The Easiest Way to Microwave Corn on the Cob

Cooking corn couldn't be easier! In the microwave, husk on, four minutes. Cut off bottom. Slip off husk. It works!
Photography Credit: Elise Bauer

A video came my way on Facebook the other day for a drop dead easy way of cooking corn on the cob. Like my favorite grilling method for cooking corn, you don’t shuck the corn first, but leave it in its husk. After a few minutes on high, you remove the corn from the microwave, cut off the bottom, and cleanly slip off the husk and silk. Perfectly cooked corn with no mess!

This I had to see for myself.

You know what? It works! It is probably not the most efficient way to cook corn if you are cooking more than a couple ears. In that case it’s faster and easier to steam or boil. But since I’m often cooking for one, and I have the patience of a hummingbird, I like the idea of quickly cooking one ear of corn in the microwave.

I also like cooking the corn in its husk. Cooked this way, the corn steams in its own juices and absorbs flavor from the husks, resulting in a wonderful, undiluted corn taste. If your corn if farm fresh, you don’t even need butter. (But don’t let me stop you!)

The YouTube video that inspired this experiment can be found here. (It’s charming.)

I made my own video (only 22 seconds long). Take a look!


The Easiest Way to Microwave Corn on the Cob

  • Cook time: 5 minutes

These instructions are for one ear of corn. If you want to microwave more than one ear at a time, increase the cooking time by 4 minutes for every ear of corn.


  • 1 ear of corn, husk on


1 Place the corn in the microwave, do not remove the husk. Microwave the corn on the high setting for 4 minutes.

2 Use a kitchen towel or pot holder to remove corn from the microwave (it's hot!) Cut off the bottom of the corn, stem end, about one row of corn in from the stem.

3 Slip off the husk and silk.

That's it!

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  • Candy

    4 minutes per ear is correct. I’ve cooked 6 ears/24 minutes and all were perfect!

  • Nina Capaccio

    Oops! forget questions about additional ears of corn! I read ENTIRE steps! DUH!!!! :-) 4 minutes per additional corn. Easy peezy…..

  • Nina Capaccio

    Overheard a woman at Sprouts Market in Las Vegas talking about this. A friend of hers found directions but didn’t say where. We were all shucking our corn when she said she was gonna try this new way. Googled microwave corn on cob and low and behold Simply Recipes comes up! Been loving this site for ages.
    Just made our corn and it came out perfect. Elise this is genius. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Any ideas on time for more than one ear of corn. Hubby and I did one at a time, shared and popped next one in micro. Talk about great fast food. FYI our micro is GE Profile Microwave/Convection. Did full power. Also….our corn/husks were wet/damp. Maybe that had something to do with some people saying there’s came out brown or mushy. Corn needs the damp/moistened husks around to help steam in microwave.

  • Jerry L Kerns

    You must have a low powered microwave. 4 minutes per ear turns them into mush.

  • Brad

    Four minutes per ear

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