Liverwurst Sandwich

Classic liverwurst sandwich with German liverwurst pork sausage, lettuce, bread, and mayonnaise.

  • Prep time: 3 minutes
  • Yield: Makes one sandwich.


  • 2 slices Liverwurst
  • 2 slices white or rye bread
  • Lettuce
  • Mayonnaise


Spread bread slice with mayonnaise (and mustard if you prefer), layer on the lettuce and liverwurst slices, top with bread slice.

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  • Andrew

    I grew up on Braunschweiger sandwiches. My Grandma would make them for us and passed the meat as “a long German family tradition”, so of course you had to eat it. She would toast bread, spread mayo on a slice, and Stadium Mustard (It’s a Cleveland thing) on the other, along with nice piece of swiss or white cheddar, along with the Braunschweiger. I started adding a slice of tomato when in season as I got older. The creaminess of the mayo and pork liver sausage cut by the tangy mustard and acid from the tomato is delicious, along with the crunchy texture of the toast is outstanding. Great sandwich.

  • Eric

    Spread your wurst on hamberger buns or bread and top with sliced Velveeta and Broil…..the absolute Best!!

  • Tom

    Mayonnaise? Nooooooo! The only way to eat it on a sandwich is with a nice spicy grainy mustard :)

    To each his (or her) own though.

  • Charlotte

    I’ve tried the norwegian version – leverpostei, and grew up on the red devil tin of liverwurst. As a kid my mom would smooth it on to filipino pandesal and a bit of butter and there was my breakfast sandwich.

    Such good memories!!! I make sure that our lil’ man gets to enjoy it and he devours it!

  • Mellowjoy

    White Bread
    Miracle Whip*
    Lettuce (optional)


  • Jinks

    I figured to show you one of my jars of Zure Leverworst made with my recipe posted earlier in this string..

    Jinks in Houston, TX

    PS for more of my “almost/typical” Dutch stuff I make here in Texas goto!657

    Wow. ~Elise

  • KiNG

    I love liverwurst on salted crackers w/cheddar cheese!! I don’t know why, but I’ve never tried it on a sandwich?!!! I’m going to buy some tonight…I’m sure it’ll be great! My mouth is watering already!!!!!

  • Some Texan

    Boar’s Head Brand
    Home made Pumpernickel
    Strong Horseradish spread

    My thrupence.

  • Reed

    I grew up on these. Most people who claim they don’t like them have never tried one. Use both mayonnaise AND mustard and add red onions and pickles.

  • Jeff

    We always had them on white bread as kids with mustard, lettuce, Miracle Whip, and slices of homegrown tomato from the garden. A sweet or dill pickle and some potato chips on the side–a wonderful lunch. Now I sometimes eat it sliced on buttered toast with a dusting of, (believe it or not), garlic powder–now that’s heaven. Sometimes I’ll have that for breakfast.

  • Art

    I got liverwurst at publix in Florida and I put it on sourdough bread with onions soaked in robusto Italian dressing, absolutely wonderful.

  • Frank Waleczak

    When I was at university in the 80’s I always kept Liverwurst, black bread (rye), and buttermilk in the fridge. There could be nothing but condiments in the fridge and I could still be assured that my roommates wouldn’t touch these even if they were starving. Always a snack waiting.

  • John

    We get some locally made at a German butcher. Course ground and smoked. The best in the world. Great source of iron too! I loved it as a kid and still do. Been getting at the same butcher for 45 years!

  • Beth

    Try a piece of fried pastrami and onion on your sandwich…..totally awesome

  • Kay

    I love liverwurst sandwiches too. Our family’s traditional sandwich is liverwurst, sliced red onion, and blue cheese on rye bread. Some also add garlic sausage. Rule is – everyone present has to have one!

  • Mary Anne

    I’ve enjoyed liverwurst now for about 55 years! When the craving hits, I go and get about 2 sandwiches worth so I don’t go completely overboard. I’ve cut down on complex carbohydrates recently, so my now favorite liverwurst sandwich is a very crisp and cold romaine leaf (or iceberg lettuce leaf), with a good coarse mustard–not much–just enough to let you know it’s there and liverwurst cut into ‘sticks’ laid on the romaine rib. Wrap the leaf around the liverwurst and enjoy. I like seltzer water with a slice of lime to go with this ‘sandwich’. I used to make the sandwich with rye and really liked the idea of Swedish Orange Rye someone posted. I have an old Farm Journal cookbook that has a recipe for Orange Rye, which I’ve made in the past…may have to make a loaf…

  • Angie

    I adore liverwurst!!! I was raised on it here in Australia and now my children can’t get enough of it. My husband (American) will not touch it, not even to taste to see if he truly “hates” it!! My kids will grab spoons while I am trying to prepare a sandwich for them. They will take a huge helping with their spoons!!! Such a wonderful creamy texture and beautiful rich taste!!! MMMMMMMM – we’re just had some!! I am trying to locate a recipe.

  • Petra Dillmann

    I really enjoyed reading through all the above comments and the recipe ideas surrounding ‘liverwurst’.

    I live in Namibia and we also grew up with Leberwurst, made by our local german butcher. Nowadays we can choose from at least 6 different kinds, coarse or fine, with cream or with onion, etc. I did not like it as a child, but taste changes and my favourite: fine Leberwurst with herbs, I put on onions and/or gherkins. (Paté is usually made from chicken or goose liver – and delicious too!)

  • Rich Wasowicz

    For me, a sandwhich needs to be balanced, i.e., with nothing overpowering anything else.

    Liverwurst is a very rich meat so I stay away from mayo, butter and cheese, all of which are already rich. Mustard and onions are too strong, too, and robs the liverwurst flavor, I think.

    I am biased towards white bread. But I would be temted to try a multi-grain bread for my liverwurst sandwhich. MG bread is “rich” too, I guess, but it seems to have a flavor and texture about it that just may compliment the liverwurst.

    Until, then, the only thing I put on my white-breaded liverwurst sandwhich is chilled iceberg lettuce. It is refreshing and balances the richness of the meat.

