What’s For Dinner?!

  • A triptych with blackr rice bowls. beef stirfy and honey baked chicken
    This week’s meal plan is all about eating something familiar with a possibly new-to-you flavor. Dig into Honey Mustard Baked Salmon, Pork Chops with Ginger Pear Sauce, Black Rice Bowls with Tofu, Flank Steak Stir Fry, and Chicken Pad Thai! #simplyrecipes #weeknightdinnerrecipes #weeklymealplans #whatsfordinner #easyweeknightdinners #feedingfamilies
  • A triptych with pasta, a fritatta and shrimp pasta
    We are full steam ahead into wrapping up 2019 with easy weeknight recipes. This week’s meal plan features Easy Chicken Parmesan, Quick and Easy Shrimp with Angel Hair Pasta, Frittata with Potatoes, Red Peppers, and Spinach, then finishes strong with Vermont Maple Syrup Pork Chops. Yum!
  • Three photos: Steak salad, chili and quesadillas
    Take it easy leading up to Thanksgiving with this week's meal plan. Peppery garlic prawns and cheese and mushroom quesadillas come together quickly, then use up those leftovers with turkey chili for the win!
  • Three photos: stuffed sweet potatoes, angel hair pasta with shrimp, pork schnitzel
    This week's meal plan has a little something for everyone! Take yourself on a mini-vacay with Tuscan meatloaf or Austrian schnitzel, go a little lux with shrimp dressed in Parmesan lemon cream sauce, or keep it simple with stuffed sweet potatoes or a vegetarian pasta dish.
  • Three photos together: Chili Mac and Cheese with a spoon, baked chickenw with carrots aroudn it, and ricea and peas.
    This week's meal plan is all about comfort food! Serve up some chili mac and cheese, baked chicken, vegetarian shepherd's pie, and Italian peas and rice. Finish off the week with a satisfying bowl of Manhattan clam chowder!
  • Three photos together One with citrus pork, egg noodles and carrots, one of broccoli beef stir fry, one of curried chickpeas
    What's for dinner? This week's meal plan is all about answering that question with a bevy of delicious ideas: citrus pork, cauliflower chickpea curry, crispy chicken thighs, salmon, and beef and broccoli stir fry.
  • Three photos side by side, Pasta e Fagioli, Skirt Steak with Avocado Chimichurri, Cardamom Honey Chicken
    No time to travel? No worries! Take a trip around the globe with this week's meal plan. Fill your kitchen with the alluring aroma of Mint and Ricotta Stuffed Shells or Cardamom Honey Chicken baking in the oven. Tempt your taste buds with Skirt Steak and Avocado Chimichurri or Shrimp Etouffee!
  • Three photos side by side of Ginger Pork Rice Bowls, Double Stacked Cheeseburgers and Tuna and Arugula Pasta
    Clean out your pantry! This meal plan is all about keeping dinner simple and whipping up quick, easy, and delicious recipes. Vegetarian Green Chile Enchiladas, Pasta with Tuna, Ginger Pork Rice Bowls, Easy Chicken Lo Mein, and a Double Stack Hamburger to round out your week!
  • Gotta love a meal plan with a lobster tail in it. Three photos side by side one is with lobster, the other is a sheet pan pork chop, and the last is Pad Thai
    Ease into the work week with this flavor-filled meal plan loaded with simple-to-make recipes like Sheet Pan Ranch Pork Chops, and penne pasta with meat sauce. Then finish off the week like a pro with broiled lobster tail! That's right, go ahead and treat yourself!
  • Stuffed squash, chicken fajitas and pot roast for this week's meal plan.
    Fall is the perfect time to take on new adventures in the kitchen! Mix it up with this set of fall-inspired meal plans – stuffed Delicata squash, baked spaghetti, shrimp cakes, and Moroccan pot roast are all on the menu!
  • Simply Recipes 2019 Meal Plan: September Week 5
    Fall is officially here, and this meal plan is all about recipes you can double so you can enjoy quality time with friends and family. Chicken gumbo, air fryer falafel, beef stew, and turkey sloppy joes are sure to please any crowd!
  • Simply Recipes 2019 Meal Plan: September Week 3
    Looking for Quick, make-ahead or freezer-friendly meals? This meal plan has you covered! Sweet Potato Quinoa Bowls, Easy No-Bean Chili, 30-Minute Chicken Enchiladas and Spicy Garlic Shrimp with Coconut Rice!
  • Simply Recipes 2019 Meal Plan: September Week 2
    This week's meal plan has a little something for everyone! Moo Goo Gai Pan kicks off Monday, while turkey sausage-stuffed zucchini gets you through midweek. Not to be outdone, bourbon BBQ meatloaf and skillet chicken help ease you into the weekend.
  • Simply Recipes 2019 Meal Plan: September Week 2
    Back to school is in full swing, and this week's meal plan is ready to help you make the most of it! Every dinner from Tandoori Chicken and Italian Grilled Cheese Sandwiches to Broccoli Beef Stir Fry and Fish Stew is meant to be quick and easy!
  • Simply Recipes 2019 Meal Plan: September Week 1
    Make the most of the late summer bounty with this back-to-school meal plan. Sweet potato waffles, curried chicken salad with mango, and corn chowder are quick, easy, and delicious weeknight meals!
  • Simply Recipes Meal Plan Week 4
    Take a culinary trip around the world with this week's meal plan! Indulge in Indian saag tofu, spice up your burger with a little chipotle, or head to France to enjoy pan bagnat. Round out the week with Greek chicken skewers, and arrive stateside for some lobster!
  • August 2019 Meal Plan Week 3
    Too hot to cook? We've got you covered! This meal plan is full of dinner ideas that don't require an oven. Zucchini Noodle Chicken Pesto makes the most of fresh basil. Breakout the Instant Pot to whip up a batch of carnitas. Keep dinner on the light side with lettuce wraps or Panzanella salad. YUM!
  • August Meal Plan Week 2 - picture of shrimp, fish, pizza
    Get your grill out! This meal plan is all about making the most of the great outdoors (even if it's only as far as your patio). Think juicy ribs, grilled garden pizza, rosemary-scented grilled fish, and spicy shrimp.

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