Simply Recipes for Mobile

Do you have an iPhone? Or an Android phone? If so, you can browse Simply Recipes with your phone, in a way that’s specifically designed for the small screens on mobile phones.

When Apple came out with their iPhone years ago, I bit the bullet and bought one. I love this phone. If I could marry a phone, it would be the iPhone. Favorite feature? The built-in GPS that shows you exactly where you are on a map, and gives you directions to where you want to go. I’ve also loved having the Internet so available. If I’m in a grocery store and can’t remember the specific ingredients needed for a recipe, I can look it up on the phone.


Want to take a peek? Point your iPhone or Android phone’s internet browser to

Update March 25, 2014 Simply Recipes is also available in the Apple store as a free iPhone app!

The most recent recipe is featured at the top, with links to more recently posted recipes. You can use the search bar to look for any recipe on the site. Recipes are also arranged by type, the same categories that are on the regular website.

If you are using an iPhone, you can easily add a Simply Recipes icon to your iPhone home screen which will point to the iPhone web application. Just direct your iPhone Safari browser to and click on the “+” sign at the bottom of the screen. Select “Add to Home Screen”.



Before anyone starts giving me undue credit for this idea, my friend Heidi Swanson of the gorgeous food blog 101 Cookbooks came out with her iPhone recipes over a year before mine. Her clean, streamlined mobile pages are the inspiration behind the Simply Recipes mobile version. Many thanks also to web designer Jesse Gardner of Plasticmind Design who I think you will agree did a beautiful job.


  1. Fran Magbual

    Every food blog needs to do this! I always bookmark recipes, but I forget to print them out when I go grocery shopping. To have the recipe right there in my phone would be perfect! Now I just need to get an iPhone. Your app is top of the list of good reasons right now. :-)

  2. Kim Vallee

    Elise, congrats! The iPhone is so useful; I cannot imagine my life without it now. I already used the Pick & Choose to keep my grocery list with me all the time. Now, if I am missing inspiration for What’s for dinner, I will think to visit your site.

  3. Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

    I too would marry my iPhone — or have it surgically attached to my hand! And now with the new Simply Recipes site, I’ll be able to find some food product at the market, look up a recipe that uses it, and buy whatever else I need to finish the dish — in one trip to the market! Thanks, Elise.

  4. Lauren

    Wow Elise, you sure are an expert at all this technical stuff!! I wouldn’t know the first thing about making my blog mobile-friendly. I have an iPhone (they released them in Australia earlier this year! Hooray!) and I would marry mine too!! I didn’t even expect to use it as much as I do now that I’ve got it. I’ll be bookmarking your page straight away!

  5. Katie

    Now I won’t forget the ingredients I needed from the grocery store. I have been using it since you mentioned it on Twitter a few days ago and I love it!

  6. Robbie

    I have the LG Dare but I don’t use the web access all that much. However, I went on via my phone and was easily able to access your site. Perhaps with something like this I will find it more useful to go online using my phone. I did however post this note via my computer’s access. Thanks!

  7. Gary

    How cool is this!? Thanks, Elise!!

  8. Kandee

    I’m getting closer and closer to being sucked in by the iPhone. I’ve resisted this long, but I doubt I’ll be strong enough to last another year…

  9. Maggi

    I too would have my iPhone implanted, given half the chance. Oddly enough, I have never had any issues with your blog or Heidi’s blog on my iPhone, used in conjunction with my iGoogle RSS feeder. I guess I am just very comfortable zooming in and out of web pages etc on the iPhone. Usually mobile versions of web pages are a watered down version of the native site (which annoys me) and often times their mobile site is all I can access on the iPhone because their site auto-detects that I am using a mobile device. (grrrrr!)

    But I will give the mobile site a try in the morning. *yawn* I need to go gain an extra hour of sleep right now…

  10. Wilder (aka Mr. Elizabeth Abbott)

    Nice touch!
    Now, I will have to get an iphone

  11. SUSAN

    That is so neat! Thanks for showing us. Your recipes are fabulous.

