Ariane Resnick

Ariane Resnick
Business: Ariane Resnick
Location: Los Angeles, California
Education: Certified Nutritionist, NHI, B.A. in Creative Writing, UC Santa Cruz
Expertise: Special diets, both individually and multi-faceted (such as keto/vegan/nut free, low FODMAP/low fat/low sodium, etc)
  • Author of The Bone Broth Miracle (2015, #1 cookbook on Amazon on over half a dozen occasions, #2 Kindle nonfiction book), The Thinking Girl's Guide to Drinking (2016), Wake/Sleep (2018), How to Be Well When You're Not (foreword by P!nk, 2018), and Disney Princess Healthy Treats (2021).
  • Private chef clientele has included a wide variety of A-list celebs, periodic chef/nutritionist for P!nk since 2017
  • Published in HuffPost, The Hill, The Spruce Eats, Byrdie, Livestrong, Beachbody, OpenFit, OMD for the Planet, Greatist, Paste



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