Big news! Simply Recipes joins Fexy Media (and what this means for you)

Hi everyone! I am thrilled to announce that Simply Recipes is joining forces with Fexy Media, the company behind Serious Eats and Roadfood!

When Fexy Media first approached me last fall with the idea that they would be interested in buying Simply Recipes I was intrigued.

Over the last 13 years I’ve poured my heart into this site, writing stories about my family and friends, sharing favorite family recipes and developing new recipes that I hoped you, our readers would enjoy.

Although Simply Recipes may seem like a big company with lots of people, mostly it’s been just me, Jesse Gardner who takes care of the tech side of things, a few occasional contributors like Hank Shaw, and my friend chef Kathi Riley who cooks with me a couple times a month.

The best part about becoming part of Fexy Media is that now we’ll have more resources at our hands to help the website grow.

What does this mean for you? As we ramp up over the next several months you can expect to see more inspiring, well-tested recipes to help you get dinner on the table, and you may start seeing videos making a regular appearance.


You should see improvements in the site design and features to help you be even more successful with the recipes.

We’ll introduce new contributors to the site who share the same values we do, to share with you the best recipes we can, using wholesome ingredients and scratch cooking methods.

For the record, I’m not going anywhere! I’ll still be here, running the show, here to answer your questions, take your feedback, and create new recipes.

Over the years as Simply Recipes has grown, it is you, the readers of this site, that have inspired me to keep coming up with wonderful things to cook. I’ve been encouraged by you, challenged by you, and have learned from you.

You have made me a better writer, photographer, researcher, recipe developer, and blogger.

Thank you for following me along on this journey. Here’s to the next chapter!


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  • Lyn

    Miss the original simply recipes site. Weekly or monthly recipes by guest chefs are a disappointment. No one cooks like that and especially anyone with children. After three months, all the recipes are repeat meals of to many combined ingredients with a different name There is nothing simply about them. I do use many original simply recipes that have become favorites. I’ve not been tempted to try one new “chef of the week” recipe. Making copies of old favorites as I see writing on the wall. It was a wonderful site while it lasted. Am sure the new arrangement is easier for you.

    • Emma Christensen

      Hi, Lyn! Thanks so much for your feedback! I’m curious what recipes you’re seeing repeated? We do occasionally refresh our old recipes and bring them back to the top of the site (because we love them so and they deserve another round of attention with our newer readers!), but the vast majority of our recipes each month are brand new. We also have a pretty regular team of contributors, all of whom are home cooks and most of whom have been sharing recipes on the site for over two years now. We don’t typically publish chef or restaurant recipes, though we have occasionally shared favorite cookbook recipes. We would love to hear more of your feedback! Feel free to comment here, or email Elise and myself directly (Elise @ and Emma @ Thanks!

  • Chani Waterhouse

    Congratulations Elise! Remember me? Playing cards with the Stowell brothers? I have loved your site for years. My favorite part is how you curate the recipes. They are always tasty, always simple, never featuring too many ingredients or complicated techniques. I hope you will keep curating! A smaller number of trustworthy recipes is a gift in the era of over-abundance. Thanks for all the great meals. :)

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Chani, wow, that was a long time ago! I’m so glad that you’ve enjoyed the site all these years! Thank you for your kind words Chani.

  • Merwin M

    Congratulations! So excited for you!

  • Susan

    Congratulations on your new/old venture! before I saw the announcement (now!) I’d noticed a change, but thought perhaps you were traveling and were featuring guest hosts. Well, this has gone on for some time and so I went looking and found this announcement.
    I’ve often wondered how long a food blogger could sustain a recipe site. I sure haven’t been as prolific in my cooking experience as you all seem to , and I’ve been at it longer than you have (age does that!) That said, this collaboration makes sense for you, Fexy and for your fans. This site has provided me with many recipes that have become family favorites so I would have been sorry to see it come to an end. Now I don’t have to! Thanks for all you’ve done and do!

    • Elise Bauer

      Thanks so much Susan! Yes, I’m delighted to be able to collaborate with wonderful contributors, several of whom are good friends. This way the site can continue to grow and thrive, even as I slow down. :-)

  • CD

    Glad things are working out for you. Only change I can see right now is the amount of ads now on all the web pages. Sad for us but good for you. Enjoyed your recipes for many years and will continue to do so if the ads do not get overly obnoxious.

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi CD, thanks! FYI, the number of ads haven’t changed in two years. I can’t stand obnoxious ads and I use the site more than anyone I know, so hopefully, we’ll keep the level of obnoxiousness to a minimum.

