1. adie

    Please switch back to the old layout. the new one is horrible!!
    Also. the site was very personal back when you owned it. I understand it is difficult to run a website on your own, but the recipes posted by “contributors” simply do not have the sentiments attached to each recipe like you did.
    I wish you all the best for the future and hope to see more recipes come from your kitchen.
    A follower since 2009!

  2. Martha White

    I recently turned a friend on to Simply Recipes after she tried your terrific Kale and Roasted Vegetable Soup. Now I’d like to send her the links for both your stunning remodel of your splendid home and your parents’ wonderful remodel and add-on.

    Could you please provide the link for your parents’ remodel and add-on? Thanks!

  3. George Cardona

    People like yourself inspire me in many ways, I’m a native New Yorker residing in the Carolinas for about ten years know. I’ve had an opportunity to cook in many restaurants in New York as well as Charlotte, NC. I would like to share some recipes with you when I find them. I’ looking forward in trying some of yours this weekend.

  4. katie

    I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU! Whenever I am looking for a certain recipe, I always search your website first. You have never let me down, and I trust your taste! (The Shrimp Fried Rice has become a weekly staple, try it with brown rice. So good!) But my big THANK YOU is for the fabulous banana bread and banana muffin recipes. Thanks to those, not only do I always have a use for the aging bananas on the counter, but I have a go to recipe that is sure to please. Because of your blog, my family, my roommates, my coworkers, my boyfriend’s family, and my boyfriend all think I’m some kind of wonder baker with my amazing banana bread recipe. All I do is follow yours word for word! So thank you, and best of luck as you continue with the blog.

  5. Martha Farris

    Thank you thank you for this site. You bring together excellent recipes with the values that make cooking, sharing and eating so important in our lives. This site has become my most used (favorite) cooking enhancer.

  6. CJ

    Your photography and food styling is amazingly good. The site it beautiful and very artistic. It makes it a pleasure to visit here.

  7. Alecia

    Hi Elise –

    Thank you for the post (I’m a little late!). I love this blog, I always come here first for ideas and inspiration. Everything is catagorized in a straight forward manner and easy to find. I actually love that you have mostly savory dishes. I am not much of a baker, nor have a sweet tooth.

    I’ve been battling health issues for the past 4 years or so, and with diet changes (no gluten or dairy) and surgery I’m now feeling much better and more like myself. I love that the ingredients in your recipes are easily available and that the recipes themselves are not complex. Makes it easy for me to make subs if needed. Sometimes I don’t follow the recipes exactly, but they ALWAYS inspire me to use combinations of ingredients and try new cooking techniques. I’ve learned a lot from this site!

    Keep up the wonderful work!

  8. mjgorini

    I enjoyed soo much readying your post!
    I come to this website once in a while to check for new ideas, even when I don´t have time to cook or some times while I didn´t even have a kitchen! Still all your recipes and comments put me in a good mood and water my mouth.
    Last winter while I was spending some vacation time in Austin, Texas, I decided it was time to learn to cook, and finding your blog was like a miracle. Your recipes are soo easy to understand and follow (even for no native English speakers) and they always give amassing results. My favorite part is that you don´t use crazy weird ingredients, and I have done some of your recipes in a couple of countries already.
    By the way, all the things my family ask me to cook again, I stole the recipe from your blog. Thanks. :)

  9. Allison From Chicoutimi, Québec

    Thanks so much. It’s wonderful to see the backstory to your life.

    I use A TON of your recipes – when it’s not in a book on my shelf I’ve been turning to your website for a number of years now. I think your site is truly amazing, organized and totally fool-proof.

    I’ve been with you since about 2005 now, and I’ve got ya on my RSS feeder.

    It’s really nice to know that you’ve got such a great outlook about your life and are willing to share your love of it through good food and good company.

    Thanks again,


  10. Kim

    Thanks for such a great site. I just found you a few months ago, and am inspired by your story about how the site started. I really admire your positive spirit and fortitude! And I love the recipes!

    We try to eat a lot of high fiber recipes in our house, and fruits & veggies, so those kinds of recipes are always welcome. Thanks!

  11. clsilva

    Hi Elise,
    Just wanted to jump on the bandwagon and say, “thank you.” I have been following you since elise.com and I used to read your marketing blog in the early days! Your recipe blog was my first food blog and I have become a much better cook (and eater!) and follower of many dozens of excellent food bloggers — many of them on your recommendation. However, simplyrecipes.com is usually my first stop. Thanks for your good work. Best to your parents.
    Wishing you continued success!

  12. hillary

    Hi there – I loved reading this post and seeing a picture of your sweet parents who you write about so fondly! I came across your site almost exactly a year ago after I got married and started cooking for the first time. SimplyRecipes is a site I always go to first when I am attempting to plan out meals for the week or looking for something new to try. I am so thankful for your recipes and the way you write about cooking! I was so intimidated to start cooking in this new stage of life, and your site and meals helped turn it in to something I now love to do! Thank you!

  13. LaTanya

    I have been following your blog for years (that I’ve lost count how many!) Thanks for sharing your story. Since I cook fairly often, a co-worker asked if I had a good banana bread recipe today. I sent her the link to your banana bread recipe since it is the only one I use now. It makes the best bread that I don’t even look at other recipes. I think one of the best parts of your blog (outside of the recipe) is the comment section. I love to read how others have cooked your recipe and what variations they used. It has made me much more experimental in my cooking. Thanks and I look forward to more recipes to try!

  14. jeanette

    We’ve seen pictures of your lovely kitchen, I think it’s time for pictures of your garden. You always talk about the abundance of veggies you have, I would enjoy viewing some pictures.


  15. Bigmike

    I would like to see a small section on your site of stories and recommendations that you would have for other people who want to enter the world of food blogging.

    Pages with experiences with setting up and running a foodie website; interactions with other bloggers and from different conferences and events; any rules about blogging recipes from published cookbooks; thoughts about photographing food in a appeasing manner.

    As you might guess from my suggestion, I am currently on the edge of the fence about starting up a (possibly niche) foodie blog site myself. Unsurprisingly I look to your site for inspiration.

    I suspect I am not the only one who is tempted to start in the direction of a food blog, and who might like some experience from those who have trudged through the process.

    Hi Mike, I would suggest visiting two sites. The first is Food Blog Alliance, a tutorial site for food bloggers that I started a while ago. The second is Food Blog Forum, a site with an interactive forum and tutorials for food bloggers run by my pals Jaden Hair and Diane Cu. Food Blog Forum is probably better for beginners, and both sites offer excellent advice. ~Elise

  16. Maria Wright

    Elise, I found your blog accidentally by typing simply recipes on the search engine, and have been visiting every day since. (I meant to type ‘simple recipes). It’s been a while, and I have so enjoyed your recipes and hearing about your outstanding parents and friends. I hope to see a book someday written by you about the sheer wonderfulness of growing up in such a functional family. Not something we hear a lot about. I’m sure you’ve become an excellent cook, but writing is obviously what comes naturally to you. Keep blogging. Maria

  17. Andrea

    I can’t think of any recommendations other than I would love to continue to see how the home garden can integrate with the kitchen. Since you are local it would be fantastic to follow you along on any kitchen garden plans you have.

    You are the best, and I feel lucky that you are a neighbor too.

  18. Lynda

    Elsie, I’ve been visiting your wonderful site for about 2 years now, and have left a few comments and made several of your dishes with great success. I have 3 grown children, in their 20’s, and you have inspired me to start a blog and keep track of my family’s recipes.It’s been so fun writting about the food my mother, MIL, and grandmother cooked, plus the new stuff I’ve learned through the years.
    I’ve enjoyed reading about your parent’s remodel, and now you have your own place.So glad your helath is better and that you have found this niche and blessed so many with your writing and recipes. I look forward to all of your posts.

  19. Mariane

    I´m from Brazil and I always read your blog! Such a great recipes! Congratulations!

    Mariane (São Paulo, Brazil)

  20. Gennefer


    Look at all the people who love you. I do too. And your recipes. Thanks for all the work. When ever I get a recipe chain I tell them all to check out your site. I am always looking for vegetable and tofu recipes. : ]

    Thanks Gennefer! ~Elise

  21. Andi

    Dearest Elise,

    My most heartfelt thanks to you for posting this.

    I’m sorry to have read that you have CFS – I too suffer from it, fibromyalgia & degenerative disc disease in all three levels of my spine. So I can totally relate. I had to stop working in September 2002, spent the summer of 2003 in bed (literally 20 out of 24 hrs/day). Neck surgery in 2004. I spend 90% of my days alone with my 2 dogs.

    In 2008 I started some new therapies (Colorpuncture & Cranio-Sacral work) and started feeling a little better and STARTED COOKING! I feel so much better eating home cooked meals instead of the Cr*p my husband & I were eating 2-3 times daily – Burger King, Wendy’s, local greasy spoons (with high fructose corn syrup likely added to the grease), etc.

    I found your site last year through my usual recipe hunting method – google searches! My first one was how to make the perfect hard boiled egg! Now I look forward to reading your recipes. Your site is now my 1st “go to” search for recipes. You’re at the top of my Iphone bookmarks so I can search while I’m in the kitchen.

    Thanks to your site and your detailed instructions (thanks for all the great photos) I’m in the kitchen a lot more now. I still can’t prep & cook without a lot of pain, but I at least go into a dish with more insight & less fear now.

    Having discovered 6 months ago that much of my CFS & Fibro pain were from gluten & casein sensitivity has turned my life around. I LOVE when you give us GF-CF types alternatives. I don’t feel confident enough in the kitchen to just try replacements without hearing from someone who has tried it. The days I feel good are minimal really – so I don’t want to spend a long time in the kitchen and end up throwing away a dish I slaved over only to find it was awful! Not to mention the precious money & food wasted…

    I’ve found even my thinking is affected by what I eat. I can’t eat at Panera Bread anymore – when I do I feel lousy & depressed within a 1/2 hour of eating there. That used to be my favorite place to eat. I thought it was healthy. I think there is something in their preservatives that affects my mood.

    So – I’d like to see more gluten-free & casein-free & egg-free recipes (supposed allergy). I don’t know how to replace these items. Even fine tuning old recipes – I’m just too scared to do it. Most sites give general replacement instructions, but I guess my fibro-fog & fear makes me need to be spoon-fed. I’m an exact measurement type of gal.

    I’d also like to see some recipes on how to use coconut milk! It’s a good alternative, but darned if I know how the flavor will enhance/ruin other flavors of spices. What goes with what? A restaurant here in the Metro-Detroit Area, called Cafe Muse, makes a tomato coconut soup that was so fabulous! I never would have thought to combine those 2 (eventhough Thai food is one of my favs)! I still haven’t found a recipe to try for that. Most involve curry, & this one didn’t have any curry.

    In the past year I’ve also found the Weston A. Price Foundation & Sally Fallon’s cooking methods – going back to soaking (pre-digestion if you will) grains, beans, etc.

    I could use more info on these cooking methods & how to use beans!

    And a biggie I need – HOMEMADE SALAD DRESSINGS! My body simply can’t handle all the processed gunk – so I only know to squirt some olive oil, flax seed oil, lemon juice, garlic & oregano on each salad – I wouldn’t know how to mix these ingredients in a salad dressing carafe for a proper mixture & I’m too afraid to wing it. So some healthy homemade salad dressings would be lovely.

    One other request – German Sausage Soup. A restaurant in Detroit, Jacoby’s, is famous for it. Someone bought the place & ruined the soup & the old owners will not give out the recipe. All I know about it is: Tender pieces of Weisswurst, Bratwurst, and Knackwurst submerged in a tomato based
    broth with carrots, onion, and celery. Completely delicious!

    I think I have the broth semi-figured out – tomato soup & beef broth? I’ve only figured that out from making cabbage soup ala Big Boy’s (you can find that recipe anywhere on the web). But the rest of it – no clue. What spices would go into such a soup?

    I also am left wondering with recipes & cooking instruction – how long will something last in the fridge/freezer?

    How to store & clean fresh produce is another thing I’m unsure of. We’ve joined a Micro-Farm this year & are the proud owners of 250 sq. ft. of farm. WHAT AM I GONNA DO WITH ALL THAT FRESH PRODUCE! If I have a bad day/week/month/year it’s all gonna go in the trash! What do I do to make sure this doesn’t happen?

    Heck – how do I farm??? I’m not even sure what each plant is supposed to look like. I’ve never seen broccoli in the ground. And I’m ashamed to say that as my Mother was raised on a self-sufficient farm (she later became a city girl) & my Grandfather grew Hungarian Peppers in his backyard in Beaver Dam, WI from seeds he brought over from Apatin, Austria-Hungary in 1912. My cousin still grows pepper plants from descendants of those seeds. They are now heirloom seeds. Let me know if you want some.

    I certainly hope you’re feeling good these days & keep up the good work!

    The house is looking beautiful!

  22. Melanie

    Thanks Elise for sharing your story. I have been following your blog for about 3 yrs. and I am so happy for you. I will say that I am southern and my husband is a meat & potatoes kinda guy and he has loved everything that I have cooked from your blog. Congrats on your house and I look forward to more recipes from you and Hank. (your parents are cute too:)

  23. Jen

    Hi Elise
    I have been an avid reader for a long time. I LOVE that you don’t post something you haven’t cooked yourself (and tweaked) and if you posted only one recipe a month that would satisfy me. I often feel overwhelmed on many recipe sites – too many options, too many choices, too much overload. I don’t need to seek new recipes all the time, either. Day to day I can put myself on autopilot and feed my young family with relative ease. I look for new recipes when I want a little input from someone else, and without sounding internet creepy, I like that your site feels like a trusted friend, just sharing something your family does. I have not been disappointed by anything you’ve offered yet. Also, your sticky cinnamon buns have made me look good on so many occasions. :)

  24. Cookingfishmonger


    I have followed your blog for quite awhile. Your recipes and photos are a inspiration. Your passion for food is amazing. I look forward to what you and Hank will be cooking up.

  25. Wendy

    Elise, and Hank! Thank you! I love your blog…I have come to your site for the past year, and my family is grateful! We love your recipes and your passion for food. I have no idea what I would like you to make, or what recipes I would like to see. I really have enjoyed everything. You, are the person I look to, when I can’t think of what to cook for dinner.

    Thank you, for sharing your story and your recipes!

    Wendy Hirdler
    Middlebury, VT

  26. Gracie

    Thank you Elise for sharing. I love your site – it is one of the 1st sites I look at for a recipe or hints/help. Thanks for the phone app. I can’t wait to try the White Bean Tuna Salad, Coconut Tuiles, Steak Teriyaki & Danish Pork burgers. You are the best!

  27. Angela

    Dear Elise,
    Thanks for sharing your story with us. You’re an
    inspiration and admire you for your determination
    and talent. I love your site and look forward to
    seeing it in my inbox. Thanks for everything!

  28. Aunt Silly

    Thank you for all you do. Simply Recipes is simply beautiful. Your photos, detailed instructions and notable comments from others who have sampled, critiqued and/or edited your work is all very relevant, and makes me routinely come back to this site for inspiration. I’m also very inspired by your own story and that of your relationship with your parents. You all seem like wonderful people.
    Thank you!

  29. Gail M. Ferguson

    Thank you for putting a face and very human story behind your fantasatic site. I have been cooking for many years from gourmet dinners for 20( many recipes researched from Bon Apetit to Joy of cooking, Food Network Mom as well as my own creations.) to feeding a boyscout troop over a camp fire in dutch ovens. The scouts honored me with an apron deeming me The Dutch Oven Queen! Obviously I love cooking! I like you, went through some grieving of a death as well as my own health issues that has left me disabled. I still cook some fancy meals, entertain my sons’ friends as well as family at holidays but I must say when the day has been a rough one I head directly to your site and ALWAYS find something simple and very delicious! Thank you and please keep doing what you do! Thanks to your Mom and Dad too! What would we do without them! Gail M. Ferguson

  30. Pixie49

    Hello Elise,
    Good times and cheer in your new home, love the renovations in your living room and parents are God’s blessing to mankind.
    Being Canadien but living in Paris, years ago my sister mentionned how she had eaten Beaver. Mmmph..writing this makes me realize she might have been pulling my leg, will check on this. Anyhow, has your friend Hank ever cooked with Beaver? Or any other venison would be interesting to read.
    Cheers, ff

  31. David Hoefler

    Hi Elise,

    To say that you are an inspiration is, to me, very much an understatement. The other postings basically say it all so I cannot think of anything more to add. I just wish you the best of everything.

    After discovering your web site I seldom if ever visit any others. It seems most everything I need is well covered by yours. The only suggestion I might make is to provide a link for BBQ/Grilling under the “Recipes by Type” heading.

    Wishing you success in the years to come.


  32. nick

    Do you have any recipes for Mirin like marinated tofu using Mirin. I did one once and it was wonderful but cannot find it any longer. Thanks Nick

    Hi Nick, you can make teriyaki sauce with Mirin. Take equal parts Mirin, sake, soy sauce, add some sugar and boil down to the consistency you want. You can use this as a marinade for tofu or meat. ~Elise

  33. Will

    Hello Elise, I have been visiting SR now for the past year or so and absoutely love your site! As far recipes go I would love to see one for Cincinnati chili, Philly cheese steak sandwich, anything Peruvian. Thanks!!!

  34. Girl On A Suitcase

    Thank you for sharing… all the way from Latvia! Your recipes helped me get through being alone in Barcelona for university, confused about cooking – now I LOVE it!! cook for my whole family and it makes me happy I can bring them together with my food.

  35. Hannah

    Dear Elise,

    So happy to hear that you have over come your medical problems and are setting up yourself in your own home.

    As a student your recipes have saved me from living on a diet of pasta and sauce, and inspired me to experiment myself and to research other recipes as well and now I have a vast array of recipes which I can whip up quickly for friends and for myself after a long and tiring day and college and rowing training after wards (we never made it to Henely last year by the way)

    Keep up the good work and looking forward to Hank’s posts becoming more frequent.

  36. jeanette

    I just thought of another recipe, MOLE…mole poblano or mole ranchero. What exactly is the difference between the two recipes?

  37. jeanette

    Your story has me teary eyed! Thank you for having such a great recipe site. It’s always the first one I go to find unique/new recipes. One of the reasons the site pulled me in, is because of the interesting short stories/introductions before the recipes.

    Some recipes/topics I would love to see on your site: key lime pie, funnel cake, tres leches cake, how to make gelato/differences between gelato and ice cream, and a cheese ball recipe.

    When I have more ideas, I will definitely post them. Is there a suggestion box on the main page?

    Not yet, but a suggestion box is a great idea, thanks! ~Elise

  38. theliu

    This is such a lovely story of your site. At the very beginning, I couldn’t even boil an egg but decided to bake some yummy cookies. Your site has helped me so much from roasted pork chops to oatmeal cookies. I just wanna say, cooking is really fun.

