Strawberry Milk

Sweet, pink, creamy, and delicious, strawberry milk is a huge hit with the kids, and so easy to make too.


  • 1-2 cups milk
  • A handful of strawberries, rinsed, stems removed
  • 1 to 3 Tbsp honey


Put milk, strawberries, and 1 Tbsp of honey into a blender. Blend until thoroughly smooth. Taste and add more honey if you wish your strawberry milk to be a little sweeter.

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  • sandra

    IS That Piper? My daughter is Piper and she LOVES strawberry milk too!!

  • Laura


  • Lisa Joan

    Your god-daughter Piper is a world-class cutie. She also has good taste — this strawberry milk recipe beats that convenience-store soft drink by miles!

    I’m thinking this would also be good with blueberries as well as blackberries (although it might resemble “Swamp Water” rather than “Pink Yink Drink” if you added those darker colors).

    It sounds delicious, at any rate, and I shall be making my own as soon as I go to the supermarket and buy some strawberries! (I live in Eastern LI, and late May and all of June is “local strawberry” season out here — for the rest of the year, we rely on strawberries from the Left Coast.)


    P.S., Elise, I love this site. I have saved many of your recipes to my “Simply Recipes” folder, and have made a few of them … all wonderful, and your Dad and Mom are terrific contributors — now we know why YOU’RE such a great cook! Excelsior!

  • jonathan

    A recipe so easy, even a Piper can do it. Your goddaughter redefines cute, and everything always tastes better when drunk from an animal head mug!

  • Amy

    Piper is just too cute! I love her mug. :D Strawberry milk was my favorite growing up, I’m going to have to try this. I have a ton of frozen strawberries.

  • Jessica

    Awwww! She looks so cute! I may have to try this recipe now… Strawberry milk is my favorite kind!

  • Laci

    I bet you could had some yogurt to that and make it into a nice tummy yummy smoothie!

  • Sandra P
  • Romaine

    This was so adorable to stumble onto today.As one (age 30+) who could use a bit more calcium in my diet, strawberry milk is on the menu for tomorrow!

  • Culinary Cowgirl

    Okay, I’m going to have to make this version of pink milk. My son watches Charlie and Lola all the time…and always talks about Lola’s pink milk. So I tried him on a good quality brand of strawberry milk from the store…which he turned his nose up at. And he LOVES strawberries. So this may be just the ticket…

  • Leonora

    In Mexico this would be a “licuado de fresa”. I love licuados! I would have one for breakfast before school each morning. On weekends, my best friend and I would go to the corner frutería and get a licuado to go, and then walk around the neighborhood. You can also add sweetened condensed milk (Lechera), and of course almost any fruit would work. In Mexico you can pretty much get a licuado of anything, even vegetables (Licuado de nopal is very popular among dieters) :)