Best Candy Subscription Boxes

Treatsbox is our top pick for a candy subscription

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There is little that could please a candy lover more than receiving a selection of their favorite treats in the mail regularly—and candy subscription boxes make that possible! They make for a great gift, as well as an excellent treat for oneself. Whether you love brownies, caramels, pralines, or chips, there’s a subscription box available to give you or your loved ones something to look forward to regularly.    

The best candy subscription boxes have a variety of unique treats, are moderately priced, and satisfy people of all ages. If you're looking for a recurring way to satiate your sweet tooth, read on below to find the right candy subscription box for you.

Best Candy Subscription Boxes

Best Overall: Treatsbox

Treats Box

Treats Box

Why We Chose It: With moderate pricing, a variety of options, and familiar products, Treatsbox is the perfect go-to candy subscription.

Variable sizes
Limited edition candies
Large mix of items

No flexibility for shipping date
No allergen-friendly options
Shipping not included
Candy doesn’t repeat

For any basic candy lover, Treatsbox is the best choice all around. It offers plenty of candies that most customers are familiar with and includes some new and less common candies in each box, making for a mixed bag of familiar and fun. The pricing is reasonable, too. Boxes are available in three sizes: the Regular comes with 8-10 items monthly and costs $25; the Epic contains 18-22 for $38; and the Colossal box includes 30-34 candies for $55 monthly. The prices do not include shipping, which averages an additional $10-12. The company ships from Canada and orders can be delivered anywhere in the United States or Canada.

Treatsbox sends out its monthly boxes on the fifth of every month. No matter when you sign up, your first order will be on the fifth, and you’ll need to keep that in mind when canceling, too. Subscriptions auto-renew monthly and you can cancel any time.

There are five types of treat boxes that change every month: sour, chocolate, retro, Wonka, and original. All but the original box include only one type of candy; the original contains some of everything.

Best for Candy from Around the World: Universal Yums

Universal Yums

Universal Yums

Why We Chose It: Universal Yums sends treats from a different country every month for an around-the-world adventure at your doorstep.

Low pricing
Available in three sizes
Choose the first month's country

Not allergen-friendly
No choices after the first month
Can’t choose shipping dates

Up for a worldwide adventure? Universal Yums is a subscription box that features candies and snacks from a different country every month. For your first month, you’ll select from four different countries. After that, each month’s country will be chosen for you. Snacks and treats will be from that country and will feature the ingredients used in that area of the world.

Universal Yums costs $15 for a box of five to seven snacks, $25 for a box of 10-12 items, or $38 for a package with 18-20 different things. Pricing is several dollars higher for each box if you choose to be charged monthly instead of prepaying for the year. Each small box comes with a 12-page booklet that includes trivia and games, as a bonus. The two largest boxes come with a 16-page booklet and recipes too.

Universal Yums offers free shipping throughout the contiguous U.S. and has a convenient pricing sheet to show what shipping costs to anywhere else. You’ll be notified about when you’ll receive your first box as soon as you order, then every month after that, boxes will go out on the 15th. Deliveries are monthly with auto-renewal and you can cancel anytime. Customers rave about this box, and Universal Yums says that 96% of its customers refer the subscription to their friends.

Best for Kids: The KIDS Munchie Box



Why We Chose It: Customizable and made for kids, The KIDS Munchie Box will satisfy children of all ages.

Month to month or pre-pay
Over 50 items per box
Popular brands

Unclear how to customize
May be costlier than stores
Candy may repeat often

When looking for a gift for children, many people want a safe bet. The KIDS Munchie Box is exactly that, full of dozens of commercial treats that are notoriously kid-friendly. It’s a monthly subscription box that can be canceled any time and comes in one size only. The cost is $35.08 monthly if you sign up for a full year, $36 a month for six months, $37 a month for three months, or $37.99 if you want just a single one-off box. If you’d like to send it as a gift, you can include a gift note in the box as well.

Goodies in The KIDS Munchie Box include classic candies like Pop Rocks, gumballs, and Hostess cupcakes, along with savory snacks like Ritz crackers, and slightly more gourmet items such as Nutella and breadsticks. Though the website says it’s customizable, as you go through the ordering process, there does not appear to be anywhere to input any customization requests. With over 50 items included, this is one of the largest candy subscription boxes on the market, but since the items are generally very small, it is not an enormous quantity of candy. Customers say their kids go wild for it and look forward to delivery day and the first box will arrive one business day after your first order is placed.

Best for Retro Candy: Classic Candy Box

Classic Candy Box

Classic Candy Box

Why We Chose It: Classic Candy Box offers a blast from the past with candies such as wax lips, Sugar Daddies, and button candies.