    Appreciation from Taiwan, R.O.C.

  39. Selkie

    You made excellent decisions re windows in the living room; Bravo.
    Always need more ideas about vegetable combo’s: Raw Asparagus Salad? Who knew…
    Blessings of good health!

  40. Bev

    A friend turned me onto your blog about a year ago. I have enjoyed the recipes and your commentary. Did not know about your illness. Am delighted for your successes and thank you for sharing all the good news as well as your family stories and recipes. It has been a wonderful journey. Looking forward to the next lap and hearing more from Hank.

  41. Linda M.

    Hi, as a reader from the start,I am so glad to read about you & your beginning! I’m a little slow at commenting,having my own chronic illness to deal with I’m usually behind.BUT,I was smart enough a couple of years ago to plop you right on my yahoo homepage,so I wouldn’t miss a thing.I now feel so badly that I’m a reader & user but haven’t commented enough! And with the length of this,you’re probably glad I don’t! I LOVE all (just about) of your simply recipes & have printed them out from the start. I will post more, shorter comments & I will be around for whatever you decide to take on & show us! Thanks for being a down to earth, real girl……um woman,I don’t know, I like being called a girl.Anyway,Thanks! I love your blog!

  42. Julie

    Congratulations on your new home! You mentioned Hank knows his fish, and I’m always interested in creative ideas for seafood.

  43. Sherihan

    Elise your newsletter is the only food related one that I kept on my safe mailing list because I LOVE getting your emails, thanks for sharing your inspirational story and I am so glad that everything is getting together for you and congratulations for the new house, the test kichen and the new partnership, god bless you and your parents.

  44. Lisa

    It was an article in the Sacramento Bee about 4 years ago that first turned my attention to your site, and i’ve been a regular since. It’s good to understand your roots, too, since I find myself now in similar “transitions”. Should be an interesting ride.

    keep up the good work.


  45. Tony McNamara

    What a moving and inspiring story and what a great site this is. I stumbled across your site about a year ago I think nad have enjoyed many of your recipes. I would one day like to contribute to your site with a heap of simple but really tastey recipes I’ve found while travelling through China, but I need to hone my culinary skills a bit more :) Keep up the great work Cheers

  46. Ina


    I first came across your site a couple of months ago while searching for a homemade pizza recipe. I cannot put into words how much your recipes have challenged, inspired and taught me! I went from a repertoire of very few recipes and dreading mealtime to many wonderful dishes and joy while cooking and preparing healthy meals for my family. We had purchased a whole organic cow last year and I had no idea how to prepare many of the cuts of meat. But your recipes came to the rescue every time and I was amazed by the wonderful dishes I suddenly was able to prepare! What a confidence booster! Thank you for doing what you do!

  47. hima

    Elise, congratulations on entering this new phase of your site!

    I discovered you just recently and am looking forward to seeing all the delicious recipes that you and Hank cook up!

  48. Deb

    Had no idea this was a ‘mom and pop’ site so thanks so much for the info and pictures. Will enjoy even more now I know you are a ‘local/personal’ site. I really enjoy the recipes – seems something I have been thinking about preparing, or wondering HOW to prepare….ends up on your site. Thanks.

  49. Heather Laurie

    Thank you for sharing this post with all of us! I discovered your blog a couple years ago and have been reading it religiously ever since. Many of your recipes have been shared with my friends and family that come for dinner. If anything, your blog is always a source of inspiration for what I want to cook. Congratulations on the house. My mother and I purchased a 100 year old fixer-upper four years ago. Not a day goes by that I don’t notice something that I still need to do. Best of luck!

  50. Maria

    Elise, it was really great to read your story and I want to thank you for all the great recipes you’ve posted. One of the reasons I got into cooking is that back when I was in college, I read the eggplant parmesan recipe you posted while trying to find a copycat recipe of the olive garden version. After making your recipe, I not only learned olive garden’s one tasted horrible in comparison, but I realized cooking those dishes you eat at restaurants is actually quite easy and rewarding at home. And I also don’t go to olive garden anymore. I’d love to see some recipes with tofu and tasty breakfast on-the-go (quiche in muffin form, for example).

  51. Espahan

    Elise, No holds bared, your blog is my favorite cooking spot. Thank you for letting us into your life. I too, am a stay at home person after chronic fatigue got the best of me about 12 years ago. I struggled and came up with my own tonic, gardening, and cooking. I enjoy cooking the foods I learned from my mother who although it was the late 40’s and 50’s had farm fresh veggies/fruit and dairy products, and eggs delivered to our home. Mom was adventurous and led us on a trip around the world at meal times, while making sure we learned to cook the traditional foods of the Southwest where we are from. I love your site because of your food presentations (photos), your new twists on old recipes, and yes I love reading about your relationship with your parents. I wish you much success on your new adventure.

  52. Sharon

    I’m a big fan of Simply Recipes! I’m always searching and looking for any new ideas. I love to cook and love to eat. So congrats on the new house! And please keep the recipes coming. I think one suggestion I would like to make would be to possibly get some recipes from your readers and fans. Like me!

  53. Jane O'Connor

    Hi Elise,
    Congrats on everything!! I adore your blog and have made many of the recipes. Thanks to your parents as their friend in IL put me in touch with Simply Recipes.
    There is a French Canadian in a local town not too far away from us that made the best bread pudding with a whiskey sauce known to man. He has quit the restaurant business so we no longer can purchase the bread pudding but I would give it a try to make it if you could come up with a great recipe. He also made them for sale at a local grocery store – frozen with the sauce over it and we would just cut the size we wanted and heat in the microwave. Unbelievably yummy!!

    Hi Jane, this bread pudding with a bourbon whiskey sauce is out of this world. ~Elise

  54. Linda

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this site! It’s my absolute favorite go-to site for recipes. I always know they’ll be good. Many have become my favorites. It’s nice to know the story behind it all. Thanks again, and be well!

  55. Chicago Mary

    Always appreciate your recipes and look forward to the next post. Thanks for your dedication. Sometimes I forget to express my appreciation. Best of luck with your new home!

  56. Shelby from Dallas

    Wow, what a great post! You are such a class act and I love this site. Your parents look like really nice people. Love the recipes, especially the carrot cake, I’ve made it twice now and loved it both times. Keep up the good work, this site is like the best cookbook money could buy.

  57. jenny

    Wow, looks like a wonderful house, I didnt know your story, so thanks for sharing, I’m so happy for you that you’ve come out of the fog smiling.

    I love your blog because I know I can trust that the recipes will come out great, so keep doing what you’re doing!

  58. Marion

    Thank you for sharing your story with us, Elise. You are an inspiration to us all and I always look forward to seeing your recipes and trying them.

    Your home is beautiful. I hope you have a great many wonderful years in it.

  59. Betsey

    The best part of your story is that you AREN’T GOING AWAY! You are always my “Go-To” chef for ideas & inspiration and I love cooking with you! Thanks for everything, Elise.
    PS-if you would, please research more authentic Santa Fe or New Mexican recipes. We try to duplicate what we ate there and have used some of your recipes but need more!
    Wishing you the best, Betsey in Seattle

  60. Jo

    I venerate your website. I really do… ^^ I’m fifteen years old and Haitian. This means two thing.

    1. A meal at my house is usually, rice, rice with beans, rice with chiken and for some extra variety… RICE WITH FISH! And it’s been this way for the past fifteen years of my life *yum… -_-)

    2. I can barely cook. At all. I made cookies once and my grandma had to go to the hospital after tasting them.

    So your site is truly a godsend! Hundreds of delicious recipes, TONS of variety and best of all, easy to make! ^^

    A few months back when I got sick of rice and refused to eat it I thought I was going to starve for a while since -as I’ve said previously- I couldn’t cook, and my parents weren’t making anything not rice-based.

    You can only imagine how grateful I was to discover simply recipes. Now I get some VARIETY in my meals (since I’m the one who makes them! ^^) Not to mention that I’m no longer worried about starving to death once I move out, turning obsese or going broke due to constantly eating out.

    Big thanks and huge hugs for that! My siblings and parents are thankful too (even though the latter won’t admit it under pain of witholding anyything less than your AWESOME banana bread recipe.) ;p

  61. Venatrix

    I love love love your website. I subscribed to the feed and follow your advice and tips almost everyday. Your new house looks AMAZING, you are truly blessed. I hope your medical issues have not gotten worse and I am glad you are enjoying your life to the fullest. (from my perspective)I can only admire and hope that I can achieve as much as you have :) (I’m only 18 so let’s hope the future holds strong for me haha) Take care and Good Luck!

  62. Carole

    Best wishes to you in your new light-filled home. Joyous times are ahead for you.

    Thank you for the inspiration that you and your blog have provided to me in my own cooking and baking adventures.

  63. KiwiRob

    Thankyou for sharing your story, Elise.
    I have had M.E./CFS for 36 years, & because of this have many food allergies & intolerances. Although this means I cannot try many of your recipes, I do enjoy reading your introductions to them & the clear & thoughtful way in which the recipes themselves are written. So here is an appreciation all the way from New Zealand!

  64. Kathy Spignardo

    Elise, what an uplifting story. I have found with 3 kids that I have learned to love to cook. A lot of the food in the stores are crummy tasting, not healthy and expensive. So my kids have learned to like homemade granola, cookies, etc. So much so that they get off the bus wondering what I cooked today!
    I stumbled onto your site when I was looking for a certain recipe, and stayed for the great food but also because I got a kick out of your name being the same as my youngest!
    I have been trying to teach the kids the concept of portion sizes, which they have no problem with on veggies but not so much with ice cream! I would like to see more information (if possible) on the nutrition aspect of some meals.
    Keep up the good work!

  65. Judy


    Out of all the recipe sites I visit, yours is the one I look forward to! Your recipes are always top notch, full of flavor and the commentary keeps my interest! Please keep up the good work, and good luck with your remodel, I’ve been there and it ain’t no fun!!


  66. Brenda

    I had no idea how this site originated. Thanks for sharing your story. It makes it even more special. We too are anticipating a new kitchen this August. I can’t wait.
    Take Care and keep up the good work :)

  67. Sophia

    Elise, I love your blog. It inspires me to cook all of these outside of my normal food realm and discover tastes that I want to continue to experience. Since many are going through tough financial times with our poor economy, I’d love to see more budget recipes so that I can still have great food at an affordable price. Thank you!

  68. Natalie

    You have a wonderful site, and I for one, prefer the savory recipes you share since I am trying to be good too.

  69. Larry

    This was awesome. I’d love to see profiles on the other contributors too…

  70. maggie

    Dear Elise…Love your blog and great recipes.
    Yay Hank! He has some good stuff! What a win/win situation for all of you. Keep up the good work!!
    All I can say about the remodeling situation is..WHAT a pain in the butt, but you’ll be so happy when it’s finished. Stay strong!

  71. Kim

    I would like to learn how to make congee (sp?). It is an Asian dish that I used to eat as a child. It is a soupy rice dish that can be plain rice or have little bits of vegetables and steamed egg. I tried making it in the rice cooker and I am afraid I will not be able to do that successfully since it cooks all the moisture away. It was very soft but after being in the fridge, all the moisture was sucked up by the rice. I have never cooked rice on the stove. I usually use calrose rice. I also couldn’t successfully steam the egg. I can cook the egg in the microwave without oil but the edges are a little dry. The main reason for going through all this effort is because I am adopting a baby from China. My first daughter loved congee and I want to be able to provide it for daughter #2. Can you help me? I would like to be able to make enough for breakfast for 2-4 days and warm it up in the microwave. Thanks!

  72. Sarah

    Hi Elise…
    Thanks for sharing your life & time with us. I’ve been always gathering good recipes from your site by clicking on the new post in my inbox.

    I’m so happy that your house is on the way to finish, and boy that kitchen looks fantastic or what? (I don’t admire kitchen that looks too good to work in, but your kitchen looks like a working kitchen, which means that heaps of cookings going to be done there!!!)

    Can’t wait to see more of your adventures and wonderful foods.

    If I may, I would like to see more of “How to…” of basic terms, and things to use in cooking as I’ve been cooking only a 2-3 years ever since I married my husband. And this afternoon, I’m going into the hospital to have induction to meet my first baby!!!!

    I’ll probably need good recipes to make solids later on too…
    But for now, I’m so excited that you are cooking up and working hard to make this place so fantastic…

    Thanks heaps, and take care…
    Lots of love


    My oh my, congratulations Sarah! You are about to get very busy. ;-) ~Elise

  73. cheryl

    What a beautiful post, what I’ve come to expect from your site. I am a personal chef and I’m not shy about telling my clients that your site is my go to site for delicious, seriously fool-proof recipes. Just made the butter pecan ice cream and my clients went wild! Spirit may have taken you down the long dirt road to find your life’s work, but he’s certainly realized where your talents lie. You have a gift.Thanks for sharing and be well.

  74. Anaiis Salles

    Great story. You are very brave to have surrendered so completely to your body deciding it was time to change your life! I’ve been the recipient of a similar kind of unpredicted change of course. Keep on sharing your simple and delicious discoveries. My Menu for the Future blog is devoted to grassroots community education; city children learning where good, fresh food comes from (dirt) and then what to do with their harvests. Would you consider blogging a few simple recipes on my blog — simple, delicious dishes kids can cook (8 yrs+) with ease as they develop kitchen skills?

    I had chronic fatigue for five years, and then food choices, supplements, and meditation lifted me out of the hole. Still deeply tired now and then, but able to work a job and a small garden plot. I volunteer a lot now after no longer working at a high-powered career, which makes me happy.

    Keep on cooking and enjoying each day as it comes.Thanks for the recipes!

  75. Anonymous

    As a parent of lactose intolerant kids-I’d love to see recipes that don’t contain dairy or have dairy free substitutes (that you’ve tried and tested, and parent-approved). I’m having a hard time coming up with new things and I’d love to see what two experts can do. Simply Recipes is a gift in that arrives with welcome to my inbox. Thanks!

  76. Ms. Love

    I love the fact that you share yourself and your life. It makes this site more than just a place to search for recipes but a familiar place to visit where there is a story behind every food group.

    I will continue to visit this site as well as read and experiment on these “Recipes from the Heart”.

    Thank you,
    Be blessed

  77. Esther

    I love all the reliable information you have on your blog. I would love to see more about using “ordinary” ingredients in less common ways and less common ingredients which can’t hardly be found in any cookbook. For example, it’s easy when reading references about chives to see a casual comment about replacing onions with chives or eating the flowers. But without more details, I have to experiment (including flops) to figure out which part of chives to use, how to use them, what needs to be done to the flower to use it in a salad, etc. I would love more information about things I can grow and use more extensively than I do now, including borage, raspberry leaves, mint, squash blossoms, Jerusalem artichokes, etc.

  78. Connie

    I love your kitchen but I love your story more. I quit lawyering and became a blogger and I never regretted it, and I feel all mushy inside when I read stories about other professionals who have done the same.

  79. Doly Salprakash

    Hi Elise,
    Thank you for sharing your inspiring personal story with us. I think that you are strong and are an inspiration for everyone who aspires to be a better cook.
    Keep posting more recipies.

  80. Vickie

    THis is my go to site for when I need something yummy and oh so do-able! absolutely favorite, the recipes are so delicious and within the realm of the home chef! Just enjoyed 2 loaves of your lemon bread recipe! and countless others. Thank you so much! and I loved this post.

  81. Patty

    I never realized this was a “real person” column; thought it was just someone putting recipes together so I am so glad you wrote this story. I am glad to know your background and happy to hear about your progress. I absolutely love “family” stories and will continue to enjoy the recipes you print. In the past, I enjoyed so many of them ~ and now I have a beautiful face to put along with them…welcome Hank also…God Blessings to you both….

  82. Annie

    Just wanted to join the chorus of fans and supporters. I began reading your blog in ’07 after my own medical crisis. It’s a miracle that I’m alive, but I, too, am chronically fatigued. At first I was too tired to do more than read your recipes, but I can now cook (!) a bit, during my best hours in the middle of the day, a couple of days a week. I’ve tried out and enjoyed many of your recipes, most recently the easy blender hollandaise, which I can never, ever make again – it’s just too good on local, in season asparagus.
    Thanks so much for what you do here, and for sharing about your own grief and recovery.

  83. Maggie, The Night Owl

    I love your site! But, at this time of year, I get so frustrated with yours and other sites like yours. . . Everyone is grilling and I can’t. I want to use the recipes and the broiler in the oven, or bake them, but I need a quick and dirty way of ‘translating’ grilled recipes into indoor oven type cooking and thus attempt getting at least close to the real thing. Any helpful hints?

    For years before I got a grill we used either a cast iron pan, a grilling pan (also cast iron), or the broiler for recipes that called for grilling. You don’t get the flavor from the smoke, but these options are alternatives. ~Elise

  84. John in Oregon

    Thank you for the wonderful recipes. I stumbled upon this site a couple of years ago and its been my main source for inspiration in the kitchen ever since!

    I’m looking forward to the Italian recipes. I love Italian, but don’t cook it often.

  85. Christine

    Thanks for sharing your story! I wanted to comment and let you know how much I appreciate and adore your blog. I randomly found it about four years ago. I just finished school and began to get into cooking and baking, now that I had a kitchen again. I tried a few of your recipes which were full of helpful tips and pictures, and before long, I was consulting here first before looking elsewhere for a recipe. Every recipe I have made has been delicious and when people rave about what I have made I let them in on my cooking secret weapon, your website. I give credit to you and your blog for my love of meringues! I look forward to the new recipes as you explore and learn more about food and cooking!

  86. Pamela

    Thanks for the update. I never knew the origins, just liked the recipes. Do you have recipes for those of us that are sodium and/or cholesterol challenged? I would apprpeciate anything you can post. Keep up the good work!

  87. Rosemary

    I am a big fan of your blog, and had no idea you were producing and updating such an excellent resource against these odds. I’m very impressed, and congratulate you on all your excellent work. And from me, my flat-mates, my boyfriend, and my friends who have benefited from what I learned here…. Thank you!

  88. Erin

    I just want to tell you I love your site. My husband is a chef and he keeps saying he will teach me to cook, but he doesn’t really have the temperment (or the time) for it. So I’ve been using your blog to teach myself how to cook, and everything I’ve made from your site my husband has LOVED! So keep up the good work!

  89. Trish

    I just wanted to say that your blog has always entertained and enlightened me, today’s post especially so. Thank YOU for letting us share your ideas, goals and your fabulous parents (and your respective kitchens). May you and your cast of regulars enjoy many wonderful moments in your new space! :-)

  90. Sue

    Hi Elise and Welcome Hank,
    I have always loved your blog, Elise, and now it’s going to get even better. I grow a garden and we also have berries, apples, and plums. My DH goes fishing and is good at it. He also hunts for wild game. We go crabbing in the bay in fall and also dig for clams. So, you see, I am thrilled about the up and coming foraging, gathering and gardening aspect of Simply Recipes. I know the two of you will continue to make it wonderful.
    Thanks, Elise, for sharing that difficult time in your life and for the new life you are making now.
    Love your house and your kitchen is Fabulous.