  • Rory Leighton

    The egg salad and liverwurst sounds like a great idea.
    Where I live, liverwurst products are really soft, while braunschweiger tends to be more firm. I go through a pound of braun a week. Try it sliced and served with sharp (12-month aged or more) cheddar, apple slices, and ritz crackers for a great snack. Braunschweiger on pumpernickel with onions, some nice kosher dill slices, a few slices of roma tomato, a little mayo, and a little german mustard is sandwich heaven!

  • Gina Matarazzo

    I read through all of these and I don’t think I saw a single one that mentioned this…

    Egg salad with small bits of liverwurst mixed in. A 100% must try for liverwurst lovers. My gramma used to make it.

    My husband wrinkled his nose at the idea, but LOVES it!

    I’m always amazed at adults who won’t just try something. I have revisited tons of things I hated as a kid and absolutely love them now. A whole world has opened up to me. :)

  • Shawn

    The best is from Usinger’s in Milwaukee. You can order on-line but if you’re in the area, you can go to the outlet store. Got Liver Pate today for $1.99/lb. They also sell, from Miller’s Bakery, Pretzel Rolls (like large soft pretzels). Fantastic with liver sausage!
    Otherwise, if you can find it…..sauerkraut rye bread! Yum-O! And it is good fried! (the liver sausage). All with sliced Vidalia onion. Different between liverwurst and braunschweiger? …. Liverwurst if fresh and braunschweiger is smoked.

  • Sherry

    My favorite sandwich is made with braunschwager, peanut butter, mayo, thin sliced ham and swiss cheese on whole wheat bread. It’s addictive (and really fattening).

  • Myself

    I absolutely love liverwurst. My mom and her siblings grew up on it, but I’m the only one of my siblings to share the love of it with her. I’m still a teen, so my mom and I enjoy it for lunch together sometimes.
    I have very limited exposure to different kinds of breads, so I either eat it on wheat or white. I usually hate white bread, but it works so well with this meat.

  • Terri

    I Love Liverwurst. I never had it as a kid only when I met my husband. They have it on toast, I like wheat, or honey wheat, with ketchup. That was I knew to eat it, but, been experimenting and I was going to make an egg sandwich for breakfast so I quick panfried a slice of liverwirst then put it on the side, fried an egg(over easy) put the LW back in the pan egg on top and some shredded cheese on top cover for a min maybe, so the cheese melted OMG it was so good.
    Sandwiches I like Spicy Mustard, wheat bread and thin sweet onion.

    The best brand I ever had was Deutchmacher which I can not find anywhere here, Thumans I like better than BH. But omg I get cravings for this Liverwurst and it becomes a must have for a good week or so lol

  • Blue

    I picked up Wellshire All Natural Liverwurst at Whole Foods today. It tastes like John’s, which I used to be able to get around here (Silicon Valley) but I can’t find any more. I went on this site to see if there was a way to eat it besides what I had as a child: white bread toasted with no toppings or spread. What a surprise! You’ve all given me so many ideas to try. Thank you.

  • Liz

    Well, I’m off to the store to get some liverwurst!! Spread on rye krisp, top with thinly-sliced radishes, sprinkle with salt and a liberal amount of black pepper, enjoy with a cold beer.

  • adventurefood

    I grew up with liverwurst and ketchup sandwiches in my lunchbox. Now that I live in Denmark I eat it all the time. on dark bread with pickled beets,or warm with bacon and sauteed mushrooms. liverwurst in Danish is “leverpostej”

  • Sharon

    Growing up a favorite breakfast would be braunschweiger fried with an egg. On top of rye toast it is heaven. It’s the type of food that you either love or hate. I still love it.

  • Jim

    Thanks for the link to Best liverwurst sandwich I ever had was a small cafe in Old Town Alexandria, VA. 1/2 inch slab of liverwurst, thick slice of Bermuda, on rye with slathers of course mustard.

  • Steve

    What about livermush? I never had it until I was 28 but Neeses brand livermush or “liver pudding” is awesome browned on each side and put on toast with a slice of onion and mayo. I just recently had liverwurst for the first time (since I’m from the south and I never heard of it before) and I liked it. It’s got more of a “lunch” taste rather than the livermush “breakfast” taste so I will have plenty of both from now on.

  • tom barkhausen

    Growing up in NYC I used to eat a liverwurst made by Schickhaus.[1940’s–50’s]
    That was the best I ever had.
    Today I live in the sun-belt.
    My new favorite is Kahn’s liverwurst out of Milwaukee [where else?]
    Anyone else have a favorite?

  • Helen

    Underwood Liverwurst can be found at most Asian food stores. We use it in our stews. I love liverwurst sandwiches!

  • Janjenn

    I’ve been buying the two kinds of liver sandwich spread, both by Farmer John, one is Liverwurst (green label) the other is Braunschweger with Liverwurst in smaller letters. They do have slightly different flavors. Also tried the Oscar Meyer. Been using the lock and lock containers to keep in the fridge. Have succesfully frozen the rolls when I find a good deal on them. Will try the Boar’s Head at the Kroger deli, didn’t know it existed. Living in Chicago in the 30’s & 40’s was a wonderful taste treat. Corned beef on rye sandwiches with a pickle on your walk to Humboldt Park. The deli on Division and Damen, Sheska’s (not the right spelling), all kinds of wonderful salamis. There also was an Andes Candies that served ice cream sundaes, hot fudge and strawberries in season.World War II changed a lot of things. I think more fresh fish was eaten. Meat was unheard of, once in awhile my Mom would get some neckbones and make spaghetti sauce, that was the highlight of the week. My favorite snack was roka cheese in a cardboard tub spread on rye krisp. I think those were one ration point and you could get those.
    Went to high school on the South side where ethnic stuff was sort of looked down on. Most of the time my Mom made cheese sandwiches with butter on white bread for my Dad and me. Sometimes I would get a liversausage on white with mayo and lettuce. I would buy a bag of bbq chips and a coke. It was delicious. Still like it that way, don’t put as much liversausage on, more lettuce, still the mayo but use the different healthy breads. Only have the chips on special occasions. I also have a picky eater pup. I can roll her meal in a small amount of liversausage and she thinks that’s wonderful, it’s the only way to get her to eat meal. On occasion we make real liver, always with the onions, lately with garlic powder.

  • julie

    Ahhh, Liverwurst! At one of the sandwich shops here in my home of New Hampshire, liverwurst sandwich is on the menu, along with sardine sandwich and fluffernutter sandwich (among many other tasty sandwiches). I like my liverwurst on toasted rye with onion, lettuce and mayo.

