The Best Reusable Sandwich Bags for More Sustainable Snacking

The Stasher Reusable Bag Starter Kit is the clear winner

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Living a waste-free and more sustainable lifestyle can seem like a daunting task at first, but you can start by making little swaps in your daily routine. One of the easiest ways to do that is to replace single-use plastic bags with reusable snack and sandwich bags.

But choosing the best reusable bag can feel overwhelming with all of the options on the market. Plus, you have to consider whether you're buying for an adult or child, if you prefer silicone or fabric, or if you need your bags to be dishwasher-safe.

Luckily, I’ve scoured the internet to find the highest-rated ones to make it easier to choose the right ones for you. Among the best options, the Stasher Silicone Reusable Bag Starter Kit is the most worthy investment, being resistant to stains and easy to wash. Here are the best reusable snack and sandwich bags to help you live move sustainably.

Best Overall

Stasher Silicone Reusable Bag Starter Kit

Stasher Silicone Reusable Bag Starter Kit


What We Love: Microwave- and freezer-safe, easy to close, durable, easy to clean, versatile

What We Don’t Love: Pricey, attracted hair easily (but was easy to wipe off)

The internet has spoken, and hands down, Stasher’s sandwich and snack bags are the most recommended reusable bags. Stasher bags are made out of reusable platinum silicone, making them versatile and long-lasting. These bags are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer-safe, and are an excellent option for all of your kitchen and snack adventures. 

Though they are one of the more expensive reusable bags on the market, many reviewers say the investment is worth it and pays off in the end for how long they last. I admit I was hesitant to take the plunge on these bags initially, but I’m glad I did. After a few uses, I was quickly converted to the Stasher fan club and now sing their praises to anyone who asks. 

Stasher bags come in a variety of on-trend color palettes and sizes, and they even have flat and stand-up options. Not only do they look good, but they’re dependable and durable. Not only were these bags easy to open and securely close with their thick pinch seal, but the leafy greens I stored in them looked almost the same as when I put them in there two days beforehand.

After testing multiple bags on this list, the Stasher bags were the only one that was completely stain-resistant. They were easy to clean both in the dishwasher and hand wash (and there was no tomato sauce scent left behind). The curved edges make it easy to remove any crumbs and residue in the corners. They dried pretty quickly, too, and I didn't notice any leakage.

Another great bonus use for these bags is to store your beauty products and shampoos in them when traveling. Instead of bringing a travel toiletry bag on trips, I now throw my products in a large Stasher bag and head off on my journey. When I come home, I toss the bag in the dishwasher, and it’s good as new. 

Whether you’re packing snacks or storing veggies in the freezer, Stasher bags are up for the challenge. 

“They close easily, are easy for the kids to open (ages 4 and 6), and they clean easily.”Erin Gleeson, Cookbook Author, Founder of

Price at Time of Publish: $55

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Simply Recipes / Kelsey Graham

Material: Platinum silicone | Dimensions (LxW): 7 x 7.5 inches (sandwich), 4.5 x 7.5 inches (snack), more sizes available | Dishwasher-Safe: Yes

Best Budget

(re)zip 5-piece Lay-Flat Starter Leakproof Reusable Storage Bag Kit

(re)zip Lay-Flat Starter Kit


What We Love: TSA-friendly, good price, has a "take back" recycling program

What We Don’t Love: Handwash only

If you're looking for a more affordable reusable bag option that is still highly rated, choose (re)zip's sandwich and snack bags. (re)zip offers both flat and stand-up bag options and has various bright zipper colors to delight kids and adults. Most of the bags in their collections are clear, which reviewers say makes them easier to clean and a great option to use when traveling because they're TSA-friendly.

(re)zip bags are made from food-grade PEVA (non-chlorinated vinyl) material and must be hand washed only. One problem reviewers found with these bags is the zipper can be difficult for little kids to close all the way, so it's important to keep that in mind if buying for your little ones. 

I think these are a budget-friendly alternative to Stasher bags—they cost much less, but are versatile and work well. The fun colors of the bags' top seal stood out to me the most when testing these bags. I found the material a little thin, so I was worried how well they’d work, but I was impressed with their durability. My one complaint is that these stained and remained stained after dishwashing and handwashing, but luckily there was no scent left behind.

