Mocktails for Dry January

Abstaining from alcohol in January doesn't mean you have miss out on tasty drinks all month long. Try our favorite non-alcoholic drinks and mocktails, from tonics, booze-free sangrias, and shrubs to bright lemonades and limeades.

Mocktails for Dry January

It's Dry January. That means 31 alcohol-free days. There are loads of tasty and exciting nonalcoholic (N/A) drinks to get you through the month with ease.

Over the last decade the N/A spirits category has blossomed from, “Have you heard about this gin that has no booze in it?” to a full catalog of wines, beers, cocktails, and other spirits. That's GREAT news for those who do not partake in alcohol because it opens up the world of mocktails and N/A or no-ABV (alcohol by volume) cocktails.

With the number of N/A drink options now available, it’s possible to build an entirely sober bar (here’s how to do it).  Grab your favorite N/A bottles because we gathered our favorite mocktails for you below. There are plenty of options from DIY syrups to "spike" your mocktail, flavored lemonades and limeades, spritzes, shrubs, and even an alcohol-free sangria. Cheers!

  • Non-Alcoholic Negroni (NAgroni)

    Overhead view of two Negronis with non alcoholic gin, bar nuts and an orange wedge.
    Sam Schick

    Do you crave the bittersweet taste of a Negroni? Perhaps invest in a few bottles of booze-free gin and vermouth to mix up this alcohol-free take on a classic cocktail. The ratios are different, but the taste is just as bold as the original.

  • Earl Grey Tea and Tonic

    Earl grey tea and tonic drink with ice
    Elana Lepkowski

    Tea provides a wonderful stand-in for alcohol with its strong tannins and often complex flavor profiles. A citrus-y Earl Gray tea syrup has a luscious mouthfeel in this bright and bubbly drink made with lemon and tonic water. 

  • Hibiscus Spritz

    Horizontal view of two side by side tall glassed with hibiscus cocktails inside. Ice cubes are inside the glass and a lime wedge sits on the lip of each glass with additional lime wedges to the right of the glasses. Partial view of a bowl of dried hibiscus in the background to the right of the second glass.
    Nick Evans

    Dried hibiscus petals pack a TON of flavor—use it to make a ruby-hued syrup. For a simple N/A spritz, pair it with ice and sparkling water. I like it with a generous squeeze of lime. It's a refreshing, anytime drink. Bonus: The syrup will last for weeks in the fridge!

  • Non-Alcoholic Mexican Mule

    Non-alcoholic Mexican mule
    Sam Schick

    Moscow Mule has a spicy kick and this N/A version does too. It uses booze-free tequila, ginger beer, agave, and lime juice for a familiar, yet exciting twist on a classic. An alcohol-free vodka would make it a little less spicy and a more understated mocktail.

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  • How to Make Ginger Switchel

    Switchel recipe with ginger
    Leela Cyd

    If gingery drinks are your thing, try this combination of ginger and vinegar with a touch of honey. It’s super easy to make—no wonder folks have been enjoying it since the 17th century! It's a great base for sparkling water or even iced tea.

  • Maggie Hoffman's Virgin Pomegranate-Citrus Sangria

    Virgin Sangria with Pomegranat
    Sally Vargas

    Do you miss Sangria when you’re taking the month off booze? Pomegranate juice and two kinds of teas stand in for the wine in Maggie Hoffman's recipe. (She's the author of two books on cocktails.) Virgin Pomegranate-Citrus Sangria. It’s sweet, tart, and has a little kick from cayenne. Brunch is saved with this N/A sipper!

  • Pear-Ginger Shrub

    pear ginger shrub drink
    Elana Lepkowski

    Pears are in season in January and a perfectly ripe bunch will make a flavorful shrub. Steeped with ginger or vanilla, this tart shrub is invigorating sipped on its own or mixed with club soda. Complete the party with a cheese plate.

  • Lavender Lemonade

    Lavender Lemonade
    Elise Bauer

    Want to elevate a tart lemonade? Add a hint of lavender. Want even more? Add a splash of club soda and an ounce of Seedlip’s Grove 42 for a burst of citrus.

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  • Winter Spiced Orange Mocktail

    Spiced bitter orange mocktail with cinnamon and star anise
    Elana Lepkowski

    Highlight fresh citrus with this spice-scented mocktail. This is a recipe for a bitter orange squash (a fruity syrup, not a vegetable). Serve it with sparkling water, as a sweetener for your tea, or even drizzled over an orange loaf (a baked dessert, not a mocktail).

  • Limeade with Mint

    Minty Limeade
    Elise Bauer

    While limeades conjure up summers by the pool, it’s also a mood booster on cold winter days. With a hint of mint, this refreshing drink can be enjoyed from morning till night. And if you’re looking for a nitecap, add an ounce and a half of booze-free tequila.

  • Cucumber Lime Mint Aqua Fresca

    Cucumber Lime Agua Fresca
    Elise Bauer

    Make a pitcher of emerald-hued Cucumber Lime Mint Agua Fresca when you need an N/A drink for a crowd! It’s a great option when you’re hosting and need something for imbibing guests (place a bottle of vodka nearby) and those who aren't.

  • Cucumber Mint “Shrub” Soda

    Cucumber Mint Soda
    Elise Bauer

    Take your cucumber and mint on a tangy journey when you make it into a shrub! This tart, sour, and sweet soda is adapted from a Persian drink. It will make you wonder why you haven't been drinking vinegar all along.

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  • Hot Mulled Cider

    Hot Mulled Cider
    Elise Bauer

    Batch up this cold weather favorite for a week’s worth of warm, comforting, mulled cider. The secret to a deep apple flavor is using freshly pressed cider, not the shelf stable kind, plus whole spices for more potent flavors.

  • Classic Mimosa (Made Zero Proof)

    Prosecco, orange juice, orange slices and three glasses of the best mimosas are on a tray. Whole oranges are to the left of the tray.
    Elana Lepkowski

    Serve a round of classic brunch Mimosas minus the booze with an alcohol-free brut-style sparkling wine. With so many varieties on the market now, you may even consider creating a N/A Mimosa Bar.