Best Bacon of the Month Clubs

Goldbelly is our top pick for its history of high-quality meat

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Bacon is enjoyed by many people around the world. A bacon of the month club helps you keep bacon stocked in your kitchen year-round through monthly deliveries. There are clubs that appeal to those who like to experiment in the kitchen with unexpected flavors, along with clubs for traditionalists who want high-quality, hand-crafted meats smoked to perfection.

The best monthly bacon clubs match your bacon preferences, whether you value animal welfare, natural processes, or artisanal preparations. These bacon subscription boxes deliver the right amount of meat at a price that fits your budget.

Best Bacon of the Month Clubs of 2023

  • Best Overall: Goldbelly



    Key Specs
    Price: Starting at $70 per month
    Delivery: Monthly, with a 3- or 6-month commitment
    No. of Plans: 1

    Why We Chose It: Each month you receive rotating varieties of top-quality bacon from award-winning producers around the country.

    Bacon from different sources
    Award-winning bacon producers

    Unknown what will be in each shipment
    Varying amounts of bacon

    Goldbelly’s monthly bacon subscription is for those who truly want to explore the world of bacon with the opportunity to try some of the best products out there. If you want the promise of top quality with an element of surprise, this club is the right pick.

    Each month you’ll receive approximately 2 to 5 pounds of bacon. While the amount varies, you will always receive enough to feed at least six people. Past shipments have included bacon from Indiana-based Smoking Goose Meatery and celebrity chef favorite Snake River Farms Kurobuta heritage breed thick-cut bacon. Small batch, double-smoked, thick-cut, samplers, and collections are all a possibility with this club.

    You won’t know what’s coming in each box or have information on the producer it's coming from, but given the track record of past shipments, which can be found on the Goldbelly website, you can expect high-quality bacon that’s well-respected in the culinary world.

    You have the option to choose a three- or six-month subscription; the price is $70 per month, including shipping.

    Simple Tip!

    SIMPLY15 for $15 off of a minimum of $50 spent, first-time customers only, excludes shipping, standard T&C applies.

  • Best Value: North Country Smokehouse

    North Country Smokehouse

    North Country Smokehouse

    Key Specs
    Price: $46.50 per month
    Delivery: Monthly with a 6-month minimum order
    No. of Plans: 1

    Why We Chose It: Select five different varieties of bacon to customize your delivery each month, all for less than $50.

    Free shipping
    Classic styles

    Website ordering not easy to navigate

    North Country Smokehouse's Bacon of the Month Club is by far the best value for those who want to keep their supply of high-quality bacon well stocked. It’s a club that classic bacon lovers who aren’t into all the trendy flavors.

    Each month you’ll receive up to four pounds of thick-cut bacon and you can choose any combination of five types. The smokehouse offers applewood smoked, applewood smoked peppered, cob smoked, and both regular and sugar-free fruitwood smoked uncured. This will arrive at your door for $46.50 per month, which amounts to less than $12 per pound. It’s a steal even before you consider the fact that this third-generation artisanal meat company sources only all-natural, certified humane, and certified organic pork that comes from a network of over 200 family farms.

    You’ll need to commit to either a six-month subscription for $279 or a 12-month subscription for $539; shipping is included. The online ordering system seems to have some glitches, so you might find that a phone call to the company is easier.

    It’s also important to note that to avoid shipping during hot weather, July and August shipments are combined with June shipments—so be sure to have freezer space available.

  • Best for Savory Bacon: Pig of the Month BBQ

    Pig of the Month BBQ

    Pig of the Month BBQ

    Key Specs
    Price: $43 per month
    Delivery: Monthly, with a 3-month minimum commitment
    No. of Plans: 1

    Why We Chose It: You’ll discover savory bacon flavors that you never knew existed in each of your monthly shipments.

    You know what flavors you’ll get
    Substitutions allowed
    Free shipping

    No bimonthly or other shipping frequency options

    If you are looking for a way to try new flavors of bacon every month, this membership is the one for you. With this Bacon of the Month Club, 1 pound each of two flavored kinds of bacon is delivered to your door in each shipment. It’s an especially good pick if you enjoy savory-flavored bacon. Some of the inventive flavors include Cool Ranch, Bloody Mary, White Truffle Sea Salt, Garden Herb, and Jalapeno Lime.

    One of the best things about this club is that you’ll know exactly what you are getting each month. Pig of the Month BBQ keeps an updated calendar on its website that lists the flavors you can expect for the entire calendar year. If there is one you aren’t interested in, you can swap it for a different flavor when you sign up.

    The company, which sells all types of pork products and BBQ, started in response to a bad experience with low-quality, overpriced mail-order ribs. It sources grass-fed, free-range, and humanely raised meats and takes its time to cook them low and slow for the best quality. It stands behind its products and offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase.

    The club starts at $43 a month, plus shipping, and you’ll need to commit to three, six, nine, or 12 months. Shipping is free for all subscriptions, and you'll save 10% if you sign up for a year.

