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Taster’s Club is our top recommendation

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In the cozy world of Mexican spirits, agave is the plant that’s kept on giving, and none of its gifts have gone as far as tequila. Any distillation of the plant is considered mezcal, but only the blue agave can be credited for the delicious nuances of a proper tequila.

You can spend your next 10 years taking notes on the many flavor profiles of tequila and mezcal at large, but joining a tequila subscription club might be your best opportunity to discover, learn, and enjoy the spirit. Here are the top tequila subscriptions for every budget and lifestyle.

Best Tequila Subscriptions of 2022

Best Overall: Taster’s Club

Taster’s Club

Taster’s Club

Why We Chose It: Hard-to-find tequilas complete with ample tasting notes make this our pick for best overall.

Rewarding for both connoisseurs and newbies
Shipping included in price
Great accompanying materials
Full-sized bottles

Shipments are not pre-announced
Unclear which distilleries are partners
Additional bottles are not discounted

Taster’s Club is our best overall recommendation for a simple reason: It delivers a full-sized bottle of tequila (or occasionally another mezcal) to your door every month at a good price and with a strong focus on lesser-known distilleries and hard-to-find bottles. Past featured brands include Tequila ArteNOM Selección, Ayate Tequila, Centinela, Tequila Revolución, and more. Consider the informative, contextualizing tasting notes that accompany each shipment, and you have an experience as ideal for the novice as the old hand.

The two membership levels center around the learning experience, with a great deal of information on the production, flavor profiles, and general sense of each bottle. The Tequila Club starts at $54 per month and gets right to it with interesting, unexpected choices. The Pro Club starting at $84 per month, comes through with even harder-to-find bottles. All memberships, whether gifted or direct, are available in three-, six-, or 12-month durations, and may all be canceled at any time without penalty. Shipping is included.

Best for Gifting: Mash&Grape



Why We Chose It: Affordable, customizable shipments of characteristic mezcals make this our pick for best gift subscription.

Impressive curation
Ships to most states
Great in-house marketplace
Detailed tasting notes

Three-month subscription minimum
Further purchases aren't discounted

Our choice for best gift subscription, Mash&Grape delivers a perfectly balanced blend of must-have standards and relative unknowns that would be a delight to see on any doorstep. Three membership options are available: three, six, or 12 months. All amount to $54 per month but payment is due upfront. The company ships full-sized bottles around the 15th of each month. 

Each expertly selected bottle is accompanied by detailed tasting notes and stories on the small distillers and independent bottlers they source from, including Tequila Partida Reposado, 120 Organic Uno Blanco, and Hussong’s Reposado. All options are prepaid and shipping is included.

Best Practices: Maguey Melate

Maguey Melate

Maguey Melate

Why We Chose It: Terrific small-batch selections from sustainable, family-owned producers, shipping to 48 states, make this our choice for best practices.

Emphasis on sustainability
Great materials and resources on history, character
Hard-to-find and covetable spirits
Excellent shipping

Delivery frequency could be greater
Subscriptions may not be paused

Maguey Melate’s mission-driven approach to supporting artisanal mezcal amounts to more than best practices and virtuous sustainability—the result is some of the highest quality and representative bottlings you could find on any market. Its own concerns for environmental and health impacts along with fair treatment make for a club you can trust implicitly for both the greater good and by the glass, with best-in-class examples of the spirit.

Each $120 bimonthly subscription showcases individual producers with deliveries of two 375ml bottles, each spotlighting a featured agave varietal and a mezcalero (who does the distilling). Educational materials go deep into the history and production of each bottle. Shipping is included with all subscriptions and extends to the contiguous U.S. All purchases help fund the replanting of agave through local sustainability projects. It’s a win-win.

Best Variety: Flaviar



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Why We Chose It: A focus on sample sizes allows Flaviar to bring many more experiences to your table.

Shipments include tequila and mezcal
“Flavor spiral” puts each spirit in context
Access to online shop with 15,000+ spirits

Only one-time and quarterly shipments
Samples could be larger

Flaviar gets our nod for best for variety not solely for its inclusion of other mezcals than tequila, but for the sheer diversity of tastes you receive with each box. With the highest tier annual subscription ($349), you’ll receive a box with three 1.5-ounce samples and one full-sized bottle every quarter. The latter allows you to go deep, while the tasters light up your palate and interests with tiny windows into other dimensions of the spirit.

Flaviar’s other memberships send you two bottles of your choice ($159 per year), or four tasting boxes ($279 per year), and extend the same membership perks: access to live events, a tasting log, and personalized recommendations. You can choose from themes like Up In Smoke, Mezcalistas, Flaviar Awards 2020: Outta Sight Spirits (a mixed bag of various spirits that includes an artisanal Mezcal), and more. Flaviar ships to half of the U.S. as well as Europe.

Best Splurge: Spirited Gifts

Spirited Gifts

Spirited Gifts

Why We Chose It: The biggest splurge is also one of the best introductions to tequila in all of its styles, agings, and dynamism.

Great all-around tequila education
Variety of aging types
Bottle engraving is available

Only ships to 29 states

Spirited Gifts' tequila subscription is most definitely a splurge, though this might make it one of the best and most generous gifts. At $249 for a three-month subscription, members receive one full-sized bottle every month, each of a different aging. Where silver tequila, also known as blanco, is aged for a short time (if at all), reposado is rested anywhere from two months to a year in wood casks, and añejo at least a year.

Playing to its name and reputation for delivering top-shelf gifts, bottle engraving is also available, as are other themed treats, from mini bottles to gift baskets. All make for a unique experience or introduction to tequila.

Final Verdict

Nearly every tequila subscription service has something to offer, with so many bottles and so much variety still to explore. All of the clubs we looked at hold mezcal and tequila up on a pedestal and truly look to honor the distinct nuances of the spirit, but they approach their subscriptions from different angles. You’ll need to decide whether you’re interested in mezcal at large or just tequila, and perhaps how artisanal you’d like your bottles. Frequency and bottle or even sample size are key considerations, as are price and any other perks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Tequila Subscription Boxes Work?

Tequila subscriptions are membership-based services that deliver different bottles of mezcal—sometimes specifically and exclusively tequila—to your door every month or quarter. Some bill on a monthly basis, others upfront or only quarterly, but nearly all of these clubs allow for easy cancellation with no additional fees. Shipping costs are usually included, and discounts on bottles you’d like to purchase are typically available.

Who Are Tequila Subscriptions Best For?

Unlike most spirit clubs, tequila subscriptions are just as ideal for the tequila beginner as they are for the enthusiast. Even subscriptions ostensibly designed as gifts for beginners curate great collections of lesser-known, hard-to-find, and truly characteristic bottlings. The experienced are guaranteed to learn of many new producers, while those new to the spirit will be amazed by how much nuance there can be.

How Much Do Tequila Subscriptions Cost?

While some bill monthly and others bimonthly or quarterly, membership prices work out to anywhere from $32 to $83 per month, based on our research. Nearly all subscriptions offer discounts for three-, six-, and 12-month commitments, and all of those we’ve seen allow for penalty-free cancellation at any time.


Pouring over every subscription service we could find, we considered the curation, prices, and value of the memberships. After seriously considering nine different clubs, our goal was to identify subscriptions that brought unique value.

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