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Best Water Delivery Services

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Not everyone is lucky enough to live in a place where the water that comes out of the tap is clean, tasty, and/or safe to drink. And buying bottled water at the grocery store can be a chore. Enter water delivery services that solve these issues and enable us to keep on track with drinking a sufficient amount of water, one of the most important things we can do daily for our overall health and wellness.

The best bottled water delivery services offer consistent and flexible scheduling availability, numerous varieties of water types, such as sparkling and spring, and a moderate price point that is budget-friendly. Here are our top picks.

Best Water Delivery Services of 2022

Best Overall:

Primo Water

Primo Water

Why We Chose It: offers many different varieties of water, and in assorted sizes. It delivers to homes and offices and also has a water exchange program. 

Glass and plastic bottles available depending on the brand
Numerous options for water dispensers
Dispensers are repaired and replaced at no charge

Some brands are much more expensive than others
Not all products are available everywhere offers an enormous selection of products for delivery. Whether you want distilled water in glass bottles or spring water in reusable plastic, the company has covered the options. also stocks everything you need for office break rooms and morning coffee needs.

Prices vary greatly depending on the product: A case of 24 single serving, 10-ounce water bottles costs about $7, while a case of 12, three-quarter liter glass bottles of sparkling water costs about $28. The company offers many multi-gallon jug options as well as several cooler options, which it services and replaces free of charge with your rental of the equipment. Delivery is biweekly and costs between $7.49 and $8.49 depending on location. You may cancel your subscription at any time and it will be effective after your current billing cycle ends. delivers throughout the U.S. and its water exchange program, whereby you pick up new water and drop off empty containers, is available at retailers throughout the country.

Best for Bottled Spring Water: Costco



Why We Chose It: Bulk retail giant Costco offers members-only deals for exclusive water delivery pricing in partnership with water delivery services.

Lower pricing on premium water brands
Convenient delivery of water and dispensers
Customizable orders and delivery frequency

Only available to Costco members

While Costco itself is not a water delivery service, the bulk retailer partners with affiliates throughout the U.S. to offer exclusive member pricing on water delivery services. You can choose from 3- or 5-gallon jugs, with spring water costing an average of $6.99 per five-gallon jug.

Affiliates vary by location, but the list includes several mainstream players in the water delivery space. Because the service is only available to Costco members, it isn’t possible to acquire any information about services available in your area without entering your membership information on the website.

The dispensers offered through Costco pour hot and cold water. The store delivers to both homes and offices, although that is subject to the affiliate provider availability in your specific area. Because affiliates vary throughout the country, you may not have the same access to specific brands as people in other geographic locations.

Pricing is based on a 4-week billing period.

Best Value: Culligan

Culligan Water

Culligan Water

Why We Chose It: With flexible delivery dates and inexpensive purified water, Culligan offers the convenience of home-delivered water at a lower-than-average cost.

100% satisfaction guarantee
Customizable quantities, delivery frequency
Straightforward mission

You can’t get a direct price quote
Only introductory pricing available

Culligan offers water delivery at an introductory rate of $1 per day, and the company is well-known in the water delivery and water filtration services. The service offers purified water at a lower rate than competitors and there is a three-bottle requirement per order. However, there is no way to find out what the water will cost on average without filling out a customer service form and awaiting a response from a local provider.

Culligan serves areas throughout the country, although not everywhere. Online reviews for Culligan’s water delivery service are generally positive.

The company also provides water softeners and water dispensers.

Best for Distilled Water: Crystal Springs

Crystal Springs

Crystal Springs

Why We Chose It: Crystal Springs delivers reasonably priced distilled water directly in the eastern U.S. and through Sparkletts in the west.

Affordable plastic jugs
All minerals and impurities are removed
Contact-free delivery

Confusing to see which provider serves your area
Distilled water isn’t available in single servings
Glass jugs are expensive

Crystal Springs offers 5-gallon jugs of distilled water for delivery in the eastern United States. In the west, delivery is available through Sparkletts. Smaller brands deliver the company's water to select local areas. The company also has dispenders that serve hot and cold water.

Crystal Springs charges between $7.95 and $8.95 for delivery depending on location. Delivery is biweekly and subject to the availability of your local provider. All distilled water jugs are subject to bottle deposits, and it’s expected that you will return old bottles for sterilization after each use.

When you sign up, you must order at least three, 5-gallon bottles and a water cooler, so this isn’t a fit for anyone looking for a minimal amount of distilled water. However, if you regularly use distilled water for drinking, cooking, or cleaning, the price of Crystal Springs' water delivery will save you money. 