  • Best for Sweet Bacon: Bacon Swinery

    The Bacon Swinery

    The Bacon Swinery

    Key Specs
    Price: $37
    Delivery: Monthly or every 2 months
    No. of Plans: 4

    Why We Chose It: Those who enjoy the combination of savory and sweet together are going to love these creative bacon flavors.

    Free shipping
    Sweet-only or a mix of flavors

    Pre-frozen before arrival

    Bacon Swinery earns the nod for most creative flavors. Even better, for those who want their bacon with a touch of sweetness, you can customize your bacon of the month shipment to only include sweet varieties. If you’d rather have a mix of sweet and savory, that’s an option, too.

    These sweet flavors go way beyond your everyday maple bacon. Apple pie, cocoa mocha, orange marmalade, and pumpkin pie bacon are a few examples. Bacon Swinery also combines booze with sweet flavors for the Port Wine & Cherries Bacon, Manhattan Bacon, and Old Fashioned Bacon. Note that the company does not disclose information about its sourcing, pig breeds, and preparation techniques online.

    With the Artisan Bacon of the Month Club, you can select to receive only sweet bacon, savory bacon, spicy bacon, or Swinery Choice, in which you will get a mix. You can opt to receive shipments every month or every two months, and your box will contain four, 10-ounce packs of different flavors of bacon. It’s frozen before shipment and you can thaw and use or put it in your own freezer until you are ready to eat it. The club costs $37 per shipment and shipping is free.

    If you decide that’s a little too much sweet bacon for you, many of the company's sweet varieties of sliced bacon allow a subscription for a single pack. If you find a flavor you like, you can subscribe and continue to have that flavor delivered regularly every month, two months, or three months.

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  • Best for All-Natural Bacon: The Baconer

    The Baconer

    The Baconer

    Key Specs
    Price: Starting at $66
    Delivery: Monthly or every 2, 3, or 4 months
    No. of Plans: 4

    Why We Chose It: You can choose only uncured and sugar-free bacon, which is ideal for those who follow a keto, paleo, or low-sugar lifestyle.

    Multiple styles and cuts in each box
    Heritage breed pork

    No mixing with other varieties
    Can’t customize cuts

    The Uncured & Sugar-Free bacon of the month box from The Baconer is ideal if you're looking for all-natural bacon. This is the kind of product that will help you stick to your keto, paleo, and Whole30 eating plans.

    Along with the all-natural bacon option, this bacon subscription stands out for the variety of products you’ll receive in each shipment. Not only do you get a 12-ounce pack of sliced, small-batch bacon, you’ll also receive a 20-ounce pack of thick-cut bacon steaks, 8 ounces of smoked lardons, and 8 ounces of ground bacon.

    The Baconer's bacon and bacon products are all made from heritage breed Duroc pork that's responsibly sourced from small family farms. The uncured bacon is lightly seasoned with salt and thyme with hints of applewood smoke intended to enhance the rich flavor of the heritage breed pork.

    The Baconer website makes it easy to order and set up your subscription. And its informative product descriptions tell you exactly what you are getting and how it's shipped for ultimate quality. A one-time purchase of the Uncured & Sugar-Free Box costs $66, but when you subscribe for either monthly or every two, three, or four-month shipments, the first box is discounted 20 percent, and all boxes after are discounted 10 percent. This makes your first box about $53, plus shipping.

  • Best Variety: The Baconarium

    The Baconarium

    The Baconarium

    Key Specs
    Price: Starting at $30
    Delivery:  Every 2 to 12 weeks
    No. of Plans: 6 

    Why We Chose It: In addition to pasture-raised and heritage-breed pork bacon, Baconarium also offers Angus beef, bison, and wild boar bacon.

    Types of bacon you can’t find elsewhere
    Humanely raised meats from family farms

    Slabs not available for subscriptions
    Limited flavors

    If you are ready to explore a wider world of bacon, this subscription will help you do it. The Baconarium creates bacon from pasture-raised pork, both heritage and non-heritage breeds, as well as from pastured-raised Angus beef, American bison, and wild boar. All the bacon is sourced from family farms that use humane practices. The Russian Razorback wild boar bacon is harvested in Texas and Canada.

    The Baconarium's self-described ultra-premium gourmet bacon is dry-rubbed and slow-cured with no added chemicals, and is then cold-smoked and delivered fresh. Sliced bacon is sold by the pound and while the box of the month club is only available in thick-cut slices, it does sell all varieties of bacon by the slab as well. There are flavor options for each variety of bacon and the shop rotates them throughout the year. Examples include maple black pepper, maple bourbon, and chipotle ranch.

    The store's website can be a little confusing because all products are listed as Bacon of the Month. Recurring subscriptions are only available for the Box of the Month options, which are all sliced bacon, and you can choose to get a delivery every month, every two months, or every three months.

    For the box of the month, you’ll need to select one variety of bacon: heritage breed pork, pasture-raised pork, beef, bison, or wild boar. You’ll then receive approximately three, 1-pound packs of bacon in the current flavors that are available for each shipment. Prices range from $30 per month for pasture-raised pork up to $58 for the bison, plus $12 for shipping.

