Toasted Parmesan Rinds

Looking for a way to use up those Parmesan rinds collecting in your cheese drawer? Check this out. A friend of mine showed me this trick the other day that was so drop-dead easy, so obvious, so I-can’t-believe-I-didn’t-think-of-this, and so good, I’ve been eating my way through Parm rinds every day since. All you do is shave them to about a 1/2-inch, no less than 1/4-inch, thickness, spear them with a fork and toast them like marshmallows over a gas flame. Or if you have a broiler, pop them in the broiler. Then slice them into cubes or strips and eat. Sprinkle over salads or soups like a crouton, a pure Parmesan crouton.

Toasted Parmesan Rinds Recipe



Parmesan rinds, 1/2-inch thick is perfect, no thinner than 1/4-inch thick



Gas stove, stove-top method

Remove the grate from your gas stove. Using a fork, pierce a section of Parmesan rind from the softer, non-rind side first. Put the gas on to a medium flame. Holding the cheese rind side to the flame, gently toast it until nicely browned. Remove the fork from the cheese and spear the other side. Now toast the softer side. When nicely browned all over, remove to a cutting board and cut into cubes or strips. Add to soups, salads, or just eat like popcorn.

Broiler method

Line a broiler pan with aluminum foil. Place rinds rind-side down on aluminum foil. Broil the softer, non-rind side first for a few minutes until lightly browned. Then turn the rinds over and toast the rind side. (You toast the cheesy side first because that way when you flip over the rinds, they won't stick as much to the foil.)

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Parmeigiano-Reggiano - the Wikipedia on Parmesan

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  • Barbara | Vino Luci Style

    Seriously? I feel like I’m at a confessional…I’ve never used the rinds for anything but I do cry a bit when I’ve pitched them in the trash. This will make my life have less guilt now.

  • Kitten with a Whisk

    OMG that is fantastic!

  • Nisrine@Dinners & Dreams

    What a great way to use cheese rinds and not let them go to waste. I will try this for sure!

  • Matthew

    Good idea on the rinds. One thing I’ve done for years it so sprinkly parmesan cheese onto a greased cookie sheet in the oven. Wait until it all is bubbly, then remove and let cool. You’ll have wafer-thin, crispy cheese. Great for pretty much anything – if you can resist eating it straight from the pan!

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