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It may feel a bit old-fashioned, but fruit basket deliveries are one of those gifts that nearly everyone appreciates. A basket is always the right size, it’s suitable for nearly everyone, and there is never a concern about more unwanted gifts that will clutter the recipient’s home.

A healthy serving of fruit is appreciated by almost everyone, whether from friends and family to colleagues. Here are our picks for the best fruit basket delivery services available today.

Best Fruit Basket Delivery Services of 2022

  • Best Overall: The Fruit Company

    The Fruit Company

    The Fruit Company

    Why We Chose It: With beautiful seasonal fruit packaged in classic baskets, The Fruit Company is the best option for gift baskets.

    Fruit is farm-fresh
    Suitable for all budgets

    Shipping can be expensive

    The Fruit Company was started by two brothers in Oregon in 1999 and quickly became a popular choice for fruit baskets. Selected by Oprah for her Holiday O List in 2003, the company has expanded to offer a large selection of basket options for all budgets.

    Gift baskets offer a wide range of seasonal fruit grown in Oregon, as well as customizable add-ons such as the option for artisan cheese, sparkling cider, or chocolate fruit. Selected fruits are often grown in Oregon and can feature Fuji apples, Granny Smith apples, Golden Bosc pears, Columbia red pears, Malibu navel oranges, Samoa kiwis, and Maui pineapples, as well as other fruit depending on the season and basket. In addition, you can add an occasion ribbon, making the basket specific to a celebration. The produce featured in these baskets is of top quality.

    Gift boxes start at $49 and baskets start at $89, with free shipping available on select gifts as well as overnight and Saturday shipping options.

  • Best for Beautiful Arrangement: Gift Tree

    Gift Tree

    Gift Tree

    Why We Chose It: The Gift Tree offers picture-perfect fruit along with the best-looking baskets and ribbons.

    Beautiful woven baskets and arrangements
    Emphasis on details
    Baskets are customizable

    Vague pricing structure

    Fruit baskets often look generic or even a little dowdy, but baskets from The Gift Tree have a luxurious feel to them, with attention to details like ribbons and bows attached to the handles and body of the basket. Free gift cards with personalized messages and the ability to add wine, balloons, a teddy bear, or other customizable gifts mean each basket is designed with the recipient in mind. Even the box that the basket is delivered in is thoughtfully presented, with the message on top and scissors included for ease of opening the package.

    Fruit varies per season but often includes apples, grapes, or pineapple. Additional gourmet items like cheese, crackers, sausage, or candies are also available in some of the baskets. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all gifts, which means the company will replace, credit, or refund the basket if the recipient isn’t happy with it. But with all the beautiful options, that’s unlikely.

    Gift boxes start at $59.95 and baskets start at $69.95. Free standard shipping is available for all gift baskets and expedited shipping is available for a premium fee.

  • Best Value: Edible Arrangements

    Edible Arrangements

    Edible Arrangements

    Why We Chose It: Edible Arrangements is a franchised store with locations across the country. It offers a wide selection of edible gifts for any budget, including a section for gifts under $30.

    Lots of reasonably priced gift options
    Gifts for singles, couples

    Limited fruit selection

    Edible Arrangements made its mark as one of the first edible gift bouquets in which pre-cut fruit is shaped into fun flower shapes. It has since expanded its offerings from edible bouquets to chocolate-covered strawberries and fruit boxes and baskets. But its core products, arrangements that can be eaten, means it can offer a wide range of gifts in different pricing tiers, including numerous budget-friendly options.

    Small fruit boxes can include bananas, cantaloupe, fresh grapes, apples, oranges, strawberries, and/or pineapples, depending on availability and season. Other edible gifts include freshly baked cookies, chocolate-covered fruit, small mini cheesecake, cupcakes, and small edible bouquets. These gifts are not only easy on the wallet, but they are ideal for a single person or a couple who don't want large amounts of produce.

    Edible gifts start at $18.99 with free pickup at an Edible Arrangement local store. Same-day delivery starts at $9.99.

  • Best for Seasonal Fruit: Frog Hollow Farms

    Frog Hollow Farms

    Frog Hollow Farms

    Why We Chose It: This small, farm-based company sells some of the best seasonal fruit at local farmer’s markets in the San Francisco Bay Area and ships its fruit nationally in gift baskets and boxes.

    Wide range of organic, seasonal produce
    Shipped direct from the farm
    Fruit is grown using regenerative agriculture

    Limited production
    Baskets and boxes are basic looking

    Frog Hollow Farms is known for its delicious tasting fruit. Located on 280 acres in Brentwood California, its organic fruit has been sold all over the San Francisco Bay Area at farmers markets for years. For those who live outside of that area, the company ships its seasonal fruit in gift boxes and baskets.

    Expect fruit ranging from apricots, apriums, Meyer lemons, plums, pluots, apples, blood oranges, mulberries, and more. Frog Hollow Farms focuses on sustainability by practicing regenerative farming and is certified organic with California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), which means its produce has a low impact on the land and the surrounding community.

    Hollow Farms is known for its fruit preserves as well as baked goods (the company used to have a café in the San Francisco Ferry Building), so some boxes feature those items as well. Other items that might be included, depending on the gift chosen, could include coffee and tea, cheese, housemade granola, chocolate truffles, honey, nuts, and other treats.

    Frog Hollow also has transparency shipping, which means there is no markup on shipping costs; what the company pays for shipping is what the customer pays. Gift boxes start at $39.99 and baskets start at $52.99. Select options receive free shipping.