  • Jack Johnson

    Congrats! Sounds like a great site is going to get even better. I visit often and appreciate your efforts that make this site so useful and appealing! :)

  • Samaneh

    Congrats Elise. This is by far the best new i could possibely recieve from you. i’ve been knowing you for three years now and since then cooking has changed for me so that i am more confidence than before. Thanks for all u have done. Wish u the best

  • Regina

    Congratulations! I regularly visit your blog when I’m looking to use ingredients out of my garden. Delicious recipes that work every time! Thanks!

  • Elizabeth O.

    Congratulations, Elise! You are my favorite recipe blogger, and almost all of my crowd pleasing favorites come from you. I’m delighted to know that you’ll still be running the show! Hope this is a wonderful step for you and your lovely blog.

  • B.A. Bernatzky

    Congratulations Elise! When I found your site I had just moved into my new home, and did not cook. You inspired me to try and over these 10 years I have made and revisited so many of your wonderful recipes! You deserve every good thing, and I look forward to your next chapter. Love you!

  • Espahan

    I’m a long time lover and visiter of this site. Although I consider myself an experienced cook I always find something new here and exciting to try. You have helped me out a number of times when I wondered what to cook tonight or for friends, holidays etc. I hope this new venture is successful and hope your special culinary talents will still shine through.

  • Natasha @ Salt and Lavender

    Congrats, Elise!! This is BIG news :) I’ve been coming to your site for years and I am sure I will continue to do so. Looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for Simply Recipes!

  • Natasha of

    Such exciting news Elise!! I’m so happy for you and am so excited to watch the changes unfold on your site. :)

  • Eva V Fry

    Congrats Elise! That is awesome news! I’ve been following you for years and have been sharing your recipes with my readers over at SuperSafeway for weekly meal ideas based on sales and they are a hit!

  • Kathy Sheehan

    So happy for you Elise. I love your site and refer to it all of the time for new recipes and cooking tips. Your pictures and comments are wonderful. Since I live near you, I also appreciate the seasonal recipes and menu ideas.
    I have never had a bad experience or failure with any of your recipes, they are always tasty and as described. I tend to follow a recipe exactly the first time that I make it and find that I don’t want to make many changes to your recipes. Thank you for your great site and all of your hard work.

  • Kelley H.

    Elise – Congratulations! If you’re happy, I’m happy for you. Your website is one of the few that I trust implicitly. If you make something and say it’s delicious, I believe you because you aren’t trying to sell me something. I hope this is a very successful venture for you!

  • Forrest @ Kitchen Widgetry

    Congrats Elise, I wish you well. Excited to see what you have planned.

  • Farida

    I tried many of your recipes few years ago, one was great, I guess it was cheddar biscuits, and I was inspired by so many too! you deserve even better!

  • Marc

    Elise, wow that is big news indeed, congratulations!

  • Anna @ Crunchy Creamy Sweet

    Big congrats, Elise! That’s fantastic! You are an inspiration!!

  • Harry Fuller

    Congrats Elise. This along with Food52 has to be one of my favorite food sites. You always seem to know how to pick recipes that scratch the itch. I have enjoyed the style of the site and your writing. Taking the “Simply” part to heart and letting the quality shine through. Like others I am hoping that that continues. Thanks again for all the wonderful meals you’ve shown the way to.

  • John

    Congrats, looking forward to what’s next!

  • Julie

    Oh my….I only recently “discovered” this site and it has quickly become my go to for new recipes. I feed my nephew for lunch twice a week and he hasn’t had the same lunch twice the whole school year!!! Love, love, Love everything about Simply Recipes. That said, cogratulations on your expansion! Please don’t change too much too quickly. Thanks for all you do!!!

  • Arcey

    Elise, like so many have already said, Congratulations! I also hope nothing, or hardly anything at least, changes. I’ve been reading since 2006, I think, and it’s the only food site I look at regularly, and certainly the only one that has a tab as part of my home page on my browser. :) Once in awhile I’ll click on a link on your site that takes me to another food blog, and get a little overwhelmed. There’s so much to read out there, but I’ve been perfectly satisfied with reading only Simply Recipes all this time, and don’t usually need to look further.

    I’ve used so many of your recipes over the years. I may use them as a jumping off point or as an inspiration to go in my own direction, but I’m rarely disappointed. Very good recipes, well written, and beautiful, useful photos. Also love your personal stories — so warm and loving.

