The 7 Best Grill Thermometers of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

From wireless models to probe style, these tested tools will deliver perfectly cooked meat

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Whether grilling a pricy piece of meat or chicken on the bone, knowing when dinner is done is a crucial part of serving a successful meal. That's where grill thermometers come into play, allowing you to easily check the internal temperature of the food while keeping it on the grates.

There are a number of helpful grill thermometers on the market, including both wireless and probe versions. Wireless thermometers allow you to walk away from the grill while keeping tabs on the temperature of the food through a remote; probe thermometers are used to check the temp intermittently by inserting the probe every once in a while. There are some questions to consider before you choose the one for you: Will you need to continue prepping dinner inside, with an app notifying you when the steak is medium-rare? Do you want accuracy within a degree or two? Do you trust yourself to test the food before it's overcooked? Will you need multiple thermometers at the same time?

These are all aspects to take into consideration, which is why we researched to find the top-rated grill thermometers in several categories. We then sent our picks to writer and product tester Ariane Resnick to test them in her own kitchen, considering each grill thermometer's ease of use, accuracy, performance, and ease of cleaning.

Best Overall, Probe

ThermoWorks Thermapen ONE

ThermoWorks Thermapen ONE

King Arthur Baking

What We Love: Excellent accuracy, no power button needed, display automatically rotates based on how it's held, long battery life

What We Don’t Love: Can’t easily switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit

The Thermapen is said to be a favorite of chefs and BBQ champions alike, and we can see why. It comes with remarkable technical accuracy, within less than one degree, and only takes a couple of seconds for a reading, meaning those grilled steak recipes will come out perfect. It’s also waterproof and backlit for nighttime use, with a patented auto-rotating display to make grilling even more hassle-free, great for left-handed cooks.

This thermometer is great for saving battery life as well, as it will automatically shut off when put down and spring back to life when it gets picked back up. "I love how it turns on automatically when you open it, and no power button is needed," said our tester. "Also, the display didn't fog over quickly over boiling water, the way others did." It’s guaranteed for 3,000-hour battery life using a single AAA battery and displays in both Celsius and Fahrenheit for added convenience—though our tester said that it wasn't easy to switch between the two during testing.

The probe also folds into the base to make for easy storage in between grilling. Choose from six different colors for your Thermapen, designed to perfectly cook your meat to the optimal temperature range based on your preferences. Opening the probe turns the device on, which our tester found quite user-friendly.

Price at time of publish: $100

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

Simply Recipes / Ariane Resnick

Probe Length: 0.4 inches | Temperature Range: -58 to 572 degrees F | Wireless/Cable Range: N/A | Power Source: AAA battery | Waterproof?: Yes

Best Overall, Wireless

Meater Plus Smart Meat Thermometer with Bluetooth

Meater Plus With Bluetooth Repeater


What We Love: Lightweight, high-end appearance, advanced features to help meal planning

What We Don’t Love: May be too small for some users

The Meater Plus makes outdoor cooking a breeze and looks good while doing it. It connects to a free mobile app for wireless monitoring and works over Bluetooth for a range of up to 165 feet; you can extend the range by connecting it to your Wi-Fi with Meater Link (free in Meater's app) or connecting with Meater Cloud to use it with your Alexa. "It's so high-tech! It's tiny, with a super-cute magnetic case made of high-quality wood. It looks expensive," our product tester said.

This lightweight thermometer includes two sensors on one probe to simultaneously measure internal meat temperature up to 212 degrees and ambient or external temperature up to 527 degrees. The Guided Cook System walks users through each step of the cooking process and allows for customized alerts and notifications.

It earns points for its appearance, too, with a sleek bamboo charging case and simple metal design—something that, combined with its high-end technology, makes this thermometer a great gift for the pitmasters in your life, says our tester. "For anyone who likes to feel high-tech with their gadgets, the Meater Plus thermometer will be a delight to work with," our tester added.

But, perhaps the single greatest asset of the Meater Plus is the Advanced Estimator Algorithm on the Meater app, which provides expert time management tips and clearly showcases how long to cook and rest food. Note, however, that it’s quite small, so it may be tricky to use for those with large hands.