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  • Best for Variety: Melissa’s Produce

    Melissa’s Produce

    Melissa’s Produce

    Why We Chose It: As the largest distributor of specialty fruit in the United States, it’s no surprise that Melissa’s Produce offers the widest range of fruit and produce for its gift baskets.

    Tropical and exotic fruit featured
    Wide selection of fruit in each basket
    Multiple gift options

    Order processing can be slow

    Melissa’s produce is the best option if you’re looking for variety in fruit, thanks in part to the size and footprint of its operation. The company's gift baskets are filled with seasonal fruit such as apples, pears, and grapefruit, along with more exotic items such as dragonfruit, passion fruit, finger limes, and rambutans.

    There's a section on the company's website titled “Freaky Fruits” that highlights tropical and exotic fruit like kiwano horned melon, buddha’s hand, lychee, cactus pears, and more. Melissa’s offers gift options in a variety of shapes and sizes, from traditional baskets to wicker trays, hinged hampers, and wooden crates.

    Unlike other companies, you won’t find candies, cheese, or sausage in these baskets. Because Melissa's focuses on specialty produce first, expect the gift packages to center around fresh produce as well as dried fruit, chiles, and jarred salsa.

    Baskets start at $41.59. Select gifts have a free shipping option and there is an option for next-day shipping. However, the processing of orders takes at least 48 hours or longer (depending on what time and day you order it).

  • Best for Gourmet Baskets: Harry & David

    Harry & David

    Harry & David

    Why We Chose It: As one of the oldest gourmet food companies in the United States, Harry & David is synonymous with quality and luxury. Its gourmet baskets are standouts in the field of luxury edible gifts.

    Beautiful baskets
    Gourmet treats, fresh fruit
    History of quality products
    Excellent customer service

    Number of choices can be overwhelming

    Founded in 1934, Harry & David has a long history of gourmet edible gifts starting with its signature Royal Riviera pears. When ripe, these Comice variety pears are buttery soft and sweet and are best eaten with a spoon right out of their skin. Beyond the pairs, Harry & David has a wide selection of gourmet edible gifts. Fruit baskets can contain, pears, apples, papaya, mango, pineapple, bananas, kiwis, limes, and more.

    Other edible gift baskets include a mix of fruit with dried sausage, cookies, cheese, chocolate, wine, crackers, nuts, and Harry & David’s Moose Munch, a caramel popcorn snack mix. Each gift basket is carefully wrapped and decorated with a hand-tied bow to ensure the best gift experience. All gifts are guaranteed with a refund or replacement if the recipient isn’t satisfied.

    Gift boxes start at $24.99 and baskets start at $39.99 before shipping. Standard shipping starts at $12.99 for a gift box, with premium prices for faster delivery. You can also join the company's Celebration Passport program, which costs $29.99 and offers free shipping for a year on eligible products.

  • Best for Same-Day Delivery: Fruit Bouquets

    Fruit Bouquets

    Fruit Bouquets

    Why We Chose It: Last-minute fruit basket gifts can be difficult to source, but Fruit Bouquets has you covered with its same-day delivery options.

    Same-day delivery on several products
    Wide selection
    Options to include a festive ribbon

    Can be expensive
    Website is a bit cluttered

    Last-minute shoppers can rejoice because Fruit Bouquets has a number of options for same-day delivery and an easy way to find them on the company's website. Though the selection for this delivery option is more limited, there are still plenty of options.

    The company's edible fruit bouquets, an arrangement of fruit cut into cute, whimsical shapes, are a little more robust than the standard fruit baskets it sells. Bouquets can include chocolate-covered strawberries, daisy-shaped pineapples, melons, orange wedges, and grape skewers. Baskets can include grapefruit, apples, pears, plums pineapples, peaches, and more depending on the season, availability, and the basket. Some baskets also include snacks like crackers, cookies, cheese, and sausage.

    Keep in mind that during peak holiday times, same-day delivery might not be available or might be limited. Be sure to order by 2 p.m. on weekdays, 1 p.m. on Saturdays, or 11:30 am on Sundays for same-day delivery. Fruit bouquets and baskets start at $49.99, and boxes start at $39.99. Same-day delivery fees start at $14.99 but you can also become a member for $19.99 and receive free shipping on certain products for a year.

Final Verdict

Though there are myriad options out there for fruit baskets, The Fruit Company is our best overall pick because of its roots in the farming industry and its knowledge of fruit. The company's baskets have an upscale feel to them and the produce is top-notch. On top of that, the baskets and gift boxes are customizable and prices are reasonable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Fruit Basket Delivery Services Work?

Visit the company website and select the fruit basket you like. Certain companies will allow you to customize the box with additional add-ons. Select what you wish and then check out. Most companies also take orders over the phone, and customer service representatives can help you further or help customize the basket if you have special needs for it (like food allergies or dietary restrictions).

When Should I Use a Fruit Basket Delivery Service?

Fruit basket delivery is a great option for any occasion, whether it’s a graduation, birthday, or anniversary. You can also send a fruit basket as a thank you or as a sympathy gift.

How Much Do Fruit Basket Delivery Services Cost?

Fruit baskets range in price, based on our research. On the low end, you can find them for $29.99 while the top-tier ones can go as high as $200 or more.


We researched and looked at numerous articles, reviews, and select companies across the internet to find the best fruit basket delivery services. A number of criteria came into play, including the fruit itself, the heritage of the company, the relationship the company has to the farms and source of fruit, how the actual baskets look, and the customer satisfaction and service. A significant factor in curating this list included a satisfaction guarantee with a refund or replacement if the customer was unhappy.