Hello my friends, you are just going to have to trust me on this one. The first time I had a panaché (pan nah SHAY), a popular French drink that is simply a combination of a light beer and a citrusy soda like 7-Up, it was in Orlando at Disney World, on a typically hot May afternoon. My friends and I had been wandering the park for hours. My legs were tired. I was tired. If I had been 3 years old I would have been on the verge of meltdown requiring a nap or time-out. My dear French sweetheart found us a table in the shade and ventured off, returning with a platter of glasses filled with ice, a few beers, and a few cans of 7-Up. Now, if the thought of mixing 7-Up with beer makes your head want to explode, you’re not alone. But we were tired, our resistance down. We had a taste and with it, every reservation vanished. I can now tell you that on a hot day, there is no better drink in the world.

Why? Because a panaché is truly refreshing. Not cloying sweet like straight soda. You can drink several glasses before you even notice that there is a touch of alcohol from the beer in it. In France it isn’t usually served with ice (in general ice in drinks isn’t as popular in Europe as it is here) but in my Frenchman’s opinion, it’s even better with ice, and I agree.

I was going to wait until Bastille Day to share this with you, it being a French favorite and all. But here we are, it’s 104°F (40°C) in Sacramento today, and is forecast to be well over 100°F all week. Our friends in Arizona have it even worse (117° in Phoenix, yikes!). Wherever you are, stay cool. And try a panaché!

Update: Many readers have commented that this combination is known as a “Shandy” in many parts of the English speaking world, and goes by other names in other countries as well. ~Elise 

Panache on Simply Recipes

Panaché Recipe

  • Prep time: 1 minute

The proportions can vary from 1/4 beer to a 1/2 beer, with the rest being 7-up or Sprite. Just make sure you use a light (not dark) beer. It doesn't have to be a "lite" beer, though that would work too.



  • 1 part beer (not a dark beer, but a light one, like a Bud, or Miller)
  • 1 to 3 parts 7-up or Sprite


Fill a large glass with ice. Pour beer into the glass to the  quarter-way to half-way mark, depending on the proportions you prefer. Top with 7-up or Sprite. Drink.

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Panache on Simply Recipes


  1. Lara

    In Germany, this is called a Radler. Lecker!

    • Rita

      or, when made with wheat beer, we call it “Russ’n”. Also lecker!

    • Piet

      In Southern-Germany it’s called „Radler“, in Northern-Germany it’s called „Alsterwasser“ (Alster is one of Hamburg’s rivers, so it’s as refreshing as the water (Wasser) of the Alster-River). ;)

      I didn’t know it’s called Panaché in France, but indeed it’s very delicious. Prost! :)

  2. kara

    It’s a shandy by any other name, right? :)

    • Christine

      In Australia it is a ‘shandy’ and quite a popular drink for those who don’t want to guzzle a full beer.

    • Shay

      Yes, I was thinking “shandy” when I read this. Well…it might make Bud or Miller taste better.

      (it could hardly make them taste worse!)

    • Kalina Saraiva de Limak

      i first tried it in Switzerland under the name ‘panache’. i came back to England and talked about this nice drink i had just got to know to my boyfriend and he said, ‘oh, it’s shandy’. and laughed. it is lovely.

  3. Oliver

    I’m a pretty big beer snob, but I order this regularly on the early afternoon on hot summer days here in Switzerland. It never makes me feel tired or sluggish like a beer sometimes can, and it is damned refreshing.

    • Pmarie

      Forgive my ignorance, but does it actually get hot in Switzerland?

      • China

        Hello, of course it’s warm in Switzerland. And we do not live only in the moutains with cows and chocolate!

      • China

        By the way, if you add sirup to your “Panaché”, it becomes a “Monaco”…. Cheers, or Santé

  4. Stephen Saunders

    Shandy, loved by the English for decades . Take Pint glass, fill three-quarters with bitter, top with sparkling lemonade (7-up to Americans ) pretend its 1965 and give to your 8 year old in the beer garden. Result , peaceful evening at the pub .
    This was quite acceptable until the early 70’s if memory serves , until the government realized that there was alcohol in beer. Still great in the summer, for grown ups of course.

  5. maria

    I have been mixing beer and “gassosa” 7up in the hot day of summer while living in Italy ( am Italian) my husband( he is american) thought I was crazy when he saw me mixing it, but none the less he tried and like it too.

  6. Rosalee

    Known as a Shandy in the land of OZ……………but I could sure use on now as it feels like the outback outside……
    but am not in OZ right now.

