Best Salsa of the Month Clubs

Amazing Clubs is the top option for a salsa subscription

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If you want to top your tacos or dip your chips with something new, a salsa of the month club will stock your pantry while giving you the opportunity to try different styles and flavors. Some salsa subscriptions surprise you with new products to try each month while others allow you to fully customize your order, picking everything from the heat level to the number of jars you’ll receive.

The best salsa of the month clubs provide you with what you enjoy most in a salsa, whether that means appealing to your adventurous eating style and openness to trying innovative flavors or offering up classic salsas made from fresh, local ingredients. The best clubs also deliver the right number of jars for your family with a cost that fits your budget while offering a range of heat levels to please everyone at the table. Read on below for our top picks.

Best Salsa of the Month Clubs

Best Overall: Amazing Clubs

Amazing Clubs

Amazing Clubs

Price: $27-29 per month
Delivery: Seasonal, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months
No. of Plans: 1

Why We Chose It: Two new premium, hand-crafted salsas from boutique producers around the world will be delivered to your door in each shipment. 


Frequency of delivery options
Hard to find salsas
Shipping included

Don’t know what’s coming each month
Can’t select a heat level

Amazing Clubs makes enrolling in their Salsa of the Month Club simple with a helpful website full of information about what to expect along with customer reviews. The club is ideal for any adventurous salsa eater who wants to explore a variety of small-batch salsas made with fresh, all-natural ingredients. 

The salsas featured in each shipment are selected by a panel of taste-testing experts and many have won awards at regional and national culinary competitions. You’ll receive two, 12-16 ounce salsas for about $27-29 per month with shipping included. Salsas ship the last week of each month. 

You can’t choose your flavor or make substitutions, giving this club an element of surprise. The website does have a page devoted to listing previous selections so that you can see the two salsas that have been featured each month for the past year. There is a wide selection, from cilantro garlic salsa and chile verde salsa to cherry salsa and mango salsa, all made by small producers from around the world.

Best for High Heat Level: Hank’s Salsa Co.

Hank’s Salsa Co.

Hank’s Salsa Co.

Price: $40 per month
Delivery: Monthly
No. of Plans: 1

Why We Chose It: You can customize your shipment with four hot salsas that use a combination of serrano, habanero, ghost, and Carolina Reaper peppers.

Can choose salsas each month
Shipping included

Only one mild option to mix it up
Only five total salsas to choose from

It took Hank’s Salsa Co. over 20 years to develop salsas that are hot but also enjoyable to eat, using only the freshest ingredients. The result is seven tasty salsas, four of them focused on truly bringing the heat. The Creeper, Blaze, Detonator, and Atomic use a combination of serrano peppers and habanero peppers along with ghost peppers and Carolina Reapers, known for ranking incredibly high on the Scoville Heat Scale. Even their mild packs some heat. 

The simple, user-friendly website makes ordering easy. When you join their monthly salsa subscription, you’ll receive up to four salsas of your choice. Each month they will reach out to you before shipment so that you can customize your box. You can choose different salsas or all the same. If you need something to cool the heat in each shipment, you can add their Defused Salsa which is truly mild and made with vegetables, but no peppers. The cost is $40 per month and shipping is included. 

Best for Fruity Selections: Salsa Express

Salsa Express

Salsa Express

Price: Starts at $15 per month
Delivery: Monthly or every 2, 3, or 4 months
No. of Plans: 1

Why We Chose It: There is an extensive number of fruit salsas available from familiar favorites to original creations that can be included in your monthly shipment.

Can get one or two jars
Can specify heat level

3-month minimum commitment
No list of past selections

A former catalog order company, Salsa Express is now an online store offering over 2,000 southwestern food items with a specialization in salsa. It features more than 40 styles of fruit salsa from small and large producers and any one of them can be added to your monthly delivery. Familiar flavors include Mango Habanero and Cilantro Lime, then they get much more creative from there. Violet Pear Salsa, Seared Pineapple and Ginger Salsa, and Blackberry Serrano Salsa are just a few examples of their large selection of flavors. 

With their salsa of the month club, you can select your preferred heat level and whether you’d like to receive one or two jars per month. You can have your salsa delivered monthly or every two, three, or four months. They will select your salsa from their long list of offerings, sending something new each month. 

The cost is about $15 per month including a flat $8.99 shipping fee, regardless of order size. You’ll need to commit to at least three months with the option to increase that to six, nine, or 12 months when ordering.

Best for Authentic Mexican Style: Made in New Mexico

Made in New Mexico

Price: $15.95 per month, plus shipping
Delivery: Monthly
No. of Plans: 1

Why We Chose It: Each month you’ll receive two of New Mexico’s finest salsas featuring authentic flavors made with many local ingredients.

New Mexico-style salsas
Hand-crafted by local culinary artisans

Shipping is expensive
No past selections listed

Made in New Mexico is a store devoted to selling foods and other products made exclusively by artisans and small businesses located in New Mexico. Their monthly salsa club allows salsa-lovers to try hand-crafted salsas with truly authentic flavors made by culinary businesses and restaurants in the area. Flavors include Salsa Roja, Chimayo Red Chile Salsa, and Hatch Chile Salsa. 

