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  1. Rod cupp

    Would to much water turn potato green?i planted mine and hilled when plant was six inches high. We had a lot of rain. Garden flooded. After drying out we dug a hill. Two of the eight had green on sides. These spuds were approximately eight inches deep,no chance of sunshine getting on them. Could being in wet conditions cause green and is it toxic

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  2. taz

    thank you for the info.. been having stomach problems after eating some very lightly green-tinged potatoes (which i didn’t peel, cos it’s all scrubbed and clean) which tasted a bit bitter. now i know what’s the cause!

  3. A Tenter

    Thank you for your very important and informative website on the danger of eating green potatoes..publishers should include a food safety page including this type of information…
    I first learned of this danger as I was gleaning interesting information from 92 Civil War letters of my great great Grandfather. He writes in many of his letters of the severe illness that eating very green potatoes caused, including hospitalization and extreme weakness; Recovery was slow..No doubt the storage conditions were filthy in their encampments..Things are much better now; but I see some pretty green potatoes in the bags and I just purchased a large bag of Montana potatoes from the farm; the potatoes in the center of the bag were realy green!
    Again, thank you for information that should be up front for all to see.. Encluding info on the dangers of raw red kidney beans. Keep up the good work. ATV

  4. Reba Cox

    I grew some potatoes and they were not green when i dug them up. I stored them in a completely dark place and they still turned green? Do you know why?

    No idea. The green comes from chlorophyl, which only turns green when in sunlight. The potatoes can get bruised, even if stored in the dark, in which case the color will be more black-ish. ~Elise

  5. megan

    Thanks, I always knew not to eat green potatoes, but I never knew why. The wisdom passed down from mother to child, just not why it was wise. I’ll be sure to let my children know. :)

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