The Best Glass Food Storage Containers in 2023

The Glasslock 18-Piece Assorted Oven Safe Container Set is the winner

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Best Glass Storage Containers

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The key to organization is merging what's vital for your home's regular routines within your kitchen's storage space. Once you ascertain your dream organized kitchen, you can determine what kind of glass containers will fit your food storage needs. Di Ter Avest, a professional home and lifestyle organizer, and owner of Di is Organized, says that choosing glass containers helps better preserve the quality of food since glass is nonabsorbent, which reduces issues with germs and smells. 

While plastic containers can offer what Coffeeble’s Health & Wellness Advisor Nadia Charif says is "superficial convenience in terms of storage, they are hardly as versatile as glass containers." Glass can be easily warmed up in a microwave (and most times, the oven) since it can deal with heat better than plastic. If you're using tempered glass, it can also store your favorite no-churn ice cream or frozen meals. Plus, glass is definitely more environmentally friendly.

When exploring glass food containers, you should consider lid material, set variety, features, and cleaning and maintenance. Researching each aspect will help you decide on the best storage for your home, and we tested each one on this list to make that decision easier. Afterward, we found the Glasslock 18-Piece Assorted Oven Safe Container Set to be the winner.

If you're ready to live your most organized life, here are the best glass food storage containers to have in your kitchen.

Best Overall

Glasslock 18-Piece Assorted Oven Safe Container Set



What We Love: Comes in a large set, easy to nest for storage, multiple shapes and sizes

What We Don't Love: Lid hinges might break, lids may warp

This fully-outfitted set of glass containers is a perfect one-and-done buy for most households. The set includes nine containers in eight various sizes to fit everything from leftover condiments to complete meals. The plastic lids attach with hinges to make an airtight and watertight seal so you don’t have to worry about leaks. 

The thick glass won’t hold onto stains or smells, and it’s safe to use in the oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. "Glass is the gold standard for food storage because it can be used everywhere from the microwave to the oven to the freezer," says Ali Rosen, author of "Modern Freezer Meals." "However, it’s important to make sure that you’re using tempered glass to avoid cracking with temperature changes."

For storing empty containers, the set nests nicely. Our tester liked that you can even store smaller containers inside larger containers with the lids on so you won’t have to keep searching for a missing lid. This set checks those boxes and then some. There are two downsides to those lids, the first being their plastic hinges. They didn't come apart during testing, but it's possible they could begin to break down with regular use. Secondly, the lids themselves have the potential to warp or crack.

Price at Time of Publish: $57


Simply Recipes / Lizzy Briskin

Type of Glass: Tempered | Lid: Plastic | What's Included: (1) 0.7-cup round, (1) 1.5-cup square, (1) 1.6-cup round, (1) 1.6-cup rectangular, (1) 3.1-cup round, (1) 3.3-cup square, (2) 3.5-cup rectangular, (1) 6.3-cup rectangular

Best Budget

Anchor Hocking 10 Piece TrueSeal Round Glass Food Storage Set



What We Love: Comes in various sizes, airtight seals, can write on lids

What We Don't Love: Difficult to get lids on

Minimal storage space doesn’t mean you can’t have a great selection of storage containers, thanks to this neatly nesting set from Anchor Hocking. The containers in this set are all round and come in four sizes, from 1 to 7 cups. The lids, which are made from rubber and BPA-free plastic, form a tight seal that won’t leak or warp in the dishwasher. 

These containers have a more flexible sealing mechanism than other containers we tested. The tight seal relies on friction between the rubber lip of the lid and the tempered glass. This can make putting on and removing the lid a little more difficult than other containers on this list, but you can rest assured that nothing will budge once it’s in place. The containers (not the lids) can also be used in the oven and microwave and you don’t have to worry about any lingering smells or stains.

Price at Time of Publish: $28

Anchor Hocking

Simply Recipes / Lizzy Briskin

Type of Glass: Tempered | Lid: Plastic | What's Included: (1) 1-cup, (2) 2-cup, (1) 4-cup, (1) 7-cup

Best Nesting

Joseph Joseph 8-Piece Nest Glass Storage Set


Courtesy of Amazon

What We Love: Affordable, colorful, largest can be used as a baking dish

What We Don't Love: Isn’t leakproof

The winning feature of this set of glass storage containers is that it all fits together into a compact little nest when not in use. The range of sizes in this set is also great for storing a variety of items. In fact, the largest dish, which measures 11 x 8.5 inches, is great to use as a baking dish, as long as your oven is preheated. The durable glass maintains heat well and is safe up to 536 degrees. 

When you’re done baking and cooling your food, you can pop the lid on the container and stick the entire dish into the freezer for later. When you’re ready to serve, you can reheat directly in the container, no need to dirty another dish. It’s worth noting that these containers do not have a completely watertight seal. The lids are easy to take on and off, but leaks may happen if you’re storing anything with a lot of liquid.

Price at Time of Publish: $35

Joseph Joseph

Simply Recipes / Lizzy Briskin

Type of Glass: Borosilicate | Lid: Plastic | Sizes: 0.55 cup, 2.7 cups, 5.4 cups, 10.5 cups

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Best with Glass Lids

Bormioli Rocco Hermetic Glass Storage Fido Jars

Bormioli Rocco Hermetic Glass Storage Fido Jars


What We Love: Various sizes, airtight seal, comes with stick-on labels

What We Don't Love: Can't handle extreme temperature changes

These durable glass jars are plastic-free and great for stashing everything from dry pantry items, like flour and grains, to soups and sauces. The jars come with removable rubber gadgets that, together with a metal clamp around the lid, create an airtight seal to prevent leaks and spoilage. The containers are microwave and dishwasher safe, though you have to remove the metal beforehand, which will rust. 

