Low Carb Round Up – January Week 2

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  1. Karina

    Hi Elise!

    How cool – thank you for including my recipe in this week’s Low Carb Round Up. Excellent! And thank you for making me feel so welcome in the blog world.

    warm regards,

  2. Katy Raymond

    Elise, My daughter-in-law Brooke introduced me to your blog. She is a fantastic cook, and yours is her very fave cooking blog. I will be back to try out some of the low-carb recipes. I’ve been low-carbing for six years with great weight-loss success and much-improved health, but I’m craving some different dishes. Thank you!

  3. sylvia

    Wonderful! I have been toying with making a blog of low-carb recipes because I have been struggling so long to find anything but inspiration on the current published recipe books claiming to cater for low-carb.

    It is wonderful to see that someone has already taken the bull by the horns and I look forward to trying these recipes. I’m so pleased I stumbled onto your site. :)

  4. Nupur

    What a great round-up! I love that so many of these are veggie :) Thanks for including me…I really appreciate it.