    This is great news for you, and we’re all very proud of you and what you’ve created here. Please keep doing what you’ve been doing so well, without too many changes. Okay? Promise? :) Good luck and best wishes.

  • Sue

    Congrats, Elise! I’m thrilled for you (& at the same time scared to see these changes happening in the blogosphere. :) ) But hopefully, all is good. All the best!

  • Lisa Johnson

    Congratulations Elise! This is wonderful news! Looking forward to seeing what happens next! :D

  • Lisa

    Congratulations! I rely on your site so much! If you ever need to know which ones would HAVE to go in a cookbook, we’d be happy to tell you. There are some I can’t afford to lose, they’ve become a regular part of my rep. Thanks for everything over the past many years!

  • Heidi

    Congrats!!! Do my kids still get to appear in pictures on your website? I love looking at the old ones.

  • LInda

    Congrats Elise! *Selfishly* my heart sank a little when I read the news.
    I hope nothing changes… I love your site exactly how it is. Love hearing about your folks, your veggies and fruit trees, trying many of your recipes that are always a hit, enjoying your photography. You have a beautiful website, Elise! xoxo

  • Chris

    First, you and Jesse Gardner have done a fantastic job on your own and, of course, I love Hank’s contributions. Simply Recipes has been one of my “go-to” sites for a few years and I always trust that your recipes will work out. I sincerely hope that this new venture has great success.

    • Laura ~ Raise Your Garden

      Wishing you many blessings in this new venture! Wow, I can’t believe you’ve been blogging for 13 years~ that’s quite the feat!!! SO no pressure here, but I love all the Mexican inspired soups at the chain (I know) Chili’s). I have tried without success to try to replicate them off Pinterest recipes that have flopped. Was just wondering if you could put your spin on them at any point. I’m so frustrated with all the bad ones I’ve tried! And you’re soups (I think) are some of your best recipes ~ and soups are not always easy to make!

  • Kristina C.

    Congrats, Elise! I have been following you for years! I have made many of your recipes – you are always a “go to” for our family!
    I will continue to follow your journey!
    Wishing you the best!

  • Mary C.

    Congratulations and I’m very thankful you’ll still be at the head! Love your site :)

  • Eliza

    I’ve loved your recipes and your personal touch since I discovered the site, sometime before November 2008. I sincerely hope that the site continues with personal flavor and the same exclusivity (only choosing good recipes). I also hope that it will remain easy to find the recipes that you have approved personally, because I trust your taste :)

  • Michelle (What's Cooking with Kids)

    How exciting – and I am SO relieved that you are staying put. I trust you and love that you are going to be involved to be sure that the site remains what I know and love! xo

  • Baquist

    Congratulations! Glad to know you’ll be around for a while. Really enjoy your site.

  • Erin

    Congratulations! Your blog is a staple of my own meal planning and I’m so very glad you’re not going anywhere. Terrific recipes that I pass along to anyone that wants to know. Best wishes.

  • Renee Mills

    This sounds exciting for you! Congratulations on being “noticed” by a big company! My husband actually found your blog years ago and set it up as one of the tabs on my computer that I go to frequently. I have made MANY of your recipes and heavily rely on them. It has been fun to hear about you and your family over the years and to get the back stories for your inspirations. Continue cooking, enjoy the excitement, and we will stay right alongside you!

  • Terri Fout

    Congratulations! I hope this move is good for you personally. Over the years reading your blog, visiting your website and getting your e-mails, I feel almost as if I know you as well as your mom and dad. The personal touch you bring to what you publish makes it very special. Please don’t lose that.

  • Agnes

    Congrats!! I am hoping you don’t change too much and lose that personal touch. Either way wish you continued success.

  • Lisa

    Elise, congrats again!! I am so excited for the next chapter of your blog.

  • Marion Olson

    Great news for you, Elise!

    You’ve long been my first online source for recipes, so from my perspective, I hope nothing at all changes. I’ve always loved your family stories and your fine collection of china and pottery in your photographs!

  • Nancy Ornelas

    Please continue running the show! I discovered your site about a year ago when googling for a Chile Verde recipe and I fell in love with your recipe for it (so did my friends) and ever since I follow your site when in need of a good recipe. Your writing style makes it fun to read and learn how to cook new recipes. Hope the simplicity and graciousness vibe stays.

  • Faye

    Congratulations! I’ve loved this site for years and wish you many more good things to come.

  • SmilynStef

    Congratulations … good for you!

  • Mary

    Bravo! But don’t change too much….