Price at time of publish: $100

meater 2 grill thermometer simply recipes ariane resnick

Simply Recipes / Ariane Resnick

Probe Length: 4.3 inches | Temperature Range: -58 to 212 degrees F (internal) or 572 degrees F (external) | Wireless/Cable Range: 165 feet | Power Source: AAA battery | Waterproof?: Yes

Best Budget

NutriChef Smart Wireless Grill Thermometer

NutriChef Smart Wireless Grill Thermometer PWIRBBQ60


What We Love: Fun stopwatch appearance, dual probes, accurate, wireless capabilities

What We Don’t Love: Plastic construction means it can’t be placed too close to grill

This affordable, handy tool harnesses the power of technology and makes grilling a breeze with a sensor that triggers a cell phone alert when the meat reaches its desired temperature. "This is a high-tech gadget with a low-tech price," our tester noted. "It reads quickly and accurately, and while you can use it with Bluetooth and WiFi, it also offers the option of reading temperature directly on the device," our tester added.

The Nutrichef Smart Wireless Grill Thermometer works with two temperature probes, with the base connecting to your phone via an app and Bluetooth. It boasts an indoor range of 100 feet and an outdoor wireless range of 328 feet. The probes themselves can withstand intense heat, up to 482 degrees, while their 32-inch stainless steel cables can tolerate up to 716 degrees.

The probes can be used on different meats at the same time, such as when cooking pork chops and boneless chicken, as the digital display will simply switch back and forth between the foods for dual monitoring with ease. "Fast, accurate, fun to use. I love the stopwatch vibe and had no trouble setting it up, "our tester said. "I love that it has the ability to do WiFi/Bluetooth but also gives you the temperature right on it." Additionally, temperatures can be set using both Fahrenheit and Celsius. The package does include the two AA batteries needed. The unit is great to display alongside the grill—just be careful not to place it too close to the heat as the plastic can melt.

Price at time of publish: $50

nutrichef wireless grill thermometer bbq simply recipes ariane resnick

Simply Recipes / Ariane Resnick

Probe Length: 3.7 inches | Temperature Range: Up to 482 dgrees F | Wireless/Cable Range: 328 feet | Power Source: AA battery | Waterproof?: Yes

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Best Magnetic

Pampered Chef Instant-Read Food Thermometer



What We Love: Probe and corded probe options, magnetic back, operates quickly, accurate reading

What We Don’t Love: Need to be careful when cleaning

This water-resistant tool is ideal if you toggle between checking temps intermittently and needing a thermometer to constantly monitor the food on the grill. The included 3-foot detachable corded probe can be plugged in as needed (the 2.75-inch probe conveniently folds in), while the temperature display stays magnetically attached outside. Our tester found this feature extra convenient: "It sticks well wherever it's placed," our tester noted.

For ease, this Pampered Chef thermometer shows degrees in Celsius and Fahrenheit and can be used in ranges from -40 to 482 degrees (-40 to 250 in Celsius). Pampered Chef guarantees that the temperature is accurate within two degrees, and our tester found it to take temperatures quickly and correctly. "[This thermometer] seems like something that would last well and has numerous great features," our tester said. "I love that it includes proper temperatures for assorted meats, right on the front, for any home cooks who don't know them offhand."

The thermometer is also protected with a one-year guarantee for non-commercial use, perfect for at-home cooking. When cleaning, be sure to not submerge this grill thermometer in water; simply wipe it with a damp cloth and towel dry. 

Price at time of publish: $80

pampered chef grill thermometer simply recipes ariane resnick

Simply Recipes / Ariane Resnick

Probe Length: 2.75 inches | Temperature Range: -40 to 482 degrees F | Wireless/Cable Range: 3 feet | Power Source: CR-2032 battery | Waterproof?: Yes

Best for High Heat

Cuisinart Bluetooth Easy Connect Thermometer



What We Love: Vibrant display, two stainless steel probes, very high heat range

What We Don’t Love: Batteries sold separately

Our tester swears by her Cuisinart kitchen items, and after testing, this grill thermometer didn't disappoint. Right off the bat, the Cuisinart Bluetooth Easy Connect Thermometer impresses as it can withstand temperatures of up to 600 degrees, which is significantly higher than most grill thermometers out there. It also makes it convenient to monitor your rack of ribs or barbecue chicken parts from afar with the associated mobile app. Simply set your desired temperature (from a helpful provided list), set each stainless steel probe, and wait for the handheld unit to expertly monitor the meat temperature. "This is a sturdy and efficient grill thermometer," our tester said. "While you have the option for Bluetooth, you can read temperature directly on the thermometers as well. It also has an incredibly high heat range."

