No Image5 Ways to Gussy Up a Jar of Pasta Sauce

  1. Diane

    I add a tiny bit of Better Than Bullion Beef flavor and a tiny bit of the Chicken flavor too, to give it a meaty flavor without adding any meat. And always always always add olive oil.

  2. Susan Jankovski

    Thanks for the sauce tips

  3. Jo

    I keep a tube of anchovy paste tomato paste in freezer to dress up tomato sauce also a blogger I follow recommends keeping a jar of pesto in freezer to use when you want basil flavor works well. Costco has a pesto great price size she recommends also selling the pricer sauces that you recommended I’m going to try tonight. Cafe surcasine is the blog.

  4. keena

    All good ideas and I’ve done the garlic and wine ones but honestly at that point just open a can of San Manzano tomatoes do the same thing and you have a much better sauce In essentially the same time.

  5. Sally

    I sauté carrots, garlic, celery and onions in some butter when done add the jarred sauce. Delicious

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