  • Mark Anderson

    Congratulations and best wishes. This is my number one, go to site, for both the recipes and the gracious vibe. Keep up the good work

  • Joyce Hughes

    Congratulations, Elise! Glad to see your many years of dedication are leading you to this level of success. Your recipes have put some great meals on our table.

  • Karen

    Yay Elise! This is so exciting. Congrats to you!!

  • Dan O.

    Congrats! I’ve been using your site for years now and my friends and family believe it’s “a gift” I have, these delicious recipes making me look like a man who knows what he’s doing. Thanks so much for your efforts and time, i find your site more helpful, informative, and inspiring than any other. Please keep up the great work! Now, as for tonights dinner……

  • Sally Weaver

    Congratulations, Elise! Simply Recipes has been my “go to” food blog for years. I’m very happy for you and your well deserved success!

  • Mary

    Congratulations! I love the “simple” part of the way you explain a recipe, so I hope you keep that kind of style. I’ll be curious to see how the site changes. You have definitely had an influence on me as a home cook, which I appreciate.

  • Willie

    Well maybe. It is certainly good for the creator but when is the last time that being bought by a larger company was better for the site user? There may be some examples where this was good for the user but the tech world is simply filled the opposite.

    I will suspend judgement until we see what happens.

    • Sally

      I agree with you.

      Simply Recipes was one of the first cooking blogs I read over 10 years ago and the only one I’ve consistently used since. Others, including some very popular blogs, have come and gone from my list of favorites, but Simply Recipes has always been the first one for new recipes or when I’m searching for a recipe. One of the things I like most about Simply Recipes is that it’s simply good, solid recipes. Not too many photos or other things to distract from the recipes.

      When I first read your news my first thought was “Oh, NO!” I don’t like change and and am very much of the opinion that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I’m less than thrilled with the “new” Serious Eats. I read it far less often now than I did before.

    • Laura Swift Hause

      Also agree. I’m afraid Simply Recipes will not be the same. Is it “broken”? or is it more lucrative Fexy Media?

    • Jarrett

      Agree here too. I hope the website stays the same and the recipes continue to be tested (trust) without asking for too many exotic kitchen appliances or ingredients. Keep up with quality recipes, don’t turn it into some test kitchen crap with edge to edge content

    • Cortney

      Agree here too. There’s a reason I don’t look for recipes on the more commercial websites. This is a bummer for sure.

  • Julia

    Just wonderful news – thrilled for you, Elise! Cannot wait to see what comes next. P.S. My dad has discovered your site – loves it, too! ~ Julia

  • Jen

    Congratulations! Have followed your site and used your recipes for years. I started with your awesome chile verde recipe. The recipe was most like my mom’s who’d passed away and didn’t have it written down. I was hooked and have been taking credit for your great ideas and recipes ever since ;) Much thanks! Onward and upward!

  • Anneliese

    I stumbled upon your site 3-4 years ago when googling for a guacamole recipe. I fell in love with the recipe, and afterwards your site and have been using it solely ever since! (So much so that my husband calls you my girlfriend .). The best part is that I live in the Southern Hemisphere and can search for in-season recipes by using your “What’s in Season?” Option. (Please don’t take that away.) Always amazing recipes and a pleasure to prepare them! I too have learned to cook by following, and starting to improvise, your recipes!

    Great job and congratulations on your success!!

  • JOAZ

    I read the wonderful news in the Sacramento Bee this week ( i was lucking to live in there a long time ago & try to keep up with the news) . Any way – looking forward to this new chapter love your blog & wonderful recipes. Congratulations!

  • Terry Oliver

    Hey, great news! I love your site and go to it often when I need ideas or inspiration. All the best!

  • Oscar Duron

    Always referenced your site, lots of good info.
    Although today I noticed something different, from McAfee WebAdvisor: We tested this page and blocked content that comes from potentially dangerous or suspicious sites. Allow this content only if you’re sure it comes from safe sites.

    • Elise Bauer

      That’s weird! Nothing different on our end. Same server, etc. Thanks for the congrats!

  • ROSE

    Congrats! I am by no means a great cook, but I love your site and your recipes! You have helped me to become a better cook and try new things! You deserve this and I am very happy for you! Thanks for all that you do!

  • Leah Capitan

    Congratulations! I’ve never left a comment here before but I feel like I should tell you how instrumental your blog has been in how I learned to cook. I knew how to follow recipes before but reading/following your recipes helped me understand cooking in general. So much so that I have learned to wing it with what I have at hand and still come up with good results. Thank you so much for the thought and care you put here. Thanks for the lack of cooking jargon that only serves to confuse. I look forward to new things but still hope fervently that your voice will remain as active.