  12. ursula

    What a great idea. I don’t have an iphone, instead I use a Samsung blackjak with MSFT windows. I plugged in the url, everything works great except that I don’t see your logo or company name. The colors are there, but it’s a blur. The recipes with the photos are very clear, and its easy to navigate. Hope this helps. Ursula

    Thanks Ursula! ~Elise

  13. Tom

    Very cool Elise, that will come in very handy. Gotta love the iPhone.

  14. Jon

    Thanks. You are already on my Google home page… and I was already planning on buying an iPhone this week. This app will be the icing on the cake.

  15. L. Cancel

    OMG! This just made my day. I love your site and I love my iPhone. And now they’re together!!

  16. Eric Ferraiuolo

    YES! Thank you. I’ve basically used your recipes exclusively for the last year and a half. It’s awesome for you to realize that people use their iPhone’s to get to your website and have done something great to help them out.

    I’ve been recommending your site to all of my friends and family, having this to tell them about makes it even cooler to recommend your site.

  17. Karina

    Wow- this is amazing, Elise! Congrats- it’s beautiful. Now all I need is an iPhone!

  18. Tabitha (From Single to Married)

    I love my iphone!! It is the greatest invention for doing just what you’ve described here. I will often look up things if I’m out and about – it makes life so much easier to have access to information like your recipes when you need them!

  19. Dunja

    YEAHHHH!! Thanks for introducing this great APP! I have to wholeheartedly agree on the expressed love for our I-phones. I have been a proud I-phone owner/user for over a year and I am in deeply, madly and totally in love with it. This phone is the most used tool for me and if there was one thing I have to choose to take on a deserted island, my I-phone would probably be it (as for “things” that is). I use it for everything, my alarm clock, my on-the-go internet, email, phone, my notebook, camera, music device, shopping etc. It is phenomenal. AND NOW EVEN BETTER, since I have Elise’s food blog on there, available on my fingertips anytime I want it. Thank you so much for that, it will be coming in so handy when I am at the store. Thanks!

  20. Kristi

    AWESOME! I commute by train three hours a day, so the web browser on my Treo 700 is a godsend. Thanks so much for giving us mobile access to your wonderful web site!! I just brought it up – other than the banner, which has a funny faded-out quality to it, all looks good and seems to be functioning well.

  21. isabella

    That’s awesome! Congratulations!

  22. Jennifer

    This is beautiful! Thanks for putting it together!

  23. lavonne

    What else have you got up your sleeve? I see a Food Network show in your future. But please be sure your parents are on the show too!

  24. Wendy

    I’ve been using my iTouch for looking up your recipes for a little while now in my kitchen. Not the phone version but has the same browser capabilities. I love it, it’s so convenient since it doesn’t take up a lot of room I can quickly consult your site while I cook away!

  25. Susie

    LisaB–You are too cool! How’s life sweetie? I need inspiration for cooking family meals again so perhaps this is it!

  26. devlyn

    Thank you so much for this! Though I must say that I could have used this just last night when referencing your Goulash recipe. ;) I use my 3G all the time in the kitchen, and it’s had more than its fair share of flour and sauce on the screen (which is why I have a really good case).

  27. Melissa

    Thanks, Elise! Love it, love it, love it! My iPhone keeps getting more and more useful! :)

  28. Madeline

    I had to laugh when you said you would marry your iPhone. Since getting his, my boyfriend is so in love with it, I’m starting to think the phone will get a marriage proposal before I do ;) While I don’t have an iPhone I love that you’ve done this. I admit that the iPhone is so amazing, that quite frankly, it scares the cr*p out of me but I will be adding your site to my boyfriends’ phone. Brilliant!

  29. Dana N

    I LOVE my iphone, and I’m constantly using it to plot our vineyard trips, store shopping lists and visit blogs – I love that you made it easier! Thanks!

