No Image12 Essential Tools That We Can’t Live Without

  1. Aoi

    I had the same Nigella whisk, it was my favorite tool in the kitchen. Sadly, mine fell apart years ago.

  2. anna*

    My mini processor was like $10 and has survived many summers of yummy dips, hummus, guacamole. Also my mandoline slicer. And yes my chef’s knife as well.

  3. Betty williams

    Great list. Next time I would love to see pictures of these items!

  4. Patricia

    I have a wooden lemon reamer. I use it constantly. I use my melon baller to remove the core from apples and pears. I also love the micro plane for adding a bit of garlic to a salad dressing. I use mason jars for storing homemade yogurt. I would have a hard time figuring out which tool to let go first if 8 had to.

  5. Paul

    Great list, but I use my tongs more frequently than any of them.

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