  • Best for Thick Slices: Grandad’s Bacon

    Grandad’s Bacon

    Grandad’s Bacon

    Key Specs
    Price: Starting at $24 per month
    Delivery: Monthly, with a 3-month commitment
    No. of Plans: 2

    Why We Chose It: The bacon is thick-cut and both traditional American-style bacon as well as British-cut back bacon are available.

    Cut lean for easy cooking 
    Handmade in small batches
    High-quality pork sourced from small farms

    No customization
    All bacon is flavored

    Grandad’s Bacon is handcrafted and made in small batches with pork sourced from small farms, making this product a true artisan food. The company came about in response to what it said was poor-tasting, mass-produced bacon made with machines that are commonly found in supermarkets. Grandad’s Bacon is slowly dry-cured with no added nitrates, marinated for at least a week, and smoked over a wood fire.

    The cut is one thing that makes this bacon stand out. It’s carefully thick-cut and in shorter slices, which helps make the bacon easier to cook because it cooks flatter, according to the shop's website. The pork bellies are also trimmed, which leads to lean-cut bacon with a ratio of lean meat to fat that is closer to 50/50, compared to less-lean options at supermarkets.

    There are two types of bacon available: traditional American-style bacon made from the pork belly and meatier British-style back cut bacon, which comes from the loin and top of the belly. The bacon is sold in 8-ounce packs and there are six flavors available, including Spicy Pepper Garlic, Bourbon BBQ, and Espresso. All options for types of bacon and flavors are easy to find on the shop's website.

    With the Bacon of the Month Club, you’ll receive two or four, 8-ounce packs of Grandad’s most popular types and flavors of bacon each month for $24, plus shipping. There is a minimum commitment of three months; six- and 12-month options are also available.

Final Verdict

Some companies emphasize their handcrafted methods and natural ingredients in their bacon of the month clubs, while others focus on creating innovative flavors of bacon. Overall, the best bacon of the month club is Goldbelly. It sends you fresh, high-quality bacon from numerous producers who are well-respected in the culinary world, allowing you to try new things with each shipment. The ordering process is straightforward and the price includes shipping.

How to Choose the Best Bacon of the Month Clubs

Finding the best option depends on the amount, type, and flavor of bacon you want, along with how much you plan to spend. Here’s what to look for when choosing your bacon subscription:


Is it important for you to know what type of meat you are getting and where it comes from? From ethical concerns to improved flavor, the meat used for your bacon makes a difference, so be sure the company has some transparency on its website.

Amount and Frequency

Bacon of the month clubs can range in deliveries of 1 to 4 pounds and can arrive monthly or less frequently. How much bacon do you need and do you have freezer space for storage?


The upfront cost of a club can seem high at first until you break down the commitment into the monthly cost and then the cost per pound based on what’s in the box. Similarly, the cost can appear inexpensive until you discover a high shipping fee. Determine the details to ensure it’s the best value for your budget.


Do you only want flavored bacon or do you want a classic smoked style? How about a mix of both? Some bacon of the month clubs specialize in one or the other and won’t allow customization once you make your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bacon of the Month Clubs Worth It?

If you want to explore new types of bacon, a bacon of the month club is an ideal choice. You will have access to bacon that you won’t find every day in a local supermarket and you will always know when a shipment is coming so you can stay well-stocked.

Are Bacon of the Month Clubs Sustainable or Eco-Friendly?

Many bacon subscriptions source their meat from farms that raise heritage breed animals in humane and ethical ways that are both beneficial to the environment and supportive of animals' well-being. Most bacon of the month clubs share their sourcing and processes on their websites. Some even have full web pages about their commitment to animal welfare.

Can You Receive All-Natural Meat From Bacon of the Month Clubs?

All-natural meat can be found in many bacon of the month clubs. For some, this means that the bacon is cured without chemicals with no nitrates added and it may also be sugar-free. In other cases, the term relates to the pork the bacon comes from and the promise that it is produced without hormones.

How Much Do Bacon of the Month Clubs Cost?

The price per pound can break down to be as low as $12 for some bacon subscriptions. You’ll pay per monthly shipment, so the price will vary based on the type of bacon, the amount of bacon in your shipment, and the minimum months of commitment required when ordering. Bacon of the month clubs can range in price from $24 to nearly $70 per month. Some clubs include shipping, while others tack on shipping costs.

What's the Difference Between Bacon of the Month Clubs and In-Person Shopping?

Bacon of the month clubs make sourcing the bacon you want easy, and they allow you to explore new types of bacon. If you find it difficult to get high-quality, meaty bacon from small farms or one that meets a special diet (like sugar-free) at nearby stores, a bacon subscription can solve these problems. You’ll benefit from the convenience and have access to all kinds of bacon, including fun, new flavors to experiment with.


When reviewing bacon subscriptions, we looked for options that provide top-quality bacon with multiple cuts and flavors at a variety of price points that best meet the needs of home cooks and bacon lovers. Options for both large and small quantities in each delivery were a focus and transparency in meat sourcing and preparation methods was also important. Some people love flavored bacon, some want classic smoked options, and others want the bacon to fit their diet plans, so we compiled the best bacon of the month clubs that truly have something for everyone.