  • Throckmorton

    My sisters and I, now in our mid to late thirties, were freaks of nature. My Mom had us eating this stuff when we were very small, as she didn’t worry about us choking on it. As a result, we loved the stuff. I would NEVER trade a mere PB&J for my beloved Liversausage Sandwich. The only thing missing from your recipe suggestion is some dark mustard and dill pickle.

  • Gary

    I just came across this blog this morning. Funny because I just bought some liverwurst yesterday and had it on polish rye w/seeds of coarse. Love it!
    Finding a good liver and onions dinner too is great! I never liked it as a kid when mom made it, but I wish she was here today, because I’d eat it all. Thanks mom I Miss You XOXOXO

  • Jinks

    “Zure leverworst” – Pickled Liverwurst.

    Here a recipe for a classic Dutch barsnack.
    Good with an icecold (out of the freezer) sip of Jenever (a gin like traditional Dutch spirit) or a dry Martini.

    1/2 gallon Cider vinegar
    2 cups water
    1 – 2 sliced (~ 1/4″ thick) onions
    1 tablespoon white pepper corns
    2 tablespoons black pepper corns
    5-6 small pickled chili peppers
    2 tablespoon mustard seeds
    a pinch of salt (non iodine)
    5 – 7 bay leaves
    5 – 7 cloves of garlic
    1/2 lb sugar
    4 pieces (16 oz. each) of Braunsweiger liverwurst (2 1/2 – 3″) diameter from Kroger
    (in the yellow skins); cut in ~5/8 – 3/4″” slices.
    (find them near the section with all the packaged sliced bacon).

    – sealable jars or a plastic container with a lid.

    In a large pan – heat up – but do not boil – the vinegar and water with the onion, all peppers, garlic, bay leaves, mustard seeds and a pinch of salt.
    Then stir in the sugar until dissolved. DO NOT BOIL.
    Let this cool down a bit – the pickle juice does not have to be completely cold
    before you pour it over the liverwurst.

    In the mean time slice the Braunsweiger and leave the skin on it.

    If you use jars – pour the picklejuice through a sieve and divide the solids evenly over
    the jars.

    Place the liverwurst in a plastic container with a lid or stick 6 or so slices in individual jars.

    Cover the liverwurst with the picklejuice until fully covered and close the jars or place the lid on the plastic container.

    Place in the fridge for at least a week to get up to taste.

  • Mason

    I used to eat liverwurst sandwiches slathered with yellow mustard when I was little and living near Chicago and its Polish deli culture. Loved it! (Although too much can feel heavy in the stomach.)

    Then we moved from Chicagoland to the outskirts of Wash D.C., a wasteland for deli products at that time. Liverwurst was rarely if ever bought again.

    Recently rediscovered it in the past year. My favorite commercial variety so far is Old Wisconsin braunschweiger, although Kahn’s tastes more like the flavor I remember from childhood.

    My favorite way to use it is in “bahn mi” — that is, spread like mayo on a cold cuts and veggie sandwich with honey mustard. The spread is certainly good enough on its own, but liverwurst sandwich to bahn mi is like comparing a Velveeta cheese sandwich to a well-constructed burger.

    For those who worry about the fat content — use it lightly as a spread rather that the entire contents of a sandwich. Besides, there’s lots of vitamins in it thanks to the liver. And as many people know by now, bacon and other types of pork fat are lower in saturated fat than hamburger, full-fat cheese, and butter. Besides your body needs some saturated fat to maintain itself properly.

  • Ki

    Me and my Dad are the only ones who love liverwurst. I’m going straight to the store after work to pick up some Boar’s Head Liverwurst. I make mine with red onion, spicy stone ground mustard, ripe tomato, provolone cheese and a kaiser roll. Sometimes I put it open faced in the toaster oven and then add crisp romaine. SCRUMPTIOUS!!

  • JP

    LOVE liverwurst! I grew up on Long Island and am of German and Irish descent. The best sandwich: Liverwurst, red onion, ripe tomato, mustard on soft rye. Just had one for lunch an hour ago. The brand I have on hand is Boar’s Head, though Mother Goose liverwurst is what we had growing up. Don’t know if it’s still around.

  • Superstarov

    I grew up in Michigan, and liver was something we had for dinner, probably every other week. I was, and still am, one of the only people I know who get excited about good liver.

    I married my wife, and she sheepishly told me of her Braunschweiger habit, which I had never had. She eats hers on white toast, with miracle whip, and a slice of cold American cheese. I prefer honey mustard and multigrain toast, and maybe a slice of swiss.

    Just bought some Boar’s Head smoked liverwurst at Kroger yesterday, and it is fantastic. All of these posts have given me more ideas, since I discovered liverwurst later in life.

  • Lillian

    Once I start eating Braunschweiger sandwiches,(brown mustard, sharp cheddar, onion slices,slice of B., on toast) ….well, it is hard to stop. It always ends up that I fill up on b. sandwich.

    Is there a thing as too much? I can eat b. sandwiches every day…but don’t want to fall over dead with a heart attack! LOL Is the unhealthiness of b. hearsay?

  • Stephanie

    I LOVE liverwurst sandwiches! I make that same one with the lettus and mayo but I add swiss cheese to it. I’m only 14. Whenever I tell my friends “Oh I’m eating a liverwurst sandwich” usually their reaction is “eww liverwurst!”. They don’t know what they’re missing! Hah.

  • wintercol

    I have fond memories of my mom making braunschweiger (liverwurst) sandwiches as a kid–as described–mayo, white bread, lettuce. I mentioned this the other day to a friend that I often enjoy picnics in the park with. He admitted that he shared the same kind of fondness but his German mother made them on rye. We are meeting this week over liverwurst sandwiches and comparing the preferred bread choice–I think soft, thick white bread, he thinks light rye. I am just trying to figure out what to include as a side since the sandwich itself will be so salty and rich already? Apples and ?. The idea of heating it in the toaster oven sounds delicious.