  91. Mother of Pearl


    Thanks for the update. I love what you did with your living room – quite the transformation!

    I love your recipes, but I could use a few more that are budget conscious and kid friendly. I also would like more game recipes – especially venison. I get venison from my dad every year and it is hard to find good recipes for it. Thanks!

  92. Valeria

    I have been very pleased reading the last “behind the scenes” part. I´m from Mexico (I live in Mexico City) and I just want to thank you for all your efforts, which must be a lot day by day (posting, searching, cooking, cooking again etc,…) and for sharing your love for cooking with all of us. Thank you. I have enjoyed A LOT of your recipes.

  93. Suzanne

    It seems like a great time to tell you: your recipes are favourites in northern Canada, too. Thank you (and your guests! and your parents!) for all the time and effort to share such fabulous recipes. My husband seems disappointed when I cook something new and it “Isn’t Elise and her parents’ recipe?”

    Renovating… oh, dear! says she who has lived the past 35 years in the process of building and/or renovating around herself! Take special care of yourself, Elise and thanks for sharing a bit of your home life.

    Suze in Fort Nelson, BC

  94. Barbara Blandford Helm

    Elsie, I struggle at this time of the year with ways to use crab meat, lump especially. I would love a cream of crab soup that did not have thousands of ingredients. Also, a good crab salad.

  95. Latha


    That’s a very inspiring tale. life is indeed a blessing in many ways. Some of it we come to realise only in times of pain and sorrow.

    There’s always a warmth in all of your posts. Now I know it comes also from the people around you.

    Your new kitchen is brilliant. tell me with all the cooking how do you still manage to keep it so tidy? Nice to see you, your parents and Hank.

    Tidy? Hmmm, I sweep twice a day. That kitchen gets dirty by just looking at it. That and I tidied up a bit before taking this shot. Happy cooking! ~Elise

  96. Helga

    THanks for sharing so much of yourself. What a journey you have been on! Much thasks to your parents as well! I so enjoy these recipes finding their way to my mailbox and look forward to opening them up.

    I am probably different than many of your other readers in that I was raised on a dairy farm and still garden and raise dairy and poultry organicaly. A return to organic and whole foods is making a comeback, thankfully, and the benefits cannot be matched in puritu, health benefts or TASTE! ANd of course, I have coked with these products for years, and also am in an area with a lot of great polish italian and german foods besides as well. Its great to be where I am!

    To that end, I think folks would love to see quick recipes for natural ingredients. Time is always a tight commodity and I think folks think they don;t have time to cook fresh!

    Thanks for all you do and a great welcome to Hank!

  97. anna

    Hi Elise,
    Your story is inspiring! The recipes look really great!
    Thanks for what you do! I’m on Flickr too! So check out the artwork I have!
    Anna :)

  98. Annie B.

    Elise, I’ve come to your site for about a year, now and every time I visit, I come away feeling as though I’d had a lovely time with friends or family. You and your parents are so inspirational and so many of the recipes remind me of my Gram’s cooking. She made many foods from her childhood and her German Gramma, who was from Bavaria. They’re simple, but good, hearty dishes that are also good for the soul! I miss her and finding so many of the same type of recipes as she made, makes me feel at home! Thank you, your lovely mom and dad and now, Hank, so much!
    Annie, from Oregon.

  99. Jennypenny

    I have been reading your blog for a few years now. I found you when I googled “how to cut a mango” :) and I’ve been a faithful reader ever since. Your site is usually the first I go to when I am digging around for a recipe for something. I’ve always thought you post a nice variety of recipes. Congratulations on the house!

  100. DIane Cooper

    Thanks for the details on the history of the site! Glad that you found your way to this career!
    I LOVE THE LIVING ROOM!!!! SO much character!

  101. Terry in Colchester, VT

    Elise, thank you for sharing your story of perseverance! You are an inspiration. I hope your health issues are all behind you for now. I look forward to many more years of wonderful recipes and the notes and insights that you always include (not to mention the beautiful photos).

    I have been reading and following both you and Hank for a while now. My wife and our two daughters are good sports at testing my attempts at duplicating your dishes. My three-year-old has a future as a forager, I believe. She helped be find and pick fiddleheads this spring and devoured them after they were cleaned and sauteed with a little garlic & butter. (What doesn’t taste good covered with garlic and butter?)

    The other day I was going to make my smoked sausage with onions & peppers, when I open up your post and saw you had a picture of that very dish! I used your version (celery seed was a great addition) and it was a big hit!

    Congratulations on your house, but take it from me, it will never be completely finished. Just when you think you have it done, you’ll be inspired to remodel this or upgrade that. But that’s part of the fun.

    Keep on keeping on – can’t wait to see what’s coming out of that beautiful kitchen next!

  102. Roberta

    Thank you for this post. It’s great to see a picture of your parents that you write about so often. I found your site by accident, but it is no accident that I keep returning. You consistently have the best recipes and the comments are always interesting, too. Like a little bonus. Now, I’ll start checking out Hank’s site on a regular basis as well.

  103. Kathy

    Hi Elise! Thanks for sharing your story! Seems to be there is a lot of that chronic fatigue/illness around. I suffered some from that in the past few years also and know how difficult it can be to “rise out of the dark”, as I used to call it. I can’t even remember how long it has been that I’ve been receiving your recipe emails, but I totally enjoy them. I love the variety you have. I can’t think of anything I’d like to add for you to try, which I know is completely unfair cause I know how hard it is to try to figure out other people’s appetites and make meals according to such. lol.. I struggle with that every day just for my family!! Hence the love of your site. Sending hugs and wishes for continued recovery and success. Thanks so much for the time and effort you and Hank put into these recipes and the site!

  104. Lori

    I’m a fairly new reader to your blog and have really enjoyed it. Thanks for telling us about your background-I found it very inspiring. I love simple recipes, like the one you posted today (White Bean and Tuna Salad), that will work for a packed lunch or a nice dinner at home. Thank you for your blog and allowing us in to your home.

  105. Natalia

    Elise, thank YOU!!!

  106. Jennifer

    I love your blog/website, best of luck to you. I can’t believe it took me so long to discover your site just a few months ago, but I’m so glad I did. We just finished a remodel / addition to our 70-year old house outside of Philadelphia that we bought in 2001, so I can feel your pain!

    As you look to discover more recipes (I’ll try to find you some too to share with the world!) my hope is that you keep the wide (yet tasty) variety. One thing I love about your site is that there’s recipes for all levels of cooks, yet everything seems to come out so delicious whether it’s simple or a complex recipe.

    Best of luck to you, and thank you for making me look like I’m a much better cook than I really am!!!


  107. daniela

    I love you, elise! you have facilitated many happy evenings around the dinner table with family and friends. thank you!!

  108. Helana Brigman


    This is a lovely, heartening, wonderful post. I enjoyed reading about the “behind the scenes” of your food blog soo much.

    Whether you know it or not, tons, and I really do mean TONS of people are positively affected by the work you do on this website everyday. After coming across your blog two years ago, I’ve told EVERYONE about Simply Recipes. My girlfriends and I have a joke that we’re making “an Elise recipe” and I find your cooking website so inspirational that I finally created my own food and cooking blog, Clearly Delicious in 2009.

    Keep up the good work! I love learning and reading and eating everything you bring us!

    PS: How about some more Cajun cuisine? I would love to see your take on Crawfish Etouffee. I have a recipe I’m posting on my blog tomorrow that you just might like.

  109. mary econome

    I love love love this blog and am so happy to have read your story. My son and I spent last summer making all of your ice cream recipes (mint is my favorite but the one where you start with browned butter was yum too!)and just yesterday my boy asked when we could start our ice cream production again! I have lists of recipes from yur blog that we can’t wait to try-so far everything we’ve made to date has been a winner. Congratulations on the new home….looks like your kitchen is big enough for one more local girl. I have skads of family favorites that wow my friends, both from my family and my husband’s Greek family. I would love to share them with you and the rest of your fans.

  110. Mauricio

    I have been reading your website for a long time, and I really like it , and a truly enjoy your recipes – all of them -.
    I´m from Zacatecas, Mexico, thanks for sharing your story and your recipes….
    Sigue adelante!!

  111. may

    Yeay! =) I used to visit other food blogs more frequently until the discovery of yours! Your blueberry cake recipe — now slightly modified — has been a constant joy in sharing with family and friends. I am amazed you could buy a house from blogging! I need to learn from that! The renovations look amazing! I’d love to visit and do some cooking in that spiffy kitchen some day if I ever make it to California!

    Recipe request: French macaroons! That would make me real chuffed. =)

  112. Nancy

    Love the house, love the recipes. Best wishes, good health, God bless.

  113. Sarah

    Congratulations on such a successful journey! You’re an inspiration to all. Keep doing what you’re doing, and we’ll keep on reading :)

  114. Cece

    Oooohhh, that was really sweet and intensely touching. I’ve been a subscriber and avid user of your deliciousness for quite some time and knowing more about you, Hank, your lovely parents and now your new home just makes it all the more precious. Thank you so much for sharing your world – I wish every one of you the very best. Now I’m going to go cook something in your honor!
    Hugs to you Elise!

  115. Andrea Meyers

    Elise, I’ve been reading your site since I tried your cream of wild mushroom soup in winter 2006. I’m so happy that you have a place of your own, that you are well, and that you have continued your work in the ktichen. And I’m totally envious that you get to work with Hank! I look forward to all the wonderful things to come.

  116. paprica

    Dear Elise – first time to leave a comment here, but I’ve been following and adoring Simply Recipes for about 2 years. I’m a japanese, so some of the recipes are so foreign to me. But your pictures are so inspiring that made me want to try, and your recipes are actually “simple” to follow and “delicious.” I introduced my favorites to my japanese friends (in japanese) and they love trying new tastes. I also LOVE your house renovation photos… can almost feel the space and light in the room.
    I would love to see some ‘low carb’ recipes that taste good. My husband and some of my friends have been looking for good diabetic recipes.
    Thank you!!!

  117. Marietta


    Thank you for sharing your story and all the wonderful recipes.Congrats on your new home!

  118. Aaron

    Thank you for sharing Elise, it’s great to hear what has been going on with the site. This is my #1 go-to place for recipes because every post here is so much more than just a recipe–I really feel this blog has taught me a lot. The time and care you put into this are so evident.


    I’ve been trying to make black bean cakes / burgers with marginal success for a while now. I seem to be off in the balance of things needed even when following recipes in every detail. With your tex-mex background maybe you and your mom would have the key to this? :)

    Thank you again!


  119. Katie B.

    Thank for sharing your story and for sharing your amazing recipes over the years. Whenever I am stuck about what I should cook for a dinner or making a dish to take to a party, your blog is my default food blog for recipes and research. I have enjoyed the recipes over the years and look forward to the new recipes too!

  120. Sheindele

    Elise, it was interesting to hear about the origins of your blog and what is going on behind the scenes, and I find your story inspiring. I discovered Simply Recipes a couple years ago and enjoy the daily posts, even if particular recipes don’t appeal to me. As for your future plans, my special interest is in finding a wider variety of healthy, flavorful food using organic, sustainably farmed ingredients. I love ethnic foods for the variety they add.

    Like you, my life has been affected by health problems, including chronic fatigue. In addition, after many years in a high-stress, high-profile job, I was laid off six months ago. In spite of the financial stress, this has actually given me time to refocus on my goals and my health, and I’m doing more healthful cooking, nurturing my home garden, and transitioning to a home-based writing career. You can see why your story resonates with me! So, congratulations, and keep inspiring!

  121. Dorothy Lewis

    Thanks, Elise, for Simply Recipes. I especially appreciate “Cooking for Two” since I’m an 83 yr. old widow, living alone. I prepare my own meals and it’s just not a lot of fun to make elaborate dishes to eat alone. I would appreciate recipes for one that are quick, simple and easy to prepare. This would be very helpful.


  122. Allison

    Lots of luck Elise with your new home! Thanks for sharing your story and especially for sharing your recipes. I am a loyal reader and refer to your website for almost everything I cook! It’s helped me create delicious dishes and I’m forever grateful. Welcome Hank! Keep up the great work :)
    Any coconut chicken (batter) recipes?

  123. Carolyn

    Elise, I realize we only know each other through occasional blog comments and emails, but I am just so proud of you. Trying to be good about putting stuff like that out there in the world, so there you have it. You’ve done an awesome thing here. Thanks for blazing the trail.

  124. ems

    Hi Elise! I only discovered Simply Recipes a few months ago but now I check it every week. I especially love the vegetable section, with very simple, fast, healthy and delicious ways to cook a variety of green vegetables. I’ve been making some of the chicken and pork recipes too, and they have all been delicious and well received by my family. Thank you so much to you and your family and friends for all the hard work and care that goes into this wonderful site!

  125. Mark Boxshus


    This was a truly touching post, and one I can relate to on a few levels. I too have endured some major surgery the past couple of years, as well as an onslaught of medical bills which brought me to my knees. In the process I started my blog as a way to share and learn with the food blogging community, and discovered your blog along the way.

    Your blog, the recipes and stories are amongst the ones I cherish and look for all the time. I now have several of your recipes which I consider to be amongst the best I’ve ever tasted. Your approach is always logical, well thought out and usually very delicious. Your parents and Hank have certainly had a wonderful influence on you, and it shines through with every post.

    After reading this today, I’m now motivated to get back to work on my own blog “Boscoe The Cookie Doctor”, which has been sitting idle for a very LONG time. Thanks for your inspiration today, which was sorely needed, and continue the great work.


  126. Renee

    Elise, I just want to tell you that you have one of the best food blogs going. Your recipes are always delicious and easy to prepare. I enjoy seeing the pictures of your parents and love the fact that you are so close to them and this is a family affair. I am happy to hear you are overcoming some of your health issues and want to wish you continued growth with your blog and your health and loving family.

  127. Pille @ Nami-Nami

    Dear Elise – just to stop by to say that I enjoy reading your blog – and have noticed the guest posts as well. I must admit I’m most keenly reading various American recipes on your blog, as this is the cuisine I don’t know much about and don’t have any books on. Made your Sloppy Joes (almost to the letter) recently and enjoyed them.
    (So I’d love to see even more American recipes on Simply Recipes :))

  128. Jeannette

    Elise, I’d like to thank you for the numerous recipes that you have posted that I have tried and loved. I hope that the love of food and sharing your recipes continues throughout your life as it did with your parents.

    I would love to see your recipe for a veggie burger. I tried one last week that was MUCH too salty and tasted too much of cumin. I’d like to see your fresh take on something like this.

  129. Jowanda

    Thanks so much for sharing your story!

  130. Alta

    Elise, I’m so glad Simply Recipes is still growing and thriving. Congrats on the house – and the Groundskeeper Willie status. Your blog has served as a great resource – and source of inspiration – for not only me, but I can imagine many other bloggers and home cooks alike. I love that Hank will be making a regular appearance – his blog is an enjoyment to read as well! Continue to keep close to home with your recipes – you have a wonderful mix of comfort foods, a few trends, and a big dose of California freshness that I can’t get enough of. Great work!

  131. Maria E.

    I have been reading your post/webpage for some time now and have updates sent to my email. Your recipes are tried and true and if I am looking for a hint or recipe, yours is the first site I go to. I am a HUGE fan of foodtv.com and TRULY believe YOU are the FoodTv.com star. Your posts are for ‘real people’ and well-written and with heart and humanity (and the pics are awesome and realistic). I nearly cried when I read your ‘behind-the-scenes’ post because it puts a person behind the recipes. But what is so amazing about it is there was ALREADY a person I had identified with. Bless your heart and thank you for sharing with all of us.

  132. P.D. Yoko

    Elise, thank you for sharing your story. As a cancer survivor myself, and a former caregiver to my father who had lung and brain cancer, I appreciate your journey with your friends. My deepest sympathy for your loss. I also want to thank you for your time and effort on Simply Recipes. It’s by far the BEST site for consistently delicious recipes…and most of them very easy. Now…when you have time…could you add a section for Light Cooking for those of us who are watching calories, carbs and scales? Take care of yourself and continue enjoying life.
    Peace be with you,

  133. Emily

    Elise, you are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing the personal history. I’ve never commented on a blog before, but like I said, you’re an inspiration! Thanks for the recipes, the sharing, the caring, and the love of what you do. I have pulled so many recipes from your blog, I can’t even remember them all. I will be making one of them this weekend though!

    By the way, you have my heart-felt sympathy on the remodeling! I’ve been living in a construction zone for 8 years.

  134. Caron Golden

    Congratulations on the house, the beautiful remodeling, and the addition of Hank! I sat next to him at one of the BlogHer presentations last fall and he cracked me up. Lucky you to have him next to you professionally and regularly!

    You’re on a wonderful journey, Elise! Keep traveling and including us along the way!


  135. Sandra Simmons

    Is it weird that I had tears streaming down my face as I read this post? Well, I don’t care! Thanks for sharing this story. It’s very inspiring to hear about the good that comes out of adversity. I love this blog and have from the minute I discovered it. Your post today just deepens my love for it! I’ve always thought – wow, that Elise is one perfect lady. Thank you so much for telling me you’re not!

  136. Julie Testerman


    I have thoroughly enjoyed your recipes and the comments and thoughts that usually accompany them. My adapting your recipes has become easy. I would really like to see more “low glycemic” recipes. That means no white rice, white flour or white pasta and no oils that aren’t olive oil or grapeseed oil. It also means more fresh veggies and dark leafy greens. It isn’t that hard to do. I am a health and wellness educator and I am constantly telling my students that if they just ate low glycemic, cut out all the “prepared sauces” and ate only whole grain for grains, that their body would thank them and work much better. My theme for them getting to the proper weight for them is that “if they eat the right foods and not eat the wrong foods, it will just happen.” Your website could be something I direct them to for new and innovative ways to do that. Thanks for allowing me to comment. Julie Testerman

  137. Gary In Massena

    I’m Back!

    After thinking about it overnight there are two things that I would like to see here on Simply Recipes.

    First, I’d like to see more component level recipes with follow up to a more full recipe (e.g. the BBQ Sauce recipe of a week ago).

    Second, I’d like to see some food pairings. For example – if presenting a recipe for a main course maybe suggest some other complementing recipes for sides.

    And then, if you really want to have the bees knees of foodie web sites – come up with a ‘Garanimals’ style tagging system that allows you to easily mix and match mains and sides. (Hmmmm….. but if you do come up with something like this I would like at least partial credit for the idea!).

  138. Marcia


    I’ve been a faithful follower for four years and had no idea how your blog came about. Thank you for that story, heartwrenching as it is. And “thank you” to your parents for being such wonderful, loving souls. You are very fortunate indeed.

