The Best Gourmet Issue Ever

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  1. lydia

    Elise, I have to agree — this issue of Gourmet really overflows with good recipes and interesting stories. My own copy now has many dog-eared pages!

  2. kathy

    I love Gourmet! Many (many!) years ago 3 friends and I would make the “cover” every month for a fabulous dinner party. The recipes were so complicated they took about a week to actually do all the steps! Now, they are much less complicated, but still so cutting edge. Nothing compares!

  3. Tiffany Hamburger

    I too am the daughter of a South Texas Hispanic mother and an Illinois-born German-American father. No one has any idea that I’m Hispanic at all, and people often ask me if I’m Italian! I imagine you may have had similar experiences? Anyway, I feel fortunate to have the dual perspective, and especially the treasure trove of both great Tex-Mex and Midwestern family recipes. Anyway, felt compelled to say hi, and thanks for all your hard work. I love this site, and cook from your recipes all the time! :-)

  4. rebecca

    I was looking for the magazine yesterday, actually, but the store where I was didn’t have it.
    Now I am definitely going to track it down! Thank you for this post.

  5. Jess

    I love eating and cooking mexican food. I don’t have a subscription to Gourmet but I bought a copy of the Sept 07 magazine when I was on a two week trip to Colorado. My fiancee was very anxious for me to make the chile rellenos and tamale recipes in the magazine.

  6. carolyn

    Your mom is from Tucson? I’m from Tucson as well, also the daughter of a Latina mother and Anglo father. Now with a daughter of my own, I find myself wanting to cook all of the good things my mom and grandmother made. I currently live in the DC area and have a hard time finding the ingredients I need out here. During a recent trip back home I was able to do some grocery shopping and stocked up!

    I’ll have to pick up this issue of Gourmet. Those pictures look amazing.

  7. Elise

    Hi Lydia – Yours too, eh? I’ve just come back from a trip and need to go get some extra copies for friends. The writing is also fabulous. We haven’t been that impressed with Gourmet in recent years, so it’s nice to see such a spectacular issue.

    Hi Tiffany – We are truly the daughters of the melting pot, aren’t we? Being a fair red-head (recessive gene), the only one in my immediate family actually, most people have no idea. But I’m very proud of my heritage and feel thankful for the exposure to such wonderful food.

    Hi Carolyn – When my grandmother passed away 2 years ago we buried her in Tucson next to grandpa. Mom and the rest of our family took the trip, it was my first time to Tucson. What a place! A moonscape of saguaro, javelina, rattlesnakes, and the most gorgeous sunsets in the world. I feel your pain though when it comes to finding the ingredients on the East Coast. You almost have to make your own tortillas and grow your own chilis.

    Hi Kelly – The recipes I post here I’ve made over the last several years. Some of the recipes have similar counterparts in the Gourmet issue.

  8. Ginger

    When this mag was delivered to my mailbox I was so excited. My boyfriend opened it and started reading to me (as I was cooking dinner) some of the recipes and I had to make him stop – it was overload – heaven. This is definitely the best Gourmet issue yet! Bon Appetit did a similar one May of 2003 with great recipes too, if you can find it. All of Gourmet’s and Bon Appetit’s recipes are online at

  9. Kim

    Elise, I’ve searched hi and low for your Green Chili recipe. I just got done roasted two busels of chilies and freezing them. I would like to try your Green Chili recipe soon. So would you please include it somewhere in your lovely posts in the future?

  10. nika

    I am Colombian-American (mom is Scots-Irish-Cherokee from Illinois farmers way back and my dad was Colombian).

    Being multicultural is awesome but can also be sorta confusing when your young (especially being Latina growing up in the Midwest)

    I will go check out this edition for certain!

    I blog a lot on fantastic Colombian foods at Nika’s Culinaria. I have a special category for it (Colombian Food at Nika’s Culinaria).

    I can not stress how many google hits I get for my Colombian recipes and I have had so many heartfelt thank yous for putting up the photographic how-tos that I do.

    There are so many people who are really hungering for Colombian (and latino in general) foods and many have no idea how to start to make the core recipes. They want to know but it seems they are having a hard time finding it!

    Its great to see it in Gourmet. (did you allude to sancocho? If yes then that would be simply amazing!)


  11. paula

    After reading your post this morning, I ran to get this, but the store I stopped in before heading to work didn’t have it. Can’t wait to pick up a copy. Their website has good teasers of the issue, including a photo gallery of unpublished photos.

  12. Wendy

    There’s a big bookshop in Inverness which stocks American food magazines at rather extortionate prices. Hoping and praying that they have this one as I’m willing to pay £10 for it!

  13. Veronica

    My mouth is watering! I cannot wait to get my hands on this issue. Thank you Elise for the head’s up on this. I enjoy your site tremendously and am so glad I found it.