  • mac

    For the love of liver sausage, my favorite way is on bread with brie and a bit of that Dijon mustard from T-Joes. But wait, don’t settle for grocery store brands or pay top dollar at some fancy pants chacuterier, make it yourself, it’s really pretty simple. You can use chicken livers and a bit of pork and if you lent your sausage stuffer to your neighbor, then just form the mixture in a loaf pan. Now you’re living.


  • ron

    I made a liverwurst & blue cheese omelet the other day and it was amazing. Anyone ever try that?

  • Jeroen

    Now that’s a culture shock… You can get liverwurst at every local supermarket overhere. Nice on bread with mustard or with sliced pickles.
    Cheers from Amsterdam.

  • debbieo

    Mmmmm…liverwurst! Toasted rye or sourdough with melted butter, liverwurst and grey poupon mustard! Heavenly!

  • cj

    I grew up with liverwurst and I must say that kids in school went yuch! I’m talking the late 50’s, but I still love it and every once in a while I say to hell with the arteries and enjoy it the right way, on rye bread with some thin sliced onions and a good brown mustard like Guldens or Koskiosko. Best with a good glass of beer, maybe Becks, and perhaps some german potato salad on the side, I’m in heaven. Sorry but the idea of mayonnaise is an abomination. But taste is taste and if you enjoy it that way, enjoy. It definitely has a a unique and an acquired taste like anchovies, caviar, scotch, and blue cheese.
    Give it a try and enjoy

  • tim

    Ooh, I love seeing all this. For me, growing up — it was liverwurst on Wonder bread with dijon mustard only. As a teen, I discovered a fantastic flavor combination — try eating one with hot chocolate as your bev. I did this at an old (now defunct, I think) eatery in SF called Portofino’s, which served immense goblets of creamy hot chocolate. There’s now just something about a toasted liverwurst sandwich, slathered in mustard, with hot chocolate. Yum. Seriously, if you’re into liverwurst and/or braunschweiger AND hot chocolate, try combining them. But the dijon mustard is an essential part.

  • Stefania/CityMama

    You’re my kinda people. I love liverwurst! (And pate…) I must have mustard and mayo and veryvery thinly sliced sweet onions on my sandwich…and yes, white bread because that is how I grew up eating it, too!

  • Lilly

    Poor Man’s Pate! Loved it when I was growing up and I adore it now! So happy to hear all of the support of liverwurst (I am not alone!) and all the fun combinations I have yet to try.
    Quick question– anyone ever freeze it? I saw an all natural brand at Whole Foods that I have been tempted to buy, but I am unable to eat the entire log by myself and my fiance thinks I am nuts and won’t touch it. Would hate to throw away precious, delicious liverwurst, because it went bad. Any thoughts?

  • Deborah Dowd

    I have never been able to bring myself to eat head cheese, but I love liverwurst. My latest favorite combination- liverwurst and Yancey’s horseradish cheese!

  • Ashley

    Yep, I just still can’t like liverwurst. I could totally go for a pickled bologna sandwich with sharp cheddar and miracle whip! You still rock, but liverwurst not so much!

  • Ron

    Mmmmmm! Liverwurst! I grew up eating Liverwurst from German Deli’s on Long Island, NY. All the brands were great, Karl Ehmer, Schaller & Weber, Boar’s Head brand. I actually bought some this weekend. Had it for lunch today! LOL! I like it on Rye or a good hard roll with onions and mustard. Braunschweiger is good on a toasted English Muffin too.

  • Nikki

    When I was a kid, my parents called liverworst “squeezy meat” and as a result, my sister and I enjoyed it. Its all in the name!

  • Beverly Forell

    yum, yum yum!!! I also love liverwurst or braunschweiger as a snack on crackers of any kind! You can make a nice appetizer with any hearty bread sliced, toasted and cut into small squares… spread some liverwurst, top with a little relish and olives or hot mustard. yummy!

  • :p hil

    Braunschweiger on good white bread w/miracle whip and bread’n’butter pickles slices ! yummy stuff!

    the most comments ive seen on any one food item


  • Ed Dziadowicz

    An interesting way to eat liverwurst is to put liverwurst on any good bread with mayonaise and alfalfa sprouts. It has an amazing flavor synergy. I can’t explain why, but if the ingredients are in the correct proportion it actually tastes like a lobster salad sandwich.

  • Pat (Seattle)

    We always had liverwurst sandwiches when I was growing up but, as an adult, I ‘adulterated’ my usual liverwurst on white bread. Now I put thick slices of liverwurst with pistachios on light rye, add grey poupon mustard, thin slices of red onion and crisp romaine lettuce. If you’re feeling decadent, add some havarti cheese to it as well. If you can find this, the ultimate liverwurst sammie is on swedish orange rye bread. TO DIE FOR!

  • Matt

    What’s next? Head cheese sandwiches? *sigh* having worked in a deli back in the day, I think most of the customers who ordered liverwurst would cringe at the thought of serving it with mayo let alone on white bread but to each there own. Quite a few people did order it on a regular basis…so much so that I did give it a whirl once but just couldn’t eat the stuff. More then I can say of Head cheese however… was never brave enough to go that far with it.

    My mom LOVES head cheese so much I keep threatening to make her some. But that is truly an acquired taste. ~Elise

  • Larry letourneau

    I have liverwurst at night for snack with cheese an crackers, while watching tv.

  • John L

    I am shocked at the response this column has w/ the number of positive replies in favor of braunschweiger. Don’t find that many lovers of this kind of wurst. Straight up liverwurst is ok, but the smoky flavor of braunschweiger is where its at.

    Didn’t much care for Braunschweiger when I was kid, but love it as an adult. Pumpernickel if I can find it, but otherwise any hearty wheat bread will do. Usinger’s braunschweiger is the best, just that subtle hint of smokiness, with thinly sliced onions, & for some reason yellow mustard over stone ground is my preference.

    gonna go to the store today & pick me up some.

  • DivaCatNYC

    Still love liverwurst sandwiches — sometimes when we order out for lunch from work I’ll order one, to much amusement and many “eewwww” comments from my co-workers! But I know what I like, and even as a kid I loved it and wouldn’t care what the others said. On toast, with mayo, tomato and lettuce. Fantastic!!

  • Susan Ely

    This is the only way to eat liverwurst at my house: toasted English muffin, mayo, liverwurst, thick slice of tomato and freshly grated pepper, topped with red onion slices.