    You inspired me to get back into the kitchen and really cook again. It’s rapidly becoming a passion that I plan to pursue in earnest. Many of your recipes now reside in my binder of favorite recipes and it keeps growing as you keep posting.

    I am an adventurous cook and I love to try new things, but my husband prefers meatloaf, chili, burgers, and the like. Would you and Hank explore new takes on old comfort food favorites? I’m also on a quest for the the perfect biscuit recipe–tall, light, fluffy and flavorful–and have yet to find it.

    I’m glad you and Hank have joined forces. I grew up a few doors down from Morrison Wood who authored the 1960s classic cookbook, “With a Jug of Wine.” I was far too young then to appreciate who our famous neighbor was, but now love to peruse my copy of his book for ideas. I’m glad the two of you have joined forces and look forward the fruits of your joint venture.


  139. Nancy

    I read your blog all the time, it’s even on my yahoo page! All your recipes look so wonderful and aren’t usually long complicated recipes that take all day to make! Sometimes I just like looking at your pictures! :=) I also like that you’ve included your dad in your blog…that really makes me smile.

    Your blog has been my “go to” place for simple, delicious recipes. I did not know that you had been having such a difficult time, but I am very happy to hear that things are doing so much better for you.

    I do like grilling recipes for the summer and long slow cooking recipes in the winter. Berries and fruits and fish recipes would also be great!

  140. Glenda

    YEEEEEEEEEEE-HAW, PRAISE BE, AND A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-MEN!!! I sooooo love a success story and coming from one who is generous with knowledge and praise of others makes it even better & such a blessing. You GO, girl!

    Your blog was my first ever to access and follow (EVERY day!!!) and I joined Twitter because of your blog… didn’t figure out how to use it until recently (my account was quite old by then and had never been accessed since!). Got on it and now check out other tweeps who love to cook and love food.

    Because you have so much spare time and all… I would love to find a recipe to imitate the green peppercorn sauce served at Churasscos in Houston, Texas. We don’t live near there anymore and I crave it like mad!

    You can’t imagine how delightful it is to have access to your sharings and your life. All the best and God bless you for making my day better every day!


  141. Sophia

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us. It is a beautiful thing to have a safe harbor to go to when life’s storms have battered you. I am glad you are ready for your next step, but staying close to your parents.
    I have enjoyed your recipes and your wisdom shared here over the years. Some of my faves are your dad’s ratatouille and your collard greens w/ bacon. Simply Recipes is always the first stop in my recipe searches and I love to share your link.
    I love the wisdom, tips & background experiences that you share along with your recipes. Your photography just makes me crazy with hunger some times!
    Thoughts for future recipes/themes? One dish I love but have rarely is Pasticcio – a greek version of lasagna. Mediterranean cuisine in general provides a nice variation on familiar ingredients. Also, my mom is Korean and used to teach cooking classes. I’ve been blessed to have her recipes, yet not always sure how to share them. Finding a 2nd gen with access to their family recipes might be a fun expansion on your own story.

  142. bureaucrat

    Hi Elise
    I’ve been reading your blog for a few years now – I love it!
    I especially like your no-fuss cooking that’s always a bit different and very tasty.
    And your photographs are like food porn ;)
    I wish one day I can do what you do – cook with family in my dream kitchen.
    Keep blogging =)

  143. Ellen Lehn

    Hi Elise,

    Thanks for your site. Good luck with the house, your health, and everything.
    Can you help with this? I read on one of the food sites how to make a reasonable substitute for truffle oil by infusing oil with 2 herbs–I can’t find it again and can’t remember what oil and which herbs.
    Thanks for your help.


  144. Ian Forest-Jones


    Thank you for sharing your story. One of the reasons why I have been so appreciative of your site is that you are a “normal” person, who likes to create “normal” food for “normal” people. You’ve been quite a blessing to my family and I.

    However, I do have one question, though: How is your father so slim? Judging from the introductions to your recipes, I half expected your father to be ‘huge heifer’ of a man, who eats, like, all the time :-)

    Anyway, congratulations on the recovery and the remodel. I’m confident that I will continue to enjoy your recipes as long as you keep posting them!

    Hah! Great question! My dad has an amazing metabolism. He also works out with weights at the gym twice a week, and bench presses 250 lbs. He mows the lawn, a rather large lawn, and does all of the yard work, and much of the housework. On the days he’s not at the gym he takes long walks around the neighborhood. The guy never stops moving, unless he’s reading or taking a nap (which he does more these days, but let’s give him a break, he’s 80!) And he’s 6’2″. So there’s a lot of him to feed. He eats oatmeal for breakfast, and leftovers or some cottage cheese with tuna for lunch. So, it’s not as if he’s eating the heavy stuff all the time. He’s also not much of a drinker, probably only a beer and a few glasses of wine a week. There you have it! ~Elise

  145. Steve

    I enjoy your site very much and always consult your recipes when cooking something new. Before my son returned from a year in Iraq, he called and said he really wanted a cookout at home. I took recipes for baked beans and potato salad from your site. Over 30 people raved about both dishes and there were no left-overs. Thanks for contributing to the happiness of welcoming our son home. Please keep up the good work. Best of luck with the house!

    Hello Steve, I’m so delighted that our recipes helped you welcome your son home. Please thank him for us, for all that he has done, and is doing, for our country. ~Elise

  146. LJW

    I don’t mean to take up room by posting again, but I was sitting here noshing on one of my favorite snacks: granola bar. I usually buy Nature Valley, because they’re tasty, crunchy, satisfying and seemingly more healthful than stuff like Quaker etc. And I went -*DOING!*- That’s what I’m dying for! I would LOVE a recipe for granola or granola bars that were still tasty, but not so chock full of sugar or corn syrup or whatever sweetener, that it negates the benefits. I already have plenty of recipes for ones with sugar out the wah-zoo. It needs to be a hunger stopper, good for a pick-me-up between meals or like a mini-meal if had with yogurt. Thank you! :)

  147. ridojiri midori

    This was far and away the best western cooking site I’d seen in quality and dedication when I first saw it 3 years ago.
    Thank you Elise, thank you.
    You are an inspiration.

  148. Ammedemol

    Dear Elise,
    I am a big fan. Your baked goods section is perfect. I have tried so many recipes from it and each of them come out really delicious. With this post, you have opened your heart and home to us, forging a familial bond with your readers and fans. You are the inspiration for our family blog of recipes(based in US/India).
    Thanks and keep posting – Lara.

  149. Uma

    Thank you for sharing your story. I love your blog and your recipes and always check when I need inspiration. Thanks for all the recipes and I’m very glad this was not the goodbye post I feared it was when I started reading :) Wishing you all the best.

  150. Kris

    That’s awesome! Congratulations.

    I always check on your site when I’m looking for something new to make. I have several of your recipes that I’ve made over and over again. It will be fun to see what Hank brings to the table now that you are partners.

    Maybe you could do meal planning together?He makes the protein and you make the app, veggie, salad or dessert?

    You’re the perfect pair!

  151. Lily


    I have been reading and cooking from your blog for a long time now, and your recipes have always proved tasty. I made the peppercorn steak for my husband a few weeks ago, and he LOVED it. Any time I am looking for a recipe, I check here first. I appreciate that you have tips as well as the recipe, because I am new to cooking. This is what has kept me coming back, because a real voice is speaking through these entries.

    Your story touched me, and I feel thankful that you have made such a great work of your life. You are a noble woman, and a great cook.

  152. Amanda

    Elise, I’ve been reading your blog for a few months and thoroughly enjoy it. Your writing style is easy to read and the recipes are easy to follow.

    Good luck with the new house and remodel!


  153. Mary at All About Potatoes

    Elise, congratulations on your new stage of life and here on Simply Recipes!

  154. Christine

    No!! Thank YOU! I am a huge fan of your website and tasty recipes. Thanks for always updating and sharing (for free, at that!).

    As for recipes I would like to see. . . How about more beef and turkey recipes? Or, what about more treats? ;) Your cookies and desserts are THE best!

  155. Elizabeth E.

    Ditto everybody’s comment wishing you well. Love this site, and I’ve made some of your recipes (one’s on my website and is credited–I’m an English teacher).

    Hope this new adventure is fulfilling, challenging, happy-making, and I hope your health improves/stabilizes and basically doesn’t get in the way of what you want to do.

    Thanks for your blog!

  156. Melissa in El Cajon, California, USA

    Congratulations and good luck on your new collaboration! I love your recipes–as I mentioned in a recent comment–I often find something “just like mom made” (Sloppy Joes.)

    I am looking forward to retirement in a few years, but until then, want to put good, quick, home-made meals on the table after a day at work. I would welcome any recipes that are that: good, quick and don’t involve pre-packaged anything (other than pasta or rice, let’s say.) So maybe a week or two of “meals” — protein, vegetable, starch and dessert.

    Best of luck!

  157. Allan Rosenberg

    I am an 84 year old widower who never made anything more complicated that a fried egg. After my wife died about 7 years ago, necessity forced me to try my hand at cooking, or I would have starved. My wife had been an excellent cook and left a personal cookbook for our 4 children. As it became necessary to cook in order to eat, I used some of Barbara’s more simple recipes. My kids sent me to a gourmet cooking class in Fort Lauderdale for 5 sessions with Jean Pierre and by then I was hooked. When I set up my Google Home Page I included “Simply Recipes” and it has been a source for much of my cooking experiences.

    I put my first recipes in a cookbook for my 9 grandchildren and it was so well recieved, that I put together a second volume, and am now into my 30th recipe for a third volume also on a blog — allan-nowiamachef.blogspot.com/ .

    Whenever I add a recipe I like to credit the source and I wanted you to know that you are my most frequent reference. You have been instrumental in bringing a new outlet to my life, and I want to take this opportunity to say a sincere “thank you”.

    Thank you Allan! ~Elise

  158. Gretchen

    I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and cooking is one of the few things I can get out of bed for. I’ve always loved food but cut corners on my cooking, eating processed and restaurant foods, but in the course of diagnosing my illness I also discovered that I had multiple food allergies and celiac disease. What started as an attempt to cook food that wouldn’t make me sick turned into a real joy and passion for cooking healthy, seasonal food. Shopping and cooking are now things I love to do even though my energy is still very limited; I am more engaged with my food than I’ve ever been, and I’m eating better, and focusing on cooking more fresh vegetables is also helping with my husband’s health issues.

    Your blog is one of my major sources of inspiration, and the recipes I’ve made from it have all been delicious. I might not ever make everything I’ve bookmarked (my eyes are bigger than my stomach) but I can read from bed and dream about what I’ll get to cook next time I can get up.

    I’m delighted to hear that Hank Shaw has joined; I was always interested in foraging as a little girl, and so his blog has also been a delight for me, and might inspire me to get out more and see what I can gather around here! Even if foraging is a little too much for me, his approach at melding his unusual ingredients with the familiar makes me more creative in my own cooking. For instance today I had some extra syrup from making fresh aprium compote: just aprium juice with a little lemon and honey. Smelling it made me think it would go well with chocolate, and so I made cocoa using it as a sweetener, along with a pinch of good chili powder. It might sound strange but the flavors complemented each other wonderfully.

  159. Jana de Libero

    First of all, congratulations on everything! Life, house, moving up and on… Yay!

    I find that I like to occasionally read articles about a full dinner planned around an event. It could be anywhere from a huge production (Christmas dinner) to a smaller, frantic affair (crap, parents/friends/boss/work-out partner are coming over and I already told them I could cook but I don’t have much time). Within those articles, talking about timing and the tastes you put together would be particularly interesting/useful.

    Thanks for all of the great recipes! Your recipes have been printed and turned into part of a regular cookbook that I use at my house.

  160. Ms. Jen

    Hello Elise!

    Yay. Extra Yay. Triple Yay.


    Thanks Ms. Jen! ~Elise

  161. Megan

    Very heart warming story. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your recipes. Truly simple and delicious! I loved your pumpkin cheesecake recipe but would love to know how to make it without the pumpkin. I tried another online recipe and it did not go well.

    Thanks so much for sharing your life~! Glad you are doing better health wise. =)

    Thankful subscriber,

  162. Vikki Wright

    My grandmother (many years gone now) and I used to make an very old family recipe for coleslaw. This recipe was vinegar based and had no mayonnaise or sugar, therefore safe for hot southern summer heat. She insisted the cabbage and onion be sliced very fine. I do not remember any thing else.

    One summer we skipped making the coleslaw for some reason and the next year neither of us could remember the recipe as no one had (of course) ever written it down.

    I have searched for years for the recipe through every source I can think of. Any help you can give me would be appreciated.

    Vikki Wright

  163. Marcio T

    Hi Elise,
    I see your blog every day; I have it right in the middle of my iGoogle home page. I like your style of writing simple, and your beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing your story; it gives me a lot of positive energy in a difficult time. I am Brazilian and would love to see some Brazilian recipes such as a simplified feijoada, bacalhoada, farofa, etc. I also am grateful that you introduced me to the site Chucrute com Salsicha, a prime-class recipe site, as is yours.
    Marcio T

    Hello Marcio, I love Fernanda’s site! And Fernanda herself. By the way, here is a bacalhoada recipe that was introduced to me by Fernanda. I think you can find it on her site in Portuguese. It’s great! ~Elise

  164. delicieux

    What an inspirational post!! Like many others, I had no idea you weren’t a professional chef. You do a fantastic job.

  165. Les C.

    Thank you for sharing your story and your parents. Your tacos are on our menu weekly, and I could never (after 6 years of trying) make a decent meat sauce until I tried penne with meat sauce. These two recipes, along with your tuna macaroni salad, were also easy to prepare while tent camping in the woods with 5 small children (a cooler and dry herbs necessary) and an unbelieveably welcome(and healthier) departure from boxed food. I’ve recently used your stuffed shells for a dinner party.
    It’s been about a year since I stumbled upon your site through sweetjuniper.com (roasted parsnips, I believe) and I’ve never been more satisfied with a cooking blog.

  166. Carol Berçot

    Elise, You´re a lot like me. I’ve never had a serious disease, but cooking was the way I find to keep my mind as healthy as I need. And the kitchen is the place where I find a very good feeling.
    I’m a Brazilian girl and I would love to read posts about Brazilian food. Brigadeiro, baba de moça, cocada and other brazilian desserts would be welcome!
    Thanx for your dedication. Thanx for keeping this awsome blog!

  167. Health Blogger

    I like the simple yet savvy, cash-saving tips on how to make your own basic ingredients, like vanilla extract, or how to make fresh herbs last longer. I like how you explain what a certain type of ingredient or herb is useful for (I like parsley a lot more now). I like how you describe the way a veggie which I’ve never tried tastes like, and how your words illustrate the experience. I love your recipes and the great photographs. I like everything about this site; it’s my favorite recipe source on the Web. Thank you so much for sharing all your great recipes and cooking tips with us!

    I am sorry for all the grief you went through. Dealing with chronic fatigue is terrible in itself, but going through the loss of dear friends brings inexpressible sadness. I am truly sorry. It must have been terrible for you, but I am very glad that you have been able to do something that keeps you motivated and active every day. It’s inspiring to see how your passion has fueled the growth of something you started, which brings joy to so many people living in so many places. Many more will continue to find your recipes and enjoy them.


    I am a girl with multiple illnesses (chronic fatigue is one of them) and food restrictions (I have to stick to low-fat, gluten-free, dairy-free, easy-to-digest foods), and I know that there are many people out there that share my conditions. If you could share more healthy recipes in general, that would be way awesome (because everything you share tastes great!). Thanks for all the delicious gluten-free recipes!!

    I like squash (any and all types will do!), but sometimes I have a hard time coming up with different ways to prepare/cook them (because eating them the same way all the time will make them unappealing after a while). There are many types I have yet to try (I recently discovered spaghetti squash and loved it!).

    If you have any more recipes for any type of squash (especially zucchini, Mexican squash, and spaghetti squash), I will be looking out for them.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work in getting the recipes out to us!! You can bet they are well appreciated, both directly (by the household chefs) and indirectly (by the families who enjoy your wonderful recipes).

    Wishing you, your parents, and fellow contributors the best!


  168. Nabeela

    Thank you for giving us a peek into your life :) It looks & sounds awesome…groundskeeper willie and all :)

  169. Circle K

    Elise, I read your blog every day and have tried countless recipes. It all brings much joy to my life. Thank you for perservering!

  170. Megan Bruton

    Hi Elise, you are an inspiration and every recipes on your site I have tried has been great. Your banana bread is almost a weekly treat, your fish tacos rock, your meatloaf is perfect…these are just a few that are a part of our standard rotation.
    I have been reading a lot more about food, specifically “meats” and where they come from. A friend has a grass fed dairy farm where we get dairy and also beef – she has also been able to help us find chicken. I recently found a local farmers market that has pork. And so we are almost covered as far as the “meats” we like to eat. Challenge is that they are very different to cook, especially beef. I believe they are healthier to eat but I would love to know if you have any experience with “grass fed” foods.
    My only other request is around healthy vegetarian meals. As such meat lovers – its hard for us to plan meals without meat:) And so I am throwing in a once a week veggie meal, unfortunately my insticts tell me to fry it or cover it with cheese!! D-lish but not all that healthy.
    Thanks again for your blog, best of luck with your new home.
    Cheers, Megan

  171. Karen in Michigan

    Elise ~
    I loved seeing your new home and learning more about how you got started doing this. I’ve subscribed for several months and have tried many of the recipes. I’ve been delighted with them all! The first one I tried was the Spicy Turkey Soup with Yogurt Chickpeas and Mint. It’s become a favorite with my family, friends and coworkers! I’ve been on a soup adventure for a while now and would love to see a Hungarian Mushroom Soup recipe….creamy, full of flavorful mushrooms and just the right amount of paprika. YUM! Looking forward to LOTS more yummy meals straight from Simply Recipes! Thank You for doing what you do! ~ Karen

  172. Darci

    Thank you, Elise, for everything you do. Your site is the first one I go to for guaranteed good, fresh recipes. You make me look (and cook) good.

  173. Jone

    One more request…I’m looking for a recipe for a pasta dish I used to make many, many years ago and have since lost the original. The ingredients were: Rigatoni, fresh spinach, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, italian sausage – out of the casings, onions (red, I think), chicken broth, corn starch (to thicken the sauce), and red pepper flakes. I think there was a couple of different kinds of mushrooms used, and the orig recipe called for chicken ital sausage (instead of the pork). I think that’s the basics though. Have you anything like it?? BTW…PLEASE continue to post recipes. I never tire of trying as many as I can, and dreaming of all the others. :-)

  174. Jone

    This is my first time posting. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story. You asked for requests for recipes? Many years ago, I had a baked Ziti pasta dish made with Ziti, ground beef, and the sauce was (from what I recall) a mixture of tomato-based spaghetti sauce and a beef gravy. It was topped with Swiss cheese and a little mozzarella. I’m sure it had onions, garlic, etc…can’t remember the particulars, but I DO remember it was absolutely delicious and very simple. I haven’t been able to find anything like it, and have been unable to duplicate anything similar that knocks my socks off. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks again for the many, many wonderful recipes!

