Best Juice Delivery Services

Pressed Juicery is our top juice delivery recommendation

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Juice delivery services allow juice enthusiasts to reap the benefits of a fresh, cold-pressed drink without ever leaving home. Because it can be difficult to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals daily, fruit and vegetable juices are an easy fix for anyone looking to supplement their diet with more nutrients.

Their grab-and-go nature combined with the professional blending of produce to ensure a delicious flavor makes these juice options the perfect addition to your home delivery lineup. Read on to find out which juice delivery service is right for you.

Best Juice Delivery Services

  • Best Overall: Pressed Juicery

    Pressed Juicery

     Pressed Juicery

    Why We Chose It: Pressed Juicery has a large variety of high-quality cold-pressed juices available for nationwide shipping at a moderate price point.

    Six different types of green juice
    Many palatable fruit juices
    Membership offers price discounts

    Delivery requires a $99 minimum purchase
    $15 fee for delivery
    Order processing takes up to three days

    Pressed Juicery is a cold-pressed juice store with 75 in-person locations in major cities throughout the U.S. If you aren’t near one of their stores, or want the convenience of home shipping, delivery is offered throughout the country for all orders totaling $99 or more. Pressed has many different juices, with flavor profiles ranging from easy-to-drink fruit juices kids would love to stronger green juices packed with vitamins and vital nutrients. They also have cleanse packages.

    Pressed offers a membership where you can add money into your account and then select your choices monthly. Members pay a reduced rate for juices, and signing up to become a member is free. The online payment system accepts Apple Pay and QR code payments for added convenience. There is a large selection of items available for delivery in addition to juices, like supplements and snacks, as well as smoothies and juice shots. 

  • Best on a Budget: Juiced!



    Why We Chose It: Juiced! makes fresh juices affordable for customers on a budget.

    Only $4.49 per 12-ounce bottle
    Locally sourced produce
    Rewards program
    No minimum order

    Fewer green juices than other providers
    Costly shipping
    Smaller selection of items than other companies

    For the many people who feel that a $12 juice is out of their budget, Juiced! is a leader in reasonably priced fresh juices. Its juices are cold-pressed and contain ingredients similar to more expensive brands, along with other locally sourced ingredients. The Wisconsin company ships throughout the U.S., and shipping prices vary depending on your location. For orders that can utilize ground shipping, the charges start at $24, which is worthwhile for large orders.

    However, for people in states that require overnight air shipping, the value of the juices would be lost due to the high shipping rates of potentially over $100. You can receive additional discounts on their products through third-party sites like Groupon which offer deals on cleanse packages, individual juices, and juice shots.

  • Best Subscription Service: Raw Generation

    Raw Generation

     Raw Generation

    Why We Chose It: Raw Generation offers flexible subscription options to fit your needs, with opportunity for juice deliveries at regular intervals

    Subscriptions are discounted at least 15%
    Protein-enhanced juices available
    Moderately priced around $7 to $8 a bottle

    No building your own boxes for subscriptions
    Sale prices vary greatly

    With free shipping to anywhere in the country when you subscribe, Raw Generation makes regular home juice delivery as easy as can be. Choose from juice bundles or packages of shots (or both) and decide how often you want to receive them. A subscription for most juice delivery services is monthly without options for more or less frequency. But with Raw Generation, the plans are flexible: You can choose delivery as often as every week, or as rarely as every 12 weeks, with several options in between.

    Every subscription box will receive free shipping along with a 15% discount (which goes up to 25% with every fourth order), and many products go on sale often. If you're hesitant to commit off the bat, everything they sell as a subscription is available for a one-off purchase so that you can try it first. Unlike most other companies, their products are flash frozen. The downside of this is the potential loss of a small amount of nutrients; but the advantage is that you can keep them on hand for up to six months. 

  • Best for Fitness: Raw Juicery

    Raw Juicery

    Raw Juicery

    Why We Chose It: From probiotics to blue-green algae, Raw Juicery features health-boosting ingredients perfect for those who have particular fitness goals.

