/2-inch cubed squash.

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  • Laura Kumin

    Love the butternut squash recipe on this site. One small correction, I weighed my squash and it was 2 1/2 pounds and made about 4 cups of small chunks. (This post suggests that a 1 1/2 pound squash will make 4 cups.)

  • Cody Stanford

    I have never cooked with squash before but I am today, and I had no idea how to cut up my butternut squash. Thank you for this! :)

  • Kate

    Try roasting it in an oven – 400 for 50 min – spread a little olive oil and s&p. after it cools, scoop out the squash – easy peasy!

  • atmo zakes

    Regarding the instructions for how to cut a butternut squash. I find them too complicated and hard. I grow about 90 squashes each year and here is how I prepare cubes of them. Wash and lie the squash on it side . With a sharp big knife cut the top and bottom off and slice the rest into 1″ slices.
    ( or half inch if needed..). Peel the slices after they are cut and pile them 4-5 high to cut them into cubes. When you get to the slices that have the seeds simply run the knife around the inside to remove those and thn cut into cubes. No special peeler or mallet needed and less physical force too.

  • Natalie

    I also poke the squash a few times with a knife (like I would a potato) and put it in the microwave for a few minutes, flip it over and put it in for another few minutes. This makes it a lot softer and easier to cut :)

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