  175. Jan

    The thing about this website is that, even with the huge stats that you’re seeing from visits to this site, it still feels like a “homestyle” site. Not in the rudimentary, poorly-written, badly-lit pictures way, like so many others, but in the “comfortable to be here, easy to read” way. We love your website, and I just purchased The Flavor Bible for my husband for Father’s Day, based on your review of it. I appreciated finding that area of your site.

    I also appreciate photos of tricky-to-master subjects, like tying up a whole chicken, or making your own noodles, or things that a starter cook doesn’t really know how to do. For those of us who didn’t grow up cooking, but who are interested in creating good and healthy food, I love websites like yours that detail the lesser-known options and processes.

    Anyway…thank you! Good luck with this website, you have so many fans! And congrats on the formal addition of Hank to the site! I’m excited; I’ve read some of his other recipes here and I’ve always loved them.

  176. Lily

    I love your website too, Someday I would like to start my own. I stumbled on your website a couple of years back, looking to do somthing wilth peas, and I found the salad frozen peas and smoked almonds love it and I make it often. I love to cook and I also pick mushrooms, berries and different kinds of leaves to make tea and medicine. I love your website becouse you have so much info and not complicated I’m on here at least once a day. Thanks. and by the way I love the dinning room.

  177. Shirl Martin

    Hello Elise,
    I have been reading your blog maybe two years. It is so fun and your parents so cool. I made and will always make your mom’s turkey. I am a pretty good cook myself but loved reading your thoughts. We do a lot of smoking meats. This past year I didn’t want to smoke the turkey and I started looking around for a baked turkey recipe. Your mom’s turkey was the very best I ever had…thank you.

    Another favorite was your dad’s pineapple unside down cake I love it so…thanks.

    I am glad you are keeping the blog going and I will be there with you and now Hank, the best to you both.

    Love the house, enjoy!

  178. George Cardona

    People like yourself inspire me in many ways, I’m a native New Yorker residing in the Carolinas for about ten years know. I’ve had an opportunity to cook in many restaurants in New York as well as Charlotte, NC. I would like to share some recipes with you when I find them. I’ looking forward in trying some of yours this weekend.

  179. Harrison

    Having heard parts of this story very recently, and having benefited from this site for the last year or so, I’d like to just take this opportunity to thank you for the generosity of sharing these recipes with the world. I’ve had so much fun preparing these, and even more fun eating them. Honestly, I think these good meals are a significant portion of what’s keeping my family (mom, sister, and I) together (this and the latest season of Doctor Who). So thank you.

    We love Doctor Who. Well at least my mother and I. My dad thinks we’re nuts. ~Elise

  180. Sarah

    I saw you quoted in an AP story about english muffins (uh, random) this morning, but they mis-cited your web address! Lame!

    Yes, but the good news is that AP corrected the web address within minutes of my drawing it to their attention. Don’t know how to get the articles that have already shown up corrected though, oh well. Fun article, who knew there was so much intrigue to Thomas’ English muffins? ~Elise

  181. Lisa

    I have never commented here, but I just wanted to say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog! Everything I’ve tried has been amazing. Thank you.

  182. cpr

    Love your blog! I think you should come out with a cookbook. I’ve made a lot of your recipes and I think they’ve always turned out great. :) Maybe take a year to only develop recipes for the cookbook, but also include your best or most popular recipes from the blog in the book(so the book isn’t a duplicate of the blog). I love photos of every recipe in books too. Well, that’s my suggestion. Otherwise just keep on with the blogging- it’s fun to read. :)

  183. Sharilynn

    Thanks so much Elise, it was great to read your story! I have never commented here, but I always turn to your site first when looking for recipes. We just returned from nearly 3 years in France, and your simple, fresh recipes are always so creative but easy to prepare with ingredients there. I opened it today to see if you have any tips for making crispy, sweet-potato, oven-fries. I actually haven’t checked yet, I thought I’d comment first and just say thank-you so much for creating this blog through all you have been through. And if it isn’t there already, feel free to experiment with sweet potatoes ;) Congratulations on having created a really amazing thing!

  184. Toby

    Elise – echoing congrats! on your new home and new direction of simply recipes. looking forward to the next chapter in your amazing story .. and of course more awesome recipes.

  185. Tori

    Hi Elise! I’ve been a fan of your site for ages and have reccomended it to many of my friends. I would love to see more Mexican recipes, as someone else suggested. I would also love to see a tried and true recipe for homemade tortillas. And, oddly, something with Anchovies besides ceasar salad. I’ve been dying to try these now that I’m outside of my “icky!” phase and am dying for a recipe. :-) So grateful for this site!

    Hi Tori – well, I do have a how to on corn tortillas, haven’t done the flour version yet. I love cooking with anchovies. If you do a search for “anchovies” in the search bar, you’ll find some of the recipes that use them. My current favorite is pasta with cauliflower. ~Elise

  186. brenda @ afarmgirlsdabbles.com

    Thanks for sharing your story, Elise. It is very inspirational and gives you much authenticity. I love your blog, your writing, and your food – thank you so much!!

  187. Nick

    Hey Elise…you did what others in my life could never achieve – you taught me how to cook. In fact, you taught me how to truly enjoy cooking. And for that, I will be forever grateful. Please keep doing what you do, and always know you have one very committed and appreciative reader. Sincerely, thank you for the gift of kitchen competence ;-)

  188. Victoria

    I really love the simplicity and familiarity of your recipes, they definitely work for my family. I know what a tall order this is, but I would love to see some exploration into a few more exotic cultures, like authentic Chinese or Indian food. The few dishes on the website, like the Curry in a Hurry or the Chinese salads, have the same accessibility as your Mexican or Italian recipes, but with the new and interesting flavours I love in multicultural food. These cultures can be difficult to get into, with their novel ingredients and flavour profiles, but I found that when you took them on, they became more approachable.

    I would definitely love to see you and Hank do more along those lines!

  189. Debbie Toner

    I love to cook and have choosen your blog to be on my home page and read it on a daily basis. I love it and it has helped me many times on what to have for supper on many a trouble nights. I have been looking for one of my grandmother’s favorite’s oatmeal date cookies she has since passed and I would love go make them for my grandchildren, please see what you can find for me. Thank you.

  190. Julie

    As a native of the Bay Area, I have loved reading your blog and recipes over the last few years while we have been flung far and wide due to my husband’s job. Your site is often the first place I look when I want a new recipe. Thanks so much for sharing all of your wonderful recipes. Your pot roast has become one of our standards and I plan on trying your turkey tip this Thanksgiving. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

  191. Karen

    Your new house is beeeeeautiful. The lush walk up to the door is giving me major yard envy! Having just finished home shopping myself (well, it was year ago, but it sure feels like yesterday) and not having run across anything as lovely your house, I’m quite jealous. Thanks so much for sharing the photos! I’m glaring at my front yard now with an eye to boulders and overhanging greenery that I hadn’t considered. You’re an inspiration beyond cooking!

  192. Susan

    I wondered how you got into blogging but was too reserved (polite) to ask! I have to tell you though, that when someone rises above life struggles and finds a new way to a live fulfilled life, I am in awe. Thank you for letting us get to know you better.

    I’ve come to Simply recipes in just the last year or so, but initially because you were in Carmicheal. My husband and I had been caring for his Mother in Woodland, where he grew up, so it felt like I was getting to know a neighbor! I’ve used many of the recipes you’ve presented since then, all successfully. I’ve also enjoyed some of your comments about what you find around Sacramento.

    Aside from being near the state capital, you are so fortunate to be in one of the farm belt areas of California. I’d love to read about what you find when you forage around in the back country and do some features on the crops of small farms of the area. (ie..We used to get peaches from Manis Ranch and eat foods from local clubs (think: Kiwanas. Rotary etc) at the Yolo County Fair) There must be a lot more local finds that we’ve not had the time to discover and it might shed some light on where so much of the country’s food comes from. I’d like to see some of this..it might be fun for you, too!

  193. Michelle @ Brown Eyed Baker

    Elise, It’s so wonderful to hear your story. I am sorry for the loss you have suffered, and am tremendously happy for the steps you have been able to take. Congratulations on the house and here’s to many happy days in the (beautiful!) kitchen!

  194. Kiran

    Congratulations on the good news :) and thanks for sharing your space with us.

  195. Tom

    I have your gadget pinned to my iGoogle homepage and never open the browser without viewing what recipes you have highlighted. I have done the majority of the cooking in our home for my wife and I since our children have gone off to college and become independent (well sort of!). Anyway, your recipes are great. I like the history lesson for each. They are easy to read and straightforward.

    I have always been Groundskeeper Willie, the plumber, painter, electrician, carpenter, mechanic etc. Glad to know we have another member of the clan!

    Thanks for all you do and loving your parents so much. It shows!

  196. Liane

    Thanks so much for sharing your life and your food with us. Just over a year ago I knew just the basics. Then I found your site! Now I can try new recipes with confidence with all your helpful tips. You’ve been so kind in answering my questions too. I pointed my sister to this site who is also just learning to cook, and the other day she made your stroganoff! This girl was the one who set a towel on fire in home ec class, and she made stroganoff! She said she loved it and can’t wait to cook more! Awesome.

    At the moment I can’t think of any specific recipes, but I do love how you keep things simple and break it down. Even your most complicated recipe I can think of that I’ve made, the lasagna bolognese, is easy to follow. Keep it up! :)

  197. CB

    I read your blog on a daily basis and I enjoy every single bits of it.. thanks for sharing and would love to have that type of photography skills!! =)

  198. Justine

    I just started reading your blog a few months ago and I’m hooked! Thank you so much for sharing!

    I am trying to eat right and am always up for trying healthy foods…but my folks aren’t big on veggies, so I’ll take any help I can get in that area! (I also love your Mexican recipes!!)

    Thanks again :)

  199. abby

    Thank you, Elise, for being such a wonderful person, and for the thought that goes into your website. I’ve been reading it for at least….five?…years now, and I love it more every day.

  200. Randi

    I have Simply Recipes on my Google home page. Thank you for continuing to provide me and my family with inspiration and new recipes to try. I’ve added many of your recipes to our “What We Eat” notebook. Wishing you continued success with your blog and new house!

  201. Brenda

    Yes, I can relate to your experience nearly 100%! Thank goodness for parents. Your story is that you came out of this health crisis with new purpose and a new home. My story is similar, except that I came out of it with a husband and two children. My father is 81 and my mom is 77. Now I get to experience their decline from afar living away from my extended family. It’s tough. I’m so glad that you get to stay nearby and give back to them, when the time comes. Congratulations, Elise.

  202. Pam I.


    I just wanted to let you know that Simply Recipes is and has been my FAVORITE food site for the past few years! Your site is the first one I go to when I need help making a special dish, or just ideas for dinner. Your straight-up approach to food and cooking is so enjoyable! Keep up the great work!


  203. odlaram7

    This post made me so happy! This is one of my favorite blogs period, and I’m looking forward to this collaboration. I don’t think there’s a recipe on here that I’ve tried and not liked. My favorites are Moqueca and Grilled Spicy Citrus Ribs. Also loved the Chocolate Bourbon Cake and Brandied Cranberries. I couldn’t have made London Broil or steamed an artichoke without your help.

    I’d love to learn how to make different kinds of homemade pasta and cavatelli, apple strudel (Joy of Cooking has detailed instructions, but sometimes photos are helpful :) ), tamales, and a really good deep dish Chicago style pizza. :)

  204. Michele

    I’m new to Simply Recipes and not even sure how I found your site except that I was tired of cooking the same ole meals and looking for something new.

    Thank you for sharing your story. Seems like times (in one way or another) are hard for everyone right now and it’s nice to hear something positive. I apreciate your being willing to share your life and recipes with all of us and look forward to following your site.

    Thank you,

    Hayden, Idaho

  205. Heather

    I had NO idea that you are not a professionally trained chef!

    I am not kidding, your website changed our cooking and eating life. I reference it constantly.

    Oh, I am so not a chef. Just a home cook, taught by my parents. Thanks for the props! ;-) ~Elise

  206. Helen

    Hi Elise

    I wouldn’t normally be so cheeky but seeing as you did ask, how about a tad more vegetarian recipes please?

    I love reading your blog and seeing the very obvious closeness of the Bauer family.


  207. Hthaiwon

    I read your blog daily and reference your recipes almost as often. I love your holiday recipes, your mother’s recipes and the photography. Thanks for producing such a wonderful site and for sharing the behind the scenes story.

  208. Michele Hollar

    Anything you choose to put up would be much appreciated, Elise. I have a notebook of the recipes I prepare all the time, and you would be amazed how many of them come from your blog. You just do things the way I do. So I’m sure anyone you pick to join you would also cook like me. (I love Garrett’s recipes.) Good luck to you and it’s fine if you don’t post as often, please just don’t stop posting!!

  209. Margot

    Hi Elise,

    You’ve shared such an intimate piece of you life with us, and I thank you so much for that. It helps keep people like myself motivated and inspires so many.

    I admit, I’ve tried a multitude of your recipes, and although I rarely comment, I have loved everything I have tried.

    Congratulations on 7 wonderful years with Simply Recipes. It truly has been a huge inspiration for myself as well as my family and friends.

    Wishing you all the best for the future!


  210. Dawn (KitchenTravels)

    Hi Elise – congratulations on the new house! I kind of like that rustic living room look you’ve got going there. ;) I am grateful to you not only for sharing your great recipes, but also for sharing so much of your wonderful spirit. We met at the BlogHerFood afterparty last year, when I was a fledgling blogger… ahem, I didn’t even have a blog name yet, much less a site. Not only did you take the time to have a real conversation with me, but you introduced me to several people (including Hank – yay!), shared some invaluable blogging tips, and generally made me feel welcomed into the food blogging community. Thanks so much for that.

    No suggestions this morning for recipes I’d like to see (maybe later when I’m fully awake), but whatever you post, I’ll follow along. :)

  211. Branden Simbeck

    Thank you for this site. It has contributed to more than one meal at my house.

    I would love to see some additional kid friendly recipes. Not so much in food choices, but in preparation. My son (age 3) has cooking at his daycare center and loves it. Even if he doesn’t always like to eat it.

  212. Cynthia

    Elise, I’m relatively new to your blog and love it. You write & cook with such love of the the whole process that it’s easy to enjoy reading even if i never try the recipes. I appreciate you sharing the changes and suspect the blog will become even better. I love the ‘career change’ aspect of the story…and the willingness you have had to risk and grow. Perhaps if you and Hank run out of ideas, you might focus on some of Sac’s local hidden food treasures, home cooks, and ethnically rich resources…new Hmong cookbook from Sac area was just in news… I’m curious about that? Enjoy the journey.

    I love that Hmong cookbook. Cooking from the Heart: The Hmong Kitchen in America If you get a chance, try the cucumber juice recipe. You can get the Hmong cucumbers at the Asian farmers market, down the street from the down town farmer’s market. Garrett and I spent a day with the author last year and tried at least 10 of the recipes. So so good. ~Elise

  213. Sara

    I started reading a few years ago when Jesse Gardner (who was the best man in my wedding) suggested it. Yours is my automatic go-to site when I have a new farmers market find that I’m not sure what to do with, or when I just need some inspiration! Love it, love it, love it.

    Hi Sara, you are indeed lucky to have Jesse as a friend. He’s taken a full time job so I don’t get to work with him as often. He’s basically done all of the design work on this site for the last several years. Brilliant designer and good friend that man. ~Elise

  214. Traci

    It seems you have lots of followers. I love your postings. You even turned me on to Steamy Kitchen.

    We’ve been on a pizza and wings kick in my house. I’ve been making my own dough and would like a good, basic thin/cracker crust pizza dough that doesn’t require odd ingredients like dough enhancer or stretcher or anything else like that. I’m a diabetic and can eat an extra slice if the crust is thin. Plus my husband loves Shakey’s thin crust pizza (it’s been a LONG time since he’s had any).

    We made Jaden’s wings (parmesan garlic) last night. They were absolutely wonderful. A variety of baked wings recipes would complement our thin crust pizza wonderfully!!!

    Thanks for your postings and drive. I look forward to watching your new house come together too!!

    Hi Tracy, real thin crust pizza takes some skill to make. I have certainly not mastered it, though I think the trick to it is to really let the dough rest as you stretch it out. My shortcut for thin crust pizza is to simply use a large flour tortilla, top it with toppings and put that in a hot oven on a pizza stone. Not exactly the same thing, but very easy. ~Elise

  215. Michael

    Simply the Best post ever on SimplyRecipes! Good luck and best wishes,

  216. martina

    No idea you got trough so much. Happy to know everything is in the right place, now. I’ve just prepared your lemon popsicles… to enjoy at the first Italy world cup match tonight. I think they’ll be lovely with a goal! Enjoy your new home

  217. Emily

    I stumbled upon your fantastic blog five years ago while using google to find a carrot cake recipe while sitting in my first off-campus apartment – I remember you had introduced the recipe with an anecdote that was just begging me to try it – student who likes to cook but with little cash to do so! Since my lucky discovery this blog has become my go-to for all my kitchen experiments and has really made me realize my passion for cooking. I really want to thank you for all your work and wish you luck on your new project! Welcome Hank!

  218. Shannon

    Wow, how funny that this was posted today. I always like to learn about what goes on behind the scenes of some of my favorite blogs. I had actually come here just now because I was looking to see if you had any goat cheese dessert recipes. I have been looking at a couple of my favorite blogs this morning, and it seems like no one really has done much of that. Maybe it’s because I LOVE goat cheese, but I think it would be delicious in dessert form, maybe with strawberries or something else. I’m not that great with coming up with recipes on my own, which is why I love blogs like yours that are reliably good and why I love coming here for inspiration. Keep up the good work!

  219. Maureen Smith

    Patrick, my parents made something that sounds like what you’re talking about – it was cucumbers in sour cream. There was usually onion, black pepper and maybe just a sprinkling of sugar. It had to sit overnight, so the cukes would release a little water into the sour cream. I loved it. Haven’t made it, though. Husband and son won’t touch it.
    Elise, thank you for sharing your story. I have followed your site for five or six years. You’re a click away on my google homepage, and you are the first one I come to when seeking a new recipe, because I know it’ll be good. Thanks.

  220. Marion Olson

    Hi, Elise –
    I’ve been reading Simply Recipes forever, and I cook from it on an almost-daily basis. It’s become my favorite go-to source to answer the perennial question “What’s for supper?”

    Congratulations on your new house and on the wonderful renovation, and thanks for the details of your backstory. It’s a tough way to grow, but it’s obviously been a good trip.

