Best Chocolate Subscription Boxes

Kekao is our top choice for chocolate subscriptions

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Best Chocolate Subscription Boxes of 2022

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Few sweets are as beloved as chocolate. Whether you’re talking truffles or chocolate-covered salty snacks, this rich and unctuous treat is loved by nearly everyone with a sweet tooth. And sometimes, just having chocolate once can’t be enough.

For those who love chocolate, and especially for those who love it regularly, a chocolate subscription box is nothing short of a good dream. Every month, treats arrive at your door—what’s not to enjoy? Whether you only dig into the fancy stuff, want a mystery box of variety, or have special dietary needs, check out these best chocolate subscription boxes.

Best Chocolate Subscription Boxes of 2023

  • Best Overall: Kekao



    Why We Chose It: For offering a wide variety of craft chocolate bars, Kekeo is moderately priced and helps lift small brands.

    Option for short-term commitment
    Boxes contain 4-5 bars of varying cacao amounts
    Can try brands from all over the world
    Bars feature fun flavor additions
    Single sample boxes available

    Emphasis on dark chocolates is not for everyone
    Subscription only includes bars

    Kekao brings small, start-up brands to chocolate lovers throughout the United States. Its focus on craft chocolate ensures all bars are high quality, and many are made with fair-trade, heirloom, and/or organic ingredients. At $45 a month, it’s accessibly priced. Subscribers say that they find every box to be a new experience. The company's website offers copious information about every bar it carries, including the origin story of the beans and featured flavor ingredients.

    There is no customization available for Kekao’s boxes, but each month you’ll receive a variety of bars. Each month’s box contains four to five bars totaling about 10 servings on average, and the brand offers no products besides craft chocolate bars. By showcasing small artisanal brands, Kekao gives a platform to companies who otherwise might not easily find one. It’s an excellent choice for chocolate lover purists who want to taste new chocolate bars monthly, and aren’t as interested in other chocolate desserts like truffles or chocolate-covered pretzels.

  • Best for Gourmet Chocolates: Fine Chocolate Club

    Fine Chocolate Club

    Fine Chocolate Club

    Why We Chose It: Fine Chocolate Club delivers handcrafted, gourmet chocolates made by award-winning bean-to-bar purveyors using ancient European techniques.

    Only organic sweeteners used
    Boxes are customizable
    Award-winning chocolate makers featured

    Only delivers dark chocolate
    No other chocolate desserts available

    Fine Chocolate Club is a chocolate subscription box suited for cacao connoisseurs. The company makes great efforts to have a social and an environmental impact. Box sizes are customizable from two to six bars monthly. Fine Chocolate Club offers a one-off box for anyone interested in trying without a long-term commitment. You can choose to have a box delivered monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly.

    The chocolate is sourced globally from purveyors utilizing ancient European techniques and organic ingredients. The bars contain flavor additives and are all dark chocolate. Fine Chocolate Club ships throughout the United States via FedEx and USPS, and is a founding member of the California Chocolate Cooperative and Company.

    With an online community, a membership to Fine Chocolate Club is as much about joining other chocolate lovers online as it is about receiving top-quality, high-end chocolate bars. Pricing starts at $24 for two bars every month.

  • Best for Small-Batch Chocolate: Raaka



    Why We Chose It: Raaka ships two to three of its micro-batched, unroasted dark chocolate bars to subscribers every month.

    Sourcing info goes beyond fair-trade guidelines
    Ability to try one-off chocolate products
    Factory tours, chocolate-making classes
    Reasonably priced

    Unroasted chocolate not for everyone
    Flavors are niche
    Bars are small at 50 grams each

    Raaka is a purveyor of unroasted dark chocolate bars that it creates in tiny micro-batches. The company offers two- and three-bar monthly subscriptions. There is no customization available for the monthly boxes, but you can buy bars once to make sure you enjoy them. Separate gift subscriptions can be purchased in one payment for a period of three months to a year, and they include an optional gift note. For non-subscription bars, there is a large assortment of flavors available, as well as merchandise.

    This brand makes all of its chocolate bars from scratch with beans sourced directly, fairly, and transparently. Every cacao transaction it makes is available for viewing online. The company ships throughout the U.S. and bars go out on the 15th of every month, the same day your credit card is processed. Since many other brands process payment two weeks before shipping, this is an unusual practice. Raaka uses special diet ingredients, such as a gluten-free waffle cone in their waffle cone chocolate bar. All of its products are free of gluten, dairy, and soy, so they're suitable for vegans.

    Numerous reviews on the Raaka website state that the chocolate is the best their customers have ever tasted. Prices start around $20 for monthly two-bar subscriptions and $25 for three-bar subscriptions.

  • Best Mystery Box: Mystery Chocolate Box

    Mystery Chocolate Box

    Mystery Chocolate Box

    Why We Chose It: Every month, Mystery Chocolate Box sends three bars with the labels removed, and an ingredient list to be used for a guessing game.