  • Scott

    Congratulations! This is by far my favorite recipe site!

  • Carlos

    I love your content. Congratulations and all the best!

  • Cynthia A. Norton

    Congratulations! I have enjoyed your recipes!! All the best for the future.

  • Andrea

    Congratulations!– that is so great! You have the best site and I have been so amazed at what you’ve accomplished as an independent food blogger. I depend on you for dinners every week – so glad you’ll still be a part of my family’s life.

  • Cathey

    Like others, you are my go to for recipes! I’ve been a follower for years and count on the site to dish up just what I need. I’m never disappointed. Hoping the changes aren’t too drastic, as I’m so happy with the way things are now!

  • David Cline

    Way to go Elise! I am a fellow Sacramentan and my wife and I adore your recipes and stories. We are so happy for your success. Even thought it seems like your site couldn’t get any better I am sure you and your partners will make it shine even brighter. Cheers to you and your family.

  • pat

    Congrats but you don’t need to change anything.. It’s ALREADY a great site!

  • Brian

    Congrats! Don’t know how long I’ve been following you here, but it’s been quite a while. Can’t wait to see the next chapter!

  • Andy

    Congratulations, Elise! But please don’t change a thing. I’ve been coming here for years now for inspiration, tips, ideas, and of course recipes. I love your food and your friendly, informal atmosphere. Looking forward to more great cooking with you!

  • David Childs

    Congratulation Elise! It has been a pleasure having you as a resource for my culinary efforts and there have been many wonderful dishes tried, repeated and passed on to others. David (Chez Dave)

  • Keisha Clark

    Thanks Elise for being trustworthy. I hope it remains the same.

  • Jenney L

    Fantastic. I have made so many of the dishes posted and really love the stories behind them.. I was taught a recipe not shared will die…You have done a wonderful job and can’t wait for more.

  • Cheryl A.

    That’s so awesome! Congratulations!! I have followed your blog for awhile now and have come to know that I can trust any of your recipes (although I still haven’t tried the artichokes yet – ha!). Thanks for sharing your family and your recipes with us! Looking forward to seeing the upcoming changes. Cheryl

  • Anna

    Congratulations Elise! You are my favorite and most trusted cooking resource! Honestly. I look forward to the new contributors and content. :) Best wishes!

  • Catherine

    I discovered you accidentally a decade ago as I was really learning to enjoy cooking. I have gotten rid of every one of my cookbooks except Betty Crocker and go to your site for everything else. I wish the best for you – there is a reason your website took hold and kept growing.

  • Tara @ Unsophisticook

    Congrats, Elise!!!

  • Angela

    Congratulations! Really happy for you!

  • Lola LB

    Wow . . . congratulations! I trust that you’ve weighed pros and cons, looked into this company carefully before making your decision. Looking forward to more awesomeness!

  • Susan


  • Torrey Peacock

    I’m a little leery of corporate takeovers, but I trust you. You’ve been my go-to destination for recipes on the Internet, for years. Keep up the quality, and the friendly, non-commercial interface. What you’re doing already is working. :-)

    • Caroline in San Francisco

      Ditto. To me yours is a trusted web site with recipes that I know will work. Very happy for your success and hope you know that you don’t have to change too much. Also, a BIG thanks to your parents who have been so generous in sharing their delicious recipes with us over the years.

  • Erika

    Congratulations, I love your website and I use it regularly for inspiration. My cooking wouldn’t be the same without it!

  • Yoo JIn Oh

    Congratulations! I’ve loved your sites and your recipes for a long long time! It’s the first and the last website i turn to for recipes! They’re so easy to follow and yielded fantastic meals for family and friends! :)
    Hope to follow you through your journey! :D

  • Chad

    Great, My cooking has improved and my joy has increased what lies ahead? I can not wait to see what will happen.

  • Alanna Kellogg

    Elise, I’m proud to say I “knew you when” and to call you “friend’ — it surprises not the least that once again, you are in the vanguard. Heavens, you ARE the vanguard. All the best with the new venture!

  • Kitty

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to see what this new chapter brings!

  • Diane

    That’s great! Congrats! Look forward to seeing what’s new.

  • NR

    Congratulations! I’ve been a long time follower of your blog – there are many recipes on here that are my ‘I don’t need to try another recipe for this dish’ recipe because they are just so good and yet so simple. Looking forward to seeing what the future brings! Sending you best wishes from Cambodia! x