Wine Tips – Shake and Bake

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  1. kalyn

    I often open a bottle of red wine and drink a glass or two, then put the rest in the fridge, so I love the tip for putting it in the microwave. Now why didn’t I think of that! So logical.

  2. Mark

    My wife routinely adds an ice cube to her wines, red or white. I think it’s time to get those “wine cubes” going. Also, we use those rubber vacuum wine bottle “corks” (with the little pump to remove air) from bottles we don’t finish. We don’t, however, refrigerate the reds.

  3. Amateur Wino

    You’re right – red wine should be drunk at “room temp” but when that particular piece of advice was created room temp was around 60-65 degrees. So if room temp is actually 70-75 (which seems more common these days) you are actually drinking the wine too warm and 20 minutes in the fridge would do it good. As far as putting it in the microwave – not anything I would ever do to wine but to each their own.

    Regarding the temperature, agreed! I’ve clarified the notes. ~Elise

  4. Scott

    If you have left over wine – obviously you didn’t invite enough people.

  5. lgbtech

    It’s always been my understanding that red wines are best at ‘cellar’ temperature, which is somewhere in the vicinity of 50 degrees F, somewhat cooler than room temperature but much warmer than refrigerated. Of course most folks these days don’t have a wine cellar so they opt for room temperature instead.

    The wine ice cubes are a fantastic idea. I’m definitely going to give that a try.

  6. Tom

    A better way to preserve an opened, but not finished, bottle of red wine is to use a nitrogen gas wine preserver. The one I use, which I get at my local wine store is called ‘Private Preserve’. It costs about $10, but you get lots of uses out of it. It works by eliminating air from the bottle when you re-cork, which elimiates oxidation, which is what spoils the taste of wine. It comes in an aerosol can (which feels empty when you buy it because nitrogen gas is much lighter than air). Squirt a little bit into the open bottle, re-cork and voila!

  7. someguy

    nuking wine is blasphemy . . .

    unless it’s white zin

  8. legant

    An alternative to the wine cube: frozen grapes. Afterall, wine is made from grapes. I usually use seedless green grapes. I got this tip from a vineyard.

    Brilliant! ~Elise

  9. Ben

    When will people stop serving whites too cold, and reds too warm. THINK OF THE CHILDR–I mean the wine.

  10. Tracy

    Loving both the wine cube and frozen grape ideas – thanks! I’m definitely going to try the shake-n-slake thing, too.

  11. Lisa Morgan

    I love the idea of the wine ice cubes! Sometimes I like a cube or two in a white or rose wine. And the shaking tip will come in handy, too. Thanks for the tips.