Another benefit of buying this bag is that (re)zip partnered with TerraCycle, a recycling company specializing in hard-to-recycle materials, to properly recycle their bags at the end of their lifecycle. Customers can send used bags back to (re)zip to be recycled and receive a discount on a future order. 

"These were easy to clean both in the dishwasher and by hand washing. I like that the corners were slightly curved. It took a bit longer to dry, but it was easy to wipe with a paper towel." — Kelsey Graham, Product Tester

Price at Time of Publish: $20

(re)zip reusable sandwich bags simply recipes kelsey graham

Simply Recipes / Kelsey Graham

Material: PEVA (non-chlorinated vinyl) | Dimensions (LxW): 8.5 x 7.25 inches (sandwich), 8.5 x 4.75 inches (snack); more sizes available | Dishwasher-Safe: No

Best Fabric

Bumkins Reusable Snack Bags, 3-Pack

Bumkins Reusable Snack Bags, 3-Pack


What We Love: Waterproof, easy to clean

What We Don’t Love: Not leakproof

The best fabric reusable bags on the market are Bumkins’ snack and sandwich bags. Bumkin bags are great for on-the-go snacking, but it’s best not to store liquids in them because even though they are waterproof, they are not leakproof. Kids and adults will love the character and on-trend designs used on the bags that are sure to stand out in the break room or playground. Not only do they look great, but they are also free of BPA, PVC, and lead.

I’ve used Bumkin bags for years and highly recommend them to others. I love that they’re dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. Though the edges have pointed corners, since they’re made out of soft fabric, it’s easy to flip the bags inside out to clean out any hidden crumbs or residue. In my testing, these were one of the only sets of bags that weren't stained after running through the dishwasher. They did not smell of tomato sauce after cleaning, either.

I’ve also learned it’s best to let them air dry for a day or so after cleaning them in the dishwasher since they tend to still be wet after cleaning. 

"This is a reliable bag to hold and carry around dry snacks throughout the day or pack in lunchboxes to keep foods fresh." — Kelsey Graham, Product Tester

Price at Time of Publish: $19

bumkins reusable sandwich bag simply recipes roundup

Simply Recipes / Kelsey Graham

Material: Polyester | Dimensions (LxW): 7 x 7 inches (sandwich); 7 x 3.5 inches (snack) | Dishwasher-Safe: Yes (top rack only)

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Best Insulated

PackIt Freezable Snack Box

PackIt Freezable Snack Box


What We Love: Keeps items cold for 4-plus hours, built-in ice gel lining, easy to store, has buckle for easy carrying

What We Don’t Love: Not for larger items

If you're looking for an insulated reusable bag, PackIt snack bags are what you need. These snack bags are made with a freezable gel liner built into them, making them easy to fold for storage. To freeze, leave the snack bag in the freezer overnight, and by the morning the bag will be ready to keep items cold for 4 to 6 hours. 

Many reviewers swear by these bags for kids' school lunches and snacks, traveling, and holding diaper bag essentials—and after testing it, I'd echo the same. These bags also have a buckle handle for easy carrying when out and about. I like to use this to store my daughter's mid-morning snack at school and easily attach it to her backpack, so it's not forgotten when running out the door. 

The only minor drawback to the bag is the size, which is more compact, so you need to be mindful of what you'd like to pack in it. This bag is not dishwasher- or machine-washable, but you can easily spot-clean it with soap and water to remove any stains or messes.  

"I was surprised at how sturdy and durable it felt when I opened it. I like that it can clip to a backpack or purse for easy transportation." — Kelsey Graham, Product Tester

Price at Time of Publish: $18

packit insulated freezable snack box simply recipes kelsey graham

Simply Recipes / Kelsey Graham

Material: Waterproof polyester canvas with food-safe lining | Dimensions (LxWxH): 9 x 4.5 x 5 inches | Dishwasher-Safe: No

Best for Kids

Green Sprouts Reusable Snack Bags

Green Sprouts Reusable Snack Bags

Green Sprouts Baby

What We Love: Easy to clean, kid-friendly prints, waterproof lining

What We Don’t Love: Not insulated

When choosing the best products for your kids, you want to make sure the company practices what it preaches, and with the mother-daughter duo that owns Green Sprouts, you can trust that they do. Green Sprouts’ reusable snack bags are perfect for little ones on the go, with an easy-to-use zipper seal and the ability to write your child’s name on the front for school or daycare. The bags also come with adorable animal and nature-themed designs your kids are sure to love.