    Good luck as the site evolves, and enjoy your successes!!

  221. Vikki

    Hi Elise and Hank,
    Thanks for sharing your story. I am sorry for your losses. I’m also inspired by you.
    As far as new things what about fresh herbs. When you need something like savory or chervil for a recipe what else can you do with it. Mediterranean type dishes would also be good. Also when cooking with wine and recipes say use red – what kind of red, sweet, dry etc… not using the correct red can really change a recipe.
    Thanks for all that you do. We’ve enjoyed many recipes from your site and look forward to trying more.

  222. Jim McCauley

    Thanks for doing SimplyRecipes. Really enjoy it and have it on my Google home page. Read it every day and I have made a number of recipes and never been disappointed. Keep up the good work. Jim

  223. Karen Lee

    Hi Elise, I just started following your postings for the last six months or so. Haven’t got a chance to try many of them, but I love how your recipes are not complicated. Please keep them that way, simple and simply recipes :)
    I have been looking for more cake recipes without using leavening agents (I read that baking powder is not good for health?) and right now am having hard time finding good basic yellow cake recipe. If you can share it, that’ll be great. Thanks and keep up the good job!

  224. Javier Escalante

    In my last post I said BUSINESSMAN… I stand corrected, I’m glad to see that a fellow BUSINESSWOMAN is doing good!

  225. Javier Escalante

    Hey, I often visit your blog to get recipes and I love them! However, I´d never read your personal posts. Glad to hear that a fellow dot.com businessman is doing well and growing his business… BTW, I’m in Mexico and your site is pretty popular among some of my friends. ADD: International readership!

  226. alta

    As a diabetic, I would be very grateful if you could include carb info with recipes. (Success comes in limiting carbs to 45 grams per meal, and if it’s white it aint right)

  227. Irene M.

    Hi Elise;

    Your site is wonderful!! Simply Recipes is part of my start-up page on my computer, and every morning at work, you can hear me commenting “oh, that looks good” or “oh, I’ve got to try that!” I truly believe that every person should know how to cook – it is economical, it is good for your body, it is great for the environment, and it’s a great way to gather with friends.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  228. somia

    Best of luck in your new home and new ventures! I love your site and have cooked the most recipes from it than from any other food blog (your pineapple upside cake being the most requested and favorite recipe)

  229. Jo from London

    As you might guess from my name, I am one of your global readers and I absolutely love the blog which I found about 4 months ago. It’s now one of my three must-read food sites (along with BBCGoodFood and Epicurious) which, as a committed food nerd and snob, is about a big as compliment as I can give!

    It’s particularly a real pleasure to read recipes from a different culture and to mine the site for typically US-ian recipes. I just made for my Mum’s 65th Birthday brunch yesterday the rustic onion tart and the blueberry breakfast casserole which both went down an absolute storm.

    However, one thing I would like to see on the site is either a conversion tool/guide or recipe measurements given in metric (grams, kilos, mililitres) because it is very hard to work out things out.

    It took me a quite a while to figure out the various equivalents (what egg is a regular size US egg, what is plain milk equivalent to in the UK version, what is a cup of grated cheese in weight or fluid oz and etc etc etc etc….) and I’d love to make more of your recipes but my maths technique is just not up to it!

    Other than that, loving the savoury focus of the recipes and the great pictures! So glad it has been such a massive personal and professional success for you and the family. :-)

  230. Karen Restad

    you guys are awesome

  231. Nupur

    Elise- it was so inspiring to hear the story behind Simply Recipes! Congratulations on your beautiful new home, and I look forward to everything I will read on this space.

    I treasure your blog for the fool-proof, simple, delicious recipes you feature.

  232. Shelley

    Hi Elise,

    My mom grew up in Carmichael, and I spent my childhood east of Sacramento in once sleepy Shingle Springs. Funny how the world can seem so small.

    I have enjoyed your blog for more than a year now. It is my go-to site for new recipes. In fact, just this month I made a batch of your caramel (it makes a great addition to coffee) and a double recipe of the baked chicken parmesan; lemon chicken is on the menu for later this week. Your cranberry apple pie and pickled beets have been hits at holiday get togethers, and my siblings and their spouses (with some help from my husband and me) gobbled up the whole chicken with grapes recipe. Thank you for your hard work in the kitchen and for bringing us such reliable, yummy recipes. Congratulations on the house.

  233. Jennifer

    Hi! I love this site… I only recently discovered it but have cooked many of your dishes! I absolutely love love your Chicken Tomatillo Stew recipe! I would love to see more dishes from around the world, especially Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Dishes! Keep up the good work!

  234. Joanne

    I’m a first time commenter but have enjoyed your site for a long time now. My husband’s the cook in the family, but I love to grab your recipes and tackle something new on the weekends. I just bought a big jar of pickled lemons in a Mediterranean grocery, so any recipes using those would be great (I hear they’re good with chicken). Congrats on the new house!

    Hi Joanne, preserved lemons are great with chicken, see our Moroccan chicken with lemon and olives. Preserved lemons also make a lovely relish for fish (Grilled salmon with preserved lemon relish). ~Elise

  235. Kim U

    I’ve been reading your blog & relying on your excellent recipes for ages, but I had no idea of the backstory behind your blog. Thanks for sharing your family’s recipes. I’m looking forward to seeing how your blog continues to evolve. I really appreciate how many of your recipes are for solid, practical, not-just-dessert food, that still is delicious and fun to make. Thanks! Wishing you all the best.

  236. Rossella

    Hi Elise, my friend Sabrina was diagnosed with chronic fatigue only last month. She is 27. I think addressing her to Simplyrecipes.com making her notice what you have accomplished in the last 9 years (how many lives you are touching “only” with your interest in good food and its sharing) will surely make her heart lift. Have fun decorating the new house!
    Much love from your eager reader, Ross

  237. Queen of Quirky


    Much love and appreciation to you, as always. So excited for the new and exciting updates in your life.


  238. Steve-Anna

    Elise, having lived through all of this with you over the past, what, 13 years? All I can say is, I am sooooo happy for you on so many counts right now.

    God bless your parents, God bless the new home, and God bless Hank! I’m not sure any one of us can take the title, but I count myself as your biggest fan – and not just for your blog ;) You have enriched my life on many many levels, and for that I am deeply grateful.

    I can’t wait to see what unfolds in this new chapter of your life and for simplyrecipes.com.

    Love you~

  239. Morgan

    I really enjoyed knowing about the person behind the site. I don’t really have favorite sites except for news sites, but I really enjoy the simplicity of the site’s navigation and information. I have enjoyed having simply recipe as a resource and as a nice asthetically designed page to look at. The pictures of your family and story made it all the more personal by going to this site. P.S. My husband is Brazilian. If you know or find any really good Brazilian recipes I will be seeing your site on a daily basis due to the Google app on my iGoogle page. Have a wonderful day and thank you again.

    Hi Morgan, I do have a few Brazilian recipes. I suggest visiting my Brazilian friend Fernanda’s blog http://chucrutecomsalsicha.com/ for more Brazilian food ideas. The site is in Portuguese, but if you find something you like perhaps your husband can translate? ~Elise

  240. Amy in Seattle

    Elise – I stumbled upon your blog and now it’s part of my everyday life. I’ve passed it along to my mom and sister in law. We love it! Your recipes have been a part of many meaningful family dinners. Thanks for your dedication and hard work. I feel bad making a request but, here goes! On a trip to New York City with my husband and 3 kids we ate at a great restaurant in Little Italy. The penne alla vodka was amazing. I have tried to recreate it but with no success. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks again!

  241. June

    Congratulations Elise and thank you for sharing this with us. Some of the roads we travel have incredible hills and valleys but in the end the strength of the human spirit prevails. Best wishes for well earned happiness in your new home!

  242. Gary in Massena

    First of all, I am sorry for your losses and estatic for your successed!

    SimplyRecipes was the first blog of any kind that I read and then regularly read after searching the web for a way to make an edible Pot Roast. Over the years I’ve enjoyed every moment purusing your blog. I’ve tried, in most case successfully, making many of your recipes. And all in all I find this a comforting place to visit on a regular basis.

    While now I am one of the foremost consumers of Food Blogs on the net… this is the one that comes up first whenever I sit down at my PC, coffee in hand, ready to look for that new idea, that new piece of inspiration.

    Best ~ Gary

  243. Robyn

    Thank you for sharing your story! Yours was the first food blog I started reading years ago, and you turned me on to several other excellent blogs. Thank you for inspiring so many great bloggers and home cooks who love to follow you and others.

  244. Jenny

    Thank you for the background info. I became a reader just over a year ago and have made a lot of your recipes.
    I often search your site for dinner insperation.

    Thank you!

  245. stephen

    Great post, Elise…I have to say that the effort you put in really shows: Simply Recipes just keeps getting better and better. Congratulations on your house and on the obviously beneficial association with Hank, and thank you so much for making Simply Recipes into such a go-to resource for inspiration, both in the kitchen and at the keyboard….
    best, Stephen

  246. Smita

    Dear Elise,

    As a long-time follower and fan, please allow me to say Thank you! Your site has been an incredible resource – informative, without being intimidating. I’ve made a bunch of things including jam, using your recipes. Thank you so much for sharing your story – you rock! Every good wish!

  247. Terri

    Hello Elise!

    I’ve FINALLY gotten through this massively long post. *huffs and puffs from the expense of energy*

    Just poking a little fun.

    I think it’s wonderful your finally able to be on your feet again in both a physical and emotional sense and I hope everything keeps moving along as smoothly as possible for you.

    I do have a small suggestion that might need to be a much later post but I’d love to see actual Tamales on here. I’ve looked through the site searching “Tamale” and couldn’t find anything but Tamale Pie or some other variation of it.

    Not that it’s a bad thing mind you. Just something I noticed. Hope you’re having fun cooking and learning…it’s a never ending journey just so you know!

    *hugs and love*

    Terri from TN (man that sounds funny)

  248. Kim

    Congrats on the new place & partner! Always enjoyed your recipes. Would love to see your take on some new and interesting soups!

  249. zurin

    Thank you Elsie for sharing with us your story and pictures of your beautiful house. And of your wonderful parents. I love your blog for its simplicity and reliability. It feels good coming here and knowing that the recipes have been honestly tried and tested and finally what’s good are shared. It could’nt be better.:)

  250. Helen

    Great post! Love the kitchen remodel and your new home looks great! Have been a reader since the beginning and have tried many wonderful recipes and learned many new tips. Wishing you much happiness and cooking creativity in your new digs!

    Love the blog just the way it is. Despite the fact that your life has taken many turns, the bog has remained a constant…a steady source of inpsiration and something I seldom miss! Whatever direction it takes, it will still be great!

  251. Jennifer C

    Hi Elise, Congratulations!
    I’ve been following your blog for a couple years now and come here often to find recipes to serve for gatherings with friends. (Most recent-fava bean dip with goat cheese—big hit!).

    It’s really inspiring to hear your story and see how you found your path. I’m a highly educated former corporate ladder climber, who had to leave it for health reasons. I’m now working toward becoming a high school math teacher (long time dream) and am so excited! Funny how my definition of “success” in life has changed! And how much better off I am because of it!

    The article about your ‘comeback’ was fantastic! All the best to you for many more years of success.

  252. Sharilyn

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. I’m sorry you had to go through so much hardship to get to this place but I would also like to say that I LOVE your site. It always makes my day a little better whenever you post a new recipe and is my first stop whenever I can’t think of anything to cook.

    Do you have a recipe for seasoned ground beef for tacos?

    Yes! My mom does. Still need to get it from her. ~Elise

  253. annie

    Congratulations on your absolutely lovely house.Your blog is one of the first blogs I found, and that got me interested in food blogs.It got me out of bed in the mornings so I could peruse recipes,because I too was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia about 10 years ago. I know where you’re coming from. I’ve stabilized, but I now have an autoimmune disease that might be the cause of the other two syndromes. I admire you for forging on because I know what it’s like to be working one day and the next day you’re unable to get out of bed.I wish you great health …you already have the great food, friends and family. Keep well.

  254. art

    Hi Elise and Hank. Thanks for the great work and for sharing behind the scene. I have followed your blog for years and look forward to checking out each new recipe. You have added a nice personal touch with this article.

  255. Sarah

    Elise, I’ve been following your blog for several years – I love the recipes, your delicious photography, and the stories you tell about your family – thanks so much for sharing more of your history. It’s truly an inspiration! And good luck on the house (8+ years, and we’re still renovating, too)!

    I have one suggestion, and I would understand if it’s not something you feel would be right for Simply Recipes – since you started blogging about your family recipes, what about having your readers submit family recipes for you to try and share? It could be monthly or bi-monthly, and submissions could be limited by ingredients you suggest- beef recipes, green bean recipes, etc. It could be a nice way to take the love of family I sense every time I read your blog, and spread it around a little.

  256. Katie

    Elise, I was so moved reading your story. It just goes to show that you never know where life will take you. It’s so inspiring to read about the hard times you were going through and how you turned it around into a whole new career!

    I love your recipes – I use a lot of them all the time, especially at holidays – and, as a photographer, I also love your photos. It’s so difficult to take good food photos, but yours are works of art in themselves. Thanks for the food & photographic inspiration!

  257. Debbie

    I love your site and was concerned recently when posts were infrequent. What good news to hear that a new direction is in the works. Thanks for the background; look forward to more from you and Hank!

  258. april

    How about more ethnic recipes? (Love the cochinita pibil recipe I found on here recently.) I am currently looking for an authentic lamb vindaloo recipe.

  259. Jess

    I love your blog and I love the fact that these are recipes that I can follow, even with my very limited time. I would really like to see more budget-friendly, healthy recipes. Or perhaps more fantastic tips on how to make your amazing recipes on a tight budget. Thanks so much for everything you do!

  260. Lisa_S

    Congratulations Elise! Welcome Hank!

    I made Chicken Piccatta just the other night and come here when I need inspiration on what to make for dinner.

    As for suggestions, I’d like to try making crepes – savory and sweet.


  261. Richard

    Elise- Congrats on your new house and test kitchen! You and Hank will make an awesome team! I look forward to some tantalizing posts!!

  262. Kim in France

    Just to add my own, simplyrecipes has been my number 1 cooking reference for over 3 years now.

    I’m a typical lurker, but this post is just to give my two thumbs up!

  263. Candie

    First let me say that your posts, your guest writers and your parents are wonderful! I so enjoy seeing the picture and hearing the story of the recipe ….that alone is fun!

    After following your post over about 2 years I notice you post more lunch/dinner recipes and not much breakfast or dessert recipes. Personally I am usually lost in the area of breakfast….sometimes the usual sausage and egg thing gets old….and frozen waffles…we won’t even go there! Anyhow I would love to see some breakfast stuff. Also, I miss south Florida cuisine (if they actually have a “cuisine”). I miss cheese postillitos (if that is how you spell it) and cafe’ con Leche. You should delve into some of south floridas WIDE range of food…from cuban to hatian. If anything it should be interesting.

  264. Carrie

    Hi Elise, Your story has given me hope, thank you for that. Tonight I’m making Keller’s Roast Chicken and your Sauteed Kale recipe. I don’t have suggestions for you because you have such a diverse selection that it is all good! You do seasonal dishes; you mix things up; you got me to try brussells sprouts!

  265. Kristin

    You scared me!!! I really thought you were going to say, “it’s been great, bye”! Thanks so much for sharing your story. Yours was the first food blog I read and it’s usually the first place I check for recipes. Thanks so much!

  266. brookstar

    I never knew the back story for the blog, but am so happy that everything has worked out for you. I started reading your blog in 2006. I moved from San Francisco to Scotland to join my husband and had a home of our own for the first time. We were not making much money and wanted to learn to cook for ourselves. Since then, we’re a bit better off, but are still cooking away and getting quite good at it, I’d like to think. I’ve used many recipes from your site and there are some favourites that I’ll always go back to. Thanks for all your help in getting our own cooking traditions started. Hopefully when we have kids, they’ll remember tehm fondly the way you remember your parents’ meals. (By the way, thank them for me too, will you? I’ve grown to love them a little through this blog!)

  267. nomi

    I would love to see a lot of make ahead recipes,especially “day-before”types.I haven’t found a site that features this and it would be so useful and helpful to busy cooks.

  268. msmithclan

    Hello from Pittsburgh!
    I had no idea you had been through that. May the Lord bless you and your efforts to teach others these recipes, which I love!

    I did have some ideas. I live over in western Pennsylvania, and though it used to be rich in the German culture, the food does not show through. NOw almost everyhwhere is Italian, which I love, but goodness am I tired off it.
    So could you share some german recipes with us?
    I do make jagerschnitzel, which is a pork dish.
    But that is it.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  269. Charlene

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and getting to know you better. I appreciate your generous spirit. So much more I could say, all good, but I must get busy. Thanks for sharing your recipes and now, the back story of it all. God bless and best wishes. I’ll be forever grateful, in particular, for your Mexican Green Beans recipe. Crave that stuff! Lastly, your Dad does not look to be 80 years old…70 tops. Must be all that fine cooking. And they, your parents, are such a handsome couple. Just really heartwarming: you, your family, your story.

  270. Sarah

    Awesome! Glad everything’s come together, and I hope it continues to do so!

  271. Patti

    Elise – I found your site about 3 years ago. Since then I always try your site first when I need inspiration or when I’m searching for a specific recipe. I’ve recommended your site to countless family, friends and co-workers. Your recipes are tried and true with great photographs. Your instructions are so helpful that I’ve tried things more complicated than my skill level typically allows. I’m not afraid of pot-lucks anymore! Thank you!

  272. Mary

    Elise, loved your post and have been a fan for a few years now. I have a collection of your wonderful recipes and all I can say is keep up the good work. Love the picture of your Mom and Dad.
    Thanks again.

  273. Pat

    What an inspiring article! Good for you, really enjoyed reading about your world!

  274. Winnie

    Hi Elise,
    What a beautiful post. You were the first food blog I ever read and to this day, I love that you seem to have done a wonderfully reliable rendition of just about everything. I think it’s great that you’ve brought Hank on board- he seems like such a great guy (and a great cook!) Also, I am extremely impressed that you take the time to read and answer your comments. That’s huge in my book. I can’t wait to see how Simply Recipes moves forward, and congrats on your newly renovated home.

  275. Amanda

    I love this blog and I used to read it every.single.day. I say “used to” because my husband is now a vegetarian (for about 9 months now). I know it’ll make your father shake his head but more vegetarian recipes would be awesome. I can’t tell you how many times I have said, “I need a blog like Simply Recipes for vegetarians!”

    Thanks for all your hard work, I know you have changed dinner time for many, many families. I thank you for that!

  276. Belinda @zomppa

    Thank you for sharing your story. You’re an amazing woman and like others, I am so glad to see your new house and Hank and your website. Thanks to your mom and dad who are so super sweet (love the aprons!). Keep on it – love it!

