Toasted Turkey Cranberry Arugula Sandwich


Toasted turkey sandwich with arugula and cranberry. Many more turkey sandwich ideas from readers in the comments.

Photography Credit: Elise Bauer

It’s turkey season and this week we experimented with several different ways to make a turkey cranberry sandwich – grilled, plain, toasted, with cream cheese, with gruyere, etc. – in our what-are-we-having-for-lunch test kitchen. The winner? Hands down favorite was simple sliced turkey breast with cranberry sauce and arugula, on toast with mayo and Dijon mustard.

What’s your favorite turkey sandwich? (Let us know in the comments)

Toasted Turkey Cranberry Arugula Sandwich Recipe




Toast 2 slices of bread. Spread mustard on one slice, mayo on the other. To the slice with mustard, add the turkey breast, then the cranberry sauce, then the arugula leaves. Top with the other slice of bread. Cut in half.

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  • Margot Fulmer

    I suggest you try Mama Stamberg’s cranberry relish (see NPR for the recipe — Susan Stamberg posts it every year) instead of the cranberry, mayo, and mustard in your sandwich. Mmmmmmm!!! Since I started making Stamberg’s relish, I only use it with turkey (either hot or cold).

    Thank you for your recipes!

  • Heath

    The best turkey cranberry sandwich I ever had was a full-on Thanksgiving leftover Dagwood. My best friend introduced me to it; she piled on a slice of stuffing, gravy, turkey, and cranberry sauce on toasted whole wheat bread, with extra gravy on the side for dipping. It’s amazing! (The gravy and the slight sweetness of the wheat bread are really good together.)

    It sounds gross (and it’s horrifically caloric!) but it sure is tasty.

  • Elizabeth

    Ahhh… my favorite Thanksgiving leftovers. My turkey sandwich is only slightly different. I have an ancient hot sandwich maker – the kind that looks like a bi like a waffle iron and makes little toasted ‘pocket’ sandwiches.

    In the sandwich maker, I place sprouted wheat bread slices and layer on:
    stone ground dijon or stout mustard
    turkey slices
    a big spoonful of cranberry-orange relish
    a slice of havarti cheese
    a few spinach leaves

    It’s rich and decadent and I can’t wait to have one!

  • alamobecky

    A good store sandwich bread (Sara Lee’s Homestyle Whole Wheat), turkey slices, jellied cranberry sauce, cream cheese and sprouts.

  • jonathan

    Ditto on Heath’s T’Giving Dagwood. Gross? I think not!

    But I’ll take mine on a sub roll, all ingredients warmed, and don’t be skimpy with the gravy ;-)

    A little “schmear” of Miracle Whip or mayo never hurts it either…

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Toasted Turkey Cranberry Arugula Sandwich