No ImageBig news! Simply Recipes joins Fexy Media (and what this means for you)

  1. Island

    Great news!

    I love your recipes. I would browse the internet for new ideas and recipes. Why I love your website, I personally come back because of the feedback on your recipes. I know that if I am skeptical about a recipe, the comments from your reviews readers are honest. I can relied on the good or bad.

    It tells me that the readers enjoy the recipes and appreciate them. Keep up the good work

  2. Lyn

    Miss the original simply recipes site. Weekly or monthly recipes by guest chefs are a disappointment. No one cooks like that and especially anyone with children. After three months, all the recipes are repeat meals of to many combined ingredients with a different name There is nothing simply about them. I do use many original simply recipes that have become favorites. I’ve not been tempted to try one new “chef of the week” recipe. Making copies of old favorites as I see writing on the wall. It was a wonderful site while it lasted. Am sure the new arrangement is easier for you.

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  3. Chani Waterhouse

    Congratulations Elise! Remember me? Playing cards with the Stowell brothers? I have loved your site for years. My favorite part is how you curate the recipes. They are always tasty, always simple, never featuring too many ingredients or complicated techniques. I hope you will keep curating! A smaller number of trustworthy recipes is a gift in the era of over-abundance. Thanks for all the great meals. :)

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  4. Merwin M

    Congratulations! So excited for you!

  5. Susan

    Congratulations on your new/old venture! before I saw the announcement (now!) I’d noticed a change, but thought perhaps you were traveling and were featuring guest hosts. Well, this has gone on for some time and so I went looking and found this announcement.
    I’ve often wondered how long a food blogger could sustain a recipe site. I sure haven’t been as prolific in my cooking experience as you all seem to , and I’ve been at it longer than you have (age does that!) That said, this collaboration makes sense for you, Fexy and for your fans. This site has provided me with many recipes that have become family favorites so I would have been sorry to see it come to an end. Now I don’t have to! Thanks for all you’ve done and do!

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