Green Sprouts bags are made with curved corners to eliminate pesky crumbs, making them easy to thoroughly clean without leaving anything behind. These bags also have two linings: a waterproof outer layer and an inner food-grade lining to keep snacks fresh.

I found these bags to be a bit flimsier than other bags on this list, so it’s probably best to store dry snacks like crackers in them as opposed to fruits and veggies. It’s important to note they are not insulated and will not keep foods cold for a long period of time. Overall, these are a nice option for your toddler's snacks.

"While they were a little thinner and 'cheaper-feeling' than I expected, the designs are fun for little kids, and I like that the corners are curved for easy cleaning since they’re hand wash only." — Kelsey Graham, Product Tester

Price at Time of Publish: $10

greensprouts reusable snack bags simply recipes kelsey graham

Simply Recipes / Kelsey Graham

Material: Polyester | Dimensions (LxW): 3.8 x 7 inches (snack); more sizes available | Dishwasher-Safe: Yes (top rack only)

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Best Set

The Grove Reusable Bag Variety Pack


Courtesy of Grove Co

What We Love: Cute design, thick material, a good mix of sizes, easy to clean, can be sent back to Grove to be recycled

What We Don’t Love: Bright or dark-colored foods can stain them, can be tricky to open with wet hands

The Grove Collaborative has made a name for itself as the go-to online store for eco-conscious cleaning essentials. The company has committed to lessening plastic waste and made its own reusable snack and sandwich bags to help its customers in this mission. 

The Grove’s reusable bag variety pack is perfect for anyone just starting their reusable-bag journey to test the waters out. Though the bags are made of plastic, they are BPA-free and made with food-grade reusable plastic that will help you use less single-use plastics in the long run.

I’ve used reusable plastic bags previously and was skeptical of how well these bags would work, especially when drying. I was surprised how well they kept fruit fresh and their ability to dry without leaving any water spots. Though they are not stain-resistant, you can wipe away some of the discolorings after running them through the dishwasher with a bit of elbow grease.

The Grove will even recycle the bags for you if you send them back to the company when they break. These bags are dishwasher-safe (top rack only), but reviewers say it’s best to use low heat when drying to prevent them from melting. 

"I like the three different size varieties that are nice for packing a snack, a sandwich, and larger items. I also like the lemon design and that they're fairly easy to hand wash." — Kelsey Graham, Product Tester

Price at Time of Publish: $13

grove co reusable snack bag simply recipes kelsey graham

Simply Recipes / Kelsey Graham

Material: Plastic | Dimensions (LxWxH): 8.2 x 0.2 x 8 inches (sandwich); 7 x 3 x 5 inches (snack); 12 x 4.3 x 10.3 inches (storage) | Dishwasher-safe: Yes (top rack only)

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Final Verdict

For an option that both our expert and dozens of online reviewers can agree on, Stasher's reusable snack bags can't be beat. Sure, they're among the priciest on this list, but their longevity makes them worth it. Need something that keeps your kids' lunches cold and travels well? Get the PackIt Freezable Snack Box, which has a built-in freezable gel liner.

homelux reusable sandwich bag simply recipes kelsey graham

Simply Recipes / Kelsey Graham

How We Tested

Kelsey relied on her own research and point of view as a home cook and a mother to come up with her final list of the best reusable snack and sandwich bags. We then purchased the bags and shipped them to Kelsey so she could put them to the test in her own kitchen. She spent several days testing each bag in her day to day cooking, examining whether the bags were easy to open and close, whether leafy greens stored in the bags lasted in the fridge for two to four days, whether storing tomato sauce in them left behind scents or stains even after cleaning, as well as whether they performed well with dry snacks and carrying them around while running errands.