  7. Nick

    Definitely Shandy – you can buy pre-made cans in English food shops in the US.

    • Gary

      You can also buy pre-made Panaché in a can or six-pack in the store in France but not in the U.S. Vous pouvez aussi acheter du Panaché en France en packet de six qui se vent bien en été et je pense a travers l’année.

  8. Samantha

    Yes – shandy it is! I was one of those 8 year olds in the beer gardens with my folks on a sunny English afternoon! Im enjoying one right now as I type! Great drink – Im glad to see others enjoy it too. I tend to get a funny look when I tell other Canadians that’s how I take my beer – with a healthy shot of 7 up!

  9. Angela

    Love a panaché when it’s hot….rosé with ice good too, but that gets you drunk, even though it goes down like lemonade!

  10. Jeannie Miller

    A different version of this is popular in New Orleans where it saved me from several Bourbon Street Hangovers the next morning. Shandigaff or Shandigass, either way, it’s part light beer and part ginger ale. Since I love Ginger Ale anyway, and ginger is good for an upset stomach that’s the way I Roll. Obviously it’s a French Thing either way.

  11. Mary Wallace

    Yep! Deliciously refreshing….We call it Shandy here in Ireland too. Something similar, but not quite the same is Black Velvet – where you combine Guinness with Champagne. For a different sort of occasion of course!

  12. Simon Cutts

    Try Lager or light beer mixed with lemon Fanta, tangy and refreshing, many a pint drunk in Ibiza last year.

  13. Pilar

    In Spain, this is called a “Clara”. They serve it everywhere in the summer! They also mix red wine with soda “tinto de verano”. Very refreshing!

  14. Elizaeth Hecht

    My nanny in Australia was a Scot and her cousin, Andrew, only drank this – yep, I knew it as a shandy. “Andy loves Shandy” – my singsongy mantra when I was a little girl.

  15. Aurora E.

    In the Netherlands we call this a “Sneeuwwitje” which is Dutch for Snow White! Cool to see how this drink is known all over the world!

    • TV

      We indeed call it a Snowwhite in Holland but the cans Shandy that are sold here sure ain’t the same as Heiniken mixed with 7-up!! I’ve never tried it with ice. Will do that when summer finally arrives here…

  16. Julie

    A shandy is usually made with beer and ginger beer (not ginger ale). So good!

  17. Eleanor

    My mom used to drink these. She always called them a shandy!

  18. Rob Lewis

    Another great variation of this is to use ginger beer rather than the citrus type of soda. This version definitely has a bit more bite to it. Unless the ginger beer is very strong, such as with Jamaican style, you are safe going with a one to one ratio.

    I learned this from tennis playing buddies in hot and humid summer weather, so over ice is a must, and it’s a great beat the heat beverage.

  19. Chit

    Yes…shandy we have always called it…where I come from the Philippines…in the 70’s this was part of the ladies’ drink in the bars here.

  20. Catondan

    There are pre-made products available at your friendly neighborhood liquor store in the US. One is Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy . Another is ShockTop. Served cold but without ice. Both seem a mix of beer and lemon drink.

    • Don

      I can definitely agree that Leinenkugel makes a tasty Summer Shandy (it’s distributed pretty widely, midwest and east, mostly). Shock Top however isn’t a shandy, rather a witbier with some citrus flavor.

      • Brian

        The original Shock Top is kind of a Belgian Style Witbier, however it was inevitable due to the popularity of Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy (owned by SAB MillerCoors) that an Anheuser Busch InBev product with a similar profile would soon follow. Hence, we now have Shock Top Lemon Shandy. Sam Adams also makes a similar product called Porch Rocker. Whatever you call it, I say…Cheers.

  21. Hanna

    A very similar drink is popular in Germany and Austria, called “Radler” (meaning the bicycle rider, because it’s especially popular among that group). Usually, it’s a mixture of beer and “Almdudler” (a grapefruit flavored soda).

  22. Debbie

    I wonder how it would be with Fresca, which is always my soda of choice? I think I will try it tomorrow after work, just need to get some light beer. Stay cool, it has not been that hot here in Georgia this summer.

  23. Margareth Derrick

    We call this ‘shandy’ it can also be used as a drink for kids using 2tablespoons beer in 6-8 ounces of 7up 0r sprite or your favourite soft drink/soda. for a different taste.

  24. Hanna

    Oh, and I forgot: The “Radler” (by that name) is now sold in cans in the United States. It’s made by the Austrian beer company “Stiegl.”