  • Okihwn

    After reading this post, went out and bought Underwood Liverwurst Spread to bring back memories of sandwiches my mother made when growing up.

  • Jon

    I was looking at Liverwurst(we always called it braunschweiger in our house too) at the store the other day and thinking that it had been quite some time since I had some. It is perfect with just some mayo and lettuce.

  • Meg

    I love liverwurst/liver sausage. Usinger’s makes the best, IMHO, but Boarshead (which is all I can get here in the South) is a good alternative. Braunschweiger is a form of liver sausage, the difference is that it’s smoked, and liverwurst isn’t. Mmmmm, think I’ll go make myself a sammich!

  • Pam

    What ever happened to liver sausage? This is also what it is known by in my area. I love a liver sausage sandwich with thin slices of onion on rye or pumpernickel with a horseradish flavored mayonnaise. I also have a liver sausage ball that I have made for years, which my family loves. Got it years ago in Chicago. Jewish delis in my area serve liverwurst sandwiches on rye or pumpernickel.

  • Lady Amalthea

    I always loved liver, but never got into liverwurst. I didn’t especially like cold sandwiches as a child, come to think of it… Perhaps it’s time to change that? Next time I eat lunch at a deli, liverwurst is what I’ll order!

  • Dawn Gilliland

    Every New Years Day my family has a brunch.

    They serve:
    limpa – a sweet rye bread
    gjetost (or gietost) – a brown Norwegian cheese
    and liverwurst, a good German variety.

    I loved everything but the gjetost (which I feel somehow I should give another shot to).

    I think it’s one of the beautiful things about growing up American. I got exposed to so many foods. Irish, German, Scottish, Norwegian, Slovak, just because of my ancestry.

  • Red Geisha

    You can find liverwurst in a BIG city like Los Angeles! In Torrance (South Bay LA), there is a magical place called The Alpine Village where there is an authentic German deli with all the meats made right there or imported. And you can request to taste anything there! The prices are very fair and the meats are all very fresh. The liverwurst is exceptional. You can also enjoy the Alpine Restaurant where they serve the finest sauerkraut, bratwursts and delightful German beers. Lastly, The Alpine Village hosts Oktoberfest from mid-September right to the end of October. It’s a blast!

  • C Schoenbrun

    When I was a kid, liverwurst with onions and mustard was my FAVORITE sandwich, so much so that when I came home from the hospital after having my tonsils out at age 4, it was the only thing I wanted, the only thing I would eat. (My youngest son must follow in my odd footsteps – he only wanted spicy french fries.)

  • jdmblues

    I agree with those who are in favor but it always has to be yellow mustard. And Boar’s Head has a very good one!

  • Amanda

    I haven’t had this in ages, since post-college and on a really tight food budget.

    Liverwurst is good stuff and your sandwich makes it look even more appetizing. I think part of the issue for some is that texture or thought of just a slab of liverwurst sliced off the end of a loaf. It’s kind of like the idea of cranberry sauce out of a can for some, I think.

  • Barbi

    When I was growing up my Mother made us Liverwurst sandwiches for lunch. She used whole wheat bread, slathered on a thick layer of unsalted butter, then a thick layer of Liverwurst and then topped that with sliced radishes. I hated those sandwiches! My sister and I would toss them in the ivy that grew by the bus stop everyday, because if we came home with an uneaten lunch my mother would make us eat it when we got home instead of a bowl of sugary cereal after school. I remember the neighborhood dogs sniffing around in that ivy all the time.
    Now don’t get me wrong, I love Liverwurst, I love radishes, I love whole wheat bread and I love butter too. But not all together at the same time as a sandwich! My favorite way to eat Liverwurst is on Wheat Thin crackers! YUM-YUM-YUM!!!!! Couldn’t get enough of the stuff when I was pregnant!

  • chris p

    It definitely needs to be on toast with pickles onions and French’s mustard–so 1960’s and delicious!

  • Linda

    Oh how I love liverwurst, You have to try it on toasted rye, But you have to fry the liverwurst & onions, oh what a sandwich, also try it on a onion roll don’t forget the mustard.

  • Cindy

    YUMM-AAYY. Too too funny. Why can’t I use the very healthy whole grain bread with my liverwurst? Why do I have to go out and specifically get that not good for you but so perfect for liverwurst white bread?? And the mustard … OF COURSE! Whew … I wasn’t the ONLY one raised right. Totally brings back the childhood memories of moving from base to base and dipping into the cooler for these little precut rounds of yummyness. Mashing the white bread around it .. oh yeah baby. Problem has been trying to explain to the boyfriend just what the appeal is !!??? Oh well, more for me then! Thanks for this little bit of fun!

  • Diane

    Liverwurst or Braunschweiger — dark rye, spicy course ground mustard and a couple slices of sweet onion…..YUM!

    You might also like it fried up and spread on garlic melba toast.

    Around this house, it’s a comfort food.

  • Maia

    Aww, all the liverwurst haters! So sad. I personally love the stuff.. if people would just try it, they’d probably like it. Seriously. It’s delicious!

  • Alanna

    OH MY, you’re so brave. May I suggest that in order to be perfect, liver sausage requires a hot English muffin, a thick slather of Miracle Whip and a fat slice of Velveeta? This was my supper every night for weeks when I was going to summer school, living in a fraternity and we weren’t allowed to use the kitchen except for toasters, frig, etc.

  • dancingkitchen

    Elise you rock! There’s nothing quite like liverwurst. I get a craving for it a couple times a year. There’s a wonderful liverwurst/cream cheese ball for the holidays. I block of cream cheese mixed and cut into a hunk of liverwurst. I usually add a bit of dry mustard. Heaven on a cracker. Or smeared and toasted on a bagette. You make my mouth water…thanks girl.

  • David

    In my life, to eat liverwurst (if you must – braunschweiger is better) you include a thick slice of white or yellow onion, dark rye and horseradish. And a nice bock beer.

    If you don’t like the sandwich approach, pan-fry slices (a la sausage patties) with eggs over-easy in the morning.

    Try for German sausages. They’ve been doing it in Milwaukee, a city with a very strong German tradition, for 100+ years. (I’m only affiliated as a customer).

