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  1. Amanda

    I heard about you and your site on the 2018 Special Sauce interview. I listened while in bed for 8 months with ME/CFS, on leave from Apple Inc. I’m out of bed now, recovering, and I continue to find so much inspiration, comfort, and hope in your story, your success, and the way you talk publicly about ME/CFS. Thank you! If you’re open to it I’d like to share more in private email. If not, know that you’ve helped me very much.

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  2. Kim

    You are my go to website for dinner ideas! I’ve yet to try a recipe I didn’t like.

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  3. Lily

    Hi Elise! I have been following your blog since 2008. I was a fresh 21 year old, newly married and pregnant with our twin boys. We were living at the beach in North Carolina with no family near by to help. I knew how important laying the food foundation in our home was going to be. I started cooking recipe after recipe from your blog. Each one gave me confidence to keep cooking and my growing family was grateful for it. Now, 12 years later, my husband, our 11 year old twin boys and 8 year old daughter still request some of their favorites from your blog (your dads famous ratatouille with Italian sausage, spicy turkey burgers with slaw, the best baked ziti!). I finally read your story of how it all began on your blog after all this time. Thank you for all you do!!

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  4. Lisa Taylor-Anderson

    Hi ELISE! I am from Carmichael, I saw you, your parents live there. I came across simply recipes. I live in Texas and I am a pretty good cook! Can’t wait to try your recipes! My husband loves Swiss steak. I think that’s what I will make first….

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  5. Angela

    Hi Elise, I have used many of your recipes over the years and still do. Now I’m watching my carb intake. I’m interested in knowing if you and Hank have experimented with low carb recipes using coconut flour / almond flour and coconut sugar. Not necessarily Keto recipes but lower carb recipes. Thank you!

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