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  • Matt0821

    My wife and I traveled through New Mexico last year where we passed through…oh yes. A place called Pie Town where I believe we saw only 3 three restaurants each of which specialized in you guessed it…Pie.
    Anyways we tried the New Mexico Apple pie at The Daily Pie Cafe and was definitely a different apple pie. It’s basically an apple pie with chili peppers and pine nuts…strange combination but it does work, especially with ice cream to balance out the heat.

  • sarah

    I am currently addicted to the Spiced Apple Chutney recipe found on the BBC food webpages. They say you should let it mature for a couple of months before eating – I haven’t got that far yet, but a few weeks out it’s really really tasty!

  • JB

    Simple is good:
    Serve apples sliced flat with a good creamy Brie cheese. Butter the apple slices with the cheese. Sweet apples like Fujis work well, but Granny Smiths give a nice contrasting flavor.

    Chicken salad:
    diced herb-roasted chicken skin removed. Can use store-bought pre-cooked chicken.
    diced celery
    diced apples
    minced garlic
    minced onion
    salt to taste

    When apples are not in season try subbing dried currants. I prefer to keep all the dices small for easier spreading on crackers. Go easy on the mayo, you can always add more later. Sorry for not including the amounts, I do it by taste. Simplify by subbing garlic salt for the last 3 ingredients.

  • Lou

    I make applesauce almost exactly like yours, same ingredients, except I use a small (5 oz.) can of apple juice instead of water and I have discovered that a small amount of ginger and nutmeg adds a nice touch. I also love the addition of brown sugar. Lou

  • Donna J M

    To respond to Dio’s posting about a soup recipe, I have one that I got when I went grocery shopping. It’s made with potatoes and cheddar cheese – and apples, of course. I managed to find it online as well. It’s called Apple-Cheddar Soup. It’s easy to make and tastes wonderful.

  • chigiy

    So many apple recipes, so little time and brain cells.

  • Overwhelmed With Joy!

    We went apple picking not long ago so I sure appreciate these recipe links! :)

    If you’re interested, I’m hosting a “Holiday Cooking, Blogger Style” recipe exchange this Friday. I suspect I’ll be getting lots of great submissions! Last year I had over 200 recipes submitted! :)

    Take care!

  • Melonie

    Fall = apples, and the recipes are so abundant! There are so many types of apples and so many good recipes. Some of my favorites are apple turnovers and hot apple cider.

  • Patty

    What a fantastic entry on apples and all the possibilities. I have to say every year in the fall I get completely inspired by Apples and want find find fun items to create. Here is one I discovered last year on my blog. This is perfect for fall winter season!
    Honey Apple Spiced Cider

    2 1/2 Cups of Apple Cider or Juice 2 tablespoons of honey
    1 teaspoon of cloves
    1 cinnamon stick2 oz. of vanilla flavored vodka

    In a saucepan bring to a simmer for five minutes all the ingredients except the vodka. Remove cloves and pour equally into two separate glasses. Add 1 ounce of vodka to each glass and ready to serve. I would prefer to cider but it taste just as yummy if you use juice.

  • courtney

    Here is what my grandmother called “saucy apple cake”.

    2 c peeled and diced apples
    1c sugar
    pinch salt
    1 c four
    1 tsp baking soda
    1 1/2 tsp cinnamon
    1/2 c pecans (optional)

    Mix apples and sugar, and let stand a few minutes to draw out the juices.

    While the apples sit mix the flour salt cinn. and soda.

    Mix the egg into the apples, and then the dry into the wet. Fold in the nuts if using.

    bake at 375 for about 40 minutes.

    Instead of frosting there is a glaze. THe following is the measures for a full batch, but I always do a half batch, and never feel like I am missing anything.

    1/2 c brown sugar
    1/2 c white sugar
    2 tbsp flour 1/4 c butter
    1 tsp vanilla

    mix all together in a sauce pan on medium heat, and stir until clear.

    When cake is done, punch holes in top while still hot, and pour sauce over warm cake.

