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Milk delivery services may be something best remembered by people who grew up during the 1950s, but they have made a comeback in recent years, catering to those who prefer convenience. Home milk delivery services also have a focus on local farms and high-quality farm standards. When you use a fresh milk delivery service, you know the source of your milk.

To bring you the best home milk delivery services, we evaluated companies for numerous factors including delivery area, varieties of milk, customer satisfaction, and flexibility of the delivery schedule. Read on for our winners.

Best Milk Delivery Services of 2022

  • Best Overall: Drink Milk In Glass Bottles

    Drink Milk In Glass Bottles

    Drink Milk In Glass Bottles

    Why We Chose It: Drink Milk In Glass Bottles partners with local milk suppliers and producers throughout the U.S. and Canada to bring you the best local delivery options.

    Delivery map shows you local options
    Top-quality farms and products
    Dairies use glass bottles

    A partnership system, not a direct service
    Does not deliver to all locations
    Dairies may not have other products available

    Drink Milk In Glass Bottles is a collective of dairy farmers throughout the U.S. and Canada, and it finds the best local milk delivery services near customers.

    The types of milk and other dairy products that are available vary depending on where you are located and the dairies are in your delivery area. The website is easily navigable and allows you to search for dairies by location. It also encourages dairies not already in the home delivery collective to register with the company.

    The price of milk differs by location. Some companies in the collective have brands sold in grocery stores and offer many other dairy products, whereas others are niche producers of milk and have fewer offerings. When you look into a farm in your area, you'll find plenty of information about what they offer as well as their seasonal products.

  • Best for Organic Milk: Bay Area Milkman

    Bay Area Milkman

    Bay Area Milkman

    Why We Chose It:  Specializing in Straus organic milk, Bay Area Milkman functions as a personal shopper for your grocery needs.

    Delivery throughout the Bay Area
    No contracts
    Fresh vegetables and fruits available

    No choice of delivery day
    Only half-gallon and quart sizes for milk
    No item pricing available until you sign up

    Bay Area Milkman serves San Francisco, the Peninsula, and the East Bay. While it specializes in Straus organic milk, which was the first creamery in the U.S. to be certified organic, it also has hundreds of grocery items available. Because pricing is only disclosed once you sign up for an account, it isn’t possible to comparison shop if you are just considering the service.

    Bay Area Milkman has been delivering milk and more since 1984, and customers say the delivery employees are personable and reliable. The company is unique in that in addition to assorted grocery products, it sells fresh and frozen produce that's available for delivery as well, so you can use the company as your primary grocer.

    Milk is delivered from farms within 24 to 36 hours of production, and it's available in glass bottles in quart and half-gallon sizes. Delivery occurs on the same day every week and within the same hour time slot, depending on where you live. The milk is delivered in crates or ice chests, so if you aren’t home at the time, your perishable items still will be safe from spoilage.

  • Best on a Budget: Oberweis Dairy

    Oberweis Dairy

    Oberweis Dairy

    Why We Chose It: With a wide variety of affordable dairy products, Oberweis Dairy offers the convenience of home delivery at a moderate price.

    Hundreds of products available for delivery
    Organic options for milk and dairy items
    Seasonal products, including meats

    Costs vary depending on your location
    Cooler purchase is required
    Website doesn’t clearly state delivery minimum

    Oberweis Dairy began as Big Woods Dairy in 1927. Today, the business delivers dairy products, including milk, and other items such as honey and charcuterie on a weekly basis. You can keep a running order for the same items or you can change it weekly up until 9 p.m. the day before your scheduled delivery day. Delivery is available in five states in the Midwest, as well as areas of Virginia, North Carolina, and Texas.

    Oberweis partners with small family farms for the products it doesn't grow or produce. Milk is often delivered within 36 hours of milking, making this budget-friendly dairy one of the freshest around. It sells a variety of milk sizes and types in glass bottles, from skim to full fat. Milk prices vary depending on your location, but they average about $5 for a half-gallon of non-organic milk and $4 for a quart.

    Oberweis Dairy does require you to purchase what it calls a porch box, a container outside your home in which your milk will be placed when it arrives.

  • Best for Non-Dairy Milk: Mylkman



    Why We Chose It: For those seeking freshly made plant-based mylk with few ingredients, Mylkman is a Los Angeles favorite.

    Multiple delivery options
    Delivery throughout Los Angeles County
    No sweeteners added
    Flavored milks such as rose-strawberry

    Delivery is only on Thursdays
    Short shelf life

    If you’ve been looking for a fresh, plant-based milk alternative, Mylkman is a good option for those in the Los Angeles area. The company uses only fresh, raw, unprocessed ingredients, making its almond milk from nothing but almonds and fresh coconut water. All products are made by hand and involve zero waste.

    Mylkman's almond milk is available by the quart and delivery is on Thursdays, the same day the milk is made. You can place one-off orders or subscribe for weekly deliveries, and changing your order is easy. Mylkman also sells other non-dairy products, such as chocolate cups and nut-based cheeses.

    Mylkman's customer list includes celebrities such as Marisa Tomei, who says the company's products are “sublime.” If you order repeatedly, Mylkman will refill your clean bottles in order to use as few glass bottles as possible. Should you want new bottles each time, they cost $3 each.

