Twitter: Where the Party Is

Pssst… hey, did you hear about the party going on over at Twitter? It’s huge. Hundreds of the most fun, interesting, informative, and playful food bloggers are hanging out on this social networking website, yakking away about almost everything, food and non-food related. Ever want a peek into the lives behind the pretty pictures and recipes of your favorite food bloggers? This is the place to be. (Simply Recipes is there too.)

So what’s Twitter? It’s a little hard to describe without just diving in and signing up (which is free by the way.) It’s a service that lets you post 140 character updates about yourself and broadcast them to anyone who might be following you on the service. It also lets you follow the public updates of anyone you want. The end result is that, if you follow enough people, stepping into Twitter is like stepping into a party, with just the people you want to be there. (See this New York Times article; Twitter coverage starts page 2.)

If you want to see how this works in action, sign up for a Twitter account at Once signed in, go to and click on “Follow” under my photograph, to start following my updates. You can always click on that button again to un-follow. Now you’ll want to follow a few more people (otherwise, where’s the party?). Notice on the right hand side bar of the Simply Recipes Twitter page there is a group of tiny images. Each one of those images represents a person whose updates I’m following. Click on any of them to see if you want to follow them too.


Here are a few fellow food bloggers whose updates you might find fun or interesting.

David Lebovitz
SteamyKitchen (Jaden)
Cooking with Amy
Hedonia (Sean)
Matt Armendariz
Karina’s Kitchen
Eggbeater (Shuna)
Kitchen Parade (Alanna)
Kalyn’s Kitchen
Garrett McCord
Perfect Pantry (Lydia)

There are actually hundreds of food bloggers (and millions of people) to follow on Twitter. My brain can only handle a few dozen; I tend to follow mostly people who I know personally, otherwise it can easily get overwhelming.

A somewhat cool thing you can do on Twitter is search for words that people are talking about. The search tool can be found at Search for “earthquake”, your favorite political candidate, or your favorite sports team or celebrity, and see at a glance what people are saying about them.

If you are interested in using Twitter to be notified of the most recent recipes posted on Simply Recipes, follow That’s where I post just the updates to this site, nothing else.

Twitter is not everyone’s cup of tea, so if you check it out and find it utterly uncompelling, it’s just as easy to leave as to join. But since I’ve been having fun hanging out with some of my favorite food bloggers there, and in the process getting to know many of them better, I thought you just might find it interesting too.


  1. RecipeGirl

    I have avoided Twitter until now because I don’t think I can possibly have time to add yet another fun Internet activity into my life!! Yet your post is drawing me in. I’ve bookmarked it for a rainy day :)

  2. Kalyn

    Nice post about Twitter. I was a Twitter-avoider for quite a while, but now I really like it. I think it’s fascinating to get a peek into the lives of the people whose blogs you enjoy reading. (However people following me may decide I don’t have much of a life some days; I can be pretty sporadic about updating, especially if it’s a school day!)

    I love the way some bloggers use Twitter to point out interesting non-food blog posts that I would have missed otherwise. (I always have good intentions of doing more of that kind of thing!) And another thing I absolutely love about it is that no one can send you anything that you’re forced to respond to (like people do on Facebook) so you can drop in and out of the Twitter stream at any time and adjust it to your personal schedule.

  3. Karen

    I have seen “Twitter” on a couple of the blogs I follow. Guess I better check it out and see what all the fuss is about. Thanks, Elise.

  4. Alanna @ Kitchen Parade

    I was ‘late’ to the Twitter party but find myself loving knowing just a ‘little bit more’ about the this-minute lives of my food blogging friends and blog readers. I do recommend using an application like Twitterific which automatically checks for updates of those I follow every xx minutes or x hours — though when I need to remain undistracted, even for a minute or so every 15 minutes, I turn it off, like turning off the phone.

  5. Richard

    I heard that twitter broke the news of the US earthquake (it happened a while ago!) before the BBC – now thats good! The new open News channel?

    Doesn’t surprise me. I heard the moment it happened as several friends reported the earthquake on Twitter. ~Elise

  6. Billie

    I wondered what twitter was all about, I’ll have to go check it out as well. I’m not really a food blogger, but now and again I like to read and write about food! Thanks for the info and links.

  7. Lulu Barbarian

    Thanks for the food blogger links. I was following most, but not all. I initially searched for people who listed food and cooking as interests, but for some reason that didn’t turn up most of the food bloggers. I’ve gradually found more by checking out who my favorites are following, but it’s a bit of a slow process, so the leads are appreciated.

  8. charis

    there is another fun site out there similar to twitter, but it is based on sending pics from your cell phone and friends can comment on what you have been up to during the day. it is check it out! it is tons of fun as well.

  9. Kasey


    I started using Twitter largely due to the fact that I work in tech PR and thus find it a great way to keep up with what folks are talking about, but have really found it a great way to extend it into my personal and blogging life. It helps me know about cool events, articles, stores, recipes and so much more. It’s a bit strange at first, but I think can grow to be quite addictive! Thanks for giving your foodie followers a little tutorial on it.


  10. barbara

    I agree with Kalyn about finding out about other interesting things through other peoples tweets. I have a lock on mine as I don’t like to be followed by marketing companies. I’m happy to accept genuine food and wine bloggers as followers though.

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