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  1. Diane Heim

    A long time ago I was given a recipe for a fresh apple cake. It had diced apples, a LOT of oil which I cut back, lots of cinnamon and other spices. We baked it in a 9×13 pan. If you ate it immediately after baking it was a good snack or coffee cake texture. If you ate some a day or two after baking, the moisture from the apples had migrated through the cake and it had a totally different, very moist texture. I lost the recipe and can’t seem to find anything close. Would you have any ideas? It is apple time in our area.

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  2. sarah

    I am currently addicted to the Spiced Apple Chutney recipe found on the BBC food webpages. They say you should let it mature for a couple of months before eating – I haven’t got that far yet, but a few weeks out it’s really really tasty!

  3. JB

    Simple is good:
    Serve apples sliced flat with a good creamy Brie cheese. Butter the apple slices with the cheese. Sweet apples like Fujis work well, but Granny Smiths give a nice contrasting flavor.

    Chicken salad:
    diced herb-roasted chicken skin removed. Can use store-bought pre-cooked chicken.
    diced celery
    diced apples
    minced garlic
    minced onion
    salt to taste

    When apples are not in season try subbing dried currants. I prefer to keep all the dices small for easier spreading on crackers. Go easy on the mayo, you can always add more later. Sorry for not including the amounts, I do it by taste. Simplify by subbing garlic salt for the last 3 ingredients.

  4. Lou

    I make applesauce almost exactly like yours, same ingredients, except I use a small (5 oz.) can of apple juice instead of water and I have discovered that a small amount of ginger and nutmeg adds a nice touch. I also love the addition of brown sugar. Lou

  5. Donna J M

    To respond to Dio’s posting about a soup recipe, I have one that I got when I went grocery shopping. It’s made with potatoes and cheddar cheese – and apples, of course. I managed to find it online as well. It’s called Apple-Cheddar Soup. It’s easy to make and tastes wonderful.

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