No Image5 Ways to Use a Pot of Rice All Week

  1. Sandy

    I’ve always used a lot of rice. It’s inexpensive and goes a long way and on limited budgets, that’s ideal. Here’s a couple things I do when cooking the original pot of rice: If I think I’m going to use leftover rice in savory dishes, I cook the rice in a low-sodium chicken or vegetable broth and if I plan on using the leftover rice in sweet dishes, I cook the rice in coconut water. Both of these seem to add a great deal of flavor. As a side note, the coconut water rice works really well in several savory dishes too. Thank you for these recipes; I plan on using several :-)

  2. [email protected]

    I always make 6 or more cups of rice at a time. Then freeze the leftovers in portion freezer bags. Then use it to save time on the busiest of days.
    Works greats !

  3. Marlena

    I always make extra, but it is nice to have these great tips, thanks

  4. Violet Kulem

    Thanks for the tips. My kids loved leftover rice for fried rice. I’ll try some of your tips. Great!

  5. Fran

    Made a pot of quick cooking brown rice on Monday to use with stir fried leftover rotisserie chicken & frozen Chinese vegetables & mushrooms ( enough for two for two nights!) and tonight the leftover brown rice will become brown rice pudding with raisins & cinnamon . A delicious end to the week!

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