  30. brain

    I use Simply Recipes on my iPhone all the time, best way to impress girls with a nice home cooked meal!!! Thanks!


  31. Liz


  32. Andrew

    Great stuff! Thanks for this.
    Now you just need to use the iPhone GPS feature to give me recipes according to my location ;)
    … ooh maybe use the iPhone camera as a barcode scanner for getting the right stuff at the supermarket – together with a neato recipe-linked shopping list to check each item as you go ..

    OK – getting carried away here (and that would require an App rather than a WebApp) but the iPhone gets you dreamin ..

    Keep on truckin!

  33. Scott

    I just added this bookmark to my iPhone. We already utilize recipes on this site at least once a week. Now I won’t have to bother with writing down ingredients for shopping purposes. Yesterday, my wife was at the grocery and decided to make a pecan pie. She had never made one before and used her iPhone to get a recipe for one from this site. (The pie was great, btw.)

    For those of you without an iPhone who think you will get one sooner or later, go ahead and get it now. You will not regret it. Why put it off any longer since you’re going to get one anyway?

  34. PaniniKathy

    Thanks so much for “going mobile”! I love my iPhone and finding great new uses for it. Glad to be able to punch up Simply Recipes right from the grocery store :-)

  35. Amanda

    I love that there are more comments about the iPhone than some recipes :) But I love both the iPhone AND your recipes so this is definitely one huge hit, as always!

  36. Gail

    I don’t have an iPhone, but I do have an IPOD Touch. I added you to my home screen and it works GREAT!! Thank you so much!

  37. Evelyn

    I use a Blackberry – and your mobile site works great. Love to be able to pull up a recipe at the market and get what I need. Thanks!

  38. Mrs. L

    I just got my iPhone two weeks ago and I’m loving it! I was so excited when I saw this post my husband thought I had won the lottery!

  39. Renni

    LOVE THIS!!!!! Now I don’t have to wait to get home and get on the computer to view your recipes!

  40. Matthew

    Works fantastic on my Nokia N95 connected straight to my router! Fantastic idea, thanks!

  41. Bria

    It’s coming through perfectly on my Blackberry (though you are adding to the ever-growing pile of testimonials that are swaying me towards an iPhone – if only I wasn’t absolutely bound to having a Blackberry for work!). Very nice mobile design indeed. Great job on streamlining without stripping too much. Bravo!

  42. jack cep telefonu tamir kursu teacher

    It’s coming through perfectly on my Blackberry (though you are adding to the ever-growing pile of testimonials that are swaying me towards an iPhone – if only I wasn’t absolutely bound to having a Blackberry for work!). Very nice mobile design indeed. Great job on streamlining without stripping too much. Bravo!

    JUST AS!

  43. Steve-Anna

    Hi Elise,

    I’m asking for a friend, but does this app work on and iPad?


  44. Eric

    Love all of your recipes :) Been a follower for some time! This site works great on my Motorola Droid X (through Verizon Wireless). I just went to the website above, added it as a bookmark on my “desktop” and it’s just like the IPhone App.

    Thanks :)

  45. Christine

    I love you for this !!! :) Thank you for making your recipes more accessible to us. Now I can browse ingredients while out on impromptu shopping trips. :)

  46. Kris

    This is gorgeous on my new Evo (droid-based phone). It’s fast and the navigation is elegantly designed, and great for finding something in a few quick taps while in the grocery store. It’s real time on my 4G connection.

    I love my phone and someone will have to pry it out of my cold dead hands. LOL. Looked at an iPhone, but it wasn’t as customizable, powerful, or fast as I’d like.

  47. laineyme

    This is fantastic! Thanks for a beautiful and simple mobile page :)

  48. Elisabeth

    Thank you! This is awesome ! Greetings from The Netherlands..

  49. Christina

    Fabulous! I’ve always referred to SimplyRecipes for cooking ideas and recipes and now I have it at my finger tips! Thanks Elise!!