    One of the most affordable chocolate subscriptions
    Donates to charities
    Can cancel your subscription at any time
    Fun online guessing game for the boxes
    Wide variety of bars

    Mystery box format not for everyone
    Affiliate, influencer program may be off-putting

    Mystery Chocolate Box is all about the fun of discerning what you’re eating. The company ships throughout the U.S. with a flexible plan that allows for cancellation before a membership expires. There is no customization on the number of bars you get monthly, but there is a good mix of dark, milk, and white chocolate bars in the company's rotation. For every box sold, the company donates two meals to charity internationally and domestically—which amounts to about 10,000 meals every year.

    The chocolate arrives with the labels off to allow you to guess which flavors are in each bar, and then you submit those guesses on the company's website to see if you're correct. The site also has a "leaderboard" that displays how you fared against others.

    Mystery Chocolate Box is a curator, not a producer, so there is no option to purchase the bars received directly from the website, although you should be able to find them elsewhere.

    The website is straightforward and easy to navigate. Subscriptions range from three months to one year. For gifts, there is a $1.99 gift note addition available. Pricing starts at around $64 for a three-month plan.

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  • Best for Vegans: Cococlectic



    Why We Chose It: This craft bean-to-bar club keeps it simple with artisanal offerings of only chocolate bars that are free of dairy, gluten, soy, and nuts.

    Moderate pricing for high-quality bars
    Free shipping within the U.S.
    Customers can choose the number of bars
    All bars contain five or fewer ingredients

    Bars could be considered too basic
    Monthly boxes only feature one brand
    No international chocolate makers featured

    Cococlectic is a vegan and allergen-friendly chocolate subscription box that honors the simplicity of quality chocolate. These bars use five ingredients or less, making them a dream for anyone who doesn’t like too much fussiness with their chocolate bars. It is a femal-owned and diverse small business that ships monthly boxes for free throughout the U.S. It also offers free online chocolate tastings. These bars are free of gluten, dairy, nuts, and soy, making this subscription a good option for people with special dietary needs.

    Chocolate bars are available for individual purchase on the website, should you wish to get a sense of the chocolates in the subscription boxes prior to committing. For subscriptions, you can choose from four to 10 bars every month. Pricing starts at $46 for a monthly box of four bars to $262 for six monthly deliveries (payable upfront).

  • Best for Gifting: Speach’s



    Why We Chose It: Half a dozen decadent sweets arrive monthly from this subscription service by a family-owned candy shop.

    Boxes are packaged for gifting
    All products are handmade
    Boxes include two packages of chocolate bark

    No allergen-free subscription option
    No mention of ingredient quality or sourcing
    Subscription is only available to buy on Amazon

    Speach’s offers three sizes of monthly subscription boxes. The smallest contains six products and the largest is nine. Boxes include chocolate bark, chocolate-covered savory snacks like potato chips or pretzels, chocolate-covered nuts or fruit, and chocolate-covered cookies. Every box contains dark, milk, and/or white chocolate, with occasional peanut butter offerings also. Though this fourth-generation, family-owned candy company has its own website, it only sells the subscription box through Amazon.

    The “Chocoholics Survival Kit” box is gift-oriented, cute, and fun, and could easily be enjoyed by entire families. Unlike the high-end subscriptions that one must be into dark chocolate to enjoy, this box is suited for any chocolate lover, no matter their palate. All products are made by hand and shipped within two weeks of their manufactured date. The boxes include the brand’s top-selling and newly released products, giving subscribers a good mix of treats. With so much variety, this is an excellent subscription for anyone looking to provide entertainment to whomever they’re gifting a box to.

    The first monthly box is $28, and subsequent boxes are $42 each.

Final Verdict

There’s something for everyone when it comes to chocolate subscription boxes. Whether you want only award-winning dark chocolate bars made using classic techniques or some chocolate-covered potato chips, there’s a subscription to fit your needs. Because of its variety, quality, and price, however, Kekeo is our top pick.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Chocolate Subscription Boxes Work?

To receive a chocolate subscription box, sign up online and choose the duration of time you want to receive the box for and for some brands, the delivery frequency. Subscription boxes tend to ship on the same day every month, making for a consistent experience.

How Much Do Chocolate Subscription Boxes Cost?

Based on our research, chocolate subscription boxes average $20 to $40 monthly, though some cost more for larger boxes.

Are Chocolate Subscription Boxes Worth It? 

If you love chocolate and want to try new chocolate bars or chocolate products, chances are you’ll find a chocolate subscription box to be a worthwhile purchase. They also make for great gifts. They’re a fun way to learn more about this confection and to enjoy new brands you may never have found.


To select the best variety of chocolate subscription boxes, we reviewed about two dozen different services. We focused on brands that utilize quality ingredients, fair and transparent trade practices, and general accessibility to curate a selection of subscriptions for a range of tastes and preferences.