Best Salmon Delivery Services

Sizzlefish is our top pick with a variety of sustainably farmed and wild caught salmon

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Salmon is an incredibly popular meal staple and because of that, salmon delivery services are becoming more abundant. Although it's easy to find at your local grocery store, there are major benefits to getting it delivered to your door.

For starters, there’s a big difference between farm-raised salmon that you find more easily in supermarkets and salmon that comes right from the fishery to your doorstep. That’s because more often than not when we talk about delivery, we’re talking about wild salmon, which has a specific season. In Alaska, for example, that season is May through September. Wild salmon is more sustainable, but it’s not impossible to source. Thanks to flash-freezing techniques, insulated packing, and expedited shipping services, customers can enjoy premium quality frozen salmon year-round. 

With salmon delivery services, the fish is shipped quickly and arrives frozen, packed with dry ice. We have done the work for you and selected the best salmon delivery services available nationwide.

Best Salmon Delivery Services

Best Overall: Sizzlefish

Sizzlefish logo in navy blue featuring outline of a fish


Why We Chose It: Given the variety of wild and sustainably farmed fish at Sizzlefish and the fact that you can order it once or have it delivered at regular monthly intervals, Sizzlefish has much to offer for any true salmon lover.

Variety of wild, farmed, and smoked salmon
Plain and seasoned salmon
Sustainable practices 
Sourcing information disclosed
Free shipping
Part of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program

The variety of options available may be overwhelming for some

What started as a wholesale business in 1985 has evolved into a full-fledged seafood business offering home delivery. Buyers can select from wild salmon, with types that include Alaskan King, coho, and sockeye, and farmed salmon, sourced from the Faroe Islands area. Some of it even comes pre-seasoned.

If you want to order a variety to see what kind you prefer, the assortment package includes pre-seasoned salmon along with wild Alaska sockeye, Korean BBQ salmon, Thai curry salmon, Atlantic salmon, and wild Alaska King salmon. These shipments include 10 individually frozen pieces of salmon. (The cooler used for packing your order is recyclable, too).

The company makes it possible to order one box at a time or through a membership plan. Prices are competitive: 14 portions totaling about 3.5 pounds will set you back about $126, depending on the type of salmon, plus shipping is free for orders over $100. 

Best Value: Wild Fork

Wild Fork black font logo on white background

Wild Fork

Why We Chose It: The variety of salmon available makes Wild Fork a contender for those who want something that’s fresher than supermarket salmon—whether that’s farm-raised or wild-caught. 

Wide variety of both farm-raised and wild salmon
Reasonable shipping rates
Prices that equal or beat supermarket
High quality

Shipping to all 50 states is not possible
Wild Fork unlimited membership's air shipping is not available in Washington, Oregon, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana

Wild Fork has storefronts in Florida, California, Pennsylvania, and Illinois, and if you live within the same-day delivery range, you can have your salmon the same day you order it. Customers like the fact that there is a lot of transparency about the process and the products. The company plans to expand to other major cities outside the south and southwest; just put in your zip code to determine the best way to get your salmon. If you like their products, you might find it useful to become a member; a yearly fee of $29 will grant you unlimited free shipping. And customer service is easy, with a virtual chat. 

Best Variety: Vital Choice

VitalChoice in orange font on white background


Why We Chose It: If it’s sustainable and wild salmon you want from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, that’s what you’ll get, in myriad permutations.

Sustainable sourcing
Certified B corporation 
Money-back guarantee
Wide variety of items
Tens of thousands of excellent reviews
Subscription boxes or one-time orders

Annual membership required to get free shipping 
Website’s FAQ page is dense and hard to navigate

Vital Choice could easily win points just for its sustainability practices. The company only sells environmentally responsible seafood that’s been certified by the Marine Stewardship Council and products that have been rated "best choice" or "good alternative" by Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch. The real appeal here, however, is the sheer variety. Vital Choice also sells only wild-caught fish, which helps to directly support the communities involved in fishing.