  277. Karen

    Hi Elise, Thank you so much for sharing your story as well as so many wonderful recipes. I’ve learned some great recipes from you, and yet I think my favourite post was when you explained how to boil an egg. Seems simple to those who know how, but it really isn’t for those who don’t. I do truly appreciate how you will break down things to a simple level, without making the assumption that everyone knows how to do something already.

    What I would love to see more of on the site is easy to make lunch ideas to brown-bag it to work, and quick and easy dinner recipes for one or two people. As a single gal, I don’t need to feed an army each night.

    Again, thank you Elise, for a wonderful site, full of great recipes and people and their stories.

  278. Elizabeth Robertson

    Hi there, Thank you for making us feel like family…Love the renovations and wish I had a fantastic kitchen…I might get more inspiration…Glad to have Hank on board with you. I love to learn new ideas for meals…
    With love from Australia…Elizabeth

  279. amanda

    Thank you for this site, Elise! I have tried a few of the recipes and they are all very good. I have added them to my recipe files. The chicken w/ mushroom cream sauce was so good I was floored. I wasn’t so sure it would be that good but OMG! :D I have bookmarked about 40 recipes so far and I try one about once a week. Your blog is my favorite feed on my list and I am always excited when you post. The pictures and information given are always excellent. Just the other night I made the cheese and thyme puffs that were so good the first time I made them that my fiance and I fought over them!

  280. Maya

    Wow, this is truly inspiring. I love your blog and wish you all the best.

  281. Jen

    Thanks so much for the behind the scenes peek! I absolutely love this site and always look here first when I’m searching for particular recipes. There hasn’t been a single one that hasn’t turned out great. Thanks for sharing your passion and talent with all of us. :)

  282. Liz

    Hi Elise,

    Great back story. Always interesting to hear. I follow Hank’s blog too, so it is interesting to see paths cross.

    As for suggestions, I’d love it if measurements were also listed in metric. I live in the land of a 200ml cup where “sticks” of butter don’t exist (can you figure out where I am?). I am getting better at conversions since moving abroad but help is always appreciated.

  283. Jenn


    First, allow me to say how touched I was by your story – struggling like so many of us who have survived the last 10 years in the Bay Area. Anyhow, I’m not a recipe person, yet I have made more of your recipes than any other source, Betty Crocker included.

    Secondly, your mother is beautiful and your dad is one hot 80 year old!!! Gives the rest of us hope!

    From your woundedness, you have given much to the world and touched many lives. Would that we were all so able to make lemonade to share!

    Best always, and many thanks!

  284. Nellig

    This is a brilliant site and I’ve used a lot of your recipes. They’re well-presented and the little touches, like the option to print without photos, are much appreciated. Thanks for all your hard work. Your story is inspiring, too.

    Maybe more old recipes from Europe? But anything you turn your hand to is likely to turn out well!

  285. purplesnack

    Elise, it was a pleasure to read this post. I’ve been following your blog for years and it’s nice to get the story behind it all. Sometimes things work out in odd ways. Your blog is my favorite on the internets.

  286. Lily

    Greetings from Nairobi, Kenya. Am an avid fun and just wanted to say that l appreciate your site. You have made good food come alive in our lives. Thanks and cheers on the house!!

  287. Ai Shigemi

    This is my first comment here.I loved this site telling us a great story—a misfortune turned into a blessing:)I really respect that you finally got a vocation w/o being discouraged by adversity, and were actually awared the most important thing— your fam’s love.
    I’m an air traffic controller. It’s a little stressful job. One of the way to manage my stress is cooking.Now I live in japan so there’s something like gap as for ingredients and how to season but I wanna try your wonderful recipe!

  288. Sasa

    Congratulations Elise, on your beautiful new house and for having the vision to include Hank – I’ve been really enjoying his contribution over the last few weeks. Kudos also to your family who had enough recipes (and love) to sustain you over such a long time. Since I have quite a different background I’d like to see more of the same, as this kind of stuff is exotic to me, believe it or not!

  289. Eliza

    I enjoyed this post as well, and just wanted to say THANK YOU!! I do not have requests at this time, but part of what I love is seeing what you come up with to post, which gives me ideas. Here is to good health and many more recipes to try!
    -Eliza (Aiken, SC)

  290. Katerina

    In your misfortune, you were very lucky to have such a supporting family. God gave you a very strong ally to help you overcome the difficulties that have found you. You are a brave person and very fortunate to have such great parents.

    Indeed, I am truly lucky. ~Elise

  291. LJW

    Elise, I would like to thank you for the best tapioca recipe any of my family has ever had in their lives. I was particularly hooked on your blog after that. I enjoy the fact that you make “down to earth” food that doesn’t have lots of hard-to-find ingredients in it. If the items are not at MOST, in the organic section of my local Martins grocery, chances are that I won’t be going out of my way to try to make the recipe. I love the fact that you try to use what you have growing around you. I really enjoyed the mint chocolate chip ice cream too, but it was a little weird using spearmint. I would like to see recipes that can do double duty, as in, either start with the same ingredients and prepare them two different ways, or use the leftovers to make a new dish entirely. This would be awesome for budget keepers. Thanks for your sincerety.

  292. Shaheen

    Hey Elise! So good to read about behind the scenes and congratulations for your new home. I’m not sure if I’ve told you this before, but yours is the first food blog I read (back in 2004!) and the recipes turned out great. Thank you for making the food blog world a much better place.

  293. Jamie

    Out of tragedy often comes something worthwhile and productive, we use the negative energy towards something positive and in that way we move on, move forward. Amazing story and your new home looks wonderful.

  294. Meilin

    Big Congratulations on the house, the better health, and everything! :-) The remodel effort looks awesome. That’s great to have Hank on board too. I love his take on wild-caught meats.

    As for new recipes I’d like to see, I’ll have to think about that and post later. For now, some of my favs are the Basil Chicken in Coconut Curry Sauce, Enchiladas, As You Like It Breakfast Casserole, Oxtail Stew, as well as the general Mexican/TexMex cooking tips.

    Another thing I really like about your site is you keep it “real” and doable yet delicious. Not always flashy, but always good. Your site loads pretty quickly too, which is a big plus in my book. No wonder the site is a lot of work, but I really appreciate it!

  295. Kate


    Thank you for sharing a bit of your history with us. My husband has chronic fatigue and it is so misunderstood. That compounded with grief can be debilitating, something we know too well after recently losing my father to cancer and now battling it myself.

    Your blog has always been a spark for me culinary creativity, now it’s also an inspiration towards personal creativity. Thank you for everything!

    -Kate Lee

  296. Pascal

    Elise, great to hear about the behind the scene. Remodeling is a lot of fun (I love it), but so much work! And it is good when it’s over. And it’s great you did not have to live in the house as it went on.

    As far as answering your question, keep making the recipes you want to make, and eat, these are the best ones :)

  297. Shanan

    Been around for years, even linked up to you from mine a number of times. You were the inspiration that lead me to believe I could actually start a blog. My foodie self was inspired elsewhere, but believing in my ability to start writing about it started right here. I definitely noticed the increase in posts lately! I usually use you as a marker on how often I should post (am I posting too little? Too much?), and lately I just gave up!! No way I could keep up w/that!! LOL

  298. Cathy

    New to your website and love the couple of recipes I’ve tried so far. For a recipe request, what about Mango Bread Pudding? Wishing you continued success.

  299. Chuck Pringle

    HI, I love your recipes and, as a live far away from a city in the mountains of Thailand with no Westerners nearby, I have to wait until guests visit me from abroad before I can be bothered to cook anything. Whilst I used to like cooking, I can’t be bothered cooking elaborate meals for myself and eat little anyway. Have you any recipes for one (or that half can be frozen for another day?
    Thanks, Chuck

    Hi Chuck, great question about freezing. Many of the recipe here make great leftovers. I imagine that many will freeze well too, though I don’t know which ones because I don’t freeze the food we make (we eat it up too quickly to need to freeze). ~Elise

  300. JMF

    Elise –

    Love your blog and always look forward to new recipes. Can’t wait to see the evolution ahead.

    I saw Patrick’s post above and wonder if he means the same kind of salad my mom makes (I have also tried a version from France) – it is very refreshing and summery.

    3-4 cucumbers
    1 onion, peeled & chopped
    1 cup sour cream (250 mL)
    1 Tbsp white vinegar (15 mL)
    3 Tbsp granulated sugar (45 mL)
    freshly ground pepper
    Peel and thinly slice cucumbers. In a large bowl combine cucumbers and onion slices in alternating layers, starting with cucumbers. Sprinkle each layer with salt. Place a weighted plate on top of the vegetables and press for several hours.
    Prepare dressing by combining sour cream, vinegar and sugar, blending until smooth, and then refrigerate.
    Drain vegetables well (rinse with cold water, if desired to remove excess salt, then drain). Combine sour cream mixture with vegetables, stirring to coat well. Grind some pepper over top just before serving.

  301. Broderick

    This post warms my heart and I love the photos. It was a pleasure to meet y’all @ BlogHer Food and love reading your posts

  302. Crystal

    Hi Elise,

    Thanks for telling your story! I’ve been a reader for about 3 years when I made your Pulled Pork recipe for party. It was amazing, as well as most things I’ve cooked from your blog. I’m from the south, so any southern recipes would be fabulous.

  303. Jessie Sanders

    Hi Elise,

    It is so neat to see pictures of your parents! After hearing so much about them on your blog we now get to put a face with the stories. They seem wonderful and sweet. I love your site and your recipes so much and check in often to see what else you’ve created in the kitchen. My request would be for some more quick bread and muffin recipes, my son just can’t get enough of those things!

  304. Janelle

    I’ve been enjoying and using your blog for three or four years now. I’ve appreciated the clean look, the great writing, and the terrific recipes. So happy to hear your story and know that life is treating you well. The living room looks phenomenal! And welcome to Hank.

    (I was ridiculously delighted to see the photo of your parents–they are the good fairies of Simply Recipes!)

    They are the good fairies, aren’t they? ;-) ~Elise

  305. CarmenDahling

    Elise, your recipes have enhanced my life. My most requested recipes are from you and have told so many about your amazing blog. You and your beautiful family are in my prayers. Thank you for making the world a more delicious and healthy Eden. Truly you have a ministry that is very healing and so thrilled to know you have healed too. God Bless Us Everyone!

  306. Julie

    Wow, what a wonderful house, and a wonderful story -and so nice to meet Hank! I’ve been a fan for a long time – thanks for the behind the scenes peek into your life and new kitchen!

    I’m so sorry for your losses. I lost a great friend to brain cancer too at around the same age.

  307. caitlyn

    Thank you for sharing your story! Congratulations on your newly renovated home — it looks beautiful. I love your blog and you have always been super generous about answering questions.
    I would have never guessed that your dad is 80. He looks great!

  308. Meredith

    Thank you for creating Simple Recipes! You write with heart and depth, which draws your audience-in. You offer much more than recipes — you offer “meaning” that you convey through your own experiences. Your writing touches your readers’ lives!

    As a mom and wife, the world of cooking is new and quite intimidating to me. There is a spoken and unspoken pressure that is put upon a mom to cook nightly, and consistently cook new and different meals. It really is a pressure, as I find myself worrying throughout the day about preparing the evenings’ meals. The pressure that a husband and a toddler place on “mom” is enough to make any cook run out the front door. I often hear “no” from my toddler when I place food on his plate, and “your cooking what or that again” from my husband. Your recipes have helped keep my time in the kitchen to a minimum, while providing healthy, tasty meals that keep my picky group happy. Recipes that are rich in flavor and super easy to prepare in under 20 minutes are a mother’s dream! I love that you keep your ingredients list to a minimum, as a long ingredients’ list scares me.

    Thank you for helping my family enjoy our “family dinner-time” that much more, and keeping my stress as mom at bay! : )

    Hi Meredith, I am in awe of what you and so many wives and mothers do for their families (dads too if they’re the main cook) day after day. I’m so glad that the recipes we post can help ease your load and make the task more enjoyable. ~Elise

  309. Traveling Culinary Artist

    Always enjoy your banter and descriptive dialogue as well as the recipes you’ve shared. Your house looks amazing, great job! I think you always make good choices on what to write about and trust your instinct. As a professional I’m always tweaking and reading blogs, comments, recipes is what inspires me. Keep up the good work, looking forward to reading you for a long time.

  310. Anna

    What a great post! And I’m so glad to know that Hank is a hunter!

    I’ve got some bear meat and bear fat in my freezer thanks to my little sister, the huntress, and it’s burning a hole in my apron pocket. I also regularly cook bison (I buy a half bison each year as part of a co-op buy from a family operated Montana ranch), and I usually have quite a few pounds of venison in the freezer, compliments of my li’l sis.

    I keep my eyes out for old-fashioned recipes (naturally gluten-free) that make the most of game and organs. Low fat boneless chicken breast 15 minute recipes don’t interest me.

    Bear meat and bison? Oh my! For game recipes, I direct you to Hank’s awesome Hunter Angler Gardener Cook though I don’t know what if any recipes he has for bear or bison. ~Elise

  311. randi

    That is a lovely living room. I have a very similar fireplace and although it is electric it is sooo pretty. Your site is one of the small handful I read daily and reference it frequently when cooking something new.

  312. John Bilchak III

    Thanks for all the recipes -I’ve used hundreds of them. You help make our lives/food more interesting. Keep up the great work. John – Circleville, OH.

  313. Candice

    Hi Elise & Hank!
    Such a wonderful story. Unlike many of the comments I’ve read on my way down to the box to type my own, I’m relatively new to Simply Recipes and cooking in general. I’ve never really been taught “how to cook”, I just give it a shot! Recently I decided that I wanted to begin cooking more “real foods” and getting away from things out of the box.

    I’m a college-age person who just recently moved into my first apartment. I, too, have a wonderful relationship with my parents who live just 10 minutes away. I don’t have much “stuff” in my kitchen short of a baking dish and a frying pan (the collection grows very slowly, though), so more budget-friendly, easy recipes are always a plus!

    I’ll be at Mom & Dad’s next weekend for Father’s Day, and I hope to try out your Mustard BBQ Turkey legs for Dad. I’ve NEVER grilled before, so this should be fun! Wish me luck and thanks again for your wonderful recipes! :)


    Good luck Candice! I bet your dad will be thrilled that you’re cooking for him on father’s day. ~Elise

  314. Allison

    Elise, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story. It makes me appreciate you that much more. I love your site and I’m always sharing it with friends and coworkers. Whenever anyone asks about great recipes on the internet, I point them to Simply Recipes. Thanks so much for the work that you put into it!

  315. Jamie

    Elise, thanks for sharing your story with us. I will say that I secretly wondered what brought you to living with your parents after working in the Silicon Valley, but expected it would have been for you to help your parents out, rather than the other way around. Your folks remind me of my grandparents and I love hearing stories about them. I found your site a couple years ago from Mir at Want Not and we were living in Tucson at the time, so I loved hearing that’s where your mother was from.

    No special requests at this time, but I’ll be sure to write later if I can think of any. We’ve loved every recipe we’ve made from your site, the Asparagus Risotto having a monthly place on the rotation. Thanks again for the fantastic recipes and stories!

  316. Ron

    Thanks for sharing the up dates of the site. I noticed the changes. It’s good to know that you will continue with the site. I have been following for a few years and I do enjoy your work. I have used a few of the recipes. Some seem to be seasonal and that is just fine. It’s good to see some repeats of recipes.
    I am just a foodie and have fun cooking. I do grow some herbs that I use with cooking and have a Rosemary plant twelve years old
    I do know what it is like to have challenges in life with cooking. I am disabled and my cooking styles have evolved. Thank you again.

  317. Bronwyn

    I love how ‘international-friendly’ this site is. Your effort to suggest substitute ingredients & methods for those outside your region & all over the world is really appreciated. Especially love the Mexican recipes & I see you’ve promised some more :) Even though there’s a lot of ingredients I can’t get in New Zealand, like masa harina which I REALLY wish I could get here, I’ve managed to cook a fair amount of your recipes. Mexican themed party happening here this Saturday – Yay for Simply Recipes. Thanks heaps & hope you keep enjoying what you do.

  318. Stephany Brisco

    You have tons to read so I’ll keep this short. I haven’t been cooking regularly for my family in almost the sixteen years we’ve been married until I found your website. I have four kids and one the way. I wasn’t excited about cooking until now. You have something most do not and I think it’s a little bit of everything; it’s personal, professional, your food and instructions are realistic for your audience, you’re normal and inspiring and uplifting. All of this in a website about cooking. Amazing what we find wrapped up in everyday things. Thank you!
    As far as what I’d like to see you cook…some really good anti-pasta sort of stuff. Italian dishes that are easy yet bursting with flavor. Salads and sandwiches for summer! If I search long enough on the web I’ll find what I’m looking for but I’d rather just come to you. I’m totally into what you like:)

  319. mary

    Love seeing the photos of your house and the news feature on you.

  320. Megan Gordon

    Elise. Congratulations on the journey and where things are ending up. As you know, your blog is an inspiration to all of us, and I’m so happy you’re settling in to a new space and spanning out in new directions. Hank is incredible–the two of you, a dynamite dream team. Thanks for the inside peek and the update. Happy Sunday!

  321. Ellen

    I don’t comment here often, but I read religiously and I thought I’d chime in on this post to say thanks. Every single recipe I’ve ever made from this site (and I try a lot of them!) has been wonderful. The majority of my most successful dishes (both the day-to-day dinner kind and the entertain-a-crowd types) come from here. I’m glad you’re sticking around and look forward to more wonderful recipes!

  322. Tina


    I have been enjoying Simply Recipes for several years now; yours is the first blog of any sort that I ever read. Through Simply Recipes, I discovered so many other fantastic food blogs, such as Hank’s and Steamy Kitchen with Jaden Hair. I’m so glad you decided to share your story with your readers. You’ve certainly had quite a lot of upheaval in your life over the last several years, but you’ve handled things with tremendous grace. Congratulations on your new home and your new collaborative venture with Hank. He’s an amazing cook in his own right and I’m certain that the two of you will take Simply Recipes to new heights!

    Your recipes are always reliable, with clear, concise instructions and always delicious. My grand obsession in life is baking, especially yeast breads, so I would love to see more bread recipes, both savory and sweet.

  323. Annie

    Elise, I loved reading this post and the pictures. It’s funny you have this post now. I was just telling my husband that lately you’ve been posting a lot more than usual. Your new house looks great with charms. I’m sure it’s hard to keep up with the house (my house is the same way. All those “universal” things don’t fit in my house), but it’s also so rewarding, isn’t it? Congratulations.
    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for a few years now and especially enjoyed your tex-mex recipes that I didn’t grow up with. If I could ask you one thing, I would like to know how a dish you are featuring would be paired for a meal. (or how you enjoyed it with Hank and your family)
    Thank you, thank you for an inspiring and interesting blog and keep up the good work!!

