Bagels Are the Official Carb of 2022

The masters of gluten at King Arthur Flour have deemed it so.


Simply Recipes / Emma Christensen

Move over cinnamon rolls, bagels are the it carb of 2022, at least according to the masters of gluten at King Arthur Flour—and they would know. Bagels are King Arthur Flour’s ninth Recipe of the Year, an honor the recipe shares with the likes of  Whole Grain Banana Bread, Classic Birthday Cake, and Crispy Cheesy Pan Pizza.

Recipe developer Kye Ameden says the KAF team tested over 100 bagel recipes to find the perfect sandwich bagel, one that’s substantial enough to hold a variety of sandwich fillings while still being light and crispy–not the typical carb-load gut bomb, but rather a true “sandwich bagel,” destined for many a bacon, egg, and cheese experience.

“There’s something incredibly rewarding about making bagels at home,” says Ameden. “Their bready aroma fills the kitchen while they’re baking, and their texture fresh from the oven is absolutely perfect–not too chewy and with a slightly crisp crust.” 

This bake, which requires a couple special ingredients and techniques, is perfect for more seasoned bakers, but it’s approachable (fun, even!) nonetheless. The key to nailing it, Ameden says, is to read the recipe completely before you begin and to create a timeline for each step so you know exactly what comes next. “I like to make the starter the night before and then mix the dough after breakfast the next morning,” Ameden explains. “You can have bagel sandwiches in time for lunch!” And, she adds, weighing the flour or at least sprinkling it into a measuring cup and then leveling it off (as opposed to scooping it straight from the bag like a noob) will yield a reliably supple dough every time.

You’ll want to pick up some bread flour for this recipe. The higher protein content gives the bagel enough structure without becoming too dense. And while you’re shopping, throw some barley malt syrup in your cart. The syrup, which is added to both the dough and the water bath, imbues this bake with its essential “bagel-ness.” Brown sugar is suggested as an acceptable substitute, but if you’re going to take the time to make these bagels, you might want to go all in on the ingredients. After all, it’s not everyday we make bagels from scratch.

The bagel is a quintessential blank slate, and this sandwich bagel was born for fillings. Luckily, KAF will be sharing eight of their tried and true flavor combinations, including a few surprises (SPAM on a bagel? It’s a yes for me.) on social media throughout January. You’ll also want to try your hand at the cheesy egg pillows included in this recipe–they’re ideal on these bagels, of course, but you just might find yourself using the technique (which involves whisking flour into the egg mixture) for all kinds of breakfast sandwiches, bagel or otherwise.