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When it comes to craft cocktails, few spirits have the depth, diversity, and flexibility of quality gin. From complex London Dry to the nuanced sweetness of Old Tom, the sheer variety of expressions in good gin makes it just as richly rewarding for sipping, a quality more often linked to whiskeys.

The only question might be how and what to choose, but the best of the growing number of gin subscription clubs answer that with curated selections, tasting notes, and even recipes that come right to your door. Read on to see our picks for the best gin of the month clubs to sign up for today.

Best Gin of the Month Clubs of 2022

Best Overall: Mash&Grape



Why We Chose It: Interesting bottlings from less-familiar distillers equate to discovery and delight.

What We Like
Terrific curation
National retailer network
Early access to new bottlings
Detailed tasting notes

What We Don’t Like
Three-month subscription minimum
The store is frequently out of add-ons like barware and books

Mash&Grape’s Gin Explorer club is a $44-per-month wonder: It's less expensive than several “top shelf” clubs but has even more intriguing curation. Prepaying for three, six, or 12 months will discount that price by up to 15% for a full-sized bottle of gin and copious tasting notes each month.

Many clubs boast broad access to a large range of bottlers, but Mash&Grape’s selection bears that out more than most. Members also get early access to new and even rare spirits available directly from Mash&Grape’s own store, making it that much easier to grow your bar while deepening your knowledge of the world of gin.

Best for the Standards: Spirited Gifts

Spirited Gifts

Spirited Gifts

Why We Chose It: Spirited Gifts puts the biggest names in gin forward, allowing you to build your home bar easily with one click-ordering.

What We Like
Seasonal curation
Three-month subscription windows

What We Don’t Like
Only ships to 33 states
Expensive price per bottle

Spirited Gifts' Gin Lovers Club is a reliable bar-builder, sending premium bottles from around the globe to you, one full-sized bottle at a time. You won’t always know exactly which bottles will be on their way, but they’re unlikely to disappoint: All are high in quality and very much in the craft gin category.

A three-month subscription, with monthly deliveries of a "remarkably rare gin," costs $225.

Best for Beginners: Taster’s Club

Taster’s Club

Taster’s Club

Why We Chose It: Top-shelf gins are shipped alongside comprehensive tasting notes, at a great price.

What We Like
Each delivery is a surprise
Good per-bottle value
Expert-level tasting, history, and craft notes
Value includes shipping

What We Don’t Like
Limited information is available
Customer support is lacking

Taster’s Club rests everything on surprises—deliveries are not pre-announced—saving all of the details for delivery. Extensive “Gin 101” course materials come with each month’s full-sized bottle, detailing everything from production techniques to tasting notes, trends, and comparisons against other types of gin.

The materials are great, but the bottles themselves are where Taster’s Club really shines: Bottlings from London Dry-style to Navy-strength batches will put so many new cocktails deliciously within reach. Subscriptions are $44 per month with rolling memberships that can be canceled at any time or stretch up to a year.

Best Gin Education: Flaviar



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Why We Chose It: Flaviar offers one of the more open-ended and plainly thrilling gin discovery clubs.

What We Like
Expert curation
Three samples and one premium bottle per shipment
Free shipping on select orders

What We Don’t Like
Limited to one full-sized bottle quarterly
Additional shipping costs
Limited delivery locations

From the gin-aissance to a certain gin-ne-sais-quoi, to the ori-gins of the beautiful spirit, Flaviar’s enthusiasm for the qualities and character of gin is nearly unmatched. As it does with its other very well-conceived spirits clubs, Flaviar builds each quarterly shipment around two full-sized premium bottles from an innovative craft distiller. Consider the “flavor spiral” that helps you navigate every taste and aroma, and you have a box as suited for discovery as it is for education and experience.

Starting at $159 or $349 for All-round Explorer for a full year (four shipments with four tastings and four full sized bottles), subscribers also get access to Flaviar's “vault” of rarities and exclusive bottlings, a valuable selection in its own right. VIP distillery tours, live and online events, and a deep well of available recipes round out Flaviar’s club. It can be easy to get lost in the decision-making required in choosing each premium bottle, but for some, that freedom and chance-taking will be something of a thrill.

Best for Craft Gin: PlumpJack Gin Club



Why We Chose It: PlumpJack offers one of the most impressive selections, and backs it up with great cocktail recipes.

What We Like
Diverse selection of craft gins, expertly curated
Includes cocktail recipes

What We Don’t Like
Limited to one bottle quarterly
Additional shipping costs
Limited delivery locations

What began as an instantly beloved San Francisco bottle shop in 1992 is now one of the most well-curated spirits stores. PlumpJack’s passion for and embrace of interesting, quality spirits from every corner of the world now extends not only to gin, but to a very well-run subscription club.

For as little as $85 for two quarter (a tad more if you don’t live near San Francisco), you’ll be signed up for a premium bottle from any one of the many points on gin’s flavor map, and from small-batch distillers from Namibia and Sardinia to PlumpJack’s own Gray Whale Gin, made from botanicals found along the California coastal migration path of its namesake cetacean. A batch of cocktail recipes with each shipment certainly helps provide any needed inspiration.

PlumpJack’s club has been designed by its longtime head buyer, a gin enthusiast who oversees each and every selection. It can be hard to wait for the one new bottle you’ll receive per quarter, but it's well worth the time and the price given the quality. This is simply one of the best deals on the market for craft gin.

Final Verdict

Taster’s Club and Spirited Gifts are great entry points for the budding gin enthusiast, each providing standards and great starting gins at a good price, and at a good pace. PlumpJack and Mash&Grape are on another level when it comes to curation. Mash&Grape comes out on top for pairing that selection with a monthly delivery, but PlumpJack’s quarterly bottle is surprisingly worth the wait. With each, you are looking at superlative, truly interesting gins, at relatively great prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Gin Subscription?

A gin subscription is a membership club that, like other spirits clubs out there, delivers a delicious bottle to your door every month or quarter. Some bill on a monthly basis, others upfront, others only quarterly, but nearly all of these clubs allow for easy cancellation, with no additional fees. Shipping costs are usually (but not always) included, but all of them make it easy to calculate a good per-bottle cost.

How Much Does a Gin Subscription Cost?

Gin subscriptions start at $44 a month and generally don’t exceed $60 per month. While volume purchases of mixing gins might cost less, it would typically be difficult to source that many craft gins at a lower cost. On top of that, that fact that the curation is done (and delivered) for you is a notable value add.

How We Chose the Best Gin of the Month Clubs

We researched every club we could find, spoke to industry experts and subscribers, and ultimately considered a broad range of offerings, curating philosophies, and even frequencies. Our goal was to select gin clubs that put good, worthwhile gin on your table, whether you’re a novice or already have a well-developed palate. With the complicated liquor laws varying across nearly every border, shipping can be hit or miss for most companies, but we chose those with significant reach (though it can be difficult to confirm exactly where they provide service) and with a good reputation for the experience they deliver. Ultimately, we looked for clubs with reach, intention in their selections, and relative affordability for an aspiring connoisseur or as a gift.

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