Valentine’s Day Recipes

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  • ja

    Wow, this page is tooooo much—couldn’t decide on just one thing and think I gain 5# just reading it! Lovely.

  • Mary

    I’m there with you Elise, I’ve never cared to give or receive anything for Valentine’s Day. But I saw Garrett’s recipe for truffles, and I thought I’d make them for my boyfriend…because you know, chocolate!

    • Tom @ RYG

      My wife probably thinks I could give you some serious competition for being the least romantic person on the face of planet earth. I got her a shrunken alligator head for V-day last year on my way back from Florida. But she sent me to this blog to look over some recipes so maybe that’s a big hint. I should make those chocolate dipped raspberries to make up for the alligator head. (in all honestly, I did think she’d like it, she doesn’t like heart necklaces and stuff like that). Wrong.

  • Nana

    My late husband always, always made me a heart shaped cake for Valentine’s day and he used cinnamon red hot hearts to trim it with. On eyear he was laid off from his job and he made me a valentine with the kids’ construction paper and their crayons and I thought it was nicer than a Hallmark!

  • Jaxon Burgess

    My favorite ex-wife (and you can see from this that I am a romantic!), was also a St. Valentine baby. She didn’t like it much better than you, but unlike you I think that was because kids made waaay too much of it when she was in school. She was a shy soul and easily embarrassed.

    But for those who love you a Valentine’s Day birthdate does have one thing going for it – none of them will ever forget your birthday! Ours was a longish marriage, and my memory for dates is atrocious. I can’t tell you how often I thanked the gods she was born a Valentine because I never forgot her birthday.

    Happy Birthday!

  • kathy

    Happy Birthday Elise. Thanks for the great site!

  • Alexi

    I was also considering making your parsley pesto and bacon flank steak pinwheels for Valentine’s day. Unfortunately, my husband hates rare meat and I’m worried that it will be too dry if I cook it medium/well all the way through. But it’s a great suggestion for others!


    great suggestions and Happy birthday Elise! xo

  • Ni'mat Abdulassamad

    Happy Birthday, Elise!! Now I know why I have loved your website since I first started following you in 2003. Valentine’s Day is my birthday also, and I will be 81 years old. Collecting recipes is my hobby, and I have more of yours than anyone else I follow in this category. I enjoy ALL of your comments, love hearing about your Mom and Dad!! I have tried so many of your recipes over the years, and always look forward to any changes you make. Have a great birthday!!!!!

    • Elise

      Happy birthday to you too Ni’mat! And congratulations on your journey! May you enjoy continued good health. :-)

  • Virginia Murrell

    I’m going to do the Scallops. We haven’t had them for eons. They look delicious. Don’t know what desert, all of them look heavenly. Love this blog site. I always have great success with the recipes. Thanks.

  • Susan

    Those little chocolate stuffed raspberries are so tempting and so clever! I’m not much of a romantic either, thank goodness, or that front end alignment for my Jeep that my husband gave me for Valentines Day several years ago would not have gone over so well! Actually, it didn’t really hit the spot with me at the time, but in the long run…

  • Jackie

    The 14th is my birthday too!!! Happy birthday!! It’s always frustrating, because I’d love to go out and treat myself to a nice dinner, but I cannot stand the general “romance” culture on that day. So my boyfriend and I are staying in and making a nice dinner. You’ve absolutely read my mind because I was thinking about scallops and lamb chops. Maybe we’ll make both and plan a multi-course meal for the day! Thanks again.

  • Sandy

    This year will be the first time I’ll be having a romantic valentine’s day. All the other times I’ve been single so I would spend the day having dinner with family or friends and exchanging simple gifts at times or cards :). This year my boyfriend has something planned (I don’t know what). On my end I bought a card and am going to make him sallysbakingaddinction’s red velvet oreo brownies, I picked that because he loves oreos. He knows I’m making him something with oreos and red food colouring but he doesn’t know what.

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great one ^_^

  • Karen

    Happy Birthday!

  • Stacye

    Happy Birthday, Elise!! Thank you for your wonderful recipes :)

  • Kathleen

    Happy Birthday Elise! I just found your website today and feel like you are giving ME a birthday gift! So many great recipes! Thank you!