  • merd

    HAHAHA! This is something I have not had for probably thirty years. Mom loves this stuff. I can’t remember the flavor now that I think about it – but the texture I do. Pretty sure I thought Mom was a loon for liking it. Maybe I should bring these for the potluck at work next Friday and see how they go over. ;) I was going to ask you if you had any recipe suggestions for potluck foods.

    Once again your picture looks amazing. I’d probably eat anything you make/photograph, Elise.

  • Dan D.

    Has anyone ever tried it fried? Fry it just a little to brown it but not cook it through and put it on some bread (my Mom always used rye-pumpernickel swirl bread) with sliced onions and mustard. The warm creamy liverwurst with the cool crunchy onions–delicious. Do note that frying it makes it taste a bit more liver-y, so if you’re not into that, this might not be the preparation for you. I haven’t had this in years! I’ll be stopping at the deli on the way home…

  • jonathan

    Tina! My grandparents lived in Paterson and bought from the butcher you mentioned. Small world…

    Elise – When you posted the fruitcake recipe, I thought, OK, I can deal with it.

    Next came the borscht, which sent me into an emotional tailspin with nightmarish memories of my mother boiling canned Harvard beets on the stove to go with dinner. Even if that dinner was hot dogs.

    But liverwurst? C’mon…
    And on white with mayo, no less?!?!?

    And yet, one of my dear old mom’s faves in her waning years was a liverwurst sandwich.
    On RYE (pumpernickel worked, too).
    With ONIONS.
    And MUSTARD.

    I would think a good NY deli man would find the white with mayo combo heresy, but, to each his own.

    Perhaps I should submit my peanut butter, mayo and bacon (surprise) on white toast recipe. Now THERE’s a sandwich!

    You can stop laughing now.

  • Tom

    I remember growing up in North Carolina eating Livermush sandwiches. Livermush is basically a scrapple type of loaf with cornmeal. (see Wikipedia entry)

    It wasn’t until I was a teenager that it suddenly dawned on me that I was eating “Liver” “mush”, which dampened my enthusiasm terribly. Nowadays, I like to have it on a sandwich fried extra crispy with ketchup like I did as a kid. However, my children seemed to have caught the connection much earlier than I did and will not have anything to do with it.

  • EB

    Weirdly I loved this stuff as a kid. My dad and I would sit on the couch and eat liverwurst with crackers and sardines (well…. he’d eat the sardines). I work in the Financial Dist here in SF and the corner deli actually makes a great liverwurst sandwich! Hmmmmm… lunch today?

  • Janna

    Thank you for posting about liverwurst!!

    I grew up with the stuff, on crackers, on toast, occasionally just plain, and I’ve always loved it!

    What I haven’t been able to find for a few years, though, is liverwurst that doesn’t have nonfat dry milk on the ingredients list. Maybe I need to find a local butcher like the one you found, Elise.

  • Pat Matson

    You really struck a cord with this liverwurst sandwich topic. I adore it. Have all my life. One thing I’ve discovered that’s really yummy on a liverwurst sandwich is sliced radishes. It gives you the crunch of those onions you do not recommend without the strong flavor. Yum.

  • Bob

    Mayo? Noooo. Mustard! On toasted bread too!

    Our local butcher makes excellent liverwurst, they also make a seasonal variety that is really rich, delicious and probably completely unhealthy!

  • Paul

    I love Liverwurst! Always have it on pumpernickel with brown mustard, cucumber and thinly sliced red onion. I never have trouble finding it at the store. I suspect there’s a large, devoted, but quiet fan base :)

    It’s one of my favorite indulgences. Thanks for giving Liverwurst some much needed love, Elise.

  • Vivian

    I didn’t discover liverwurst until after college and I now love it. On lightly toasted white bread with thinly sliced red onions. Schaller and Weber in NYC makes all different kinds, I think I’ve tried almost all of them. Delish, making me salivate just thinking about it.

  • BETH

    Growing up in Cincinnati, I ate and still love liverwurst. Mix 8oz. liverwurst with 8oz. prepared french onion dip, serve it with cocktail rye. People go nuts over this and always want the recipe! At least around here.

  • Annie

    I saw this and my first thought was, “Is it a joke post?” My mother used to send us to school with (I’m not making this up) liverwurst with ketchup on Wonder Bread. I have no idea what possessed her to invent such a combo or to insist that we have it on a regular basis. It was soggy and disgusting but we couldn’t last until dinner if we didn’t eat it. (My mom wasn’t into afterschool snacking, so we were stuck.) I don’t know what made me try Oscar Mayer’s Braunschweiger some years ago with mustard and onion on rye and it was actually palatable. But, like Margreet’s, my craving disappeared again for quite some time afterwards.

  • KT

    I eat Liverwurst all the time on rye bread with a little brie, mustard, roma tomato slices, and avocado. Yummy!

  • Brian

    I moved from Texas to New Jersey when i was about 6 (Im back in Texas now)and my new Italian aunts used to make me liverwurst sandwiches for lunch. I think I remember having to peel off a wrapping around the edges. Man, I loathed liverwurst back then, and I don’t think I could bring myself to try it again. Blech. But this recipe and pic sure did bring back some memories :)

  • Rachel

    Oh yum, liverwurst sandwiches with my German grams, with a little sharp cheddar on pumpernickel. Or liverwurst on rye crisps for a snack after school. Wonderful wonderful memories. Thank you for giving liverwurst a little heartfelt attention.

  • Stephanie

    I too love liverwurst and have since I was a child. My friends always scrunched up their faces when I ate one for lunch, but oh how I loved it. My parents used to buy Kahn’s Braunschweiger which to this day is still my favorite. I usually ate it alone on a white roll. Delicious.

    mady – I also had bologna, ham and liverwurst sandwiches as a kid, though I’m not from the Jersey shore. I guess the tradition traveled.

  • Mike

    I find mayo too fatty for wurst, I use spicy French whole grain mustard. Yummmmmm!

  • KDSmith

    For those who profess to fear liverwurst but might be open to another (or first) attempt, I offer this advice:

    Like so many, many foods, quality matters. Mass-produced, mechanically manufactured-by-the-millions and processed to within an inch of the far side of reason food-like products seldom hold the meanest of a flickering candle to a product made by people who care more for the end result than saving a penny on each run.

    A major brand name (K***t) product called liverwurst is, in my opinion, Not a Good Thing.

