No Image4 Best Add-Ins for Macaroni and Cheese

  1. Bunny

    When I cater for kids parties, I’m famous for making Rachael Ray’s Harvest Moon Mac and Cheese. It has pureed squash added to the cheese sauce, and the kids don’t even know it’s healthier for them. Several adults, recently, at a dinner I catered, said it was the best mac and cheese they’d ever tasted, and even one who said he didn’t like mac and cheese loved it. Many wanted the recipe and I told them it was easy to find online.

  2. Susan

    I love this! Our family’s current favorite is is Elise’s “Green Chile Mac and Cheese”, but I have seen many tasty variations. “Purists” need not apply! But for me, standard M & C gets boring & starchy so we usually saute` some spinach to eat along side & add some roasted vegetables inside. Thank you for all these interesting variations. This site is a treasure–every recipe we have tried has been delicious!!

  3. Elise Bauer

    Thanks so much for these ideas Katie! I made a triple batch of my green goddess mac and cheese for our Christmas dinner this year and everyone went nuts over it.

  4. Diana Robinson

    All these ideas sound wonderful! I’ll try them all. Thank you for the great recipes. Happy new year.

  5. Lee

    Nicely said nola2chi :)

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