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  1. Peter

    Elise, I was surprised and delighted to see my most recent feed included in your “latest updates from your favourite” blogs.

    I too will be on vacation soon, you’re in a wonderful part of the US and I urge you to do nothing but relax!

  2. Trisha

    I just adore the South Shore of Massachusetts. I have just moved to Nebraska from Boston and I am missing the ocean dearly.
    New Englanders in the summer are really into ice cream stands, so do travel around the surrounding area on an informal “ice cream tour” In Plymouth there is a restruant called Sam Diegos, and they have the best best fried ice cream around.

  3. jonathan

    Elise – Allow me to first express my sadness at the loss of your friend. Never easy.

    Second, you’ll be interested to know that on my iGoogle homepage this morning, the WikiHow bloc, right next to the Simply Recipes bloc, gives the daily how-to of “How To Tan Safely”.

    Oh, the irony…

    Enjoy your time off, Noxzema also takes away the sting, and be warned – you may have to drive a couple hundred miles north to Maine to find a decent lobster roll.:-)

  4. Cecil

    Elise – welcome to Massachusetts. I hope your vacation goes well. The weather here has been a little unsettled, but hopefully it will remain nice while you’re here. Enjoy the Atlantic Ocean.

  5. Kalyn

    I truly hope you’re having a wonderful vacation, and especially having fun with those adorable kids! Relax, relax, relax! You deserve some time off.

    And now I know why I saw the Simply Recipes page on my list of referrers today!

  6. Mark Boxshus


    Welcome to my “backyard”. Hope your stay is warm, memorable and incredibly delicious. Lori (Recipe Girl) just returned home after a month here, and she had a great time. (When I say “here”, I mean Massachusetts….LOL) Have a great time, and make some lobster bisque if you get a chance. Our lobsters make the absolute best you’ll ever have.


  7. Denise

    Such sad news… My condolences to you. I wish I had known of Sher’s blog before this. It is FANTASTIC! I could tell she was definitely my kind of person.

    My BF is from MA and took me there and I thought it was pretty and peaceful – LUCKY YOU! If you have any great “kid” recipes, please post them. Sometimes we all need “kid food”. :)

    I have never looked at the “food blog search” or the “latest from food bloggers” – thanks for pointing out these great tools – I will definitely be using them.

    Enjoy your vacation and don’t forget the sunscreen :)

  8. Joe Horn

    Elise, Enjoy your vacation and take some great pictures. My wife and I always love your pictures. Have some people cook for you too for a change!!


  9. Sue

    I came upon on this blog by happenchance and am I glad I did. It will be bookmarked as soon as I finish this response. Food blogs are my latest obsession — thanks to David Lebovitz.

    I am so sorry to read of your friend’s death. If only I had discovered both of you sooner.

    I live almost next door to your vacation spot. My guess is you are in Pa-dan-a-ram (accent on the dan). LOL! Enjoy MA. There are plenty of culinary delights here. Get up to Federal Hill in Providence if you can.

    I used to visit my daughter in Davis when she was at UC Davis and I LOVED it out there. I sorely miss it.

  10. Darren


    Your story of the Russian sunburn remedy reminded me of my mother’s sunburn remedy. She spent some time in Greece and her Greek girlfriend told her (after mom got a nasty sunburn laying on a beach in the Mediterranean)the local remedy was to put plain yogurt on the burn.

    When I was 8 my family moved to Hawaii (military family)I promptly got my first sunburn and mom put yogurt on it. I don’t know if it helped but it was very cold (and strawberry flavored). It certainly made me try to avoid getting sunburns from that day forward.

  11. Jeff


    As an avid reader of your blog, I was thrilled to see you are in my hometown!!! I grew up, and still live, in Dartmouth. We practically live at Round Hill during the summer.

    What a small world…enjoy your vacation!

  12. Kristen

    Following you on Twitter, it sounds like you are having an amazing time on vacation! Enjoy!

  13. Madeline

    Hope you’re having a fabulous time!

  14. Susan from Food Blogga

    Cold sour cream, huh? I don’t know if I should add that to my site or Jeff’s. Ha-ha. Thanks for the links, Elise! And enjoy your trip in Mass. with the little ones.