There are so many options, both in terms of the types of salmon available and the kinds of products made with salmon. Imagine burgers, jerky, salmon dogs, smoked salmon, salmon roe, canned salmon, and plenty of different wild salmon choices. Send yourself or a friend one of their themed boxes to try it out, or put together your own custom order.

Best Wild: Lummi Island Wild

Lummi Island Wild

Lummi Island Wild

Why We Chose It: This Bellingham, Washington-based company earns kudos for its unique fishing method called reef netting to catch a wide variety of wild salmon.

Unique harvesting methods that are sustainable
First solar-powered fishery for wild salmon in the world
Money-back guarantee
High-quality fish at a good price

Flat-rate shipping cost is high, even for small orders
Single serving prices are expensive
Free shipping only for orders above $99

Lummi Island Wild co-op uses a specialized historical method for fishing called reef netting. This cooperative effort among the Lummi Nation members uses the flood tides to guide salmon into a netted live well. The method allows any bycatch that’s not salmon to be released back into the Salish Sea, and the salmon hang out in the live well before they are caught.

We like Lummi Island Wild because of its appreciation for old, sustainable techniques, and the salmon they catch ranks highly with customers, too—and there’s definitely some variety. Depending on availability, you could order salmon such as sockeye, coho, king, and ivory king, in premium fillets, steaks, or split tail portions. If you’re a fan of smoked salmon or salmon caviar roe (ikura), Lummi offers those permutations, too. 

It makes sense with Lummi to buy in bulk as you’ll save more money; single six-ounce portions of salmon start at $14, otherwise. You don’t have to join a subscription service in order to buy the salmon, but one is available: You get two to three varieties per month of 12 portions total for $129, shipped on the 5th of every month.

Best for Smoked Salmon: Sea Bear

Sea Bear circle logo with illustration of a bear and fish in red

Sea Bear Smokehouse

Why We Chose It: The sheer variety of smoked wild salmon products in addition to the quality and long-running nature of Sea Bear, all make it a winner.

Extensive variety of smoked salmon products
Uses both wild and farmed salmon
Long-running family-owned business 
Extensive shelf life
Helpful FAQ page

Subscriptions are unavailable
Limited information about sustainability practices

Sea Bear has been in business in the Pacific Northwest since 1957, offering a variety of salmon products including its well-regarded smoked salmon. Its house SeaBear brand smoked salmon is 100 percent wild—and always has been. In 2008, its Gerard & Dominique brand was added which uses both wild and farm-raised salmon in its smoked products. 

You can order whatever products you want individually, or opt for a gift box, which is a great way to sample a variety of items. Choose a ready-to-eat vacuum-sealed pouch that travels easily (starts at $6 for 3.5 ounces), or larger cuts, some of which are prepped with different seasonings. Those larger cuts (four-ounce fillets) come in seasonings like beer garden, garlic lover, bourbon and brown sugar, sweet and savory, and traditional varieties. The fillets are frozen to preserve the smokehouse flavor and start at $14 per four-ounce portion; the price drops when you buy in bulk.

Best for Sustainability: Wild Alaskan Company

Wild Alaskan Company in black font on white background

 Wild Alaskan Company

Why We Chose It: Alaska knows sustainability—it’s written right into its constitution. The fish from Wild Alaskan is always wild-caught; the packaging is compostable, recyclable, or dissolves in water; and their fishing practices mean they’ll never fish more than nature can naturally replenish on its own.

Easy to navigate website
Money-back guarantee
Chat-bot pops up immediately to answer questions
Sustainable sourcing
Wild salmon from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest
Visible, positive customer reviews
Shipping is included
Shipping materials are sustainable

Limited choice of sockeye or coho
Slightly more expensive than other companies
Limited to 12- or 24-pack portions

Wild Alaskan Company is a small family-run company that offers a monthly delivery service that is similar to a share insofar as you may not have complete control over what you receive. The wild salmon box guarantees you 12 individual portions of wild salmon, which are typically six, 6-ounce portions of sockeye and/or coho.

