8 Things to Cook in a Gozney Roccbox Other Than Pizza

Want to use your Gozney Roccbox for more than pizza night? We'll give you tips on cooking vegetables, meat, and breads to perfection.

Cast iron skillet with asparagus being cooked inside a roccbox.

Nick Evans

This post is from our 3-part series exploring the Gozney Roccbox! Check out the other two posts: A Guide to the Gozney Roccbox Pizza Oven and Spicy Sausage Pizza.

When I first got my Gozney Roccbox, it was abundantly clear that my pizza game was changed. But a guy can only eat so much pizza in a week, and I got curious about what else can be cooked in the Gozney Roccbox.

It turns out to be a fairly versatile cooking tool!

Below are some ideas of things that turn out really well in the Gozney Roccbox that are NOT pizza. Before we dive into the list though, it’s important to remember a few things about cooking with the Gozney Roccbox.

Cast iron skillet of quartered yukon gold potatoes cooked in a Roccbox.
Crispy roast potatoes cooked in the Roccbox.

Nick Evans

The Gozney Roccbox Gets Hot!

Even on the low setting, the Gozney Roccbox can get up to 500 ̊F. There are also two distinct zones of heat in the Gozney Roccbox. This isn’t rocket science, but the closer you get to the big flame, the hotter it is. While there is a LOW heat indicator on the thermometer, this is “Gozney Roccbox LOW heat.” The Gozney Roccbox version of “low” is essentially the hottest setting on your oven.

Pots and Pans

Be sure to be thoughtful about what kind of skillet or dish you are putting in the Gozney Roccbox. Cast iron is always a safe bet. Other than that, I’d double-check that your pan can withstand the heat it will get blasted with.

Also, the Gozney Roccbox has a relatively small opening that’s really intended for pizzas and flatbreads. A 10-inch cast-iron skillet is about size limit.

Water and Stone Don't Mix

Flatbreads and doughs can be cooked directly on the Gozney Roccbox stone, but other than those, you should never put anything wet on the stone or it will crack. Make sure to put any foods that are even remotely wet, like vegetables or meat, into a pan before cooking.

Cast iron skillet with pork chops cooked inside.
Steak finished in the Roccbox.

Nick Evans

8 Ideas for What to Cook in Your Gozney Roccbox

Here are eight foods that I've had good success cooking in the Gozney Roccbox:


I love crispy potatoes and I figured the Gozney Roccbox would be a good way to get quick crispy potatoes. YES!

If you are doing wedges, blanch them first in salted water so they are tender and then let them and dry out. Toss the blanched potatoes with olive oil, salt, and pepper, place them in a cast-iron skillet, and slide the skillet into the Gozney Roccbox. They will need five to six minutes on low-medium heat to get super crispy. Stir them every minute or so to make sure they are cooking evenly.

Hearty Veggies

Sturdy vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, and cauliflower all do really well in the Gozney Roccbox. Chop them up into chunks so they fit in a skillet and toss them with seasonings of your choice. Cooking time will vary depending on the veggies, but as a guideline, asparagus is done in about five minutes.


If you’ve ever been to a steakhouse, you know that good steak is placed under a salamander (essentially a super-hot direct flame) to finish cooking, and that gives the steakhouse steak that signature surface char. A Gozney Roccbox can do it!

I did a reverse sear on a ribeye steak by cooking it in a 250°F oven until it was about 95 ̊F and then moved it to the blazing hot preheated Gozney Roccbox. Two minutes per side gave the steak a delicious char.

Easy pizza with sausage being taken out of the Roccbox using a pizza peel.
Flatbread cooked in the Roccbox.

Nick Evans

Pita, Naan, and Other Flatbreads

It stands to reason that if a Gozney Roccbox can cook delicious pizza, it can also make wonderful flatbreads. Pita bread and naan are very possible and come out beautifully browned and puffed in just a minute. (Check out this Garlic Naan posted by Gozney.)


Some fish does really well with high heat:

  • Whole fish like trout can cook quickly and won’t dry out as easily with a high heat cooking method.
  • Skin-on salmon fillets also work well.

Put them in a Gozney Roccbox-safe pan (soaked cedar plank works well—Gozney says it's ok to slide the planks right onto the stone). Add some oil, aromatics, and lemons, and cook them until they are flaky. Most fish will be done in six to eight minutes in the Gozney Roccbox. You will want to rotate the fish occasionally to ensure even cooking.

Chicken Wings

Forget deep-frying your chicken wings. Coat them in a dry rub to pull out extra water and then cook them in a skillet in your Gozney Roccbox for eight to 10 minutes. They are super crispy and some of the best wings you’ll have! Check out the Gozney Roccbox video for a demonstration on how to do chicken wings.

Shishito Peppers

I love blistered shishito peppers as an appetizer with a drizzle of sesame oil and salt. The problem is to get the right blister it usually involves smoking up my house! The Gozney Roccbox solves that problem. One to two minutes in a skillet under the fire and they are good to go!


I often like to grill eggplant until it’s charred and then blend it with a few other simple ingredients for a classic baba ganoush dip. The Gozney Roccbox gives you great char and cuts down on the cooking time. Just be sure to cut the eggplant into cubes, place them in your skillet, and stir them occasionally. They will need 10 to 12 minutes at medium heat to really get nicely charred.