  25. Ian

    Yep, thats a shandy where I was brought up in bonny Scotland. The pub had a family area at the back and my grandad would bring us a shandy and bag of crisps (chips to our American cousins). Interesting to find the Guiness come in from Mary Wallace, I was introduced to a version using Port. Drop a glass of port into the Guiness and allow to settle. As you drink the Guiness the Port slowly mingles in with a bit of a kick at the end.

  26. peter thomas

    in England this drink is known as SHANDY :)))

  27. Bob Castro

    Beer mixed with a nonalcoholic drink (typically lemonade). In Australia its called a Shandy

  28. Anne

    It is going to be very hot here in Quebec, Canada this coming week I will get me some miller beer and 7up and enjoy this “Panache” as you all are.
    Thank you

  29. Pilar

    Very popular in Chile too! even more with a orange soda.
    Agree great for this heat.

  30. Katreena

    I always thought a shandy was made with beer and hard cider…I guess everyone has their recipe/name for it! I like the idea of a beer and sprite though since I don’t like hard cider, I’ll definitely be trying this, if the east coast ever dries up that is!

    • austin

      I think youll find thats called a snakebite , shandy is a mixture of lager/beer and lemonade/7up

    • Mike

      I’ve always known beer+cider to be a snakebite. But places around here (Central Florida) that offer snakebites usually offer shandys as well.

  31. Rhonda

    Where I live in upstate NY, a shandy is made with beer and lemonade. It has been bottled by our local brewery (Saranac/Utica Club/Matt’s) for a couple of years, and served at Saranac Thursdays for a few years before that. Very refreshing! Will try this version tomorrow after work :).

    • Brooke

      Rhonda… upstate NY (Paradox Lake to be exact!!), I had this once…..VERY good…..glad I got the recipe!! Miss those vacations there! I’m from CA! We vacationed there for 2 weeks every summer, rented a cabin, boat and car. Both my boys learned how to water ski on Paradox lake!!

  32. Mariah B

    Having had the grapefruit soda/wheat beer in Germany, I make something similar with half grapefruit juice and half wheat beer. Delicious and refreshing with Vit C as an added bonus.

  33. Goldenwookie

    In England, we call this a “shandy”. I suppose we could pronounce it as shawn day. LOL

  34. mantha

    Sounds wonderful! Closest thing I ever had to this is lime squeezed into Mexican beer, and that’s a nice combination with citrus. Must try it — it’s looking to be a sticky summer in New York this year.
    Love the memories of it being used as the babysitter’s helper . . .

  35. Davidus

    In Hamburg Germany the mix is called Alsterwasser. (named after the lake in the middle of the city)

  36. Dipti Joshi

    We too call it ‘Shandy’ in Mumbai. :)

  37. MikeUk

    Yep good ol’ English Lemonade Shandy! Two thirds bitter and one of lemonade. Variations, Gingerbeer Shandy and Lager Shandy ( not beer topped up with lager but lager topped up with lemonade ) also Snakebite, lager 50/50 with cheap cider. Worth knowing but some pubs/bars refuse to sell this due to reaction it produces in some folks, students in particular.

    • Virginia Penick

      What is the adverse reaction? Aren’t these drinks less strong than just plain beer?

  38. Pat Machin

    Definitely a Shandy in the UK, though we also have Shandy made with ginger beer. M’mmm! All I want i the hot weather to justify it.

  39. Louise

    Then there is a “Katemba” from Mozambique – red wine and Coke…heheheheh

  40. Chantal

    Yes! I’m French and I love the “Panaché”! For me, it means Summer and sunny days. The “Panaché” is even better with draft beer, it’s the way French cafés serve it.

    • Gary

      Vous avez absolument raison Chantal. Un Panaché avec draft beer, bien frais a la terrasse d’un café quand il fait chaux, est très rafraîchissant.

  41. EM-MV

    I will try this with gluten-free beer, which does not always hit the spot. I’m thinking the San Pellegrino Pompelmo (grapefruit), which is delicious on its own, would be good mixed in with a GF beer.

  42. Lisa

    I’ve had these in France and have made them at home. They’re also known as Shanty’s. I too enjoy a good beer every now and then, but this drink is really refreshing and perfect on a hot day. In France, I believe they’re bottled and labeled “Panache.” All I know is that it’s a ridiculously simple-to-make drink that’s incredibly refreshing. I’ll make them half beer and half 7-up as I find that to be the perfect mix for me. I’m so happy that you posted this! I’ve told others about how good this drink is and they look at me strange!