    This was my grandmother’s recipe, I don’t know where she got it from, or if she made it up (she was a very skilled baker, and did make alot of things up, if she didn’t it probably came out of the newspaper or was from a friend), so my appologies if I am handing out your family recipe.

  • Jim

    This may come as no surprise, but I’m wondering if you’ve ever tried making cider!

  • Jennifer

    Apple Crunch is one of my favorite apple desserts! I make it every autumn.

    I wrote about it just last week.

  • Billie

    Hi Elise! Thanks for all the great recipes. My favourite is apple cinnamon teacake – its a butter cake recipe with chunks of apple through it and a sprinkling of crunchy cinnamon sugar on top – have a feeling it might be similar recipe to the “coffee cake” recipes that seem to pop up on the US blogs every now and again.

  • jonathan

    How ’bout this? On a 10″ round of puff pastry, smear 1/4 c. of apple butter, place thinly-sliced baking apples (2 or so apples sliced as thin as you can – use a mandoline) in a concentric circle, slightly overlapping the slices, covering the whole pastry round and leaving a 1/2″ border. Brush the apples with melted butter, a little sprinkling of sugar, bake at 350 until the pastry edges brown and…Bob’s yer uncle.

    Pass the vanilla ice cream, please.

    And while we’re on the subject of apples, we all know what applewood is good for, don’t we Elise? Smoking ba…ba…ba…

    I can’t say it.

  • Victoria

    APPLES! it’s past apple season here in Australia, well kinda. But I know that whenever I get a bargain load of apples, I turn to your applesauce recipe and freeze batches of it. LOVE IT! =)

  • Rhi

    I’ve been using this Raw Apple Cake recipe for years that came from

    Raw Apple Cake

    4 cups diced apples (we used Granny Smith)
    2 cups sugar
    1 cup Wesson oil or 1 cup butter (we used 1/2 cup each)
    1 cup chopped nuts (we used 1/2 cup pecans and 1/2 cup walnuts)
    2 beaten eggs
    1 teaspoon vanilla
    2 cups flour
    1 teaspoon baking soda
    1 teaspoon salt
    2 teaspoons cinnamon

    Preheat oven to 350*F. Grease and flour and 9″ x 13″ cake pan.
    Mix apples, sugar, oil, nuts, eggs and vanilla together in a large bowl, using
    a spoon instead of a mixer. Then sift together the remaining ingredients in a
    separate bowl. Add dry ingredients to first mixture and stir until well mixed.
    Pour into prepared pan and bake for about 55 minutes or until cake tester
    inserted into center comes out clean.

  • meeso

    I want to try each and every one of those apple recipes! Everything looks great!

  • Wendy

    Thanks for the mention, Elise!
    Gorgeous photos yet again. :)

  • Marvin

    I love apple pie made with pink lady apples.

  • Liz

    Here is my favorite applesauce recipe :)

    Chocolate Applesauce Spice Cake

    2 cups flour
    1 ½ cups white sugar
    1 ½ tsp salt
    1 ½ tsp baking soda
    2 T unsweetened cocoa
    ½ cup shortening
    ½ tsp each of: cinnamon, allspice, ground cloves and nutmeg
    2 eggs
    2 cups applesauce

    ½ cup chopped nuts (walnuts or pecans)
    ½ cup packed brown sugar
    6 oz chocolate chips

    Beat eggs & shortening together. Add applesauce, dry ingredients and mix. Pour into ungreased 9 x 13 pan. Mix topping ingredients together and sprinkle over the top. Bake at 350 for 40 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.
    This is awesome when still warm from the oven with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. :)

  • Whitney

    oh YUM! I love the idea of eating whatever’s in season at the moment…when it comes to fall, my inner 6-year-old is still trying to overcome my adult wish to like squash. =P Apples are no problem though! I’ll take them any way you can fix ’em.

  • Deb Schiff

    Last night, I served up an apple peach pie using a revision of your great butter/almond crust. I made it using 1 part coconut flour, 1 part ap flour, 1 part pistachio meal and 1 part white whole wheat flour. I’ll blog about it soon (of course linking to your marvelous pie crust recipe).

    It was a huge hit, as are all the recipes I make from your site. You really do great stuff!