These jars also have a timeless design that will have your ingredients and leftovers looking great and staying fresh. They also work for canning and fermenting. In particular, these jars are a favorite among bakers for nurturing sourdough starters.

Price at Time of Publish: $27

Bormioli Rocco

Simply Recipes / Lizzy Briskin

Type of Glass: Soda-lime | Lid: Glass | Sizes: 6.75 ounces, 17 ounces, 25.25 ounces, 33.75 ounces (1 liter), 50.75 ounces (1.5 liters), 67.75 ounces (2 liters), 101.5 ounces (3 liters), 135.25 ounces (4 liters)

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Best for Meal Prep

Pyrex 10-Piece Glass Meal Prep Set

Pyrex 10-Piece Glass Meal Prep Set


What We Love: Can be used regularly in the oven, ideal for meal prep

What We Don't Love: Can't nest together for storage

This set of five glass storage containers comes with colorful tight-fitting plastic lids that seal in air and prevent spills. The containers are a good size to fit lunch or dinner for one, making this set ideal for meal preppers. They stack neatly in your fridge, but won’t nest together when they’re empty since the containers are identical. 

The sturdy Pyrex glass is shatter-resistant and works in the microwave and a preheated oven. "Pyrex containers are my go-to because I never have to worry about cracking when I reheat frozen meals in the microwave or oven," says Rosen. "Plus, the lids are easy to pop off for reheating." The plastic lids should not be heated, however, and though they are dishwasher-safe, they do tend to warp and over time may become brittle if washed frequently.

Price at Time of Publish: $33

Pyrex 10-Piece Glass Meal Prep Set

Simply Recipes / Lizzy Briskin

Type of Glass: Tempered | Lid: Plastic | What's Included: (2) 3-Cup, (2) 6-Cup, and (1) 11-cup

Final Verdict

Do you want a tempered glass food container with a lot of set variety? Then the Glasslock 18-Piece Assorted Oven Safe Container Set. If you are looking for something that stacks easily so you can save storage space, then check out Joseph Joseph 8-Piece Nest Glass Storage Set.

Bormioli Rocco Hermetic Glass Storage Fido Jars in use

Simply Recipes / Lizzy Briskin

What Are the Other Options?

Essos Square Glass Jars with Wood Lids: Our former budget pick is still very affordable, stacks together nicely, and great for when you want to store dry goods or other things in your pantry. Our tester noted that the lids are easy to remove, though they are not airtight or watertight. The ease of pests getting in and the lack of being about to use these for anything other than storage led to them being taken out of our recommendations.

How We Selected

Our tester Lizzy Briskin reviewed our previous roundup and added a few of her own picks, after closely looking at consumer reviews and available manufacturer information. We then purchased these products for Lizzy so she could put them to the test in her home kitchen. First, she assessed the design and durability of each glass container. Then, she used them all to store dry goods and meals, testing for leakage and portability.

After testing, Lizzy submitted feedback about what she liked and didn’t like about each product and rated each one on the following features: Durability, Heat Retention, Features, Effectiveness, and Overall Value. Learn more about how we test products.

What to Look for When Buying Glass Food Storage Containers

Lid Material 

When choosing the right glass food storage container, you’ll want to make sure you pay attention to the lid. You’ll come across plastic, metal, wood, and glass lids and each has its pros and cons. If you want to be able to heat up a container in a microwave, make sure the lids are compatible.

According to Ed Spicer, CEO of Pest Strategies, unwanted pests love the smell of food and can get to it easily if your containers are not airtight. Glass containers are great to use for storage, he says, because nothing can chew through to the contents. This is also the case for the lid material. While the lid may add to a container's aesthetic, if there’s even a possibility for pests, you'll want to go with an airtight option.

Joseph Joseph

Simply Recipes / Lizzy Briskin

Set Variety 

Having a variety of glass food storage can make all the difference for space and organization. So you’ll want to choose sets with different sizes for easier maintenance and different needs. "Decanting dry goods to airtight glass containers [can] help us easily see when supplies are running low, use the space more efficiently, and it motivates us to stay organized," says Ter Avest. So incorporating set variety in your home helps keep your life on track.


When you’re narrowing down choices, think about some of its features. Do you need tempered or borosilicate glass? Is leakproof necessary? What about an oven-safe, microwave-safe, and freezer-safe container? Depending on your needs you’ll find that one that works better than the others. Just remember that if the goal is to store your food safely in the freezer, then tempered or borosilicate glass is the answer.


All glass food containers should have some ease when you’re cleaning them and using them for your food. When debating whether glass food containers are great for storage and reheating, "Storage glass casseroles or glass bowls are great for storing leftovers in the fridge as they can just easily be transferred into the microwave to heat up," says Charif. "Glass also manages to deal with heat much better than plastic, making it perfect to heat up and eat out of." The nonporous nature of glass just makes your life easier for cooking and longevity.


Simply Recipes / Lizzy Briskin


Are glass food storage containers safe in the freezer?

Yes, glass containers are safe in the freezer, but only certain kinds. When searching for the perfect glass containers, they should be made of tempered glass if possible. While non-tempered glass can freeze well, it is much more brittle and has an opportunity to crack under extreme temperatures. When storing food, you’ll want to leave some space in your jars so your food has room to expand. Also, make sure your contents are cooled down before placing them in the jar. 

What lids should you use with dry food storage?

This depends on what you are doing. Most people will find that plastic lids will work just fine as a multipurpose option. These lids can store your dry food in the freezer and outside of it. Plastic lids also are leakproof and are simply easier to open.


Simply Recipes / Lizzy Briskin

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