  43. Judy

    We call this shandy in Canada too…is fairly popular, particularly in summer

  44. Natika33

    I’m with all the others that say they know this drink as a shandy (southern Ontario, Canada). The drink with beer and cider is referred to as a Snakebite here as well.

    However, I’ve been told a “real” shandy uses regular lemonade as opposed to sparkly lemonade (aka 7-Up or Sprite), but I’ve never been to a bar that actually served it that way.

    I’ve also seen people use a tablespoon or two of strong lemon or lime cordial (very sweet) mixed into a medium lager (not a light beer). That version is obviously much less watered down and seems to be more about killing the beer bitterness than trying to make a lighter more refreshing drink.

    • WestEndGirl

      In the UK, lager ‘n’ lime is a very common drink for people to have in Indian restaurants.

  45. Meredith

    As long as we’re mixing wine with soda, you should definitely try red wine and pepsi. The foam from the soda turns a lovely shade of purple. Yum!

  46. L.D.

    I’ve seen pub loungers sip on orange juice in a draft beer, never tried it though I thought was quite strange. Well bottoms up with brewskis n’ 7nUP!

  47. dixya| food, pleasure, and health

    i have never tried this but sounds very refreshing!

  48. Chris

    The first time I tried this was when I went to Switzerland, very “summery” and refreshing to drink. When we came back home we mixed beer with a carbonated lemon drink, it was pretty close.

    Thanks for reminding us.

  49. jenn

    in Spain it’s a “clara” and a popular summer drink as well. honestly, nothing tastes better on a summer day!

  50. Rich

    How’d you sneak beer into Disney World!? I thought only Epcot sold adult beverages!

    (Or maybe this was a post-park treat?)

  51. Carolyn O'Daly

    It’s a Shandy here in Mass.

  52. Ella

    This sounds tasty! Reminded me how much we liked an Amber beer with lemonade.
    Also, if you like red wine, you should try it with sparkling lemonade. Some friends told us about it when they came back from Spain… can’t remember what it is called though.
    It will be 90+ today here is Seattle! Stay cool if you can!

  53. Birgit

    As already mentioned this drink is called ‘Radler’ in Austria. It is the ‘sweet’ one. The ‘sour’ Radler is mixed with soda water.
    For those who don’t like it too sweet nor too sour, I recommend to mix beer with bitter lemon. That’s my favorite in summer!

  54. joanne stone

    …just made one with beer and apple IZZE…..didn’t have 7up or Sprit….it worked great…very refreshing…..

  55. Jennifer

    What is funny is that in France adults let young people drink Panaché like it was just pop, forgetting that there is actually alcohol in it! My son LOVED it and his grandmother was buying it for him so that after school he could drink a can of it every afternoon (unbeknowst to me!)

    • Chantal

      No, it’s a legend, any responsible adult, French or otherwise, would let a child drink alcohol. The “Panaché” in can is made exclusively with non-alcoholic beer contrary to the “Panaché” served in cafés. Your son’s grandmother could therefore let him drink as much can he wanted without any problem.

  56. Les Warby

    If you like this then try another English summer drink, Lager and Lime. Just add a slug of Rose’s Lime Juice to a glass of lighter style lager. The amount of Rose’s is to taste, start small and you can add more. A bit more alcohol but very refreshing!

  57. Kelban

    Okay, I learned a couple things here today… first, a new word for an old drink… and second, my dad always called these ‘Beer Coolers’ which I thought was cool – little did I know they were liked world-wide! lol

    Oh, and we used to use Hamms, Schmidt, or Olympia (aka “Oly”) with our lemon-lime sodas…woot! Too funny

  58. AL

    Works good with lemon soda water, and no additional calories

  59. Yummy Monkey

    I just wanted to say thank you for this site. I’m a subscriber and this is, without question my favorite recipe site. Simple recipes true, but inspiring and delicious. I save my emails…have a huge file of them. why? because I can’t part with them. You’re my favorite online cookbook.

  60. Kate

    The clara, popular in Spain as mentioned by other readers, can also come as half lemon granita (very slushy ice/frozen lemonade there) and half beer.
    The frozen element makes it even cooler, but that melts pretty fast on a terrace in Spain!

  61. Mary

    I was doubtfull at first, because why would you want to ruin a good beer with 7-Up? But then someone suggested that it might actually make a Budweiser palatable! Now I’m in to try it!

  62. Lyle

    Why ruin a good beer or a good 7up.. Just drink some good wine…

    • Elise

      My thoughts exactly, until I tried it. And now on a hot day I would rather have a panaché than either a beer or a 7-Up straight.