Hard to find candies
Nostalgia focused
Fun selection

Box size is unclear
No sizing options
No customization

It may have been decades since you last saw or got to taste some of the candies that Classic Candy Club includes in their monthly subscription box. Whether you’re a fan of candy bars that are harder to find nowadays like Mr. Goodbar and Oh! Henry, novelty treats such as vampire wax lips, or you just enjoy classics like Sugar Daddy bars, Classic Candy Club has goodies you’ll find delightful.

The subscription box arrives monthly and you can choose from a single one-month subscription, three-month, six-month, or a full year of monthly deliveries. Prices for those options range from $24.97 for a single purchase down to $21.89 monthly if you subscribe for a full year. Note that the discounted prices do require you to pay upfront.

Shipping for this service is not included and costs in the range of an additional $10 per month. You can send the box as a gift no matter how many months you choose.

Fans of Classic Candy Box love to show off their unboxings, which the brand features directly on their site. This enables you to take a look at a box before deciding if you want to subscribe. Because these are classic candies, you can’t expect different selections every time. No specifics are listed as to exactly how many treats you’ll get, but the box is a decent size.

Best for Gourmet Chocolate: Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club

Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club

Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club

Why We Chose It: Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club sends you small-batch, artisanal chocolates from award-winning companies around the globe monthly.

Small batch
Award winning chocolatiers
International variety
Detailed tasting notes

High-end pricing
No auto-renewal
Minimal selection

Chocolate lovers often like to learn more about the chocolate they eat, and for those aficionados, Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club is a perfect choice. The club sends you a one-pound box of chocolates consisting of truffles, bars, or bark.

For delivery frequency, you can choose monthly, every other month, or every three months, and you can pay in one installment or each time the product ships. You also get to choose exactly how long you want the subscription to last. This is convenient for a gift, but less so if you like to click and be done.

These are award-winning, high-quality gourmet chocolates and they’re priced accordingly. Each box costs $44.95 plus $14 for shipping and handling, no matter how long the duration of your subscription. Every box includes tasting notes for the treats, as well as detailed info about the chocolatiers. You can combine the Chocolate of the Month Club with other clubs by the same company, such as wine, cheese, cigars, or flowers. Customers say the chocolate is of excellent quality.

Best for Sweet and Salty Treats: SnackCrate

Snack Crate

Snack Crate

Why We Chose It: Get both sweet and salty treats from around the world delivered monthly for a low price from this online subscription box.

Mix of snacks and treats
Low price
Global focuses

Trial order required
Multi-step checkout

There’s no need to ever choose whether you want to receive sweet or salty snacks monthly with Snack Crate. The company has three choices for boxes: sweets only, savory only, or a mix of the two. Once you select which you want, that’s your box for the duration of the subscription. Each month has snacks from a different country around the world and you’ll be charged on the fifth of each month for a box that will ship before the end of that month. Your first box is a trial box for a mere $5, and you can confirm your subscription duration after receiving it.

Pricing for Snack Crate is low, especially considering its global selections. After the first discounted box, you can choose from a mini box of five to six full-sized items monthly for $17.99, 10-12 items for $29.99, or 18-20 full-size snacks for $49.99. Free shipping is included.

Final Verdict

Candy subscription boxes are quite varied in offerings. Some focus on different countries monthly and bring you new candies you’ve never seen, while others rely on gold standard commercial candy. From hard candies to retro bars and fancy chocolates, the best candy subscription boxes offer ease of ordering, clear information about box contents, and reasonable prices.

Candy boxes can be ordered with single month one-off purchases, month-to-month ongoing subscriptions, or for a set duration of time. Some also offer other options in terms of frequency. There are numerous top choices for a candy subscription box, but we like Treatsbox best for its ability to satisfy the broadest range of candy lovers. It’s a dependable, simple subscription at a moderate price and offers a broad range of candies.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Much Do Candy Subscription Boxes Cost? 

Candy subscriptions boxes range in price depending on how much you want to receive, the products' value, whether you pay ahead of time or as you go, and how often you receive them. On average, you can expect to pay in the $20 range for a small box of treats to be delivered monthly. Some include free shipping, but for the boxes that don’t, expect to pay an additional $10 or so each month. 

Are Candy Subscription Boxes Worth It? 

Candy subscription boxes are worth the price for anyone who loves the convenience of home delivery and the delight of getting candy in the mail. Pricing is not generally lower than if you were to buy the included items on your own. What you’re really paying for is the convenience of having them compiled for you, the ability to try new treats you may never have come across otherwise, and the fun of a gift box arriving every month in the mail.

What Comes in a Candy Subscription Box?

Candy subscription box contents vary depending on which type you order. Some include only gourmet chocolates, while others give you salty snacks from countries across the globe. Though they aren’t generally customizable, it’s a safe bet that whichever type of candy subscription box you choose, you’ll receive similar items on a monthly basis.


To bring you the best candy subscription box choices, we looked at dozens of providers. We chose brands that customers are satisfied with, have an online system that is clear and upfront, and that gives subscribers monthly candy happiness with ease.

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