Best Subscription Service: Boxed Water Is Better

Boxed Water

Boxed Water

Why We Chose It: With sustainable packaging as its main feature, Boxed Water’s subscription service saves customers 10% off its regular pricing.

Renewable and recyclable plant-based cartons
Stellar reviews
Sizes ranging from 250 milliliters to one liter

No gallon or multi-gallon sizes
No option to rent a dispenser
More expensive than larger companies

Boxed Water Is Better changed the world of single-use water bottles by offering its product in recyclable packaging that's 92% plant-based. Rather than encouraging consumers to never use single-use bottles, it instead makes single-use containers that are planet-friendly and have a much lower carbon footprint than plastic bottles.

Subscriptions are available anywhere in the lower 48 states, and you can buy cases at a 10% discount. Available sizes range from 24 packs of 250-milliliter containers ($26) to 12 packs of 1-liter boxes ($37). There are three subscription levels, based subscription length. If you subscribe for six months or longer, you have access to promotions and giveaways, as well as a designated customer service specialist.

Online reviews of Boxed Water Is Better are very positive.

Best for Water Jugs: Mountain Valley

Mountain Valley

Mountain Valley

Why We Chose It: All water from this company is delivered in glass bottles, making it more sustainable than other companies.

White glove service available
Available nationwide
Premium water bottled at the source

Pricing may vary per location
Mineral-rich taste might not be for everyone

Mountain Valley is a bottled-at-the-source spring water provider that offers delivery of multi-gallon glass jugs, as well as individually sized glass bottles, through local affiliates throughout the U.S. It prides itself on being a high-end water brand.

The company delivers to homes and offices, and the only products it sells are water and water dispensers. And that water has won numerous awards for its taste.

Pricing is dependent on your location, and you must fill out a form on the company's website to see how much the water will cost you. A local representative will respond to discuss available products. In most areas, custom delivery schedules are an option. Submitting the online form will yield two free 5-gallon bottles with your first delivery.

Best for Same-Day Delivery: Target



Why We Chose It: Through same-day delivery service Shipt, you can receive any water Target sells without delay.

Dozens of water products to choose from
Delivery in as little as one hour
Freedom to add other items Target carries

Not a subscription or repeating service
Membership is $99 per year, or you pay $10 per order
Contingent on Target store current stock

Target sells dozens of home water products, from multi-gallon jugs to individually sized grab-and-go bottles. Through the Target-owned company Shipt, you can order water from Target and have it delivered to your home in as quickly as one hour. Shipt offers same-day delivery throughout the U.S., but you do need to have a Target store location near you.

Target sells several top brands in the water industry, including Fiji and Voss, with different brands available in different regions. For example, Poland Springs, a popular East Coast brand, may not be available at your store’s location in the western part of the country. If you already buy water from Target, this is a convenient way to save time and energy.

Additionally, because the service will shop for you and pick up any items you order at Target, you can place an order for other items they sell, too. This is not a subscription service, and it doesn’t repeat. Each time you want a water delivery, you’ll need to order through Target's or Shipt's website.

Final Verdict

Bottled water delivery is a convenient way to ensure you always have clean drinking water. Your priorities will dictate your choice in choosing a delivery service: If you are looking for a good value, Culligan delivers for as little as a dollar a day. If you’re focused on high-quality water that is bottled at the source and delivered in reusable glass bottles, Mountain Valley is an ideal choice. For all that it offers, however, we recommend starting your search with

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Water Delivery Service?

A water delivery service delivers water to you, usually on a consistent basis. You may get water in individual bottles, in multi-gallon jugs, or a combination of both, depending on the company and what it offers. Many water delivery services carry other products such as bottled beverages and coffee accessories.

How Much Do Water Delivery Services Cost?

The average cost of a 5-gallon jug of spring water is $8, and for purified water, it’s $7. You generally must order several jugs for delivery. In addition, driver fees apply, and some services have fuel surcharges. Prices may be higher in cities than in suburbs. In general, it is slightly more expensive to get water delivered than to buy it in stores.

What Types of Water Can I Get From a Home Water Delivery Service?

Variety depends on the service, but some do offer every type of water that is sold in stores:

  • Spring water that's often bottled at the source
  • Distilled water, which can be used for cooking, cleaning, or medical purposes
  • Purified water, which has fewer toxins than tap water
  • Sparkling water


To bring you the best water delivery services, we looked at 20 different service providers. Many only service a small area of the country, so we looked for those that have the widest reach. Considerations included ease of ordering, variety of products, quality, and commitment required for initial setup. Because so many sites require an inquiry form before you can find out the cost in your area, we were not able to confirm pricing for all brands in all areas.

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