  63. Susanne

    My summer beach drink is a light beer, mixed with ginger ale, a squeeze of lime, and the optional mint leaf!

  64. pacman

    My summer beach drink is a light beer, mixed with ginger ale, a squeeze of lime, and the optional mint leaf!

  65. Nessa


  66. Bill

    See also beer margaritas. Better than you might think :-).

  67. Ana

    I usually have this on summer, when eating seafood. It’ s a good and refreshing combination!

  68. Diana

    In Spain is called “Clara” and is generally made by mixing light beer with lemon Fanta. It’s delicious and very refreshing. Premixed options can be bought in stores and are called “Shandy”…the irony I think.

  69. Emily

    looks great! and refreshing for a hot summer day , cold beverages are my favorite to make and have ..and they work as a light dessert to!

  70. yoko

    there’s a version made with sparkling apple cider or apple juice too – supposedly great with darker beers like stouts

  71. Brian Kirby

    When I lived in Spain we called it Clara , can be man con limonite, nranja,gaseosa, or best of all, Casera.
    Perfect after a game of golf , to cool down before the coffee brandy.
    Ahh salad days.

  72. Kaye

    My husband says this is now his favorite summer time drink. Thanks for the recipe.

  73. lee

    Hi all,
    (Black Velvet) 50/50 stout & champagne.
    (Bar Maids Blush) raspberry cordial & beer.
    (Arf n Anf) 50/50 beer & stout.
    (Red Eye) beer & tomato juice.
    (Beer & chasers) schnapps or whisky.

  74. salga

    hey there, I don’t consume alcohol…. so what can I substitute the acochol with.. lemon juice?

    • Elise

      The very nature of this drink is that it is beer with 7-Up. You can look for a “near beer” like O’Doules. But you still need beer for this drink.

      • Catherine

        You can use a dark beer for this if you like. As someone posted above, it is called a bitter shandy. And, as a few other people said, try a lime cordial (Roses) with a cold beer. Lager and lime, very refreshing. I often have a mixture of lime cordial, soda water and ice instead of a regular soda on a hot day. It used to be a common drink in English pubs if you didn’t want any alcohol.

  75. Rebecca

    As some have noted, also great with ginger ale or ginger beer. Or if you can get it, the Brazilian soft drink Guarana. Lovely on a hot day!

  76. Ismael L. Banks

    Hello, I have really enjoyed reading the post, and all the comments. Without getting long winded, recently I have found reason to quit drinking alcoholic beverages. I’ve drank beer, wine, & some liquors on and off for 25 years. I really missed beer when I quit alcohol, and have recently tried a couple of the na beers. The two available at my local grocery store, O’doulls & Sharps. The O’doulls was green can, not the amber. Of these two, I prefer Sharps. They were purchased at Mejier’s in the Chicagoland area. I’m also in need of watching my diet and am interested in calorie count and price. 10USD , 12-12oz cans, Sharps ~58 calories, O’doulls ~70 calories per can.

  77. The Cocktail Lady

    Hello Elise. This cocktail sounds very interesting! I think I may have to try this one. Thank You for the recipe. Cheers!!

  78. Serge Lescouarnec


    In my book a real French ‘Panaché’ is made with French lemonade and beer.



  79. Marcel Krom

    In holland we can buy Shandy (0,1%Alc) and Radler (2,5%Alc) in store. But the mixture was already known in bars by the name Sneeuwwitje (Snowwhite). This is indeed lager and 7-up. There is also a mixture of lager and grenadine (lemonade) wich is called Amerikaantje (American).

  80. carole

    I’m French..but been living in London,UK for about 20 years..
    so yes it’s called Panache in French & Shandy in England..
    but usually Panache is not beer mixed with seven up but beer mixed with
    lemonade pure and simple…well..unless they’ve changed the recipie since I left France 20 years ago! ;-)

    • Elise

      Hi Carole, yes, panaché is made with “limonade” in France, which is not the equivalent of “lemonade” in the U.S. or in many other countries. Here, “lemonade” is lemon juice, sugar, and water (see our lemonade recipe), known as “citron pressé” in France. “Limonade” on the other hand is almost always “limonade gazeuse” or a carbonated citrus flavored drink, the equivalent of which is sold as 7Up or Sprite in the U.S.

  81. carole

    Oh…I’ve just read the comment left by Mark Krom..
    in France beer+lemonade (Panache) mixed with grenadine cordial/syrup is called a “Monaco”.
    Used to drink that quite a bit as a Teenager :)
    but I think it’s gone out of fashion now..

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