  • Abby

    I’m so excited about it being apple season! I made your applesauce and cake last year and it was wonderful. I can’t wait to try some of these recipes, too! I’m hoping we can get to a pick-your-own farm, too. It’s been SO dry here that I don’t think my dad’s apple trees produced much this year.

  • Lisa C.

    Elise, it was about a year ago that I was introduced to this site with the baked apples recipe. Wouldn’t you know it… I made baked apples just last night. It is a great recipe, but sometimes I add oatmeal to the filling.

  • paula

    I made a great Cinnamon-Apple Cake that was very moist and delicious (it uses a bit of fat-free cream cheese in addition to butter, a nice compromise).

    Apple Oat Bran Muffins are great too. They’re low-fat and made with whole-wheat pastry flour and oat bran. I’ve been making those since before I started blogging.

  • cjohnson

    You forgot the wonderful apple butter recipe that I came across this weekend, and made. It is very very good. It can be found here: apple butter recipe

  • Dio

    All those recipes look delicious, but where are the savory dishes?

    My wife went apple picking last week, so we had bake day this weekend. She made the most amazing apple pies, while I handled the dinner side. My dish was similar to the baked apple recipe, but instead I made a savory filling of chicken sausage, bell peppers, onions, breadcrumbs and parmesan with some fresh herbs. Thanks to the herbs and parm, the flavor permeated the entire dish. Some of the people were hesitant to eat them at first (non-sweet apples?) but they were all devoured to rave reviews.

    I’m also a big fan of apple-stuffed porkloin and fruited duck. So does anyone have any recipes for us apple-lovers that are more main-course than dessert? I’d love to figure out an apple soup!

  • Anonymous

    Beside all the wonderful *sweet sighs* baking recipes for apples, we’ve been incororating them into savory dishes as well. Love adding apples to stuffing for pork chops, pan sauteed chicken and apples with a brandy/cream reduction, etc. Chopped apples, oinions and sauerkraut, baked with smoked sausages and potatoes….You get the idea.

    My all time favorite is apple slices sauteed with a bit of butter, brown sugar and cinnamon, then place atop waffles or pancakes. Yum!

  • Kalyn

    The apple crop must have been good here this year as well, because I don’t ever remember so many kids bringing me apples to school! Isn’t it fun how that tradition has lasted through the years. And the apples seem to be especially delicious this year too!

  • radish

    Aside from the apple pie to which I like to add cranberries, I’ve become a huge fan of the apple cake that I made for Rosh Hashana. But a good apple tastes SO good on its own – the crunch, the tartness – it’s fall embodied and reminds me of that Robert Frost poem “after apple picking”!

  • lydia

    My favorite is an apple spice cake that’s similar to your applesauce cake, but with grated peeled apples and buttermilk for the wet ingredients. I posted the recipe on my blog last year, and it remains one of the favorites of readers and, fortunately, of my family! I’m not really a fruit pie lover, but apple pie is the one that I do love — apple anything, really. Just up the road from me, the neighborhood is called Apple Valley, because it used to be all orchard land. Today there still are orchards everywhere around here.

  • Pille

    Thanks for all those recipe links, Elise! Although I must have about 10 apple cake/pie/muffin recipes on my own blog, it’s always nice to experiment with new ones – especially as I got two large boxes of wonderful apples from my mum last weekend. I’ll be surviving on various apple cakes for the next few weeks, I guess:)

  • Katie

    All of those wonderful apples! Your father undoubtedly knows how to care for them! Our apple trees grow ‘au naturel’ which means they aren’t pretty, lots of spots, but, this year, very few worms. I want the Pink Ladies, please!

  • tnrsmama

    I’ve been making apple crisps all afternoon. I only have one apple tree but it has been going crazy! I canned several jars of apple butter a month or so ago, and now I am just baking. I have a few friends who have just had babies (and one who had back surgery) that I am bringing dinners to and they are all getting apple crisp. So is my neighbor who let me raid her Meyer lemon tree this afternoon, my lemons aren’t quite ready. Sadly, despite all of my hard work a lot of the apples are ending up in the compost.