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  1. Nadejda

    Hahaha, I love the idea of Sangria Oranges! HornCologne is right, Europeans think differently of food. Our French exchange student in a game in her ASL class was to come up with names for food items starting with random letters. She said, first thing that came to her mind for F was frog, S – snail, H – horse… You can imagine the uproar in the class.

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  2. Helen Newtown

    I just bought a Bag of these Oranges from my Local Walmart, so any of you looking for them, can find them there. They are Juicy and sweet, and I am thinking would be great in a Sangria…YUM…looking up recipes now.

  3. Brian

    I just had a ten lb box of tarocco blood oranges shipped to me in d.c.. They are so fresh compared to the whole foods ones. I made scallops with a blood orange gastrique, a blood orange, tarragon, mint, parsley salad and a blood orange pannacotta with and still have half a box left. Check out local harvest website. That’s where I found them

  4. JTj

    My mother has a blood orange tree that produces the best oranges ever! So I planted one and the oranges it produces is not very good! I have no idea why, but the oranges are sweet but have no other flavor. Not a hint of citrus. If you were in a blind-fold taste test, you would not guess it was a citrus fruit.

    Any one out there have a clue why?

    Blood oranges come in different varieties. Some are much better tasting than others. It sounds like perhaps you planted a variety that isn’t the tastiest. ~Elise

  5. Belinda

    Just an FYI – Kroger and Meijer both have carried blood oranges for years.

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