No ImageChinese Tea Ceremony

  1. Xia

    The most difficult part of tea ceremony is to know more about different tea. Right tea for right time.It is more interesting than ceremony itself.

  2. Chen

    Hello, first thanks for the great article. I am a Chinese who study in a western country. I really like drinking the different type of tea and interested in Chinese tea ceremony. Because I love tea and tea culture, I create a Facebook, twitter, and WordPress account to post the knowledge about tea and tea culture. Did you noticed that nowadays, a lot of teenagers overly drinking soda, I’d like introduce them tea knowledge make them interested then change their overly drinking soda this bad habit. If you interested in my idea, please follow my account, thanks!

  3. Ingrid

    Will you please answer the question; what significance the clay figurine on the draining table has, if any.

    None. According to my Chinese teacher, it is just playful. ~Elise

  4. Ingrid

    In Shenyang, China, I visited a tea shop by the Black Gate. During the preparation of tea, for sampling, I noticed a samll dragon figurine on the tea table. This figurine was doused with tea, each time a new kind was prepared, before serving. What what is the significance/lore of the dragon in tea preparation?

  5. Elise Bauer

    Hi GW – You might try looking at this article on tea bricks over at Wikipedia. Apparently you chip a piece of the compacted tea off, rinse it, and then make tea with it.

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