The kickstand—which doubles as a hook—allows for hands-free monitoring while cooking, and the vibrant display makes it easy to read. For storage, home cooks can either tuck the two probes and wrap the cord around the unit or use the kickstand to hang the tool from the grill or any wall. The stainless-steel and plastic thermometer requires two AA batteries, which are not included with the device—the only con our tester found: "Batteries should be included when spending $40 or $50 on a thermometer."

Price at time of publish: $60

cuisinart bluetooth easy connect thermometer simply recipes grill ariane resnick

Simply Recipes / Ariane Resnick

Probe Length: 3.25 inches | Temperature Range: Up to 600 degrees F | Wireless/Cable Range: About 3 feet | Power Source: AA battery | Waterproof?: No

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Best No-Frills

GEFU Digital Thermometer



What We Love: Easy to hold and use, quick to read, stainless steel gives it an upscale look

What We Don’t Love: Fogs over quickly in steam

Crafted of stainless steel and plastic and with an impressive five-year manufacturing warranty, the GEFU Digital Thermometer is a great option that's both straightforward and effective. With a crisp, clear display that can withstand temperatures of -40 to 392 degrees, this will be your new best friend for perfectly grilled meat. The display window is easy to read day or night—although it does fog over quickly when exposed to steam—and the probe weighs just 1 pound with dimensions of 11 x 3 x 1 inches, making it easy to hold and use. "Yes, it's an excellent no-frills tool for someone who doesn't require any pizzazz to their kitchen equipment," our tester said. "And despite having no frills, it still looks nicer than a plastic thermometer or an analog one."

The stainless loop at the end also makes for convenient storage: It can be hung for easy access or simply folded to conserve drawer space. It’s a simple, elegant tool that is the perfect transition for anyone who wants to upgrade their analog thermometer, our tester noted.

Price at time of publish: $37

gefu digital thermometer best grill thermometers ariane resnick simply recipes

Simply Recipes / Ariane Resnick

Probe Length: 4.5 inches | Temperature Range: -40 to 392 degrees F | Wireless/Cable Range: N/A | Power Source: AAA battery | Waterproof?: No

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Best for a Dinner Party

Soraken Wireless Meat Thermometer with Four Probes

Soraken Wireless Meat Thermometer with Four Probes


What We Love: App is comprehensive, comes with four probes

What We Don’t Love: No batteries included, a bit cumbersome with app

The Soraken Wireless Meat Thermometer can monitor up to six pieces of meat from up to 100 feet away indoors and 170 feet away outdoors. This thermometer also includes four color-coded probes that make it easy to perfectly cook your meat, especially since it comes with 11 preset proper temperature ranges using USDA food safety guidelines. Our tester notes, however, that "the material of the device makes them a little tricky to put in: It has a weird, granular feel."

Temperature measurements range from 32 to 572 degrees, while a magnet allows for easy attachment to metal surfaces so it stays out of the way during the grilling process. A large, bright LED screen makes it convenient to monitor the display, though mobile monitoring is also available. "I'd recommend this for anyone who likes to grill multiple things at a time. It has four probes and can accommodate even more via the app," our tester says.

For storage, the probes can be wrapped around the thermometer to save on drawer space. It does not come with batteries, so be sure to purchase two AA batteries alongside the device. 

Price at time of publish: $60

soraken wireless meat grill thermometer simply recipes ariane resnick

Simply Recipes / Ariane Resnick

Probe Length: 3 inches | Temperature Range: 32 to 572 degrees F | Wireless/Cable Range: 100 feet (indoors) | Power Source: AA battery | Waterproof? No

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Final Verdict

For one of the most accurate thermometers trusted by professionals, pick up the Thermoworks Thermapen ONE. If you are a wireless household, you'll enjoy the Meater Plus Wireless Meat Thermometer, which connects to your Wi-Fi and/or Alexa.

