Turnip and Potato Patties

Dad found this recipe for turnip and potato patties in an old (1985) issue of Gourmet magazine and made them the other night. They were terrific, not too turnipy. Sort of a cross between a pancake and a fritter.

Turnip and Potato Patties Recipe

  • Yield: Makes six patties.


  • 1/2 pound turnips, peeled and cut into 1/4-inch cubes (about 1 1/3 cups)
  • 6 oz potato, peeled and cut into 1/2-inch cubes (about 1 cup)
  • 2 1/2 Tbsp thinly sliced scallion greens
  • 1 egg, beaten lightly
  • 1/4 cup all-purpose flour
  • Grapeseed oil, peanut oil, or canola oil (high smoke point vegetable oils)
  • Salt and pepper


1 In a large saucepan of boiling salted water, cook the turnip and potato cubes for 15 to 17 minutes, until they are tender, and drain them. In a bowl, mash them with a fork and stir in the scallions, the egg, flour, and salt and pepper to taste.

2 Coat the bottom of a large, heavy bottomed skillet with about 1/4-inch of the oil. Heat the pan on medium high heat until the surface of the oil begins to shimmer, but not smoke. Spoon 1/4-cup mounds of the turnip potato batter into the pan, flattening them into 1/2-inch thick patties with the back of a spatula. Fry the patties until they are golden, turning them once, about 4 minutes on each side. Transfer the patties to paper towels to drain off excess oil.

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Recipe adapted from Gourmet Magazine, January 1985.

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  • Lady Amalthea

    These sound really good. When we get sick of potato pancakes at Chanukah, we often experiment with different root vegetables instead. I’ll have to give these a try next year.

  • cvh

    I have a silly, silly question.
    When a recipe calls for sliced green onions/scallions, are you supposed to use the top where it’s just thin and green, or lower where it has the inner white part?

  • lucena

    These sound great. any suggestions for garnishes or dipping sauces?

  • Elise

    Hi Lady Amalthea – they are indeed yummy. I could see doing this with any of the root veggies – parsnips, rutabagas, etc.

    Hi cvh – When I cut the scallion greens, I start at the point in the scallion where the color changes from white to green. I then chop as long as the green ends are fresh and not dried out. Sometimes they get a little dicey towards their ends, so I don’t use that part.

    Hi Lucena – we ate these plain, but I think they would be great with some sour cream and a little chopped parsley.

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