The French Paradox


Josh Friedland of The Food Section interviews four French food bloggers in The Morning News regarding the premises of the hugely popular book, French Women Don’t Get Fat. The interviewees are Requia Badr of Chez Requia, the lovely Clotilde Dusoulier of Chocolate and Zucchini, Estelle Tracy of Le Hamburger et le Croissant, and Pascale Weeks of C’est moi qui l’ai fait!. It’s interesting to read their perspectives on the differences between eating habits of French and Americans. I love the focus on the importance of the meal, with home prepared food from fresh ingredients, real plates and napkins, and family sitting down together away from the distractions of newspapers and TV.

One Comment

  1. James

    I read somewhere that it’s quite exaggerated that French women never get fat. In fact, the statistics show that the rate of obesity and overweight women in France is on the rise. I’m sure we should take both sides of the issue with a grain of salt.

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