How We Tested

We sifted through dozens of top-rated grill thermometers, reading through customer reviews and available manufacturer information, to choose our top picks. Then, we purchased those thermometers for writer and product tester Ariane Resnick so she could put them to work in her own kitchen. We had her test the accuracy of the thermometers by measuring the temperature of water while it was boiling and then going to the grill to take a reading with the thermometer at its maximum range.

She then observed the quality of each thermometer's performance and its user-friendliness by grilling a steak to three different levels of doneness, letting each rest, and then measuring the meat's temperature from the center. Finally, she noted how easy it was to clean the grill thermometers according to manufacturer instructions.

After testing, Ariane gave us her feedback about what she liked and didn’t like about each grill thermometer and rated each one on the following features: accuracy, ease of use, performance, cleaning, and overall value. Learn more about how we test products.

What to Look for When Buying a Grill Thermometer

Probe Length

Probe lengths on grill thermometers vary significantly, so you’ll want to consider your grilling preferences before choosing your thermometer. Shorter probes work well for thin cuts of meat, but if you regularly cook thicker cuts, like a porterhouse, a thermometer with a probe that’s at least 5 inches long will allow you to get the most accurate temperature reading.

Temperature Range

For standard grill thermometers, a temperature range that goes up to 482 degrees is expected, and that range will provide readings that apply to the vast majority of grilled meats. Some simple and budget-friendly models will have a lower maximum temperature, so if you need a thermometer that can function in hotter environments, then these versions likely won’t work for you. Also, if you want to use your thermometer under very high temperatures of 500 degrees or more, investing in a thermometer specially designed for those extremes, like the Cuisinart Bluetooth Easy Connect Thermometer, makes sense.

Special Features

Grill thermometers can be very streamlined and simple, but some models include features that enhance the grilling experience. Examples range from Bluetooth connectivity with apps that allow you to remotely monitor your grilling, long-term battery life, digital displays, and kickstands for easy viewing.


Why do I need a grill thermometer?

"Not knowing the internal temperature of food can be very dangerous, as food-borne pathogens can be present until cooked to a certain temperature," said Jessica Randhawa, the recipe developer behind The Forked Spoon. "I always have a grill thermometer handy for all my family's grilling and smoking to ensure that the internal temperature is perfect for the recipe I am making." Also, when it comes to food that can be cooked to different donenesses like steaks and juicy burgers, a grill thermometer is crucial.

How do you calibrate a grill thermometer?

Calibrating a grill thermometer is essential for achieving the most accurate temperature readings. Luckily, it’s a very easy process. You can either place the probe in a pot of boiling water and check to see if it registers a boiling temperature (212 degrees F, with some possible variations depending on elevation), or you can place the probe in a container of ice water to see if it registers a temperature at the freezing point (32 degrees F).

Should you wipe a thermometer in between taking temperature readings on a piece of meat?

When you’re working with meat that isn’t fully cooked, cleaning the grill thermometer after every use is a safe and hygienic choice. A quick wash in hot, soapy water and thorough drying with a clean kitchen towel will do the trick.

Can you leave the thermometer in the food while it's cooking?

That depends on the type of thermometer you are using. Most grilling thermometers with corded probes are meant to stay in the meat while it's on the grill, keeping the display unit away from the heat. If your thermometer is a simple probe model, make sure to check if the handle can be left inside the grill while cooking.

Why Trust Simply Recipes?

Katy Spratte Joyce has been a prolific home cook and un-fussy foodie for over a decade, and now she’s writing about it for publications like Eating Well, The Spruce Eats, and Simply Recipes. She has undercooked chicken far too many times on the grill and wants to spare you the same dilemma. 

Ariane Resnick is a special diet chef and certified nutritionist who's been working creatively with produce for over two decades. She has not only been in countless kitchens but has also used nearly every brand of culinary equipment on the market.

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