After her tests, Kelsey sent us feedback about what she liked and didn’t like about each snack and sandwich bag or set and rated each one on the following qualities: Design, Size, Durability, Ease of Cleaning, and Overall Value. Learn more about how we test products.

What Are the Other Options?

Lunchskins 2-Piece Food Storage Bags: Another fabric-based reusable snack bag that deserves an honorary mention is Lunchskins reusable snack bag, which comes in two different sizes. These have a velcro closure, so they’re pretty easy to open and close while still staying securely shut to keep food fresh. These bags also come in a variety of designs that both adults and kids can enjoy. Initially, I was worried food would get trapped in the velcro seal, but after using it to store Cheez-It’s, a peanut butter sandwich, tomato sauce, and lettuce, the velcro was perfectly clean. Since they’re made of fabric, I’d caution against storing liquids in them as they may leak. 

Homelux Theory Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags: These are my pick for the runner-up best set. The Homeluxe Theory’s reusable silicone bags comes with six bags ranging in small, medium, and large sizes. Unlike many other bags on this list that use a zipper or seal closure, these bags have a removable plastic slider that provides an airtight seal. The sliders have a corresponding arrow on the top of the bag to help ensure you’re putting it on correctly. Though the plastic slider ensures your food is securely sealed and stays fresh, it can be challenging to use, especially for small hands. Though these bags are not stain-resistant, they hold liquids well, primarily due to their airtight seal. I liked that each bag has measurements labeled on the front, which is nice for meal prepping.

Grove Collaborative Reusable Produce Bags: While investing in reusable snack bags is a great way to reduce waste, another excellent method is purchasing reusable produce bags. I always feel guilty about how many plastic produce bags I use when grocery shopping, so I was excited to learn about Grove's Organic Cotton Mesh Reusable Produce Bags. I've used other brands before testing these, and I have to say Grove's bags are vastly superior in quality and use. These bags make the produce shopping simpler with their drawstring closer that's easy to use with one hand. Plus, each bag has a sewn-in tag listing its weight so your grocer can easily calculate your product's weight.

grove co reusable produce bags simply recipes kelsey graham

Simply Recipes / Kelsey Graham

What to Look for in Reusable Snack and Sandwich Bags


Reusable bags come in a variety of different materials, but overall the most popular ones are made from silicone or fabric. Silicone bags are the most versatile, with most being able to hold dry and liquid items without leaking, and they tend to be freezer-friendly. Fabric bags are an excellent option for on-the-go snacking but are not the best option if you want to keep food fresh longer than a day. 


You can find reusable bags in many sizes to fit your needs. Some brands offer more sizes than others, so it’s important to know what you want to use them for ahead of time to buy the correct sizes. Many snack and sandwich bags are comparable in size to single-use plastic bags and can be used to hold various food or non-food items. 

Ease of Cleaning

Most reusable bags are dishwasher-safe or handwash-only, so you’ll want to make sure to read the full product description before purchasing to confirm. 


How do I clean a reusable snack bag?

This depends on the brand you buy, but most of the time, reusable bags will either be dishwasher safe or hand wash-only. Some bags are dishwasher-safe, but we recommend you hand wash for longevity with soap and water. It’s important to give the bags enough time to dry before storing them away to prevent mold.

Do reusable snack bags keep food fresh?

Yes, but the material matters. If you want to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for an extended period of time, it’s best to store them in a reusable silicone bag instead of a fabric one. For dried goods, like crackers and cookies, fabric and silicone bags both work well, but foods may become stale more quickly in fabric bags. 

lunchskins reusable snack and sandwich bags simply recipes kelsey graham

Simply Recipes / Kelsey Graham

Why Trust Simply Recipes?

Kelsey Graham is a freelance writer with a background in writing about food and restaurants. As a mom and writer, she is on a mission to live a greener lifestyle and endlessly researches products to ensure they are environmentally friendly before purchasing. Some of the products listed in this roundup are ones she’s used for years, and others are ones she’s excited to add to her kitchen soon.

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