The “membership” terminology is a little confusing, but it doesn’t cost to join. Becoming a member makes it easy for the company to gauge supply and demand issues, and manage its inventory. You can skip or cancel your deliveries at any time, and opt for delivery every month, every month and a half, or every two months. (You can set it up for longer than that; you just have to call customer service or chat with them). The wild salmon box starts from $145 which includes shipping and 12 portions; you can opt for the 24-pack box, too. 

Best Community Supported Fisheries: Sitka Salmon Shares

Sitka Salmon Shares in blue featuring illustration of a mountain on white background

 Sitka Salmon Shares

Why We Chose It: Take your concept of the small farm’s community-supported agriculture and apply it to fishing, and you have Sitka Salmon. The company provides sustainable wild Alaskan salmon to customers through its network of fisheries. 

Sustainable practices
Community-supported model
Variety of box sizes
High-quality product
100 percent satisfaction guarantee 
Free shipping with shares

Limited inventory year-round

Named for the Sound into which most of the fish comes from, Sitka Shares offers a progressive, community-minded approach to buying salmon (and other seafood) online. Simply sign up for their CSA model and receive at least 4.5 pounds of fish per month frozen in vacuum-sealed portions. As with the farm CSA model, you’ll have to purchase them in advance of the fishing season. Your dollars go directly toward family-owned fisheries, not large corporations.

You can order one box at a time, or opt for a monthly share and select based on availability and what you’d prefer. Salmon lovers might just want to go straight for the Sitka Salmon share, which is available August through December and starts at $129/month for at least 4.5 pounds of salmon, enough for nine to 12 servings. You’ll receive sockeye, coho, keta salmon, and potentially salmon burger meat, too. Like agriculture CSAs, you spend less if you pay for all of it upfront.

There's also an intro box available for $99, which includes 3 pounds of wild-caught coho salmon and rockfish.

Final Verdict

For those who love salmon and have plenty of space to store a bulk order in the freezer, we like Sizzlefish. The prices are fair; the selections are wide-ranging, and customers are happy with its offerings. Plus, it’s hard to argue with free shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Salmon Delivery Services Package Their Fish?

Based on our research, most of these companies will ship the product to you overnight or two-day air, packed in dry ice. The product should arrive frozen. 

What Types of Salmon Can You Order From a Salmon Delivery Service?

You can order farm-raised, wild, and even smoked salmon from these delivery services; many of these companies also sell other types of fish and seafood. That could come in handy if you’re looking to satisfy a minimum purchase in order to secure free shipping—as long as you’ve got freezer space. 

Are Salmon Delivery Services Worth It?

If you are committed to sustainable methods of eating, love wild-caught salmon, or just really love salmon in general and want something high quality, taking that extra step to have it delivered makes sense. But if you don't eat salmon frequently, you might do just as well with wild-caught salmon at a reputable fishmonger or fish counter at your favorite supermarket. 

What’s the Difference Between Supermarket Salmon and Delivery Salmon?

Unless you’re catching it yourself (which is the freshest way to go) or you happen to live close to an active fishing community, you’re not going to find really fresh fish. The fact of the matter is, it’s hard to know exactly how fresh fish is that you buy in retail environments; the salmon may be more than a week old because of processing and distribution time. It also might have been previously frozen and thawed.

The salmon that is shipped frozen from the companies on this list has been flash-frozen (otherwise known as blast frozen), meaning it is frozen with special equipment that freezes very quickly at very low temperatures fast after fish is harvested and processed. These measures help maintain the salmon’s flavor and texture, prolong shelf life, and minimize any risk of bacteria growth. Because salmon fillets are often individually vacuum-sealed, they can be thawed as needed and will likely taste even better than “fresh” seafood that is days or weeks out of water.


We considered product value for the price of each monthly subscription, along with the quality of fish that you receive. Transparency with shipping details, fees, and FAQ pages were important factors as well, and bonus points went to those that offer the immediacy of a virtual chat. We also selected companies that were quick to respond to email inquiries and those whose websites were easy to navigate with up-to-date information.

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