    Entire line of probiotic juices
    High end, niche ingredients
    Pricing as low as $7.25 per bottle
    Ingredient sourcing listed for every item
    Free shipping available

    No info on free shipping minimum
    Some ingredients may be unfamiliar to customers
    Global ingredients not ideal for carbon footprint
    All sales are final

    If cold-pressed juice alone won’t help you achieve your nutritional goals quickly enough, Raw Juicery is the answer to your needs. Featuring ingredients like adaptogens, herb oils, and superfoods from around the globe, Raw Juicery infuses its juices with boosters that you’d think would make them much costlier than they are. With competitive pricing at less than $10 per bottle, predominantly organic ingredients, and free overnight shipping nationwide, this delivery service is one of the best deals to be found.

    Raw Juicery has a comprehensive cleanse guide PDF for its bottled cleanses so that you know exactly what to expect. With the ability to create your own box of 10, 15, or 20 bottles, you can choose precisely the amount of fresh, cold-pressed juice you want. Juice shots are sold at full concentration, without any water added, and are available in sizes up to 100 shots. The 100-shot packages break down to just over $2 per shot, which is the most affordable price you'll likely find. 

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  • Best for Wellness Shots: Suja



    Why We Chose It: Grocery shoppers may already be familiar with this enormous line of wellness shots and fresh juices. 

    Nine juice shots to choose from
    Shot prices range from $3 to $4
    High-quality ingredients

    Combo pack ordering may be confusing
    Shelf life might be as short as 21 days
    Selection could be overwhelming

    Grocery store staple juice brand Suja is one of the most widely accessible cold-pressed juice companies. It's known for a large variety of juices and the number of stores it's sold in. While most juice companies have just a few juice shots (if any), Suja offers nine types of juice shots. The shots can be purchased by the box individually, or in combination packs focused on the juice shots’ purpose, such as an immunity shot variety pack and an immunity plus digestion variety pack. The juice shots are made with mostly organic ingredients and many also contain probiotics. In addition, herbs and adaptogens are incorporated, such as chamomile and reishi mushrooms, making them an even better value.

    Boxes of juice shots ship free throughout the United States and are even available on Amazon. There is a subscription box option as well as a program for social media influencers. Amazon reviews are highly positive with customers saying the shots had a positive effect on their overall health.

Final Verdict

There is no shortage of fresh, cold-pressed juice delivery services out there, and no matter where in the U.S, you have an array of choices. Many have subscription plans and most sell juice shots and other food items along with their 12- or 16-ounce bottled beverages. Juices range from fruit forward to vegetable-heavy, and many include additional nutritionally dense ingredients like probiotics, adaptogens, and other herbs. Pressed Juicery was our overall winner for its variety, moderate pricing, and national shipping with some areas eligible for free shipping services.

How to Choose the Best Juice Delivery Services 

Consider these elements when selecting a juice subscription service:

  • Ingredients vs. price: Organic and high-quality ingredients will cost more on average.
  • Flexibility: Does the company offer one-off purchases, returns, or date changes for subscriptions?
  • Variety: Are there many different types of cold-pressed juice available?
  • Shipping: Many companies will ship for free.
  • Delivery speed: It’s possible to receive your juice the day after you order it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Juice Delivery Services Cost?

Juice delivery services range in price. Expect to pay anywhere from $4.29 to $12.50 per bottle of juice. Juices cost more than juice shots because they come in 12- and 16-ounce bottles, while shots are much smaller-sized bottles. Discounts are available for boxes with larger quantities, and many companies offer discounts for subscriptions. In addition, some companies free shipping while others charge for it.

Can I Buy Organic Through a Juice Delivery Service?

A surprising number of juice delivery companies use organic ingredients. You’ll pay a premium for companies that use only organics, but many of the moderately priced companies use over 50% organic ingredients. 


To find the best juice delivery services, we evaluated about a dozen different home juice delivery services. We factored in the variety of juices, size of the service area (with priority given to companies that ship anywhere in the U.S.), price points, and customer satisfaction. There are many notable juice delivery services like AllWello and Pulp Story that didn’t make our list but are excellent options.