  50. Todd SHAFFER

    Help! I can’t find your app in the app store. A search for “Simply Recipes” brings up 3 apps, none of which are yours.

    It’s a web app, not an app app, which means you can’t find it in the store. You just need to open the Safari browser from your iPhone and point it to . Then follow the directions above to add it to your iPhone desktop. ~Elise

  51. Arturo

    this also works on android phones.
    1. Bookmark
    2. On the homescreen add a shortcut
    3. Choose boomarks
    4. Choose Simply Recipes and youre done.

    thanks for all the great recipes

  52. ibrahim Mohamed Abdelhady

    I have mobile Blackberry, how can i get the Simply Recipes on my cell Phone?

    If your cel phone has an Internet browser, just point the browser to As for saving the destination, I don’t know how to do that on anything but an iPhone. ~Elise

  53. Diana

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!

  54. j

    The website looks good on my Android phone, but I’d like and Android app.


  55. Ray

    Great site – I vote for a Android app!

  56. Karen

    Ahah! Traded in my Blackberry for an iPhone, and kind of regretting it, but figured I’d should give it a fair chance. This is one of the best uses I’ve found for it so far, and I didn’t have to buy it! Thanks Elise.

  57. Lauren

    AWESOME! I just added this to my phone. You are my go to food blog and I was just wishing yesterday that I could have pulled your recipe up like this while I was cooking the Berry Almond Crumble! Delish – I get tons of compliments on it!

  58. Kath

    I just got an iphone a couple of weeks ago and I LOVE it! I just added Simply Recipes to my phone. Very nice! It works very well on the small screen. Thanks!

  59. wenders

    I am so out of date! I just got my “new” refurbed iPhone3gs about a month ago and avoided all things smartphone/iPhone-ish before this change in my life, and just noticed your iPhone link today. Linked it up to my phone, quite awesome indeed. Thank you!

  60. mimo

    I got your app on my first gen. itouch and it works perfectly. :> I love your guides on the sandwiches! I can’t wait for Thanksgiving so I can try new eats with the turkey left overs.. XD

  61. Lin

    I recently acquired both the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4 and have Simply Recipes on both. The iPhone icon works perfectly for those times the grocery list is not with me and making a stop back home is a pain. Now I can find the recipe’s ingredients in a snap. I also love it when I am preparing the meal and I don’t want to print the recipe from the website. I just prop up my iPad and I’m all set. I’ve used numerous recipes from your site and am never disappointed. Thank you…

  62. Kristen

    Works great on the iPod, too! Thanks for this!

  63. bart

    Rumor has it that there are more Android users. I wonder if is not well advised to provide port the app to both of these equally popular phone systems.

    This works on Android phones as well. ~Elise

  64. V

    This is great! Just wish there was an icon on my homepage. Also..Wish there was a way to save favorite recipes in the app (btw I have a Samsung Galaxy sII) Thanks! Now back to figuring out what’s for dinner tonite. lol…

  65. Kristin

    I absolutely love this site! I made amazing shrimp scampi all by just following the directions from my iPhone :) However, I would be really impressed if you could add iPad support. I think that the app would look gorgeous on the iPad screen.

  66. Abby Lanes

    Thanks for the info, and I have the iPhone. Probably wouldn’t marry it though. I’ll do that when they get the voice dial added, and more signal towers in my neighborhood. We have a lot of hills! Bad AT&T service here. Your website is where I get all of my recipes! I love it, and my children enjoy learning from you. :-)

  67. Lisa

    Oh, my goodness. What will you think of next?! That’s fabulous! I barely even have a cell phone (think TracFone), but your app for the iPhone is making me desperately wish I had that puppy. Maybe one day. . . . Congratulations!

  68. joe caputo

    hi all of a sudden cant send emails of your great recipes to my wife. doing it for years. help me please. thx joe

    • Elise

      Hi Joe, the email feature should be working again now. Would you please check and let us know if it is working for you? Thanks in advance!

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