    I have tasted several different brands of liverwurst (and the spreadable version known as braunschweiger) and have several for which I keep an eye open: Koenemann’s, Schaller & Weber (or S&W), and Stiglmeier (who calls it Liversausage) are all very good and are nothing like that major brand’s “fare”. If not available locally, all of these can be found online.

    For those who are willing to give this lovely food another try, selecting a brand that is not in every convenience store and news-stand would be a decent start.

    Genießen Sie

  • Norma Heimerle

    Regarding Liverwurst…What are you talking about it can be found anywhere. Every supermarket has it. Is there any other way to eat it besides putting it between two slices of bread, why yes there is all by itself dipped in a little mayo, if you prefer, with a glass of cold milk…Wow!

  • CJ

    I almost laughed out loud when I read this post. I have had a craving for liverwurst for WEEKS and finally found some fresh liverwurst at the market. I just finished the last bit of it yesterday on rye bread with thinly scattered slice of sweet onion.

    Rye bread and mustard, a crusty kaiser roll or toasted white bread whith liverwurst. Got to have mustard. Mayo is nice, but I like soft butter better. Mmmmmm

    Braunschweiger is similar to that good old fashioned liverwurst. This spice is a bit different. And it’s usually pinker.

    Someone asked about the difference between bratwurst and liverwurst. Liverwurst is similar to a spiced pate (smooth texture) with the sausage casing removed and is usually spread or sliced, served cold.

    Bratwurst is a raw sausage that needs to be cooked (simmered, grilled, pan fired, etc.) (coarser texture) similar to italian sausage)and is served hot. It’s main spice component is mace. We like to grill our bratwurst, then immerse in beer and onions and let simmer for a half hour or more. Pure Wisconsin perfection.

  • Ian

    It is great to see the range of comments here! Liverwurst brings back nothing but fond memories for me. I imagine the liverwurst sandwiches my mother packed me for school were of the white bread, mayo and American cheese type. Now, I would be remiss without the addition of some good stone ground mustard (my favorite being Inglehoffer). Though the earlier suggestion of some sliced sweet pickle sounds fantastic. Now I have to go to the store and get some!

  • Mary_Ann

    To the person asking the difference between bratwurst and liverwurst: bratwurst is a pork-based sausage (somewhat like a hot dog) that can be grilled or fried and sliced for sandwiches, but liverwurst has a spreadable consistency and is always served cold.

  • Donna A.

    I love liverwurst! We ate a lot growing up. I loved it with crackers and cheese.
    Donna A.

  • Lillianne

    As soon as I read the “L” word I could smell it in the back of my nose and throat. Congratulations to all who have learned to enjoy it. I’m still going to pass.

    I wouldn’t mind having a good recipe for pickled red onions. (Yellow and white too)

  • Jacqueline

    I grew up on liverwurst. Dutch.
    We would always have it sliced on toast.
    Now, as an adult, I buy the little chubs of liverwurst at the grocery store and spread it on a toasted bagel or on crackers as a snack.
    My hubby can’t see what the big deal is. He says that it looks disgusting, and won’t kiss me until I have brushed my teeth after eating it, but hey, each to their own.
    I’m happy to see that I am not alone in my love of liverwurst.

  • Susan

    I love liverwurst and always have. When I was little, I used to call it “liverwish”. My favorite way to eat it is in a sandwich with pumpernickel bread,thinly sliced red onions and mayo. If we had gone to school together, I would have traded with you!

  • Cindy

    This is a funny coincidence — I just rediscovered liverwurst sandwiches a few months ago and love them. I also grew up having them on white with mayo, and it has been wonderful to discover that any NYC deli can make one if I ask for it (I’ll have to try it with lettuce now). They were one of my Dad’s favorites. We had a dog that loved liverwurst, too — when she was a stray puppy in our neighborhood in Brooklyn, she could only be lured into the house with liverwurst — no other sandwich meat would do (smart dog).

  • Tina

    Liverwurst! One of my fondest childhood memories from North Jersey. There was this wonderful butcher in Paterson who only sold pork products. I believe the name was Gerth’s. The had the absolute best liverwurst. My favorite way to eat it has always been on fresh buttered rye bread with some coarse mustard. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!! Needless to say, as a purest, the thought of mayonnaise, or just as bad yellow mustard, send shivers down my spine.

  • Sarah

    I went through a phase as a kid where the only thing I would eat for breakfast was liverwurst on toast. My parents thought I was nuts.

  • Queenie

    Ooh, I haven’t had Liverwurst in ages! Even as a kid, I loved it, (and even when my parents made liver w/ onions, or Pork Liver & ginger in broth, it was YUMMY!) Now I’m really craving for a Liverwurst sandwich (although, I do like the french name more).

  • Berit

    Try it the Swedish way, with sliced cucumber.

  • Judi

    Well this is a little different, but, oh so good. BoarsHead makes a really good liverwurst. I take Townehouse toppers (garlic & herb) fill them with gorgonzola cheese, top with the liverwurst and put either Frenches yellow mustard or BoarsHead Delicatesson Style Mustard with white wine. Only one problem, can’t stop eating them. So now I take six crackers, fix the combo and get out of the kitchen. Even Bailey (5 lb. Yorkey) loves them. I love this web site. So many goodies to try.

  • Michelle

    No one is going to believe how good this is unless they have the courage to try it. I grew up eating liverwurst with peanut butter and tomato on white bread. My grandmother likes to eat liverwurst on white bread, with peanut butter and liverwurst on one side, and on the other side, mayonnaise, pickles, sliced Vidalia (sweet) onion, and thinly sliced fresh tomato. Now, I like her way better, except I usually leave off the tomato and add a piece of swiss or provolone cheese.
    Liverwurst is actually easy to find. Oscar Mayer brand Liverwurst can always be found at Publix.

  • Carol

    I used to make liverwurst sandwiches for my husband’s lunch often, when he was a teacher. I stirred a little mayo and pickle relish in it. It is also delicious with cream cheese and relish or chopped green onion. (You can substitue deviled ham, too) Sometimes I used the canned liverwurst but the kind you slice also mashes up and makes a spread.

