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Kid friendly wraps recipes including peanut butter and jelly wraps and cream cheese, sliced ham, and shredded carrots wraps. Roll-ups made with flour tortillas and various fillings.

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How is it that one could eat flour tortillas for over 40 years and never once think to make them with peanut butter and jelly?

Here’s to the things kids can teach you!

My young friends Piper (4), Alden (7), and Reilly (9) recently gave me a lesson in one of their favorite foods – a “wrap”. First they explained what a “wrap” is – basically a flour tortilla, with good stuff inside, tucked in the edges and rolled up to make it easy to eat.

In my neck of the woods we would pack it full with a lot of rice, beans, and salsa and call it a burrito. But as a flour tortilla is nothing more than a bit of flour and water (and some baking powder, salt, and shortening or lard) one could easily use it as a bread substitute.

Practically anything that could go in a sandwich could be wrapped up in a flour tortilla. The favorite wraps for these young friends of mine? Two actually. One obvious, the peanut butter and jelly wrap. The second not so obvious, but believe me, extremely good – cream cheese, thinly sliced ham, and carrots.

Do you have a favorite kid-friendly wrap? Please let us know in the comments.

Kid-Friendly Wraps Recipe



Peanut Butter and Jelly Wrap

1 Layout out one flour tortilla. Spread a layer of peanut butter over the center of the tortilla, leaving an inch clear around the edges. Spread a thin layer of jam or jelly over the peanut butter.

2 Fold the left and right edges of the tortilla over about an inch, towards the center of the tortilla, then starting with the edge of the tortilla closest to you, roll up the tortilla. Cut the wrap in half with a sharp knife, in the center.

Cream Cheese, Sliced Ham, Carrot Wrap

1 Spread a thin layer of cream cheese over the center of a flour tortilla, leaving an inch lear around the edges. Place a couple of pieces of thinly sliced ham over the cream cheese. Sprinkle on grated or thinly sliced carrots.

2 Fold the left and right edges of the tortilla over about an inch, towards the center of the tortilla, then starting with the edge of the tortilla closest to you, roll up the tortilla. Cut the wrap in half with a sharp knife, in the center.

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  • jenevieve

    Well, we aren’t kids, but my husband and I love warming up a tortilla and wrapping it around peanut butter and honey. Or making tuna salad quesadillas. Like you said, we pretty much use them like bread.

  • Jane

    Kids love simple quesadillas – cover your tortilla with cheese (mozzarella is good, cheddar or Monterey Jack would work too), some sliced fresh or sundried tomatoes, and fresh basil. Fold it in half, and put it into a hot frying pan or griddle pan which has been just brushed with a little oil. After about 10-20 seconds, when it’s starting to crisp, flip it over and do the other side. The cheese melts, it’s quite pizza-like! You can add loads of other stuff like chilli, meat, etc.

  • Ang

    Wraps can be made into a dessert too! We spread a very, very thin layer of butter then sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on. If you warm it in the microwave for about 5 seconds it makes the rolling easier and melts the butter which melts the sugar. Mmmmm… great for a quick and easy little treat. You could even add raisins!

  • Jerry

    For another great combo, try dry salami and cream cheese. It’s great for kids, and they absolutely eat it up.

    For the grownups… Add a bit of thinly sliced pepperocini.
    If you’re lucky enough to get them Mazetta’s makes some delicious verieties, available in the canned foods sections (canned in glass jars)

  • abbey

    For the kiddies I’ll often add yummy extra things to the PB&J wrap, such as chopped nuts, dried cranberries, sliced banana, or even mini chocolate chips on occasion.

    Here’s one for the grownups that is my absolute favorite!:
    Spread a layer of hummus on the tortilla, then top with some freshly torn basil leaves, a few toasted pine nuts, and a drizzle of asian chili sauce (I prefer Sriricha – not too hot and has lots of chili flavor). The chili sauce can be omitted if you don’t like spicy things, but it really adds a delicious complexity to the wrap. If you’re so inclined you can add some shredded chicken too.

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