5 Dinners to Cook (or Eat) Outdoors

Here is a meal plan filled with recipes to kick off warm weather dining. Whether you want to go picnic-style with a classic Nicoise Salad or get steak fajitas going on the grill, these recipes have you covered.

"What's for Dinner?" with grilled pizzas set behind the caption.

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As the weather warms up, one of the clear highlights is moving the kitchen (and dining room) outdoors. Whether you have a big backyard, a little patio, or a nearby park, it’s fun to fire up the grill or plan a simple picnic. Enjoy the sun and the casual vibe of late spring dinners. 

With Memorial Day being the official launch of grilling season, al fresco dining seems like a suitable theme for this week’s meal plan. Included are five recipes that are either cooked on the grill or tailor-made for outdoor eating.

  • Herb Turkey Burger

    Turkey Burger with Rosemary and Thyme

    If you want to know how to get a turkey burger good and juicy, this is the ticket. The burgers are embellished with fresh herbs and served on a soft bun. Add your favorite veggies to the grill while the burgers cook or toss together this Caesar Salad.

  • Grilled Pizza with Peppers, Broccoli, and Onions

    How to make pizza on the grill
    Katie Workman

    Make pizza on the grill! The high heat of a grill does a bang up job of creating a piping hot pizza oven. Feel free to tinker with the toppings to suit your taste and add a tossed green salad on the side with this vinaigrette.

  • Niçoise Salad

    Salad Nicoise
    Elise Bauer

    This salad calls for canned tuna, but if you’re feeling fancy, you can grill fresh tuna instead. Either way, this is an excellent warm weather supper that’s fresh and light. Pair it with a crisp white wine for a relaxing evening.

  • Grilled Moroccan Chicken

    Moroccan Spiced Grilled Chicken
    Elise Bauer

    The yogurt marinade for this chicken does double duty. It tenderizes the chicken breast AND infuses it with wonderful flavor. Serve it with warm couscous and this Tomato Cucumber Salad.

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  • Easy Grilled Steak Fajitas

    Plate with grilled steak foil packet opened up to reveal steak, peppers, onions inside. Avocado slices and sour cream are also in the packet and a flour tortilla is to the right.
    Nick Evans | Art Banner Credit: Andy Christensen

    This is an easy approach to making fajitas. Marinated steak cooks on the grill alongside foil packets of peppers and onions. Genius! While the steak rests, warm the tortillas right on the grill. Need guac? This recipe will do you right.

  • Weekend Baking: Classic Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert - ice cream sandwiches in a row
    Simply Recipes Team

    If you’re a sucker for an old-school ice cream sandwich, this recipe is for you. Vanilla ice cream gets layered between soft brownie “cookies” for a nostalgic dessert sure to get you a “win” in the popularity contest.