  • joanne

    I love liverwurst! Even as a child, I enjoyed it. I remember an elementary school friend of German descent would bring a lunch consisting of two small hard rolls, one had salami, the other liverwurst. She would share them with me thinking both were salami, until one day she realized her lunch consisted of both. I didn’t know her hatred of them, and surprised her, when I said I liked it, and I thought she knew she was sharing the liverwurst. My son loves it too. He calls it pate though. In fact he adores coming home from school to find a fresh baguette, pate, brie, and another cheese on a plate as an after school snack. This is the same kid that loves eating green onions straight from the garden. Hubby enjoys his liverwurst, but not as much as we do.

  • Ann

    This was my favorite sandwich growing up. Liverwurst (or braunschwieger – if I spelled it correctly) with red onions & miracle whip on white bread. My dad would serve this with a side a Van de Camp’s pork & beans. So healthy! LOL :)

  • Micheline

    *peeking out of the liverwurst closet*

    Finally, I feel safe to proclaim my LOVE of liverwurst! There is nothing like wonderful good liverwurst! In Wisconsin, up at our cabin, you can find the most delightful locally made Braunschweiger (a.k.a. liverwurst). Here locally, one of the local grocery stores stocks in their deli a liverwurst with pistachio’s in it…OMGosh, can we just say heaven!

    I love my liverwurst with lots and lots (think smothered) in yellow mustard. I can eat it just like that, soft bread, oodles of yellow mustard, and thick slices of liverwurst. Can’t say I remember having it with mayo- that sounds good too.

    Now I’m going to have to have that for lunch tomorrow.

    Proud to be a liverwurst lover!

    Amen, sister! ~Elise

  • Nema

    Oh, yummy. A former bf of mine from Germany turned me on to liverwurst (yes, braunschweiger is a type of liverwurst) and we would eat it just about every day on crusty french bread, simply with a sprinkling of pepper. I would *love* to try some of the variations suggested on the site! Been years since I’ve had liverwurst, thanks for reminding me!

  • Dana

    Hahaha, you’re right: the sounds “liver” and “worst” aren’t exactly music to little children’s ears… But speaking as an adult, this does sound tempting!

  • mady

    This is a favorite of my Granddad at his country club. Liverwurst on rye with mustard and Bermuda onions. That is how I developed my taste for it. It is so tasty when the onions are just roasted enough to take out the sting but are still a little crunchy. Mmmm…

    My husband, oddly, eats it only prepared one way (and says he can’t think about what’s in the sandwich while eating it): liverwurst, bologna and ham on a buttered kaiser roll. He is yelling that it’s a Jersey thing, from the shore. I still think it’s weird.

  • BigGUM

    You know, I do not eat liver in any other form, but I adore liverwurst. Same with my husband. We do like a little mustard on it, but otherwise eat it as stated above. It’s an occasional treat and is something I remember being served as a child. Yum!

  • darlene

    YUMMMM … liverwurst … yum, yum, yum … I second the reply with the squishy white bread, a couple slices of liverwurst, and along with the onions, I would add a slice or two (on both sides of the liverwurst in the sandwich) of tomato, and a lot of french’s mustard … wicked good … one of my granddaughters calls it *brick* — we have no idea why, neither does she — when I visit her family, Lizzy and I feast on *brick* … we love it … her mom loves it, too, as do a couple more of my daughters, however, Lizzy is the only grandchild who is addicted to *brick* … like me!

  • Brenda

    Can someone tell me the difference between Liverwurst and Bratwurst? Bratwurst on rye with sweet and sour red cabbage; the best.

  • Gary in Massena


    One of my favorites… Squishy white bread, a thick chunk (or maybe two) of Liverwurst, sliced onion, salt, pepper and a liberal dollop of mayo.

    Come to think of it I havent had one in a while. I think it may be time to go to the store.

  • greyeagle

    Oh man, there is nothing better than liverwurst!
    I was raised on it,my kids were raised on it! People who say ewwww have most likely been raised on McD food! I have it with Miracle whip, mayo,mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, whatever is in the house at the time! Which ever, it is always good. Just be careful the amount you put on one sandwich. This stuff is rich, but Oh Mercy how good!

  • Nicole Jackson

    I grew up in Germany. Our friends down the street taught us to mix it w/ miracle whip and then spread it on the German bread. MMMMM!!!!

  • Furrie Princess

    Ahh… I love it! Try adding some thinly sliced sweet pickle and stone ground mustard…and maybe some nice nutty swiss cheese. Rye is my favorite but crusty sourdough will do. For the holidays, mix with some cream cheese and spread on crackers or crostini with a slice of pickle or a stuffed green olive. But please do use good liverwurst not the Underwood spread in a can.

  • Margreet

    I’m not certain if liverwurst is the same as Braunschweiger. Cincinnati supeermarkets always have the latter. Best on plain, fresh saltine crackers, since the salty crunch offsets the texture of the “pate”. Once a year I get a fierce craving for the stuff, and when the craving is gone, the dogs get the rest! ;o)

  • tiny morsels

    Beautiful photo, but…Ewww!

  • Kassie

    MMMMM, tasty. As kids, we ate it on bagels with cream cheese and onion. So good. I, unfortunately, can’t get my husband touch the stuff. Locally, we can get it made with Bison and it is really great.

  • Elise

    Just think pâté Brad, think pâté.

    Unless of course you don’t like pâté, in which case you’re probably better off staying away from liverwurst.


  • Brad

    Wow, Elise. You really lost me on this one. :) Was afraid of it as a kid, and I’m not sure that I could get over that now. Keep trying though. ;)

  • J

    I loved liverwurst a kid and took it to lunch gladly…until the other kids started teasing me about it. Then I refused to take it to school, even though I liked it! I was a slave to peer pressure. I still love it.

  • Chuck

    I grew up on liverwurst sandwiches too! We used to make them using white bread with some thinly sliced onions, and then throwing it in the toaster oven. The toasted bread and warm liverwurst were delicious. I’m getting a major craving for it now!

  • Mark

    Still can not get over the idea of this food. I am glad some have found a path out of those childhood feelings about Liverworst, but it is not me. A story to disgusting to tell is all I need say in my family to just lose my appetite completely.

    But, still nice to keep the dream alive!

  • Pnut

    Mmmmmm Liverwurst on rye toast completely reminds me of my childhood. My Czech grandmother would make it for me all the time!