Each month you’ll receive two salsas selected by the store as brand new items or long-time favorites. While you won’t know what’s coming in the box and the website doesn’t list specifics on past club deliveries, you can request that your box include mild, medium, or hot salsas, or any combination of the three. 

The cost of the club is about $16 per month, which does not include shipping. The only downside is that in some cases, the shipping fee is more than the club itself, so calculate this into your true cost.

Best for Chips and Salsa Combo: Gilly Loco

Gilly Loco

Gilly Loco

Price: Starts at about $29, plus shipping
Delivery: Monthly
No. of Plans: 5

Why We Chose It: You can choose a subscription box that includes chips with a combination of different salsas that you can customize with your order.

Can pick salsa flavors
Classic flavors with different heat levels

Shipping not included
Some box options are sold out

Gilly Loco sells its salsas in stores through Colorado and New Mexico. It offers subscriptions for its salsa boxes, called Hot Boxes, and some mixed packs to the rest of us online. The company is committed to using the freshest locally-grown and non-GMO ingredients in each batch; it focuses on classic flavors and includes some with lots of heat. 

The best part is that with this subscription, you don’t have to go without chips to dip in your salsa. Many of their boxes come with a combination of salsa and restaurant-style, tortilla chips cooked in coconut oil and lightly seasoned with natural sea salt. 

There are more than five boxes that offer a subscription purchase so you can receive a shipment of salsa or chips and salsa each month. You can customize what’s in most boxes, choosing heat levels that range from toasty to loco hot and flavors such as Salsa Roja, Tomatillo Verde, and Chipotle. 

Boxes include either eight-ounce or 16-ounce jars and some include chips. Prices start at $29 plus shipping, and when you activate a subscription, you’ll get 10% off of the list price. For example, the Small Hot Box includes three 16-ounce jars of salsa of your choosing and one bag of chips for a subscription rate of just over $26 and plus shipping.

Final Verdict

There are a number of salsa of the month clubs to choose from that deliver quality, flavorful products. Most companies focus on small-batch salsas made by artisan producers, but they might also feature classic flavors with no-frills or go all out with innovative fruit and pepper culinary creations. 

Overall, the best salsa of the month club is Amazing Clubs which sends a rotating variety of salsas made by boutique producers using high-quality ingredients. You’ll get to try some of the best salsas in the world delivered to your door each month or every other month. The website gives you access to a long list of customer reviews, plus it's easy to navigate and full of helpful information.

How to Choose the Best Salsa of the Month Club

When you are ready to subscribe to a salsa of the month club, finding the best option depends on your budget, how much salsa you want to receive, and how adventurous your taste buds are. Here’s what to look for when choosing your salsa subscription: 

  • Quantity: Do you want just enough salsa to last you for the month or would you rather stock up? Is one jar enough or do you use a lot of salsa?
  • Heat Level: Some clubs don’t allow you to select the heat level of the salsa you’ll receive. Are you okay with trying everything from spicy salsa to mild? If not, be sure to look for a club that allows you to add your preferences.
  • Flavors: Are you looking to try everything new and innovative out there in the world of salsa or do you want classic styles that are familiar? Most clubs focus on one or the other.
  • Frequency: Many clubs deliver your salsa every month, but a few allow you to stretch out shipments to every other month or longer. How often would you like to receive new salsa?
  • Customization: Do you want to be surprised with the salsa you receive each month or would you feel better knowing exactly what will arrive? Check the club to see if they pick the salsas for you or if you can select them yourself.

Salsa of the Month Clubs vs. In-Person Shopping

Salsa of the month clubs allow you to try products that you might not otherwise have access to or that may be difficult to find in your area. For those that love trying new things, this makes a club a better option versus in-person shopping. If you want access to products from different salsa producers and the option to try unique flavors, a club would be a good choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Salsa of the Month Clubs Offer Unique Flavors Not Found in Stores?

Clubs offer many more flavors than what you will find in stores. Supermarkets stock what people buy most often and that usually means common flavors you see every day like chipotle salsa or black bean salsa. A salsa of the month club can give you access to truly unique and unexpected flavor combinations such as salsas with blackberry, ginger, ghost peppers, and even spirits like rum, added. 

Do Salsa of the Month Clubs Come with Tortilla Chips? 

Most salsa subscriptions do not come with tortilla chips, but there are a select few that do. These either feature chips that they make themselves or they may rotate different types and brands of chips into their club deliveries, just like they do the salsa. 


When reviewing salsa of the month clubs, we looked for options that provide unique salsas you wouldn’t easily find in the supermarket that are made with high-quality ingredients at different price points and appeal to a number of different budgets. 

Offerings of classic, authentic salsas, as well as inventive flavors, were both important. We also considered the amount of salsa delivered as well as the heat levels and whether this was all customizable when joining the club. We compiled the best salsa of the month clubs that we feel have something for everyone, whether you prefer one jar of a super spicy fruit salsa or four jars of classic mild red salsa in your regular delivery. 

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