  324. Jan

    Thank you for your story; I had no idea “from whence you came.” There are a few food blogs that I check out from time to time but when I found you a couple of years ago I immediately put you on my home page so I could keep up. Nobody else has cut that yet in my book. You’re easy to read and follow. I like that. You’re like a friend. Thanks.

  325. Ken

    Elise —
    Thank you for posting your story. What you have accomplished in spite of difficulties is an inspiration.
    I enjoy your posts, your recipes, your cheer.
    Be well.

  326. Sally Grifh

    Simply Recipes is part of my Google homepage. I love receiving new recipes every day. Yours are great and I thoroughly enjoy finding something new and interesting as I wake up each day.
    Thank you and stay well.

  327. Tummywise

    Hi Elise,
    You’re such an inspiration to me. My story is similar to yours. I fell sick 3 years ago and moved back in with my parents. They have been a constant source of comfort to me and I really do not think I would have recovered as well as I am now had it not been for my parents’ encouragement and love.
    I still have hopes of moving onward with my life and caring for myself. Your story has brought me renewed motivation. Thank you and congratulations in all you have done so far. I wish you continued success in your blog and always to be on the upward swing in the roller coaster ride of chronic fatigue.

  328. Tracy Rockafellow

    Thank You for sharing your personal story with us. I have been reading your blog for two years now and you are on my Google Home Page, so every time I get on the internet there you are. I’ve used many of your recipes and have truly enjoyed all of them.
    Keep up the awesome work!

  329. Je Ae

    I remember your site when it was just elise.com. I came across it from a websearch on a recipe I wanted for pot roast, I think. I bookmarked your site and watched it grow and change. I will be honest – I didn’t have a clue you had undergone so much upheaval in your life. I do remember thinking how close you were to your parents and how wonderful that was to see. I am so happy to hear that your life has taken a turn for the better in recent years, and that something you did for fun has given back to you. Thank you for sharing with us!

  330. Nancy Singleton Hachisu

    Elise, so wonderful to read the story all in one place. I continue to be in awe of how much you accomplish. Developing recipes takes mega-time and yours reflect the care you have taken to get them right and serve them up in an appetizingly easy to understand fashion. No wonder you have so many readers.

    As for the whole renovation project…as you know renovations are hell. We renovated my parents-in-law’s farmhouse 10 years ago. It took us almost 1 year to complete, then 3 years to recover. I stopped writing completely during those 3 years and my farmer/writer husband has yet to regain his writing energy. The house is due for another over haul (or maybe just a cleaning), dust in the rafters is hard to reach. Oh well. Maybe later.

    Good to see Hank on board, you’ll need to conserve energy for the house project. Loved the B&W photo of you two.

  331. Marie Hall

    I love your blog. Your receipes are fabulous. Every Friday in the summer I print off your receipe and take it up to my cottage and even though I am not the greatest cook your receipes are failproof:-) Thank you so much!! I wish you much health,wealth and happiness in your new home.

  332. Jackie


    Thank you for sharing your story. I’ve been reading your blog for a while not and it’s always nice to hear where people got their start! I’ve made so many recipes from your blog and I think that I have your banana bread recipe memorized!

    Keep up the good work!


  333. Marie

    Elise, your home is so beautiful, as are you. I am so happy for you. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

    Marie (a reader from the early days of Learning Movable Type.)

  334. libby

    To Elise and parents:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple years now, have made many of the recipes, been inspired by some of the others, and just generally looked forward to each new post. You’ve moved me to appreciate my own family recipes and set about chronicling my time in the kitchen with my parents. It is so refreshing to hear a little of your own story. I am so glad you are on the road to good health. Congratulations on the success of Simply Recipes. In hearing a little more about your story I realize that us readers have been along on your journey and it makes me feel proud of you.

    Thank you Libby! ~Elise

  335. Heather Keppler

    Hi Elise –

    Congratulations on coming out of a tough time like that! You are an inspiration to me and we use your website almost every day. Thanks for all the great recipes and for helping to feed my family!


  336. Georgia Pellegrini

    Congrats on the new additions (to both your house and blog)! It sounds like you’ve got some exciting things coming. Looking forward to more great recipes!

  337. Frankie

    I appreciate the tale of your journey. I can relate. I didn’t learn to cook until I was 50 (only 53 currently.) I’m so pleased to see things going your way. How about some interesting, yet simple side dishes. I’m always looking for options, like simply roasting fresh green beans (wow, so good.) Any ideas?

  338. jud

    Stylistically and content-wise, the blog is just fine the way it is! I’ve been relying on it for years. Down-to-earth California sensibility cooking. Love the mixture of old standards, which I am always trying to perfect, and the ethnic dishes, esp. Mexican and Asian. I especially like the fact the dishes are typically simple, fast and delicious. Unlike a lot of blog dishes, your recipes are written for homecooks who take pride in their craft and who value recipes that don’t require a lot of exotic ingredients and complex methods.

    Stay simple, continue the personable commentary, keep the emphasis on quality recipes that have been tested and you’ll be at the top of your game. I for one don’t want to see quality traded off for quantity. The blog is an invaluable resource for reliable delicious food.

    Finally, your interaction with your parents and the back stories that describe them are very much enjoyed; sometimes I feel like I’m right there at the dining table, listening to the banter.

    Tonight, we’ve got left over enchiladas and chili con carne on the menu. We needed another side dish, and I remembered you had a Spanish Rice recipe that is simple and happens to probably require no more than what we have in the pantry and fridge. Just what I was looking for! The shriveled but still ok jalepeno that’s been patiently waiting in the veg bin for two weeks, the good half of an overripe tomato, and the partly used onion will now turn ordinary rice into something special with just a few minutes of prep.

    This is Simply Recipes at its best.


  339. Psydad

    Thank you Elise for your wonderful and entertaining ways :-) I have made quite a few of the dishes you have presented here, and I have found each to be wonderful, easy to follow and above all else delicious!
    As another person posted, when I started reading your entry I thought “Oh No!!” but I am so glad that you will be around for a long time. Besides, I haven’t finished the bakery section yet ;)
    Thanks again for the wonderful site and for allowing us into your life.

  340. Framed

    Wow – you are just plain inspirational. Your new kitchen looks so beautiful, and after hearing everything you went through to get where you are, it must really feel like Home. Honestly, I love all your recipes, but especially those that us crazed working parents can pull off on any given frantic worknight would be great. Thanks for telling your amazing story!

  341. strawberry cake

    Wow I didnt realize that I found you near the beginning of your blogging days .love your and recipes and content.thanks for sharing what has been goingn in your life. I did notice that you have been posting more. I also have your button on my blog so my readers can hav you at their finger tips. many blessings to you.

  342. Lori @ RecipeGirl

    Yay! Big hugs to you for all of your positive changes. You are and will remain my inspiration for blogging. I’ve never met someone so willing to help other people succeed… sharing secrets of your successes, etc. without hesitation. I wish you nothing but luck as Simply Recipes grows & grows :) And I thank you for your support too!

  343. Dana

    I’ve been an avid reader of Simply Recipes for many years and have always loved the straightforward and tasty recipes, beautiful photography, homey stories, and your warmth, but I never had any idea of the origins. You’re a true inspiration, and I am more impressed than ever!

  344. Stacey Snacks

    What a great post! and your parents are adorable!
    I love the story and the love for your family.

    I have been enjoying your blog for years and I also enjoy when Hank posts……you 2 make a great writing team.

    Good luck in your new kitchen and keep up the good work!


  345. Tyffanie

    Congrats!! I am glad to hear this website has turned into such a success! I come by often for recipes and tips as to how to cook certain foods. Thanks for all the hard work!!! I also hope your health problems have been solved!

  346. Randi Lynne

    Thank you so much for sharing your story.

  347. Carolyn

    Hi Elise, thanks for sharing. I have followed your blog for a few years and use many of the recipes. This where I go first for new ones. We live in the area and my husband grew up pretty close to where you are now. (He went to San Juan HS a zillion years ago).
    Keep up the work both in the kitchen and out. Enjoy the house. Ours has been a “work in progress for 16 years now.” Sorry to say, it never ends because you keep finding something to change!

  348. Kalynskitchen

    Very fun seeing a bit more of the new house. I envy you getting the chance to learn so much from Hank, as well as from your parents, and I’m sure Simply Recipes will only continue to get better and better. Bet wishes for the future, and thanks for all your contributions to the food blog community as a whole.

    Thanks Kalyn! I feel so blessed to have shared this journey with you. We’ve been at it a long time! ~Elise

  349. Francine

    Your banana bread and cheesy bread recipes are always a hit with my friends and family.

    I always trust your recipes. How about a good granola recipe (one you can eat with yogurt and fruit in the morning). Looking for an easy but delicious crispy spring roll recipe…a tried and true panzanella recipe, more vegetarian main dishes and maybe some ideas for packing lunch!

    Granola, spring rolls, panzanella, all on the to-do list! ~Elise

  350. Patrick

    I’m kinda of new to the site but do have a question. My Mother used to make a dish that I loved and she would have to take it away from me to make me stop eating. It was simply Cucumbers sliced and soaked in a white sauce and I remember the tast of vinegar and that it had onions in it too. Do you have any idea what the sauce consisted of? It was about the viscosity of heavy milk. I also remember she would not let anybody eat it untill it had soaked in the fridge over night.

    Hi Patrick, that sounds like cucumber tzatziki, or a cucumber yogurt salad. ~Elise

  351. Zoe Gillenwater

    Elise, thanks so much for this site. Yours was the first food blog I ever came across, and over the succeeding years I got completely hooked on food blogs. Cooking is probably my main hobby now. Thanks for the inspiration!

  352. jami moore

    Thank you for sharing your story. I’ve enjoyed your blog for a while, It’s on my daily page. I too, have been through a lot of difficult times lately and I really look forward to your new recipes every day. It seems no matter how bad things get, you have got to have lunch and cooking always gives me that sense of accomplishment, as well as, concrete results of my efforts……..not to mention, a wonderful meal. I look forward to future simply recipes and would love to contribute.

    Warm wishes,
    Jami Moore

    Hi Jamie, I’m sorry to hear that you are going through some difficult times. What has worked for me, in the depths of depths, is to keep focusing on what is good, what works, and where there is love. For years if I looked around too much I would fall into despair, so much sadness around me, and then what would center me again was feeling the love of my family, and focusing on all that was good. Big hugs, ~Elise

  353. Adrienne

    This has always been my go-to site for reliable, classic recipes. Your chicken marbella recipe is the best! I would love to see more rabbit recipes and maybe more thai inspired recipes? I always have a hard time finding good recipes for rabbit or thai dishes!

    Love that Silver Palate chicken marbella! Rabbit is on the list. I love rabbit and Hank loves to hunt it. We have a good Thai inspired mussels recipe on the way, from Garrett too. ~Elise

  354. Gilbert

    Congratulations on the new home! And your living room is looking awesome.

    Looking forward to many more updates. I read your blog because I enjoy your writing, you have a great style and voice that comes through in an elegant manner.

    For me it’s not important that a recipe is 100% foolproof or perfect. I also like reading about the cooking experience, what worked, and what didn’t. It’s always a great way to learn and improve my own cooking.

  355. RhodeyGirl

    Since you put yourself completely out there, I will too!

    I have been a silent fan of your site for a few years now, before I even knew what a blog was. Your pizza dough recipe is the first one my husband and I (boyfriend at the time) tried, and I simply love your simple recipes!

    Congratulations on your successes, your new home, and your new employee!

    Best wishes and hope to see you again at Foodbuzz this year. I also hope to meet you!

    Sabrina of RhodeyGirl Tests

  356. Marie


    Thank you so much for sharing your personal story. Like a few commenters up, I too was afraid you were wrapping up your blog. I’ve been a dedicated follower since Fall ’05 – (curried squash & pear soup was my first!) and from then on I was hooked. I favor your recipes because they are always spot on, tested and explained very well. I have not had a failure yet. You are THE cooking source any time I am going to cook something other than something out of my head. My go-to favorites and successes include enchiladas, blueberry pie, arroz con pollo, of course the curried s&p soup… the list goes on. If you haven’t posted a recipe on something I’m looking to cook, I’ll have to say I’m deeply disappointed I have to look for alternate, untrustworthy food sources (which inevitably are a fail).

    A few things I would LOVE to know how to make :)

    Fresh pasta, more stews, any Indian inspired recipes, more Italian foods.

    I look forward to many more recipes to come from your site, and am glad that you will be increasing the number of posts in the future. Congratulations on your new house and new business partnership, and thank you for the years of sharing your family and your table with us all.


  357. Liz

    Thank you for sharing.

  358. Katie

    This is a little selfish since I’m in Sacramento also, but I’d love to see meals made entirely (or mostly) from ingredients produced within the region.

  359. Amanda

    Hi Elise,

    Thanks for sharing your story with us! It was really very inspirational, and I’m really excited to see the recipes you and Hank come up with! I check your website everyday, and if there isn’t a new post, I look through your previously posted recipes. You’re a great cook, and I thank you so much for sharing your recipes!


  360. Mary

    What wonderful news about the house and your association with Hank. You are really deserving of the accolades that come your way. I hope we will see decades more of Simply Recipes. Have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  361. Julie

    Elise – Your blog is one I follow regularly. I had no idea of your story. Thanks for sharing. It’s a great inspiration to everyone!

  362. Jamie | My Baking Addiction

    What a great story! You are truly inspiring, I cannot wait to read/make all the amazing recipes that you and Hank create!

  363. Mallory

    I use recipes from this blog nearly everyday. (On here to get the “Suzanne’s Best Brownies” recipe!) I can think of none of the many I have cooked that I didn’t love. Because of this blog, I have taken up the challenge of learning to bake, and your recipes are so easy to understand. On that note, I would love to see an all-butter lemon poundcake. It’s what we had for our wedding cake, and I would love to recreate it!

  364. Ali

    Thanks for sharing your story. I’ve been a fan for several years, and realised recently that you tend to post savoury dishes rather than sweets. Being a sweet tooth myself, I’d love to be inspired by some more dessert recipes, if you think you’d like to give them a go!

    Yes, that has something to do with trying to hold on to the last vestiges of my figure. Both my dad and Garrett are the sweet tooth people in my life. I’ll see if I can inspire them to work on some more sweet things. ~Elise

  365. Praj

    Congratulations on the new home, Elise! I must say, when I started reading this post, just the “flashback” nature of your writing got me scared…I thought you were wrapping up the blog. I am so happy that you will continue sharing your lovely recipes and warm anecdotal writing with us. Kudos, again :-)

  366. Karina

    Elise, your new home looks beautiful- filled with light. I love the kitchen. And congrats to Hank for joining you in your new test kitchen. Can’t wait to see all the fabulous recipes you two will share. Very exciting. Sending a bouquet of good wishes for this new venture and this new phase of your life. Enjoy every minute of it. xox Karina

  367. Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

    So great that you and Hank will be working together. Of course I’m jealous of all you’ll be learning in the kitchen! I’m always looking for more ways to prepare fish. Here in New England we have access to amazing fish and shellfish, but we tend to get set in our ways to cook it. A bit of West Coast inspiration would be great!

  368. Courtney

    Hi Elise! (And Hank!)

    I had no idea of the origins of the site-I just learned about you last year on The Pioneer Woman. I’m so happy that the site is doing well. After making your recipe for meat sauce, I was hooked and added the site to my list of favorites I check compulsively every day. : )

    With summer, I’d love to see some new salad ideas as I’m always looking for new ways to incorporate different vegetables into my salads.

  369. Kate

    Hi Elise,
    I really enjoyed this post. I’ve been following you for years (prob since 02 or 03). Your pecan pie is my favorite and I make at least 3 of them every November – 2 for guests, 1 for me! I’ve enjoyed reading about your parents and their kitchen remodel, and now your home too. Thanks for writing such a great blog and for turning out such wonderful recipes (I made the cherry ice cream last night). I can’t think of what else I’d like to see you do, as you seem to cover so many bases and offer a good mix. I look forward to reading (and eating) whatever else you post. Thanks!

  370. MariaT

    Thanks for sharing :)

  371. Susan

    No requests, other than to keep going. I would also like to thank you and your family for all of the wonderful and inspiring recipes over the years.

  372. charlotte

    How nice to read this, as your writing voice is both intimate and refreshingly straightforward. I’ve cooked for my family many times these past years using recipes from your blog – dinners that have become family standards. As I read this post, I had an awful nagging feeling that you might be saying “goodby” to your readers. Thank heavens no.

    Oh no, not with my mortgage! I’m afraid you’re stuck with me for a while. ;-) ~Elise

  373. Nick (Macheesmo)

    Such a great story Elise. You’ve had quite the roller coaster ride over the last many years. It’s great to see that you are persevering. Very inspirational.

    And I can already tell I’m gonna love Hank’s additions to Simply Recipes.

  374. Amy

    Thank you for allowing us into your home. Your story inspires on so many levels and it will be exciting to watch Simply Recipes grow. Welcome Hank!

    Can I borrow you parents? I briefly spoke with your mom during the after party at Blogher food last year, over a taco at the taco bar. I was a newbie blogger (only 2 months under my belt), pretty much a fly on the wall. Your mom was a sweet soul, very friendly and comfortable. She won’t remember me, but she made my taco that much better.

    Oh Amy thank you for saying so. I love my mom. She’s is just about the kindest, most lovely person I know. She’s so patient, warm and wise. She makes my tacos better too. :-) ~Elise

  375. Jessica @ How Sweet It Is

    Thank YOU Elise! This is such a wonderful and inspiring story. And congrats on your house – we just bought once last year and it is much fun!

  376. Nate @ House of Annie

    Wow, so envious of your new home, especially your kitchen! And welcome to Hank! You are both such inspirations, in your own ways.

    I’d like to see more Mexican recipes, if you will.

    Yes, definitely more of those to come. :-) ~Elise

  377. Karen

    I loved reading this article. I have often thanked you in my mind for being so faithful in your postings. Now I’m doing it in person. I’m glad you are doing so well. Keep it up!

    Thank you Karen! ~Elise

  378. Chris S

    I read yours and Hanks blogs religiously, and it inspired me a couple years ago to start gardening more to feed the family. To me the best part of your blog is the family-oriented nature, and the diversity of food. To that end, 2 particular recipes I would like to see you and Hank take on is saurbraten and sopapillas – 2 personal favorites that I have never worked up the courage for.

    And, thanks for the fantastic work.

  379. Amy

    Elise, you are an inspiration and a great role model. Thanks for sharing.

  380. alice

    I loved reading this post and seeing your house in progress. Our house has been in progress for the last 10 years! I had the pleasure of finally meeting Hank and sitting down with him for lunch with Holly a few days ago. I think it’s awesome you guys are cooking so often and sharing your wonderful recipes with us. Great to see Simply Recipes growing!

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