    Recurring deliveries have a $30 minimum for each one, and prices range from $17.50 to $22 per quart. Delivery is free. Orders must be placed by 10 a.m. Wednesday for delivery that week. You can leave an ice-filled cooler outside your home if you won't be there to accept delivery.

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  • Best for Variety: Royal Crest Dairy

    Royal Crest Dairy

    Royal Crest Dairy

    Why We Chose It: Colorado residents can enjoy everything from milk to meal kits through this delivery service.

    Wide range of products
    Long company history
    Delivers on holidays

    Only available in the Colorado Front Range area
    Not all products are farm fresh
    No online automatic cancelation option

    Royal Crest Dairy has been delivering milk to residents of Colorado since 1927, and it started out by delivering freshly produced milk via buggy. The company has come a long way since, and today it essentially serves as a grocery delivery service. You can place one-off orders or opt for weekly deliveries of staples you need. Items are delivered before 7 a.m.

    Royal Crest Dairy sells all types of hormone-free milk, from non-dairy Califia to full-fat whole milk, in half-gallon and gallon glass jars. A half-gallon of 2% milk costs about $3.99, making this a reasonably priced option. The dairy also has buttermilk, ice cream mix, and chocolate milk. It offers a wide range of seasonal selections as well, such as meats for grilling. The dairy asks customers to return their glass bottles with each delivery. You can opt for weekly, biweekly, or monthly deliveries, or choose a future date.

  • Best for Same-Day Delivery: Instacart



    Why We Chose It: If you’re looking for same-day delivery of milk, Instacart allows you to receive it in as little as one hour.

    Quick delivery from local grocers
    Substitutes available if out of stock
    Many stores to choose from in most areas
    Delivery throughout the U.S.

    Prices may be higher than grocery stores
    Several fees are added to your order
    Shoppers sometimes select incorrect items

    If you want your milk delivered quickly, Instacart is your best same-day option. This grocery delivery app was first available only in major cities but has expanded to include rural areas throughout the United States. Instacart lets you choose from grocery stores in your area, then select which items you want to purchase.

    To order milk from Instacart, use the service's website or mobile app to browse through stores in your area. From there, you select a store and the products you want to buy. If you have a problem with your order after receiving it, Instacart's customer service team can help. Replacements are not available, which may be inconvenient if you needed something specific.

    There is a $3.99 fee for orders over $35, and higher fees which vary by location are charged for orders under that. In addition, there is a variable service fee. These fees are outside driver tips, which are encouraged. There is no commitment required, and recurring deliveries are not available.

  • Best for Glass Bottles: Manhattan Milk

    Manhattan Milk

    Manhattan Milk

    Why We Chose It: Farm-to-table milk is delivered with white-glove service to homes, schools, and offices.

    Milk is from Holstein and Brown Swiss cows
    Healthy snacks available for delivery
    Organic and non-dairy milk options
    Priority membership perks

    Only available in a handful of major cities
    Higher prices due to wellness focus
    High delivery minimums in some locales

    Manhattan Milk delivers to addresses in New York City, New Jersey, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and London. Its goal is to combine the nostalgia of the old-fashioned milkman with modern white-glove service. As of December 2022, the service delivers to homes only in the New York City area; the other delivery locations cater to offices. Office deliveries require a $1,000 monthly minimum spend.

    Manhattan Milk also delivers meats, snacks, condiments, and produce. Plastic and glass milk bottles are available in sizes ranging from single servings to full gallons. A gallon of grass-fed whole milk costs $8.99 in plastic, and a half-gallon in glass is $7.99. Next-day delivery is available in New York City. Manhattan Milk uses insulated bags and cold packs. Deliveries are made in the morning and carry a $40 minimum and a $20 shipping cost. You can opt to become a Manhattan Milk member for $99 per year and receive free shipping on orders over $100.

    Manhattan Milk supports Feeding America and partners with Rocnation to help local food banks throughout the country.

Final Verdict

While there are many milk delivery services available locally, very few deliver nationwide. Drink Milk In Glass Bottles stands out because it is a partnership collaborative, enabling you to find the best milk delivery service no matter where you live.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Milk Delivery Services Work?

To use a milk delivery service, find one that delivers to your area with the items you need. Delivery frequency depends on the service, but most deliver weekly. Generally, you can change your order up until the night before delivery. Milk delivery services usually deliver early in the morning and use a cooler or insulated bags and cold packs to prevent spoilage.

How Much Do Milk Delivery Services Cost?

Prices for using milk delivery services are generally aligned with the cost of milk from grocery stores. Organic and grass-fed milk cost more, and glass bottles may require deposits. Some services carry a delivery fee as well.

Can I Buy Locally Through a Milk Delivery Service?

Most milk delivery services specialize in local milk or sell only that. They offer milk directly from farms, often within a day or two of it being processed.


We looked at about a dozen milk delivery services in total and analyzed their products, delivery frequency, price points, and customer reviews. There are few national services, but there is an abundance of local farms that deliver dairy products. Notable businesses like Morning Fresh Dairy (Colorado) and Grace Pond Farm (Maine) are also good options if you are in their delivery areas.