Trader Joe’s Rack of Lamb

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  1. Beverly

    I have bought the rack of lamb from Trader Joes several times, it is outstanding, it is just as good if not better than what we have had when dining out at a fine dining restaurant.

  2. Gabrielle Mahon

    I love to shop in Trader Joe’s when I’m on the west coast and my sister swears by their rack of lamb (who is very fussy about where she buys her meat). My question; is the rack of lamb available in any of their New York stores?

  3. elise

    Gabrielle – I’m on the West Coast, so I can’t speak for the NY Trader Joe’s. I would be surprised if they didn’t carry it.

  4. Glenda Fraser

    I love to shop at Trader Joe’s. Everytime I go to the store I always get something new. A few months ago I bought their rack of lamb and now I get it on a regular basis. It’s a gourmet meal.

  5. Imani

    Happy New Year,

    What’s the BIG deal about Trader Joe’s Fench seasoned rack of lamb??!! ONLY that it’s the most tasty, delicious, wonderful thing going! Thank you for making two of my most important dinner parties of the 2005 such a HIT! I served the meat with garlic, herbed quartered red potatoes drizzled in lovey virgin olive oil, and spinach braised in lamb stock. Miniture key lime pie pastry and a nice white Zinfindel completed the meal! Everyone raved about the meal, especially the lamb. I referred them to your site and Trader Joe’s! I’ll be stocking my freezer seasoned French style rack of lamb thanks to you Simply Recipes. I’ll try the unseasoned rack of lamb and my own seasonings soon!

    Thanks again,

  6. Gavin Grayson

    I’ve been a Trader Joe’s Customer as long as I can recall. Recently my mom came to town and prepared the rack of lamb. It was so danged good I submitted my resume. I can work for a company that takes such good care of it’s customers (lol)!

  7. mj

    Wow. I love this site. Thank you for the wonderful suggestion. I’ll go to Trader Joe’s this week and check out the rack of lamb!! Excited. Thanks for all who wrote a comment too!

  8. Martha

    Sob! I LOVE Trader Joe’s and miss it greatly! I moved from CA to NC and we have no Trader Joe’s and no Whole Foods…it’s like living in the dark ages! Shop fiercely for me!

  9. Dorothy /dais

    I have been trying for several hours to find out how to order from Trader Joe’s. Please let me know how a person from Eagle River, Wisoncin can join in the fun that so many people are talking about. Thank you.

  10. Jesse Camacho

    Trader Joes, please come out to the East of Long Island, NY. We are at the mercy of poor food markets. The business is here, the buildings are here and I am here. Sincerely, Jesse J. Camacho in Southampton.

  11. Vicki

    I just moved from Long Island NY to NC. The nearest TJ’s is in Virginia!!! This is NOT going to be an easy transition! I am an avid fan and shopper at TJ’s… woe is me…

  12. Lindsay

    While we’re all at it, I want to take this opportunity to finally complain to someone HOW MUCH I MISS TRADER JOES!!! (Thank you everyone for letting me know I am not alone in this misery!) I just moved to Colorado 8 months ago and, aside from missing all of the amazingly interesting, high quality and well priced goods they offer, I never got to try the lamb! When Trader Joes finally decides to open stores across the country, it’ll be a frenzy! :)

  13. Clare

    It’s good and it does rival some restaurants, but the finest restaurants? No way. Deux Cheminees, Valanni, Amada here in Philly… now those are restaurants!

  14. Jazie-dazie

    Deep sigh, how I long for the no fuss, succulent Rack of lamb,fruity Kalamata olive oil, heavenly Pecan Praline Granola…..I am a transplant with cause and my wishing, hoping, praying and petitioning has FINALLY paid off. No more begging family and friends to do a Trader Joe’s run for me and ship it overnight express. LOOK OUT ATLANTA….TRADER JOE’S IS A COMMIN TO TOWN!!! WEHEWWWWW!!!!! Now if I can only get them to bring back their Maple Rosemary Marinade/glaze.

  15. Terri

    I love that Rosemary Maple Marinade they had. When I knew they wouldn’t be carrying it anymore, I stocked up. But unfortunately my stock is almost depleted. Maybe if enough people as them to bring it back, they would? (hoping)

  16. jangilbert

    I called trader Joe’s in Virginia, and I was told none of their branches ship the frozen rack of lamb anymore. Guess I’ll go to Kroger and get a fresh one and try to duplicate the marinade and freeze it. Sam’s sells a frozen rack for $9.99/lb, but they’re small.

  17. edith

    Oh, Trader Joe’s!!!!!!!I moved to Texas (Yes Texas!!!) 15 months ago. Misery, no TJ here. I used to live in LA, where TJ was my happy store, even with my 2 toddlers loved going there. Our meals were divertified, yummy…
    Since we moved, we have not found a store like TJ. Our 1st stop, when we go back to LA is TJ, and we make sure to have 1 extra suitcase for our shopping!! :-)
    We miss it so much, we cannot wait to have one here.

  18. Dev

    Elise, I love your blog! I am a beginner cook and love the feeling of successfully cooking a meal I once thought was beyond my skill set. Your recipes are easy to follow and the photos are quite inspiring. I realize many of the comments for this post are quite old but Trader Joe’s recently moved into Manhattan right by Union Square. It is a godsend to us Manhattanites, who create incredibly long lines there practically every day. I will try the rack of Lamb next time I take a trip there.

  19. Linda

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Just ordered 3 bottles of the Maple-Rosemary Marinade. It is our very favorite!!

  20. Sean

    I found 25 minutes was not enough time. More like 35. Smells great, though.

  21. Sudu Roy

    I just needed to add that you need to salt this generously before cooking. Also add in some potatoes and cut veggies it cooks beautifully in the fat and marinade of the lamb by the time the lamb is done. Also I had to bake it open at 400 C for another 10-15 mins to get the nice browned color (I am not a rare meat eater so this made it well done).Thanks for posting this- I made the whole trip to Trader’s Joe and back (45 min bus ride) just because of your rave review and it was well worth it!

  22. Robin

    I totally agree! TJ’s “racko” is a thing of wonder. It’s the best I’ve had – bar none. It’s always tender and delicious, whether broiled or grilled.
    I often tell people shopping at TJ’s if they are near the lamb section. Part of me doesn’t want to – so there will be more for me! But the more who buy it will ensure that they will always carry it.
    Simply, YUM!

  23. Lisa

    I loved it too. It took around 50 minutes to roast, and I smeared some pesto on it during the last 15 minutes.
    It makes fantastic sandwiches too, on a baguette with greens.

  24. Gina

    I realize this page was originally posted in 2004, but I was at TJ’s today and the rack of lamb was $17.99/lb now. I admit I’ve never priced a regular rack of lamb from the butcher, but that seems pretty pricey, especially since TJ’s price are usually pretty low compared to others.

  25. Elise

    Hi Dorothy,
    As far as I know, there is no way to order from Trader Joe’s remotely. Their website may show the states where they operate stores.

  26. Thomas

    Also, they apparently don’t sell it anymore…