  14. KitchenNut

    My hubby hails from Honduras, so I’m always on the hunt for more authentic Latin cooking. There are no recipes written down from his family, either. Always a little of this, a dash of that…basically, whatever is in the house. :) Thanks for the heads-up about the issue! I promptly ran out and purchased.

  15. Diane

    Hi Elise. I also live in Tucson and live and breathe Mexican food, culture, etc. I’m not Mexican but I married 2! I learned a lot from mother-in-laws and my own observations. I would love to see some REAL authentic Mexican food and plan to check out this magazine. Thanks.

  16. Nicole

    Thanks for highlighting the magazine, I’m gonna go head out and see if I can pick up at the military base. I’ve been trying to stay away from buying too many food magazines, cookbooks, etc because I already have so many that I haven’t had a chance to read yet! But this sounds like something I don’t want to miss!

  17. staria

    I loved that issue of gourmet, as a Puerto Rican I was ultra happy to see our food in this magazine and amazed to learn that many of the things that we consider traditional of our island are also shared throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. I think this is one of the best Gourmet issues I’ve read so far.

  18. Mayra

    Thank you so much for recommending this issue. I will certaintly have to go out and buy it. I am Mexican with both my parents coming to the US in the 70′s. I love the cooking, not just because of the ingredients (so much flavor) but because it brings the whole family together. I was born in Tucson and have lived in Arizona since then. I married a Caucasian and am so thankful to know that he loves all Mexican food. I also like to try new recipes from other Latin countries and this magazine will enable me to do so! Thanks again.

  19. paula

    Third’s the charm. At the third bookstore I stopped in I found the issue. I almost read it cover to cover last night but I had to get to bed! You don’t know how excited I was to see recipes for Colombian arepas, Colombian ajiaco and Colombian aji in there. It’s not typical that you see Colombian recipes in mainstream American magazines. I’m sure many others from different countries in Latin American feel the same. Thanks for the tip!

  20. Lacey

    I’m a Gourmet subscriber and also loved this issue. I find it so weird that my issue had no reference of being a special collector’s issue and the cover just had the pic of the tamales on it with no text! odd huh – I’m in Texas – wonder if Gourmet just thinks that Latin food is just not special for us down here? I can’t wait to try the chile rellenos and the pork posole – yum!

  21. Espahan

    Oh my, oh my. I must run out and buy this issue. I am Hispanic from New Mexico, but have lived most of my life in the Northwest. Despite this, first my parents, and then the next generations have never lost our New Mexico traditions or our traditional recipes. We recieve steady supplies of red and green chilis, blue corn meal, pasole, from New Mexico via relatives and when we visit. No member of our Northwest family are allowed to visit New Mexico and come home empty handed, without care packages of our traditional ingrediants. A big no, no, in our family. This has been going on for over fifty years.

  22. Andrea

    Oh, thank you for the heads up on this one! I will run out and look for the issue tomorrow!

    Maybe this is a trend. I just bought a Food and Wine issue because it focussed on Italy, and I love Italian food. The Gourmet issue sounds like it will help me a lot with Latino food.


  23. mac

    The September Gourmet is a really good issue and the Pupusa stall at the Farmers Market is not to be missed. La Bonne Femme, is from Des Moines, and we grab a couple everytime we are there. My favorite pupusa they make is with Loroco, an edible flower, that I think tastes slightly like asparagus. I put some pictures of the Pupusa stall up on my flickr page.


  24. Dale

    I just love this site! To expand on the Gourmet Mag. I must say something about the Gourmet Cookbook. The big yellow one by Ruth Reichl. It’s the best. My main cookbook now. Thanks for all your wonderful recipes. And I will pick up the September Gourmet. Dale

  25. black

    I subscribed to gourmet a few months ago, and this is my second issue. Still haven’t gotten around into cracking it open, I did however notice, my copy doesnt have any text on the cover except for the Gourmet header and the same picture as the one you posted above. I swear, that’s weird. Why is yours a collectors issue, and why is mine not?

    Strange, but I hope it’s atleast the same on the inside ;)

  26. Magpie Ima

    Thanks so much for the magazine tip! I’m not a regular Gourmet reader and word must have gotten out because I hit three stores looking for this issue. I snagged the last copy at store #3 and have enjoyed reading all evening.

  27. km

    I am so excited to go out and buy this issue! I grew up in Tucson and I miss Sonoran Mexican food soooo much. I’m looking forward to some good reads and good recipes!

  28. teresa

    i was born in Virginia, but my parents are from El Salvador. i just LOVE Salvadorean food. If you can, please go out and taste Pupusas from REAL Salvadorean restaurants. If you can, post a recipe. I already make great pupusas, but for your other fans who might be curious about pupusas. I also make great Curtido, the cabbage salsa that accompanies the pupusas. I can give you a recipe if you dont have one yet!